The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 484

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Chapter 484

Ye Wen smiled, nodded, and slowly spread out his right arm.”Ghastly Shadow, it’s about time. Come out.” His blood strings slowly condensed into the form of Ghastly Shadow.


As the sound of his voice faded, an appearance of a Spiritual Qi monster slowly took shape in the air.

This was indeed the shadow of a ghost …

“This …”

Han Yue and the demon fox looked at each other, their beautiful eyes filled with surprise. “When did this happen? Ye Feng, Gui Ying came back. Why didn’t you tell us?”

If they knew that Spiritshadow would return, they wouldn’t have needed to worry about Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled, “If I tell you guys, I’m afraid that with Gu Shenwei’s mind, he will be able to find some clues. He thinks that I’ve already found some information about the Spirit Martial Sect, which will increase the difficulty. Besides, this isn’t the main point I need to pay attention to right now.”


Han Yue and Demon Fox furrowed their brows, looking slightly bewitched.

Ye Feng paused for a moment and turned around to look at the spirit beast. The expression in his eyes gradually turned solemn.

“Alright, Spiritshadow, quickly tell us everything you saw in the Spiritual Martial Force.”

Gui Ying had an exhausted look on his face. His voice was low and deep.

Sigh, Ye Feng, I really do not know what you are thinking. I have clearly told you, among the fugitives we are chasing, there is one whose strength is equivalent to a master, and he is extremely intelligent and cruel. Who knows if you, Ye Feng, will be allocated such a fugitive.

She spent half a day in the secret basement of the Spirit Martial Sect, listening to the two guards from the prison. After talking for a long time, she finally got some information that Ye Feng needed.

In her opinion, all the information that she had spent so much effort to find had been wasted.

“I know what you mean. Gui Ying, I’m afraid that you originally wanted to advise me to give up, right?”

Ye Feng smiled with a serious expression.

Gui Ying was slightly stunned, but he bitterly smiled and said: “Isn’t that so? Right now, everything is uncertain, why bother making such a fierce bet with other people. How about, you take advantage of the fact that you haven’t started yet … …”

“No …”

Ye Feng had a stern expression on his face, while a faint smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

“Actually, I just heard from you that with the existence of this fugitive, I have made this bet. In this way, I can let Gu Shenwei know of my awareness, because my goal is to pursue this fugitive.”

Twenty-six thousand gold coins. It was just a pretense of tacit understanding between Ye Feng and Gu Shenwei.

What Ye Feng really wanted to tell Gu Shenwei and the Spirit Martial Sect was his realization.

“What did you say? You want to hunt that fugitive? Ye Feng, did you hear that? Regardless of whether that fugitive is smart or not, his strength is equivalent to a High Scholar!”

The corner of Han Yue’s mouth twitched as her bright eyes flashed with a strange light.

The demon fox frowned deeply. “That’s right, have you, Ye Feng, gone mad? Others can’t avoid him in time, yet you’re actively chasing after him.”

Ye Wen laughed, and looked into the distance, towards the direction Gu Shenwei had left in.

“Spiritshadow, don’t say a word. Tell us the reward for pursuing this fugitive as well.”

“This …”

Gui Ying hesitated for a moment before replying, “Alright, the Spirit Martial Sect has already sent word that whoever captures the Master Level fugitive will be able to help to break through the barrier of the Heavenly Dao City and send that person to the Star City. They will also have an Earth rank alchemist as well and send him to the best academy to help him in his studies.”

“That’s great …” The demon fox and Han Yue clicked their tongues, staring blankly for a moment, feeling somewhat perplexed for a moment.

Generally speaking, if one was below the Martial Spirit Stage, it would be difficult to break through the Heavenly Law City’s spirit formation, and thus, it would not be able to lead to an even wider world outside.

And if Ye Feng were to succeed in this mission and successfully capture this fugitive, then his future would definitely reach a new high.

The greater the danger, the greater the opportunity,

However, the prerequisite for those words was that Ye Feng had to fight for this opportunity. Otherwise, he would not even qualify to encounter danger.

“… “Oh right, Star Fall City. This name, why does it feel like I’ve heard it before?”

The demon fox pondered for a moment and then pondered for a long time.

Suddenly, her bright eyes lit up as she gazed at the tip of the leaf.

“I remember. I heard your sister mention that this place belongs to your Ye family. Where is your family?”

… ….

Spirit Jade Inn, twenty miles away

Within the underground stone chamber, the lamps were brightly lit.

He was dressed in white, and his clothes were as white as snow.

Gu Shenwei paced back and forth a few steps, his brows knitted tightly.

“Star Fall City, Earth Grade Pill Refiner, Ye Feng, you knew what the reward was and that’s why you risked your life to display your strength. Do you want me to give you the most troublesome fugitive?”

He muttered a few words to himself before suddenly raising his head to look at the two guards.

“When the two of you were standing guard, did you notice anything strange?”

“No, no. Young Master Gu, don’t worry. Besides, the Spiritual Martial Force’s territory is so deep underground. Who would dare to investigate it? Who would dare to enter?”

The guard was right about those words.

The stronghold set up by the Spiritual Martial Force could not be easily summarized with the word “underground.” It was very far away from the ground. If he did not enter from the iron gate, it would be difficult for even Gu Shenwei himself to enter.

“Oh.” Gu Shenwei inadvertently glanced at the top of the stone room. It seemed like there was something loose somewhere.

“Young Master Gu, could it be that you’ve discovered something strange?”

Gu Shenwei continued to stare at the loose soil for a moment. He pursed his lips, creased his brows, and said.

“Don’t relax, I’ve told you over and over again. There are many ways to search for information in this world. The best way is to shut your mouths and not let others hear it in any way, understand?” Gu Shenwei’s expression became more and more fierce.

The two guards glanced at each other shakily and nodded. Before this, the two of them had been unable to endure the silence for a long time and had started to chat with each other.

“Understood, Young Master Gu.”

“… I think I was overthinking it. Maybe someone else came to investigate. When he, Ye Feng, made a breakthrough and was in a critical moment, where could he possibly have the leisure to do so? ”

Gu Shenwei pondered for a moment before letting out a long sigh of relief. He raised his head with a smile.

This couldn’t be blamed on Gu Shenwei. After all, he hadn’t known Ye Feng for long and didn’t know that there was still an existence like Gui Ying in his body.

It was not impossible to fight in a two-way battle.

“Whatever, there’s no need to think so much. No matter what, people from other places like Copper Fire City and Towering Wind City have much weaker chances of completing the mission than Ye Feng. It seems like I’ll leave that fugitive to you, Ye Feng.”

… ….

Wang Rui’s Courtyard, Guest Hall.

“What? Ye Feng has already recruited around thirty people so quickly and is setting the list of candidates?”

Wang Rui tightly stared at Old Man Suo and Spiritual Master Liu. Upon hearing this, he was greatly astonished.

From beginning to end, Ye Feng had only been a real person for a short while, yet he already had such a great executive and charisma. It was simply unimaginable.

After all, some people had been around for three years, but they were still so bland that they didn’t have much influence.

Daoist Master Liu forced a smile and his face sank.

Yes, he also said that he had twenty people on his side, so Master Wang can choose to join the team with ten true disciples or Master Wang’s disciples. If you are dissatisfied with him, you can join them a bit more, and once Master Wang has decided that there are no problems with the list, he will bring these disciples along with Gu Shenwei to the Spiritual Martial School tomorrow night to discuss the matter of hunting the fugitives.

Speaking of depression, it was still Master Liu who was the most depressed.

He had wanted to let Hong Quan ruin Ye Feng’s fight, but who would’ve thought that Hong Quan had just received the news that Hong Quan was bedridden and heavily injured.

Therefore, his plan to humiliate Ye Feng once again failed.

Wang Rui rubbed his throbbing temples and couldn’t help but ask.

“Ladies and gentlemen, listen to me. At a time like this, shouldn’t we give priority to the safety of the disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders? So, should we add a few more aquatic products to this list, or should we join some talented individuals?”

“Unanimously outside …”

When Sage Suo and Daoist Master Liu heard this, they smiled and looked at each other.

“Master Wang, how long have we known each other? The matter of the demon fox back then, we were actually ordered by you. We are still not clear about what kind of person you are.”

“Haha, yes, Master Wang, there’s no need to test us any further. This incident in the Spiritual Martial Sect is a good opportunity to get away from us. We can’t miss out on this opportunity to get rid of Ye Feng.”

“You all…”

Hearing this, the smile on Wang Rui’s face gradually turned cold.

“Alright, since you two are supporting me, then that’s for the best. I’ll send a message with the spirit paper and have Ye Feng follow Gu Xinnu to the Spiritual Martial Sect. The remaining ten people will follow me one after another.”

“Master Wang is wise,” Sage Suo and Sage Liu clasped their hands together.

Wang Rui immediately took out a piece of spirit paper and quickly wrote down these words.

After a while, he sneered and continued.

“Ye Feng thought that they would fight with thirty people, that they would mix in real people, and there’s even Elder Zhao, who is very familiar with him, and very soon, he will find out …”

… ….

“I’m afraid we have to prepare our hearts. We need to get rid of the ten disciples sent by Master Wang and fight against them with twenty people. Moreover, there is no real person, only the existence of one Master …”

Ye Feng let out a long sigh of relief. His eyes were deep and profound as he looked towards the direction of the Gate of Heavenly Secrets. In the distance, Gu Shenwei was walking towards him with a meaningful look in his eyes.

“Who is it?”

Gui Ying followed Ye Feng’s words and couldn’t help but to ask,

“Master Heartless, Qin Jue Xin.”