The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 477

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Chapter 477

The next morning. The sky was still slightly bright.Wang Rui worked all night. He was lying on the bed resting. There was still some soreness on his back.

“Master Wang.” Master Wang. “Oh no…”

Outside the room. A Martial Disciple was pacing back and forth in small steps. His face was filled with anxiety.

Wang Rui opened his sleepy eyes. He replied snappily, “Be quiet. What’s wrong? Can’t you see that I’m resting? If it was about the real person … Who had reversed their cultivation? “In that case, there is no need to report it.”

“Not this. It’s about Ye Zifeng. ”

“Oh. “It has something to do with him.”

Wang Rui was shocked. The thought of sleep was disturbed. He decided to just get up. He put on his clothes. Tighten the gown.

He asked with some doubt, “What’s wrong?” Didn’t Ye Feng say that he was in the Spirit Jade Inn last night … Had he slept with a woman? “What else can happen?”

“That’s right.” After sleeping for a while … He … He had broken through to the sixth level of the Martial Disciple realm. What was even worse was … He was in the reception hall. Request: Master Wang and bestowed him the position of ‘Real People’. ”

After a moment of silence. Wang Rui’s hand was resting on the button of his gown. It suddenly dropped down. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“… “What did you say?”

… ….

The Wang Clan. In the reception hall.

Apart from the six Adepts … There were also a few teachers who helped them consolidate their cultivation base.

At this moment. They were staring fixedly at a young student standing in the middle of the hall.

A moment later. Wang Rui’s voice sounded somewhat anxious. Suddenly, his voice resounded near the main hall.

“Move out of the way …” Get out of my way… ”

A travel-worn figure. The speed at which this happened was extraordinarily fast. Just a moment ago … A few steps. He then appeared at the entrance of the great hall.

Old Man Suo and Adept Liu stood at the doorway. Seeing that Master Wang had arrived … His eyes immediately lit up.

“Master Wang.” “You have finally arrived.”

Wang Rui frowned. He blurted out, “What happened… I heard that Ye Zifeng … ”

Before he could finish his words … His gaze swept across the interior of the main hall. It then projected onto Ye Feng’s body.

“Zi Feng. “Greetings, Master Wang.” Ye Feng smiled calmly. He made a bow.

Wang Rui’s eyes suddenly opened wide. The corner of his mouth twitched. He stared closely at Ye Zichen’s position.

“I heard that you … “He has reached the sixth stage of the Martial Disciple realm.”

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen nodded.

“That’s right.”

From his words … There was an indescribable firmness to it.

“What?” Impossible. “That’s impossible.”

Wang Rui shook his head like a rattle. Ye Zichen turned to look at Ye Feng.

After a long time. He then revealed a look of understanding.

“Good Ye Feng.” How dare he act in front of so many elders? Blasphemy for no reason. Do you think that in this master’s residence … How could I allow you to spout such nonsense … “Someone, come!” “Put him …”

“Hold on.”

Ren Xingtian let out a long sigh. He stretched out a hand. Master Wang. I understand how you feel now. Logically speaking … In such a short time … Ye Feng suddenly rose from the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple realm to the 6th level of the Martial Disciple realm. It was indeed a little too strange … However … This was absolutely true. “Everyone here can testify.”

In the eyes of Ren Xingtian and the others … Ye Feng had advanced from the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple realm to the 6th level of the Martial Disciple realm.

To this end. Although Wang Rui knew it, he was still confident. Ye Feng leveled up from Martial Disciple Stage 4 to Martial Disciple Stage 6. However. Even though it had risen by two steps. In his heart. He still could not believe it.

“This… “As for the others …”

Wang Rui’s mouth twitched for a moment. Ye Zichen looked around.

As expected. The people around him were all stunned. They all showed the same expression as Ren Xingtian. Even Old Man Suo and Master Liu. He also withdrew his gaze. Some of them didn’t dare to look at Wang Rui.

At this moment. Wang Rui could only place his final hope on Qin Jue’s heart.

One must know that … Qin Juexin and Ye Feng had never been on good terms with each other. She definitely had no reason to speak up for Ye Feng.

“Master Qin.” Last night … We went to the Spirit Jade Inn together. What was Ye Feng doing at that time? You know it. Under these circumstances … How could he possibly have broken through to the sixth level of the Martial Disciple realm? “There must be something wrong.”

If Ye Feng slept with a woman, he would be able to break through two realms. Then what was the point in training.

“Master Wang.” “Sorry.”

Qin Jue sighed helplessly, “As my own person. and I really don’t want to admit it. But before you came, I’ve already used my true essence three times. He had investigated the realm of Ye Feng. He was currently … “He is indeed at the sixth stage of the Martial Disciple realm.”

A series of words. It was like a thunderclap. In Wang Rui’s heart. Explosions sounded nonstop.

“This …” Forget it. What was his cultivation level? “I’ll go investigate it myself.”

He hesitated for a moment. Ye Zichen shook his head. Ye Zichen walked in front of Ye Feng. A calm face. He closed his eyes. All of them landed on Ye Feng’s shoulders. He carefully probed the surroundings.

“This …”

His brows gradually furrowed. Once more … In the end, it was as if he had tied the knot. Never stretched. His face was as red as a pig’s liver.

“How could this be …” “This doesn’t make sense …” He was somewhat speechless as he replied.

“Master Wang …”

Ye Feng’s eyes narrowed into a line. He looked at Wang Rui with a slight smile.

“Master Wang …” It should be about now. Amongst those who had investigated my cultivation realm … “You’ve already spent the longest.”

“I …”

Wang Rui was stunned for a moment. Then, he glared at Ye Feng in anger. He then awkwardly retracted his hand.

Ye Feng smiled and asked, “Now.” May I ask Master Wang? “Is there anything else?”

“Advice… Now that things had progressed to this point … “What are you trying to teach me?”

Wang Rui bitterly smiled. He felt a wave of dizziness. Her eyes were unfocused.

A moment later. He forced the words out of his mouth: “Forget it. I admit it. You, Ye Feng, right now. He was indeed at the sixth stage of the Martial Disciple realm. This agreement … “You, Ye Feng, have won.”

“Many thanks.”

Ye Feng smiled and nodded. He was acknowledged by Wang Rui. Compared to the other people’s acknowledgment … Much more useful.

Therefore … There was no doubt about it. has taken quite a critical step.

“Then other than this … There was one more thing … Master Wang. As for what he had said previously … “The matter of Zi Feng becoming the real person…” Ye ZIfeng stared at the other side. A glint flashed across his eyes.

When Wang Rui heard this, he was stunned. He frowned deeply.

“Wait …” This matter… There was still a long way to go. There were many rituals involved. He might as well wait until after the matter with the Spiritual Martial Sect. At that time … “Of course …”

“No way.”

Ye Ci shook her head resolutely, “I don’t need ceremonies and such.” I told you at the time. “I just want the corresponding treatment and resources from a real person.”

Wang Rui’s face darkened. He coldly snorted.

“Ye Feng. I advise you not to go too far. I’ve already given you face. As soon as the matter with the Spiritual Martial Sect came to an end … The treatment and resources of a real person. I will help you think of a way to implement it. ”

“Then, I am truly regretful …”

Ye Zichen changed the topic. He suddenly said.

Wang Rui was stunned. He looked at the other party doubtfully, “What do you mean?”

Ye Feng laughed and turned his head back. His gaze swept past all of the Adepts present.

“Everyone. Since Master Wang doesn’t let me take a disciple … Then … Just now, before Master Wang came, … something that was discussed with everyone. “I’m afraid that it will have to be scrapped.”

“Yes.” You guys, before I come, “What is there to discuss?” Wang Rui was stunned. A bad premonition arose in his heart.

Everyone seemed to be hesitating. He weighed the pros and cons. Ye Feng smiled calmly. A cold glint appeared in his eyes.

“Forget it.” Since everyone didn’t care about the lives of their own disciples … Please forgive me for taking your leave. The matter regarding the Spirit Martial Sect. I’ll have to trouble each of you in the process of getting your disciples to join us. “You better take care of yourself.”

As expected. Once Ye Feng’s words were spoken … It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples.

“Wait a minute. Don’t go yet. Aren’t we coming over to help you? ”

In just a moment … The crowd gathered around him. It surrounded Wang Rui.

“What do you want to do?” Wang Rui glanced at the approaching crowd. He frowned deeply.

“Master Wang.” When you speak, you must speak. Previously, they had agreed on the conditions for Ye Feng to become a Spiritual Master. Now, Ye Feng had reached this goal. “It should be done.”

“That’s right.” Master Wang. I vaguely remember that … This was also the Sect Leader’s intention. He said that Ye Zifeng only needed to comply with the expectations … He had reached the sixth level of the Martial Disciple realm. you can enjoy the benefits and resources of a real person. Thus … Even if it was according to the Sect Leader’s words … Indeed, we should get Ye Feng to become a Spiritual Master. ”

Wang Rui listened in a daze. His heart was filled with shock. Just as he was about to open his mouth …

Everyone cupped their hands and saluted. They faced their own positions together.

“Master Wang, please. Let Ye Feng become a Spiritual Master. “I enjoy the treatment of a true person.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng nodded. He also stepped forward. He was at the forefront of the group. He gave a deep bow.

“I humbly request that you, Master Wang.”

A moment of silence. Wang Rui’s expression turned increasingly ugly.

“You people… What great benefit did Ye Zichen get from all this? Today. “Why are you so protective of him?” Wang Rui was shocked. He gradually recovered from his shock. He said in a bad mood.

“Master Wang, please grant me your wish.” The person who said this … It wasn’t anyone else. It was actually Master Wang’s own disciple.

“You all…”

Wang Rui was so angry that he smiled. He casually brought a disciple of his own over, “Ah Hong. Tell me about it. When did you become so bold? How dare he help an outsider? “They’ve come together to deal with me.”

He was the disciple of Ah Hong. His face immediately turned ashen.

“Master. It was a misunderstanding. It’s because I’m timid. “That’s why I listened to Ye Feng.”

“What do you mean?” “Speak quickly.”

Wang Rui felt helpless. He had just woken up a moment later.

Who would have thought … However, Ye Feng used this tiny bit of time. Before he came here … He did his homework. After the negotiations, a major event had been settled.

Hong paused for a moment. Ye Zichen gulped.

“Master. It’s like this. Because Ye Zifeng said … As long as he was a real person … Thirty disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders heading to the Spiritual Martial Force. Everyone would choose their own disciple. They will not be chosen from the hands of the Masters and Masters. Therefore … We survived. That was why … I hope master will forgive me. ”

“This… So that’s how it was … You use life and death as your bait. “Even the people on my side are using them …”

Wang Rui’s eyes lit up. Ye Xiao took a deep breath. Ye Zichen turned to look at Ye Feng.

At that moment, Ye Zichen noticed that. He then cast his gaze towards himself. Brilliant and full of spirit.

“Master Wang.” “What do you think?”