The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 47 – Choosing One from Three

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As the second place, Wang Tianzhi received a prize that caused many people be flabbergasted. Everyone started to ponder about what the prize for first place would be if the prize for the second place was so extravagant.

Furthermore, Ye Zifeng was allowed to choose from a selection of three items!

All these people could only sit there and admire Ye Zifeng. They could only blame themselves for not properly training their kids.

“If only my son was like Ye Zifeng,” maybe this will become a common phrase in Leizhou City in years to come….

On the stage, when the elders brought out the treasures, everyone stared intensely at the three items. As expected, all three items were shining with brilliance.

Elder Lin pointed at the first item and smiled, “This is the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword. It is created from an ancient meteor. It is considered to be at least a grade 3 spirit tier treasure.

Due to the fact that there were not many blacksmiths in Leizhou City, weapons are especially expensive here. A grade 3 common tier sword could be sold for a few hundred gold coins already. Who knows how much a grade 3 spirit tier sword could sell for.

“Huichi, look at yourself. Wipe your drool off your face.” Ye Chen resentfully said.

When Ye Huichi saw this spirit tier sword, he immediately started drooling. He wasn’t the only one like that…. Shi Chen was acting the same way….”

Think about it…. If you had a sword like this when you rescue some girl from some evildoer, the girl will definitely fall for you. It made many young men fantasize about what they could do with this sword.

Elder Lin had expected something like this to happen and immediately pointed to the second item.

Ye Zifeng’s expression changed, “This is…..”

It was a green bottle. From the looks of it, there wasn’t anything inside. It was an empty bottle.

“Ocean Containing Bottle. Also a grade 3 spirit tier treasure.”

Ye Zifeng was a little started at Elder Lin’s introduction of the item, “If I were to choose an item from the three shown, I hope the elder can enlighten me about the usage of these items. If not, how can I possibly choose from the three items shown.

Elder Lin coldly smiled and snorted, “To let you choose from three items, that’s good enough already. Don’t think that I’ll explain their usage to you either.”

Doing all this, Elder Lin wasn’t breaking any rules. He told Ye Zifeng about the grade of the item and the name of the item already. That was already enough.

Immediately, he pointed to the third item.

“Alright. This is the third item, Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant. As for the grade of the item….. I’m not so sure about it.”

“Not so sure?” Ye Zifeng suspiciously asked, “It’s fine if you don’t explain the usage of the item but now you don’t want to tell me the grade of the item either?”

Elder Lin coughed, “I don’t know means I don’t know. This Jade Pendant was brought back by someone not too long ago. The appraisers did not determine a grade for the item yet. How can I tell you what grade it is?”

Saying this, Elder Lin’s mouth curved into a smile, “Alright, I’ve introduced the three items. Now quickly choose one.”

How can this be an introduction. He might as well not say anything and let Ye Zifeng look at the items himself.

After hearing what Elder Lin had to say, the audience began to talk about the items.

“If I was up there, I will definitely pick the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword. If I had such a cool sword, it will make me look even more dashing.”

“What’s so good about being cool? I feel like that Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant is better. It can’t be a simple item with such a domineering name.”

“I feel like the Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant is better too. If it was appraised, it could be considered a rare artifact! Ye Zifeng, you should choose that Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant!”

Ye Zifeng pretended to be thinking and closed his eyes. He walked back and forth, making it look like he was thinking hard about it. In reality, he was just using this opportunity to talk to Elder Zhao.

“You brat. Did you use my soul spirit to attack Liu Bingqian? How can you still talk to me?” Elder Zhao was not feeling so good after being targeted by Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s not like soul spirits can’t be split into pieces. I left a little bit just to communicate with you.”

“You!” Elder Zhao was very angry with Ye Zifeng.

“I think you’re friendlier so that’s why I didn’t ask Elder Shen….” Ye Zifeng smiled.

Elder Zhao’s expression changed, “What are you blabbering about? You don’t have Elder Shen’s soul spirit anymore. You can’t even ask him in the first place.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Not true. Did you forget already? Didn’t you guys attack someone else with your soul spirits?”

Elder Zhao was shocked, “Your sister! Ye Xueyi!”

Suddenly, after knowing that Elder Shen was also tricked by Ye Zifeng, Elder Zhao was feeling a lot better.

“Alright. Let’s not talk about useless things. What item would you recommend from these three items.”

Elder Zhao thought about it and laughed, “Are you thinking about choosing that Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant?”

Ye Zifeng was silent and didn’t answer.

“Let me tell you this then. Don’t choose that Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant. It’s a trap set up by Lin Ke. He said he didn’t know the grade of the item but that’s bullshit. That’s a grade 5 common tier jade pendant. It’s basically useless.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I didn’t want the jade pendant in the first place. I wanted to ask you about what that Ocean Containing Bottle does. I’m kind of interested in it.”

The amount of treasures in the world could not be counted. Even if Ye Zifeng was a Martial Lord in his past life, he could not possibly know the usage of every single treasure in the world.

Elder Zhao complimented him, “Not bad. This is a treasure that can help a qi refining disciple train faster. It is the best option out of the three items.”

“A treasure that can help me train faster? Alright I got it. I know what to choose…..”

After that, Ye Zifeng slowly opened his eyes.

“So how about it. Did you decide yet? Which one will you choose?” Seeing that Ye Zifeng had opened his eyes, Elder Lin immediately asked.

Ye Zifeng nodded and pointed at the Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant.

Elder Lin’s eyes lit up. He felt really happy but pretended to look gloomy and asked, “Are you sure? Do you really want this Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant?

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at Elder Lin. His gaze pierced through Elder Lin.

“This…… is something that I don’t want.”

Elder Lin was startled and an angry expression appeared on his face, “You!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I only said that I don’t want it so I can decide on the other two items while you put that thing away.” Ye Zifeng didn’t break any rules at all so he continued to choose.

Elder Lin waved his hand and put the Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant away, “Alright. Then which one of these two do you want?” He wanted to give Ye Zifeng something bad so he chose to include the Dragon Spirit Jade Pendant. Even without Elder Zhao’s help, he would not have picked the pendant anyways.

Ye Zifeng smiled again and pointed at the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword.

Elder Lin sighed and said, “You don’t want this thing either right? Just say it. Why do you have to be like this?”

“No! I’ve decided that I want the sword.” Ye Zifeng exclaimed.

“What do you want the sword for?” Elder Zhao accidentally screamed out. Many people looked over with a puzzled expression. Shen Li saw this and immediately pulled him back.

“What are you doing? Do you want people to suspect you of something?

Elder Zhao whispered back, “Elder Shen, you don’t understand. I definitely told him that the Ocean Containing Bottle is better for him in the future but he chose the sword instead!”

Elder Shen smiled and whispered back, “When did you start thinking about his future? Do you want to take him in as a disciple?”

“Take him in as a disciple?” Elder Zhao’s face ashen and immediately shook his head, “No way. As a mere fourth stage qi refiner he was able to play us like this. If he reaches the martial practitioner realm, he’ll definitely make me go crazy! I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Elder Shen and Elder Zhao looked at each other, sighed and then started to laugh. This time, because of Ye Zifeng, they were able to become friends.

On the other hand, seeing how Ye Zifeng was able to escape his trap, Elder Lin felt gloomy. However, to choose the sword over the Ocean Containing Bottle, Elder Lin sighed and shook his head. For Ye Zifeng to want strength now instead of later, his future will be limiited.

From what Elder Lin can see, Ye Zifeng won’t be able to becoming a threatening force in the future so he felt a bit relieved.

Ye Zifeng received the brilliant and sharp Ancient Violet Cloud Sword from Elder Lin. At the same time, he lifted his head and a cold smile appeared on his face.

Standing there with his sword, Ye Zifeng looked as if he was filled with heroic spirit. It definitely looked much better than if he took the Ocean Containing Bottle instead. When he tested the sword out by swinging it around, he attracted many young girls with how cool he looked.

“Sister Bingqian, Sister Bingqian. What are you looking at…… I’ve been calling you for a while already.”