The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 469

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Chapter 469

“Ye Feng, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”Han Yue inadvertently caught a glimpse of Ye Wen’s appearance and couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Feng frowned and spoke in an extremely deep voice.

“I heard from Bing Qian that the situation had changed. She told me to go back quickly, but from what I know of Bing Qian, her tone shouldn’t be that harsh, so it’s a bit strange.”

“You also took note of the tone she used when she landed on the spirit paper. Perhaps it is because she encountered some emergency?”

Han Yue was startled for a moment before finding it hard to believe. “Then why don’t you ask her what happened?”

“No …”

Ye Feng shook his head, “I understand Bing Qian’s personality. She knows that what I’m doing is very important, unless it’s absolutely necessary, she won’t disturb me … “Also, the most important thing is that there seems to be some imprint on this message paper that can be used to track me down. Once I reply, my whereabouts may be exposed.”

“What, tracking imprint?”

Han Yue was stunned by these words, her beautiful eyes glimmering with a strange light.

Ye Feng could even find out about this,

Because, in general, if one wasn’t an expert, they might not even know what the tracing mark was, let alone have the intention to discover it.

“That’s right.”

Ye Feng’s expression gradually turned cold. He sighed and said, “So, one possibility is that Master Wang and the others found out that something was wrong and used Bing Qian’s spiritual paper to send me a message.”

“It can’t be… “So fast. Didn’t you say before that before two or three days pass, Master Wang wouldn’t be able to discover it?” The demon fox’s expression revealed a trace of worry.

What the demon fox said was exactly what Ye Feng thought was strange.

“About this… “It’s indeed a little strange. Master Wang, why do you seem to have become so much more brilliant all of a sudden?”

Wang Rui’s personality was such that even if he was suspicious, three days later, how could he have seen through Wang Rui’s intentions so early?

“Since it has already happened, don’t be too confused about why it happened. Instead, you should think about how to solve it,” Ye Feng lowered his head and remained silent.

“This… “How should we solve this, or we just run away right now? After all, you haven’t started your soul tempering breakthrough yet, that’s still an explanation. If the masters found out about it in the middle of the night and didn’t skin you, that would already be great!”

The demon fox stared worriedly at Ye Feng. After all, if Ye Feng was finished, then she was close.

Now, they all belonged to the same boat.

They were all prosperous, they were all destroyed,

“That’s right. Why don’t you hurry up and pack it up? Don’t try to temper your soul and escape. Just let these soul consciousnesses of yours be wasted.”

Han Yue also sighed slightly. She felt a little pity in her heart. However, she did not have any other good idea.

Ye Feng thought for a while, then clenched his teeth.

“No, I missed this opportunity and completely lost my soul. Within five days, I had difficulty climbing up to the 6th level of the Martial Disciple realm, so now, I can only fight it out and try to destroy all the evidence before they arrive. As for their suspicions, I don’t care about them that much.

“I …”

The Demon Fox revealed an embarrassed smile, his mouth slightly twitching.

“Ye Feng, you’re not serious, right? You really want me to act like you and that witch on this bed … “Do that kind of thing.”

The demon fox had never experienced the matters of clouds and rain before, so when she talked about this matter, her face turned completely red.

She blushed and turned to look at Ye Ci.

However, the man didn’t care about his feelings at all. He focused all of his attention on breaking through the Soul Tempering realm.

“Hey, Ye Feng …” “You, did you hear what I said or not?” the demon fox said in a bad mood. However, Ye Feng’s concentration was extraordinary, so how could he listen to what the demon fox said? It was as if everything had been filtered out.

In front of their eyes …

The blood-colored flame once again soared into the sky.

The six completely different streams of Spiritual Aura slowly formed into a gigantic illusion in the sky.

No facial features, no body, just an embryo.

At this moment, they were surrounded by many fire dragons that were emitting an absolute amount of heat. The heat waves swept through the room, and some of the combustible objects, such as paper, that were near the dragon began to burn up.

“Six phantoms, can Ye Feng withstand them?” Han Yue couldn’t help but recall the scene at the peak of the mountain where Ye Feng barely managed to swallow the giant phantasm.

The words spoken at that time were still only an afterimage of the Ancient Origin Martial Arts. Now, the shape of the six afterimages was constantly changing as they slowly moved towards Ye Feng.

A terrifying tide of spirit energy, which carried an unparalleled power, hovered around Ye Zong like huge waves, and could gather towards the middle at any time.

And once these phantoms were gathered in the middle, they might succeed, but it was more likely that Ye Feng would directly explode and die.

“Is this the time to pay attention to whether he can hold on? I’m afraid that if Ye Wen continues like this, once Master Wang and the others come and catch him, it’ll be over,” the demon fox said with a heavy sigh.

Actually, she also knew that Ye Feng did have a chance.

After all, if the truth was as he said, completing the breakthrough and destroying the evidence before Master Wang and the others arrived would be absolutely satisfactory.

Waves of cold, chilling, terrifying cyclones brought with them sand, lightning, and flames …

In total, there were six different types of swirls that formed a shadow, enveloping the sky above Ye Chen. It kept on spinning and moving slowly.

From time to time, a few streaks of lightning would jump down and hack at Ye Feng’s back, forcing him to groan.

Or maybe it was because the burning flame was roasting Ye Chen’s arm and giving off a scorching smell, causing people to frown uncontrollably.

However, in the process,

Ye Feng’s expression was very serious. He didn’t give up at all. It was surprisingly quiet.

He didn’t even care about the spirit paper that would occasionally light up in his arms. He wouldn’t take it out to look …

The demon fox stared at Leaves’ face for a while before she let out a soft sigh.

She raised her head and glanced at Han Yue, then turned her head and stared at Ye Wen.

“In short, let’s just wait and see. If Ye Feng loses and loses consciousness, then we should hurry up and get rid of this pill furnace. We can’t let the others see anything.”

… ….

“Oh, this Ye Feng …” “Not bad, not bad. This student is really as you have said. He is only twenty years old. It seems that this will be interesting.”

“What do you mean?” Wang Rui hurriedly asked.

Gu Shenwei was startled for a moment before his lips curled up into a smile. “It’s like this. I’ve sent three messages in the name of his woman and her sister, and he hasn’t even replied me once.”

“… In that case, the method you talked about just now, to track the location of Ye Feng’s mark, was it … ” Wang Rui thought for a while and couldn’t help but open his mouth.

“That’s right, this method is useless. Since the other party has not replied to me, I can’t confirm his location.” That’s right, this method is useless, since the other party has not replied to me.

Gu Shenwei sighed and spread his hands, revealing a helpless expression.

His attitude of admitting his wrongs was very positive, not caring about his face at all.

Gu Shenwei paused for a moment, the glint in his eyes gradually brightened. “However, this actually makes me even more suspicious of him, what exactly is he hiding, did he guess that there is a tracing mark on the spiritual paper, if everything is true, then he is undoubtedly a very promising young man. Honestly speaking, even now, I am also becoming more and more interested in him.”

“This Ye Feng is really as mysterious as you say.” Wang Rui said with a calm face. He naturally had no doubts about Ye Feng’s uniqueness, and his performance in the competition for the Successor Disciple was enough to explain everything.

“If I were to meet him personally, I would have to come to a conclusion. As for now …” Gu Shenwei coldly laughed, his gaze extremely deep as he gazed into the distance.

With a wave of his hand, he wrote a line of words on the paper. In between his sleeves, several paper cranes immediately flew out and danced, flapping their wings. They stayed in front of him for a while, and then flew out of the door and disappeared without a trace.


Wang Rui looked at him with a strange expression. “What are you doing?”

“This is a way for our Spiritual Martial Force to notify people. Master Wang also knows that our sect has many strongholds in the Heavenly Dao City, and these paper cranes are one way to notify these strongholds. This way, we can help us find Ye Feng in the shortest amount of time possible.”

“Alright, let’s wait and see if your Spiritual Martial Sect is truly worthy of its title.” Wang Rui rarely came into contact with the Spiritual Martial Sect. Since he had managed to grab the opportunity, he naturally wanted to get to know more about it.

… …. Time seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye.

Gu Shenwei slowly opened his eyes, the smile on his face indifferent.

“Has the news finally arrived?”

He saw a paper crane flying over from the horizon. It flapped its wings as if it was alive.

Gu Shenwei extended his hand and lightly pointed. Immediately, the paper crane landed in his hand …

“Alright, Master Wang. I already know where Ye Feng is. He should be at …” “Ling Yu Inn.”