The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 463

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Chapter 463

“Oh.”A light flashed across Ye Feng’s eyes. He put away the white jade ring and said, “What did the Sect Leader say?”

“He said …”

Wang Rui’s eyebrows gradually furrowed.

“The matter of the Spirit Martial Sect is extremely urgent. There is no precedent for you, Ye Feng, to establish yourself as a Daoist Master. I’m afraid …”

Hearing this, the light in Ye Xueyi’s eyes gradually dimmed down as she looked at her brother with a bit of pity.

“As expected, it’s still not working …”

Wang Rui shook his head. “No, he didn’t directly refuse. He gave us some leeway. He said if you, Ye Feng, can respond to his expectations, you can become a real person on your own.”


This time, it was Liu Zhenren’s turn to be depressed.

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. “Master Wang, just what did you say to the head of the sect? How could the head agree to such an absurd thing?”

Amongst the human level characters, how could they have mixed in someone like Ye Feng?

Wang Rui frowned, “Just listen to him. In my opinion, there is no difference between rejecting him and rejecting him directly as Sect Leader Ye Feng.”

With a solemn expression, Ye Feng smiled, “Master Wang, please tell me. Zi Feng would like to hear the details.”

Wang Rui sighed and nodded.

The Sect Leader said that if you can reach the peak of middle stage Martial Disciple, which is at the peak of the sixth stage of the Martial Disciple realm, before the events in the Spirit Martial Sect start, he will agree to help you become a Spiritual Master. From then on, you will enjoy the resources of a Spiritual Master and even recommend you to join the Spirit Martial Sect.

“… “He has reached the sixth level of the Martial Disciple realm …”

The moment he said this, Spiritual Master Liu, Old Man Suo, and even Qin Juexin all heaved a sigh of relief.

Spiritual Master Liu’s complexion also gradually improved. “Then that’s no problem. In such a short period of time, with Ye Feng’s ability, if he wants to reach the sixth stage of the Martial Disciple realm, hehe …” “This is absolutely impossible …”

Old Man Suo stroked his beard and chuckled, “That’s right. I remember that not long ago, he broke through to the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple realm while nurturing the sword. Now, according to the lord’s words, he wants him to surpass four realms in a short period of time. How is that possible?”

During this process, Liu Bingqian and Ye Xueyi would glance at Ye Feng from time to time with a profound look in their eyes.

One must know that Ye Feng had already reached the fourth level of the Martial Disciple realm. Actually, he only needed to advance to the fourth level, but even so, it was almost impossible for ordinary people.

Ye Feng looked at them with a smile and made a “hush” gesture.

… …. “Alright, Ye Feng, it’s not too late for you to go back on your word.”

Qin Juexin gave a sweet smile, “If you want to choose a master, then speak frankly now. As for the matter of standing on your own as a Spiritual Master, you don’t even have the approval of the Sect Leader. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Ye Feng raised his head and smiled indifferently, “No, Zi Feng has already decided. Since the Sect Leader wants to test me in this way, then that Zi Feng will naturally not give in to kindness. I have to comply with his expectations.”

“This …” The crowd was stunned for a moment before they shook their heads.

They had already witnessed Ye Feng’s ability to react in time.

However, to have risen by four realms in a row was no joke at all.

Qin Jue gazed at him and shook his head: “Stubborn, his heart is even higher than the heavens. Because of how proud he is this time, his future accomplishments are probably limited.”

Ye Feng was too lazy to care about their words. After all, he had received quite a bit of disdain when he was treated as trash.

The current situation was clearly much better than before.

“In that case, may I ask, Master Wang, when and what will happen when I hear about the Spiritual Martial Force from you?”

On Ye Feng’s face, there was a pair of eyes, brimming with vigor.

This was not the first time he had heard of the Spirit Martial Sect. He just did not expect that this time, it actually had some connection with the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

Wang Rui looked at him solemnly. “The Spirit Martial Sect has always wanted fugitives of all levels. Have you heard about this before?”

Ye Ci smiled and nodded.

“I’ve heard a bit about it.”

Not long ago, the biggest prison cell in the Heavenly Dao City was broken open and a large number of fugitives surged out. The Spirit Martial Sect made a request to the Celestial Sect of Wonders, hoping that the Celestial Sect of Wonders would send out 30 elite disciples to assist the fugitives. The sect leader has already agreed.

Ye ZIfeng mulled over Wang Rui’s words, then muttered to himself,

“A fugitive from the mainland? So that’s how it is. May I ask how many days later it will be?”

Wang Rui sighed and said with some regret,

“Unfortunately, time is too tight for you. It’s right after the struggle for the true inheritance … “Fifth day.”

As soon as he finished speaking, those who were looking forward to the matter of Ye Feng standing on his own accord sighed and shook their heads.

“Sigh, it won’t happen. From my point of view, Sect Leader can just reject Ye Feng. Why give him back hope?”

“That’s right. In these five days, if you want to consecutively raise your level by four levels, that’s just a dream. Even I don’t dare to dream about that.”

Ye Feng paced back and forth a few steps. The serious look on his face gradually disappeared, “Five days, I understand. Five days is five days, Zi Feng will remember this in his heart. While everyone is here, please bear witness.”

“You …” Hearing that, everyone was stunned. Seeing that Ye Feng was not willing to give up, they didn’t know how to persuade him.

It was unknown who said, “Alright, let’s disperse. Since the competition for the Successor Disciple is over, let’s take a look at Ye Feng’s appearance in five days. The current him is more stubborn than anyone else.”

“That’s true. Let’s wait for five days then. We’ll see when the time comes.”

Soon after, everyone gathered behind their friends and relatives and slowly walked out of the forbidden area.

The battle for the true disciple position had finally officially come to an end.

After all the students had left, it was now the turn for the true Dao. Soon after, it was time for the true disciples to leave. The crowd gradually became more sparse.

When a person passed by Leaves’ tip, their expressions were all different, there was gratitude, admiration, and naturally, disgust and mockery.

“Brother Zifeng, then I’ll go back and rest first. I’ll be taking up the post …” “Don’t, don’t pull on my sleeve, I can walk by myself …” Ye Xueyi’s face turned deathly pale as she was dragged away by Ren Xingtian. She didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

“Bro, if you want to refine pills or if you need any help tomorrow, remember to call me.” Liu Bingqian stared at Ye Feng for a while.

“Alright, let’s talk about it tomorrow. You’ve worked hard these past seven days, Bing Qian. Let’s have a good rest tonight.”

“Big brother boor, you too, rest early …”

Liu Bing Qian looked back at Qin Jue Xin. Seeing him glaring at her, she stuck out her tongue lightly: “Also, big brother barbarian, um …” “Don’t blame me for being cold to you in the battle for the Successor Disciple. Now that I have thought about it, even if I am to cultivate in peace, I might not be able to look down on the important people around me …”

“Bing Qian, why aren’t you quickly following me?” Qin Jue called out with his brows tightly knitted together.

“I’m leaving, big brother barbarian …” Liu Bingqian pursed her red lips and looked at Ye Feng before turning around.

“It’s best if you understand. Don’t make me worry. Go ahead.”

Ye Fang let out a faint laugh and gave Liu Bingqian a deep look. Then, he sent them off with his gaze.

The people around him were becoming less and less familiar with each other. Even Wang Rui was the only one left behind as a teacher.

At this moment, he walked up to Wang Rui with a smile.

“Thank you, Master Wang, for just now.”

Wang Rui shuddered and turned his head slightly. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Ye Feng’s eyes sparkled, “Master Wang, if it weren’t for your help, Sect Leader would have refused to accept me as a Daoist Master. You wouldn’t have said that you would observe my potential, and you wouldn’t have given me the chance to break through.”

“Hehe …”

Wang Rui faintly smiled and waved his hand.

“I thought you wanted to say something. You know, I owe you two favors. It’s not a big deal if I give you a few words of praise.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “On the other hand, you, Ye Feng, seem arrogant and unbridled, but deep down, you are extremely meticulous. You have the impulses of a young person, and you also have the mature and rational thinking, but my view is different from Qin Jue’s. You will have a bright future, I hope Ye Feng, you don’t disappoint me.”

Ye Feng’s eyes brightened and he cupped his hands.

“Yes, remember Master Wang’s words.”

They always gave each other face, so saying a few good words to each other was not necessarily a compliment. Sometimes, it could only be considered as social etiquette, so there was no need to keep rejecting it.

“Oh right, I heard that you don’t have a master of the Mortal Realm, and I’m not using you as a master either. So, where do you plan to stay tonight?”

Wang Rui suddenly asked out of the blue. He was quite curious about this.

“About this…”

Ye Feng scanned his surroundings, and after searching for a moment, his gaze finally landed on Elder Zhao.

Elder Zhao’s heart trembled. It was as if he was being glared at by a tiger. His entire body was filled with an unpleasant feeling.

He immediately scolded, “Stinky brat, what are you looking at me for?”

Ye Feng smiled blandly, “Elder Zhao, since you’ve already opened your mouth, one time is living and two times is living. Furthermore, if you really don’t want me to live at your place, then why haven’t you left until now?”

“I …” Elder Zhao’s mouth twitched. Actually, he had been left behind until now because he was forcefully held back by Qing Xuan and Starlight.

At this moment, Qing Xuan giggled, “Alright master, it’s not a blessing, it’s a curse. If Ye Feng really borrowed our territory and rose four levels consecutively, then our Martial Spirit Palace’s reputation would be much better.”

Elder Zhao bitterly laughed and shook his head: “Qing Xuan, you …. “Ai, okay, anyway, after I get together with this Ye Feng, I don’t have any hope of getting a good reputation in the future.”

He sighed and turned around with a bleak look in his eyes.

“Alright, Ye Feng, keep up …”