The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

Following the voice, Ye Feng felt a chill in his heart, and he slowly turned his head back.


Han Yue looked at him meaningfully and nodded. “That’s right. The favor I owed you before is now repaid.”

Soon after, she smiled and made a path for him.

“Look carefully, who did I bring?”

Behind her, there was a beautiful lady who was trembling. Her entire body looked somewhat ragged. Her slender legs were trembling slightly, and her curves were graceful.

And that woman, shockingly, was Liu Ning.

At this moment, she didn’t dare to raise her head and even more so face Ye Feng. Her long eyelashes were sparkling, as if she had just been crying.

That was not strange. After all, when a man faced the destruction of space, how could he not be afraid and be so strong that he would not cry?

“Thank you,” Ye Feng smiled and looked at Han Yue.

Even if they did, others might not return the favor, and they might not understand the principle of coming and going. In that case, not to mention the nature of Han Yue, at the very least, she was a virtuous person.

And on the other side …


When Liu Bing Qian saw her sister, she froze like a log. A bright light flashed across her eyes, and she almost blurted out.

Her delicate body slightly trembled as she took in a breath of air. The huge weight hanging over her heart had finally dropped.

“Elder sister …”

Liu Ning’s originally dejected and gloomy eyes suddenly shot out a clear ray of light. She gently bit her lips and her eyes turned slightly red.

“Big sister, I’ve finally met you!”

The next moment, she quickly took a step forward and ran towards Liu Bing Qian’s location, jumping into her embrace.

“Don’t relax, it’s only the last twenty or so minutes. This isn’t the time to be emotional. Leave quickly, this space is about to collapse. If the Gate of Heaven closes, none of us will be able to escape.”

Ye Feng spoke with a solemn expression. He spoke extremely quickly, and turned around to look deeply at Liu Ning.

“Right, right, right!”

Liu Bing Qian raised her head and pushed her sister away, pulling her delicate little hand along.

“Ning Zirong, it’s not too late to say anything else. Right now, listen to your big brother, let’s go!”

… ….

The group frantically ran. Multicolored clouds flew over from the sky and gathered at Ye Feng’s location.

The black cyclones continued to expand, covering the sky and covering the sun. It was a vast expanse of darkness that made one feel as if they were in the middle of a dark night.

“Sixteen, fifteen, fourteen ….”

Ye Feng gradually frowned.

One must know that time was of the essence. The Heaven Gate, which only a man could pass through, was still too narrow.

Even the High Scholar’s face showed signs of panic.

It was because the destruction of space was too much for them.

“Master, you guys go first, I’ll be the last one to go.” Ye Feng’s eyes were bright and there was an unquestionable look in his eyes.

“This …” The High Scholars looked at each other.

Ye Feng’s attitude made all the teachers have a good impression of him.

Thus, as the teachers ran away, they also praised him. Their voices were loud and clear like a bell.

“Ye Feng, you brat, if you go back, I can help you speak up in front of Master Wang and have him give you some rewards.” Gu Yuan Wu gradually relaxed and no longer held hostility towards Ye Feng. Suddenly, he felt that Ye Feng was rather pleasing to the eye.

“That’s right, we have seen your performance in this Successor Disciple Competition. It is because of your existence that these disciples have a chance to live. It should be considered a great achievement for you.” Ren Xingtian laughed loudly and jumped through the gates of heaven.

“Master Heartless, what do you think of this kid? You should still maintain your original opinion,” Wang Rui chuckled. He turned around and glanced at Qin Jue.

“This child …”

Qin Jue frowned slightly, and said while muttering to himself, “In short, let’s observe for a bit more …”

… ….

The High Scholars led the people they had found and left through the gates of heaven one after another.

“Twelve, eleven, ten … “Hurry, Master has left. Bing Qian, you guys go out as well.”

The expression on Ye Feng’s face became more and more anxious.

Liu Bing Qian originally wanted Ye Feng to go first, but after wasting time, she nodded her head and pulled Liu Ning Feng along as she ran forward.

“Alright, big brother barbarian, hurry up.”

“Eight, seven, six …”

Han Yue smiled and looked at Ye Feng. She didn’t say anything and followed him.

And so, on the giant mountain,

Until now, Ye Feng was the only one left.

However, he did not move for a long time. He did not even seem to run away.

The light in his eyes dimmed as he walked towards a distant place.

“Stinky brat, hey, what are you dozing off for? It’s time for the last five counts. If you don’t leave now, you’re done for,” Gui Ying couldn’t help but ask.

Not to mention the fact that both the Soul Death Town and the mountain were about to collapse, even the Heaven Gate might close soon.

Ye Feng smiled lightly, “What’s the hurry? I set the count. I said a count of two hundred and we can’t allow a certain amount of error. Now, there should still be a count of fifty.”

“What, this. “So, you just lied to them in front of so many teachers?” Spiritshadow’s voice trembled a little.

Ye Feng’s words were true, but they were false. Even Gui Ying, who had been with him for so long, couldn’t figure it out.

She paused for a moment and could not help but ask doubtfully, “Alright, since that’s the case … “But, why did you leave last?”

Ye Feng let out a faint smile and walked to a spot on the peak of the mountain. He slowly bent down and picked up a piece of spirit paper from the ground.

“Do you still remember when I just escaped from the Heaven Gate, I flew in a piece of spirit paper before?”

“This, I seem to have some impression of …”

Gui Ying was silent for a long time, but he still couldn’t wrap his head around it. “At that time, I felt that something was strange. Just what did you write on this spiritual paper?”

“No, this is only an empty piece of spiritual paper.”

“What?” Spiritshadow froze upon hearing this.

Ye Feng smiled calmly. After a while, he continued, “The functions of the spirit paper may not only be used for communication between the two of them. Whether the mountain falls apart or not, I can observe the state of the spirit paper and see its mysteries.”

“This …”

Gui Ying paused for a moment as if he had understood something. He then said: “So that’s how it is. I understand, the spirit paper that you, Ye Feng, left in the space of the mountain was just a way of observation. If the spirit line is cut off, then it means that the mountain has already collapsed.”

Ye Feng dared to cross the gates of heaven to persuade the teachers to carry out the rescue work.

Other than the fact that there was still some time before the Heaven Gate closed, there was another important reason. He knew that the space of this mountain did not collapse.

Knowing that there was a tiger on the mountain,

However, if one did not have the means to fight the tiger, then heading towards the mountain of tigers was a typical suicide.

“Not bad, you guessed half right.”

Ye Feng’s voice was as calm as a wave, then the corner of his mouth raised into a smile.

“It can’t be, I’m only half right.”

Gui Ying was slightly stunned, and his expression turned extremely shocked.

“That’s right. The existence of this spirit paper not only proves that space is intact, it also allows me to observe this space through the spirit pattern connection on this spirit paper.”

“You mean …”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up, “You have to know, it’s rare for there to be so many black cyclones in this place that can absorb the soul consciousness of Master and the Spiritual Master. You have also seen the benefits of a breakthrough in soul tempering, so I’m staying here now to take advantage of this opportunity to gather more soul consciousness … …”

It turned out that he had brought so many teachers to this mountain peak under the name of rescuing the students. His real purpose was to bind the master’s soul consciousness within this black vortex.

He wiped the space ring with a calm smile and took out a Mysterious rank pill furnace.

“Alright, let’s give it a try then. The next stage depends on how much soul consciousness you can absorb. Spiritshadow, now is the time to count up to 30. Please help me count …”

“As for me …” Ye Feng sneered. The spiritual qi under his feet flowed as he stepped on the ground and jumped into the air.

The Ice Emperor’s sword in his hand let out waves of whistling sounds as ice and sand swirled in the air.

He ran all the way, only to see pieces of ice that were so tiny they couldn’t even be seen falling into Ye Feng’s big hand …

… ….

Outside of the Heaven Gate.

The crowd looked at the Heaven Gate in a daze. There was an extremely anxious expression on their faces.

Ye Feng suggested to save so many students. However, he was trapped inside the Gate of Heaven.

“Brother Zifeng, why hasn’t he come out yet? High Masters, this… “What’s going on? Didn’t you guys just say that Zifeng is right behind us?” Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes were filled with worry.

All the teachers looked at each other in unison. They looked at each other with unsightly expressions.

“That’s right. High Masters, how about you allow me to go to the back of the Heaven Gate to take a look at the situation. Maybe he encountered some danger.”

Liu Bingqian had just come out in front of Ye Feng. She did not expect that even after such a long time had passed, he still hadn’t come out. Naturally, she felt that something was wrong.

“No, what are you joining in for?”

Qin Jue’s face darkened as he glared at Liu Bingqian and pulled her back.


“The Gate of Heaven is about to close, who knows if I’ll be able to get out now? Just wait patiently. If he dies, then it’s just right that you forgot about him …”

As his voice faded, a white light suddenly rose from the Gate of Heaven’s Gate …