The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 457

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Chapter 457

“Brother Zifeng.” You just said … “What time is it?”

In Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes: His face flickered with doubt.

Ye Feng smiled calmly. He explained, “Since the Gate of Heaven will appear … Naturally, it would disappear as well. The longer he fought with Master and the others, the more intense it became. Then … and the more irritable he gets, the more he gets. Because … He still has to consider his own path of retreat. ”

“But …”

Ye Xue Yi pondered for a moment. He gazed into the distance, “Even if it’s really like this …” That didn’t mean anything was wrong. Earlier, when he had broken through the gates of heavens … He was the one who did it. Perhaps. Relying on that Spatial Mystery or whatever. He really could break open the gates of heaven once more. “Return to …”

“Then, may I ask. “Return to where.” Ye Feng pressed. Ye Zichen chuckled. There was a trace of coldness in his eyes.

Ye Xueyi was halfway through her sentence. Looking at her brother’s expression. Suddenly. He seemed to have thought of something. Her beautiful eyes widened. He was stunned on the spot.

That’s right. He could go back. However … Go back to where.

One must know that … In the space of the 30,000-meter mountain … It might have completely collapsed.

“This… So that’s how it was … If the mountain disappeared … Even if he could break open the Gate of Heaven … “It will probably be difficult for me to return to my original world.”

Ye Feng smiled and nodded, “Exactly. I’m afraid. The current him … He regained his senses after being struck by a sudden burst of courage and vigor. “I’m already regretting coming after me …”

… ….

Seven Stars Earth Array. A boundless brilliance. It was dazzling.

A pair of invisible hands. It was suppressed by the big net formed by the seven stars. He was unable to move his body.

“Huff … Huff …” Son of a bitch. Are you done yet? It seemed as though the towering mountain was about to collapse as well. He didn’t want to leave. I really can’t go back. He shouldn’t have felt his head turn hot. “They came chasing after us.”

He let out a heavy gasp. He was even able to resist with the strength of his large hand. As time passed … It was much weaker than before.

“A bunch of old bastards. He had actually pushed the formation to the limit. He hardened his heart to offend me. “Leave me here …”

Within the ancient runes. The ancient voice of the Vast Expanse. As he spoke … There was a trace of impatience.

Clearly … He used force across borders to attack. Encountering the opponent’s vicious counterattack. His condition would definitely not be any better.

“Who are you calling a bald old thief?”

Ren Xingtian had always been a scolding person. What was there to say? He replied immediately.

“Master Ren, don’t be agitated.” He continued to suppress the runes. “Don’t let anything go wrong…”

“Alright. “Listen to what Master Wang has to say.” Ren Xingtian heard Wang Rui’s words. He then bitterly stepped back. He continued to guard the formation of “Tianxuan”.

Master Wang oversaw the center of the Seven Stars Arrays. He held the horsetail whisk in his hand. He looked at the pair of Life and Death Eyes. His voice was extremely indifferent.

“Listen. Even if you said you were from another world. I also believed it. However … So what … This was the territory of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. What do you want me to do… “Then we should do it in accordance with the rules of the Celestial Sect of Wonders …”

He was a Martial Spirit Master. Speaking of which … He was full of energy to begin with. Furthermore, from the looks of it … It seemed like he had the advantage of standing on his side. This allowed him to have more confidence.

Therefore … He had no reason to give up this opportunity to establish his prestige. To speak tit for tat. Not showing any sign of weakness.

“Alright. This was the territory of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. The rules of the Celestial Sect of Wonders were incredible. Don’t even mention the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Even if it’s your entire city … The entire continent. Sooner or later, a portion of our Black Tortoise Continent’s map will appear. At that time … I don’t think you remember. “What I’ve just said …”

A wild laugh. Those eyes of death suddenly widened. Golden light burst out from his eyes. A domineering and powerful black qi. From this moment onwards … It engulfed the entire arena.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three consecutive explosions. It resounded through the air.

The earth trembled. The formation shook.

“Attention all. Push up the transmission of spiritual energy. Fixation of the formation. “Don’t let him get away.”

Wang Rui’s eyes lit up. His expression was extremely solemn, “Master Heartless. You’re going to make up for it. There was also Master Yang. “You go and reinforce ‘Kai Yang’ …”

“The old man is the old man is the old man is the old man is the old man is the old man. A lot of nonsense. If I want to escape … Among you … “Who can stop me?”

The man’s eyes suddenly widened. Streams of blood flowed down from the dead eye. He landed on the ground. It made a hissing sound. It turned into a bloody mist.

Clearly … In order to escape successfully … He tried his best. It looked like he was preparing to start something.


Wang Rui looked at the thick black gas that soared to the sky. It slowly rose from the ancient runes. It was just like when he had absorbed his soul consciousness before.

His face. A stunned expression immediately appeared on his face.

“Not good. Everyone, don’t attack him. That ball of black air. Perhaps it could absorb everyone’s soul consciousness … Everyone back off a bit. Don’t go near it. “Otherwise …”

“Ahhh!” A miserable scream rang out. Daoist Master Suo cried out in pain. Hold your head in your arms. Pain washed over him like a tidal wave.

Wang Rui was stunned. He could not help but frown, “Not good.”

He didn’t expect that the situation would be so dire. The other party had crossed two realms. He was actually able to release a sword imprint that was enough to threaten spiritual will.

However. There was an example of Old Suo’s soul consciousness being attracted by the black gas. The rest of the group felt a sense of dread in their hearts. Even if he did make a move … He didn’t dare to go all out either.

The seven Masters and the other Adepts relaxed slightly. In a certain corner of the Seven Stars Earth Array. A flaw immediately appeared.

“Huff …”

Those eyes of life and death were wrapped by the black air. His eyes lit up. The emergency electricity flashed in the air. He had finally successfully passed through it.

However … His own state of mind. It was obvious that he was not feeling well either.

“Forced me to cross two worlds. He was going to use the Sword Seal Inheritance. “The energy consumption is too great.”

He paused for a moment. His eyes showed a hint of desolation: “Ai.” Ye Xueyi. It seemed like this time … I can’t bring you back … ”

As he spoke … Ye Zichen looked towards the distant hill. Actually. He could roughly guess what was going on. In the direction that Ye Feng and the others fled in. It should be over there.

However, right now … He didn’t have much energy left. Under the encirclement of so many martial spirits and experts … I’m going to go after them again.

“Forget it.” Wang Rui pondered for a moment. Ye Zichen clenched his teeth. He looked at the swirling black Qi. This is something that even he is afraid of: “If he wants to leave … “Let him go.”

In the sky … That enormous eye of life and death maliciously revealed a heart filled with killing intent. He flew towards the Heaven Gate.

Spiritual Energy rippled out like waves. He had finally rushed to close the heavy jade tablet before it was shut. He entered it.

“You can consider yourselves lucky today. However … Just you wait. Within a year. Me and my companions. He would return eventually. Ye Xueyi. I hope you will serve me well. Otherwise … One year later. “We will definitely massacre the entire Celestial Sect of Wonders.”

It was a vast and ancient voice. The sound echoed in everyone’s ears. Perhaps even half of the Celestial Sect of Wonders could hear him clearly.

Subsequently. “Boom!”

The jade slab fell to the ground. The dust stirred. Countless strange lights. They all gathered on the Gate of Heaven.

Silence. There was a sound of a needle dropping.

The battle that had just broken out was now in full swing. In the blink of an eye. It had already disappeared into nothingness.

As for the strange light spot on the Heaven Gate … It was as if the wind had blown it away. All of them dissipated. Even the Heaven Gate itself. It slowly turned transparent as well. Now and then. It was about to disappear.

“This …”

Grand Masters and Real People. It seemed that he still had yet to react. At this moment, they were staring at each other in a daze. He didn’t know what to say anymore.

Therefore … In the next moment. They looked away. They all went to Wang Rui and Gu Yuanwu.

After all. What’s going on in this town of dead souls? They knew best.

“Master Wang.” Just what had happened? What kind of monster was that pair of eyes just now? I’ve never seen such a creature. ”

“That’s right.” Master Wang. And between him and Ye Xueyi. What exactly was their relationship? Could it be … “Is he here for Ye Xueyi?”

“It can’t be …” I heard that Ye Xue Yi. Her own birth. It was just a small family in the countryside. “How could it possibly attract the attention of an expert of this level?”

“About this. I’m afraid. “It is a little hard to finish with just a single sentence.” Wang Rui sighed heavily. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] There was also a buzzing sound. It was a huge scene.

Although he knew this better than the people in front of him … But there were too many secrets. Let him answer. He might as well let Ye Feng answer him.

That’s right. It was time. It was time to bring out Ye Feng.

He pondered for a moment. And then he said, “Oh, that’s right. “Someone, come!” Where are Ye Feng and his sister? “Quickly find them.”

“There’s no need to look for him.”


Wang Rui frowned. He suddenly turned his head. I want to see it. Which blind disciple was it? He actually dared to act so brazenly in front of everyone. To defy one’s own wishes.

However. The person that caught his eye. It was actually Ye Feng.

“… “Ye Feng.”

Three miles is not long. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] However, it would not happen in such a short period of time. Just by being able to get Ye Feng to come here …

Unless … He had long since seen through the other party’s intentions to leave. He ran all the way here without fear.

Ye Feng’s face was solemn. He saluted respectfully and said, “Zi Feng greets the High Scholars and the High Scholars.”

“You came just in time. This is a good opportunity for me to ask you… ”

Wang Rui’s words … Before he could finish his sentence … It was interrupted by Ye Feng.

“No. Master Wang. Now the situation is urgent… I hope that the teachers can do the same. While the Gate of Heaven still existed … Hurry and go to the Soul-Death Town. “Save the other students.”

“That’s right.” Dear Masters. His younger sister, Liu Ning, was still in this dead town. “It is unknown whether he is dead or alive.” Just now … After settling down a little bit … Liu Bing Qian heard Ye Feng talk about her sister. His face turned pale. He immediately rushed forward to plead.

“About this …” Under these circumstances … Perhaps … “It should be difficult to save him.”

Gu Yuan Wu raised his head from afar. He looked at the Gate of Heaven that was flickering. His heart skipped a beat.

“That may not be so …”