The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 454

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Chapter 454

Streaks of black gas formed the Eye of Life and Death. One after another. It was extremely strange.

However. The light in his eyes grew dim. The contempt he felt from the beginning gradually disappeared. to become as serious as we are now.

He finally understood. This handsome and thin young man in front of him … He was by no means as young as he appeared to be. It was not to be underestimated.

He took a deep breath. Tell me. The second question was … Remember. “Don’t ask questions of the same kind.”

“Of course.” Ye Feng smiled calmly. Ye Zichen nodded.

“The question I would like to ask now … It was completely different from before. That was … On the Xuan Wu Continent. After the death of the strongest Heaven Tier Pill Refiner … “Something has happened …”

His face was calm and composed. However, in his heart … He felt an inexplicable sense of anticipation.

After all. He himself was from the Black Tortoise Continent. For that place. He had a deep attachment to her.

The other party paused for a moment. He couldn’t help but ask, “What …” You really know about the Xuan Wu Continent … Who the hell are you? You ask him about his condition. What was he trying to do? “What does it have to do with him?”

At this moment. He was very interested in Ye Feng. She had even faintly surpassed the attention of the successor, Ye Xueyi.

“Sorry… Your opportunity has been lost. Now is the time for me to ask. The question I just asked. “Please answer me directly.” A divine light blossomed in Ye Feng’s eyes. In terms of momentum … It was in no way inferior to his opponent.

It was time for him to give his rights. He wouldn’t be led astray by the nose by the other party.

“This… Forget it. The other party was the most capable pill refiner in the entire continent. With a student at the Martial Disciple Stage like you … “What does it matter?”

It was a vast and ancient voice. He let out a burst of laughter. There was a faint sense of unspeakable desolation.

“That Heaven Tier Alchemist …” He … Sigh. After all, he was working with the Martial Emperor. As for our Ten Thousand Corpses Sect … It was just a remote place in the Xuan Wu Continent. The sect at the foot of the Green Cloud Mountain. His business… “I am not very clear about this.”

Ye Feng’s expression darkened. The original expectation in his heart. It missed by a bit.

However. However, he heard the other party’s reply.

“However… I heard about a strange thing. That was … After his death. Just as he was about to be cremated … His body suddenly disappeared. Under the rage of the Martial Monarch, Send someone to search the entire capital. There was no sign of his body. It was as if he had disappeared for no reason at all. At that time … “It’s something that’s been a hot topic of discussion…”


Ye ZIfeng’s eyes lit up. Ye Zichen frowned. He raised his hand. He took a deep glance at them. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“It seems … Some things… “It might be a coincidence …”

He was originally … He was holding a normal heart as he went to participate in the competition for the Successor Disciple position. To obtain a seat as a Successor Disciple. to get even more resources.

However, he didn’t expect that … He was actually here. He had met an old friend from the Xuan Wu Continent. And so he learned some shocking things.

“How are you? Third question: “I still need to ask …”

Ever since he felt that Ye Zichen’s body was extraordinary … The sound emitted by the eyes of life and death … and it gets a lot softer.

One person. Only after confirming that the other party was of the same species … That was why he gave the other party the least amount of respect.

Ye Feng’s face turned pale. He gradually recovered. There was a little bit of color left in his eyes.

“Of course. “Third question.”

He smiled. He took out five pieces of spirit paper. What was written on it? The tip of his finger immediately emitted a blood-colored flame. He then completely burned it into ashes.

“This… “What are you doing?”

In the surroundings of the ancient runes. It was a vast and ancient voice. He could not help but ask.

Ye Feng chuckled. Staring at that pair of eyes, he said, “The question I want to ask is very simple. “It’s very realistic…”

He looked around. His gaze landed on an unknown location.

Suddenly. His expression froze.

“That is … If four of them ran away at the same time … You will choose… “Chase him all the way.”

As the sound of his voice faded … He jerked his head back. The Wind King’s Dagger in his hand was pointed at the top of the Heaven Gate’s jade board. Under the tightening of the golden threads … His speed was incredibly fast.


As for the others who had received the spiritual paper message. At this moment, he saw Ye Feng’s escape order. Who would dare to stop?

A few of them. Almost at the same time, he ran away with his life on the line.

Liu Bingqian, Ye Xueyi, and even Hanyue had made their own paths. Spiritual energy circulated under his feet. Almost at the same time. Together with Ye Feng, they charged towards the Gate of Heaven.

“Brat …” You still want to be under my nose? “Run in broad daylight!”

That vast and ancient voice. Just as he was about to shout … However, he suddenly stopped.

Originally. Under the effects of the blood oath … He really had to answer Ye Feng’s question first. Only then would he be able to consider other matters.

“Alright. You should be more careful. I’ve given you some time. I’ll go after the inheritor first. This time … “Are you satisfied?”

Balls of black qi. Rising up to the sky. It was as if he had created a spiral storm. She quickly flew toward where Ye Xue Yi was.

“Quick, charge!”

At this moment. Ye Feng’s eyes lit up. Ye Zichen waved his hand. He wanted Liu Bingqian and the others to quickly pass through the Gate of Heaven. It looked like … He didn’t care about his sister’s safety anymore.

“But … Xue Yi, she … ”

“Leave Snow Queen to me.” “All of you, charge!” Ye Feng shouted. A majestic aura emanated from him. It was as if the substance was dispersed all around his body. It had completely suppressed the hearts of Liu Bingqian and the others. They did not allow them to question him.

Han Yue looked back. He looked deeply at Ye Feng, “I’ll escape first. If only you and I could survive. In the future … “I shall be of use to you.”

“Hurry up… “It’s all bullshit …”

Ye Feng glared at them in annoyance. He then took out the final Dark Thunder from his bosom. He opened the cover. It was heading in the direction of the black gas. He threw it over. The other side was hit directly in the middle.

“Rumble …”

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Immense strength swept out …

The surroundings of the black Qi. It was filled with the unique lightning aura of the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao.

However. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Even if they had another five. He was not a match for others either.

In those eyes of life and death … The dead eye suddenly opened. Open wide.

In the entire space … It was as if he only had one giant eye. To hover in the air as though.

Endless thunder and lightning energy. Suddenly, he was swept away by the wind. to become the most ordinary air.

The Dark Heavenly Lightning only had an effect of obstructing him for a short while. Balls of black qi. Then, he immediately shot out from within the lightning that filled the sky. Ye Zichen looked in the direction of Ye Feng and the others. He suddenly caught up to her.

Two huge hands.

It was an invisible hand. It carried a peerless aura. It had already enveloped Ye Xue Yi’s back. He wanted to take her back in one fell swoop.

As for the other one … He then went to grab Ye Feng and the others. It was like a giant pillar that held up the sky. It suddenly pressed down towards them. Once it was crushed, the result would be … The consequences would be unthinkable.

“Is it that easy?”

Ye Feng sneered. The Ice Emperor Sword suddenly pierced towards Ye Xueyi’s back. If it hit … It would definitely pierce through the heart and leave the body.

“Bastard thing. “You.”

If Ye Zichen were to continue running for his life … In that case, in the other party’s heart … Just happy…

However … Now, Ye Zifeng saw through himself. He was actually determined to kill his inheritor. How was he going to attack Ye Feng and the rest of them?

“Ye Feng. Forget it. “I’ll let you off today.”

It was originally going to land on Liu Bing Qian and the rest. Now, because of Ye Feng … It slowly condensed into a black palm qi. It flew heavily towards between Ye Feng and Ye Xueyi. This was a sword attack that Ye ZIfeng was determined to win against. He was reduced to nothing.

Furthermore … After the opponent released this attack … He was even taking advantage of this momentum. He didn’t want to give Ye Zichen any more chances.

A thick, lingering black qi. It would condense into different weapons. He then forced Ye Feng to leave Ye Xue Yi’s position step by step.

As for the other hand … At this moment, she had already hooked up with Ye Xueyi’s position. A finger swept her away from the Heaven Gate. The latter spat out a mouthful of blood. He lowered his head. It was unknown what he was thinking. It was as if he had lost all ability to move.

“Xue Yi.” Liu Bingqian felt anxious. He almost blurted out.

“Take advantage of this time. “Hurry up and run.”

Ye Feng yelled. His words were extremely vicious.

“But … Xue Yi, she … ”

Liu Bingqian and Ye Xueyi had not known each other for long. However … Her feelings towards Ye Xueyi were as clear as day. There is not the least bit of falsehood.

“I’ve told you everything. Don’t worry about her. “Just leave it to me.”

Ye Feng borrowed the power of the Wind King’s Dagger. He had almost pushed Liu Bingqian into the Gate of Heaven.

As for the second person that entered … It was the cold moon.

“Sou! Sou!” It was unknown where this beautiful figure came from. He had jumped into the Gate of Heaven as well.

“Let’s go.”

She looked up. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. Ye Feng felt relieved.

And so … She became the third person to enter.

… ….

Ye ZIfeng slowly turned his head back. Standing at the side of the Gate of Heaven … Just half a foot away. He would be able to completely step into it.

Therefore … Even at this moment. Those life and death eyes wanted to attack him. It was too late.

“Heh heh. Unexpectedly … Such a beauty. “Not only do you have the heart to see me die, but you also refuse to save me.”

“What beauty.” The person I just captured … is my sister. ” At that moment, Ye Feng’s voice was very soft. It had already gradually calmed down. He stared coldly at the direction of the eye of life and death.

He looked at the invisible hand. When he firmly held onto “Ye Xueyi” …

Ye Feng was not nervous at all. At the corner of his mouth. On the contrary, it was inadvertently … A trace of a victorious smile had been raised.

“What?” She’s your sister. “You actually treated her like this.”

After a period of silence. In the ancient voice of the Vast Expanse … It was a voice filled with disbelief.

“Didn’t you notice?” What I said was: The person I just kidnapped … My sister. “And now …”

Ye Feng laughed coldly, “Demon fox. “Come back here.”