The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 451

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Chapter 451

Han Yue looked at him in astonishment. Her beautiful eyes revealed a strange light.

When she was abandoned by the whole world, It was actually her former enemy, Ye Feng. He stretched out his hand to help him.

“Oh. You still want to save her? ”

That vast and ancient voice. Then there was a burst of laughter. He continued, “So that’s how it is. I’m afraid. You have taken a fancy to her beauty. He wanted to use this opportunity to repay her kindness. From the looks of it … “This is a pretty good opportunity …”

When Hanyue heard this, she was stunned. He gently wiped his veil as well. He raised his head and observed Ye Feng’s expression. His expression was slightly complicated.

Ye Feng smiled. His voice gradually turned cold.

“No. Why did I save her? It’s just a statement to you. He was just feeling annoyed. I’ll give you a word of advice. Don’t take the bond between people too lightly. On the Xuan Wu Continent. There had to be someone. will wait for her to return. ”

He slowly raised his head. There was a deep, unspeakable look in his eyes.

“You …”

On the ancient runes. That pair of eyes of life and death … He stared intently at Ye Feng, “From your tone.” He almost thought that … “You are a citizen of the Xuan Wu Continent.”

Ye Feng smiled faintly. He looked straight at the other party. No comment.

To be honest … He actually wanted to ask the question in his heart. He asked about the current situation of Black Tortoise Continent. He asked about her condition.

However, right now … Friends and enemies could not be distinguished. The situation was uncertain.

Who knew what their goal was?

In a situation where he wasn’t strong enough … He had recklessly exposed his previous identity. What he got was a moment of satisfaction. The other party might not necessarily answer him. Instead, it would bring about endless future troubles.

“All right. They didn’t talk much. At any moment, the space might collapse. “Let’s go …”

As the sound of his voice faded … Countless strange light spots began to revolve around the tip of the leaf. His expression was indifferent. He then closed his eyes.

A surge of spiritual energy surged. It came from all directions. It would completely submerge them …

They were just like the others before them. He then disappeared into the light beam.

… ….

Outside the Heaven Gate. A bustling crowd. He rubbed his shoulder against his heel. It was extremely lively.

Originally. Under the guidance of several of the teachers … A group of disciples. Regardless of the grade of a Martial Disciple. It had been completely dispersed.

“Why did you chase us away?” In the past, this was a dispute between true heirs. Everyone was waiting for the Heaven Gate to open. Celebrating the birth of a new Successor Disciple. “Just what exactly is happening this year?”

“That’s right.” I, Old Wu, will reject the social meetup. He was waiting in line to watch the gentle breeze of Zhao Shucheng. Even the cannon is ready. “Just what is going on right now …”

Hearing the complaints from the crowd.

Qing Xuan paced back and forth for a long time. He would occasionally stamp his feet. Angry and anxious. Her brows tightly knitted together, “I’m so worried. “I’m so worried …”

“Junior Sister …” You think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think and think. But you’re okay. “Why do you keep stepping on my feet?” The corner of Starlight’s mouth twitched. His expression was somewhat ugly.

Qing Xuan’s apricot eyes carried a trace of pout. He blurted out.

“Senior apprentice-brother …” I’m not hinting at you. Think of something. You must have heard Master’s words earlier. He said that in this competition for true teachings … Very few would be able to survive. Wasn’t Senior Martial Brother’s intuition always very accurate? Tell me quickly. “How is Ye Feng?”

Xing Hui pondered for a moment: “Is he dead or alive? One day later. The gates of heaven have truly opened. “Then we’ll see.”

“No …” Senior Martial Brother. I could have waited. However … Now the teachers and the real people. He tried to drive us away with all his might. Something big must have happened. The current me … “We won’t be able to wait for even a moment longer.”

Xing Hui shook his head helplessly: “I know you’re worried about him. However … What do you think I’m capable of? You think I have a hunch. “They can now be used to cross worlds.”

“But …”

Qing Xuan gazed at him. The long, curved eyelashes trembled. There was a trace of anticipation in her beautiful eyes.

Starlight shook his head. His expression was firm.

“No …” There was no discussion on this matter. I can’t do it either. In any case … Since the Heaven Gate would only open tomorrow … “Then we will just have to wait for tomorrow to arrive in a proper manner.”

“Senior apprentice-brother …”

The radiance of the stars paused for a moment. Fu Cheng said, “Junior Sister. It’s not that I don’t want to help you. It was impossible. My intuition tells me that Today, he would open the Gate of Heaven. It really did open today. “This kind of thing…”

At this moment… Suddenly.

“Rumble!” The sound of thunder and lightning rang out. All of a sudden, it resounded outside the Gate of Heaven.

Starlight frowned slightly. He then returned to his senses. He gave an awkward laugh. He continued.

“Intuition …” “It’s obvious…”

Astonishment filled Qing Xuan’s charming face. It was getting thicker and thicker.

This time … Another few bolts of lightning struck down from the sky. An explosion resounded on the ground. A rumbling sound could be heard.

The sky gradually turned dark. It was as if a storm was approaching.

In the void. An incomparably deep black door then appeared.

Beams of white light shot out. It shot out from inside. Radiant. Just like the dazzling sunlight … It spread out in all directions.

Xing Hui and Qing Xuan looked at each other. They could see the look in each other’s eyes. He looked completely astonished.

“It can’t be …” Instinct. “It has come true.”

This was something that would only happen once in a hundred years. They had actually bumped into it.

No one could think of such a thing. The opening of the Heaven Gate. It was actually a full day ahead of time.

“Look, look!” “It’s already changing.”

Whether it was the Grand Master or the Daoist Master who was near the gates of heaven. Or were the other students that had already been chased out of the Heaven Gate area. At this moment. They all looked up. Ye Zichen looked at the Gate of Heaven in a daze.

No one knew. The thick jade board of the Gate of Heaven. when you’re going to be hanged.

And behind this Gate of Heaven … In the end … Who else could step out?

… ….

At the peak of the mountain … Open field of vision. The mood was vast and vast.

Balls of black gas. They slowly floated around everyone.

“Did you see that?” I have my word. Now. He had already used the Profound Truths of Space on himself. I forcefully opened the gates of heaven for you all. ”

It was an ancient voice. It filled the entire summit. In the valley. The echoing sound continued to echo out.

“This …” Everyone looked at each other. In his eyes … Everyone was shocked.

It was a black dragon gate. Occasionally, it would emit a strange white light.

“I did not expect …” It turned out to be true. There really is someone who can forcefully open the Heaven Gate. ” Gu Yuan Wu looked at the phenomenon in the sky in astonishment. He could not help but let out a sigh.

Wang Rui started to do something. He would still be more careful and prudent … His spiritual will wandered for a while before finally stopping. Just now, he said in a long voice, “Alright.” Everyone, don’t worry. I just had a scout. The Heaven Gate was real. On the other side of the communication channel. “It is our Celestial Sect of Wonders.”

“That’s great …” Hearing this, everyone was stunned. They all let out a sigh of relief.

He had obtained the confirmation from Master Wang. This matter … It should not be fake.

If they were able to make it before the space of the mountain collapsed … Those who rushed back to the Celestial Sect of Wonders … However, this was equivalent to him taking back his life.

“In that case …” Ladies and gentlemen. I need to recuperate. “I’ll leave first.” Gu Yuan Wu’s heart trembled. A ball of fire. It floated towards the Heaven Gate.

“Wait a moment.” Who allowed you to leave … ”

An ancient voice. It once again resounded in everyone’s ears.

In an instant. Balls of extremely dense black qi. It stuck closely to the edge of the Gate of Heaven. Countless black tornadoes appeared as though they had been formed on the ground. The tornado swept around the Gate of Heaven. It was completely protected. watertight.

“Stay here for me.”

On the ground. There were different formations drawn on it. At this moment, a black tornado appeared in the sky. One by one, the sword images began to change. Simultaneously, it emitted a bright light. It blocked Gu Yuan Wu’s way.

“F * ck you!” It was these sword images again. “You are purposefully making life difficult for me right?” Gu Yuan Wu cursed silently. Anger raged in his heart.

Seeing these magic formations that could absorb his soul and telepathic thoughts, Han Li couldn’t help but be shocked. He was somewhat depressed. After all. Not long ago. His spiritual will … And so it was ruined. His cultivation base had been lowered.

Thus … One thing goes down, one thing goes down. He could rely on his cultivation base … He had effortlessly killed a thousand-year corpse ghost. However. This sword seal. He didn’t know what kind of inheritance it was. It could actually suppress him.

“You want to leave?” Yes. To be honest … I can’t be bothered to care about your lives. However … First of all, we have to get that young man. and take my inheritor. “Leave Ye Xueyi to me.”

As soon as he said this. Everyone turned to look at Ye Feng. Without a doubt. Now you can decide if you live or die. Not themselves. It was actually a decision by Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled, “I want your successor. It was simple. Let the others go first. Finally, I stood at the exit of the Heaven Gate. I’ll leave her to you. “How?”

“Heh heh. You have a good plan. He would wait until he had nothing more to worry about. He dared to risk his life again. Let me tell you something. It’s not that simple. At least … The woman I just saved with my eyes. You have to keep her. “Just treat it as a hostage.”

Xiao Yan mused for a moment. That old and simple voice. He gave his own answer.

“Bing Qian, huh.” Ye Feng smiled calmly. He then looked at Liu Bing Qian with a complicated expression. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Liu Bing Qian was quite calm. There was nothing to be unhappy about.

He paused a moment. He continued, “Okay. Yes. Take her as a hostage. In other words … The others. “Can you let me go now?”

“… “About this …” The other party seemed to be considering something further.

“Faster. If you don’t want your successor to be… If you die because you bleed too much… “Then hurry up and make a decision.” The corner of Ye Feng’s mouth curled up into a sneer. He looked around at the black gas surrounding them.

As he spoke … He couldn’t help but take the Ice Emperor Sword in his hand. She raised her head towards Ye Xueyi’s neck.

“Wait …” Forget it. Let them go, let them go. Hostages need not be many. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] There was only her. “It’s enough.”