The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 450

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Chapter 450

“I want you to heal her first, and then we’ll talk about other things.”

Ye Feng let out a faint smile. Then, he cast his gaze towards Liu Bingqian.

At this moment, a beautiful lady was sleeping on the ground. Her face was sometimes red and sometimes white. It was obvious that her zhenqi was not working well and her condition was not satisfactory.

“Fine, fine. If you can do this, I believe in your sincerity. Otherwise, how else would you let an unconscious person escape?”

During the negotiations between the two sides, if there were differences on some big principled issues, then it would be better to resolve some small issues and move forward layer by layer.

“… “Alright, since it’s just a small matter, I’ll do as you say.”

The pair of eyes on the ancient pattern suddenly gave off a boundless aura.

Her eyes suddenly opened wide as streams of warm, jade-like Qi engulfed the area around Liu Bingqian. Mist rose into the air and formed ripples in the air, spreading outwards in all directions.

After a short period of time …

“Huff …” Suddenly, Liu Bingqian coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Her towering chest continuously rose and fell. After a while, her pale face gradually regained some color.

She slowly opened her beautiful eyes, as if she had been sleeping for too long. There was a bit of haziness in her eyes, but she still didn’t seem to feel anything.

“Bing Qian, what do you think?” Ye Feng revealed a sincere smile.

“I… “I’m much better than before. Did you save me? Right, what did you say to me before? Also, how was the thousand-year-old corpse ghost? How was Han Yue? How were you and Xue Yi?”

Liu Bingqian rubbed her eyes and raised her head.

She had not been unconscious for long, but in this short period of time, many things happened. Han Yue fell to the side after being injured, and the thousand-year-old ghost corpse had already disappeared.

At that moment, Ye Zifeng was holding the Ice Emperor Sword to his little sister’s neck.

Drops of blood fell to the ground from the edge of the Ice Emperor’s sword, converging into small streams.

“You …” Liu Bingqian rubbed her eyes again, thinking that she had misjudged him.

Surprised, she almost blurted out, “… “You’re crazy, what the hell are you doing …”

“Lady Bingqian, let’s take a step and talk.” Demon Fox was afraid that she would slip up, so he hurriedly walked over, covered her mouth and took her to the side.

… ….

The eye of life and death gradually closed.

“Alright, now that you see what I’ve just done, you should be able to feel my sincerity.”

Ye Feng smiled and nodded, “Not bad, there is sincerity, but …”

“Brat, do you still want to play any tricks? Do you really think I can’t do anything to you?” The deep and unadorned voice contained a trace of anger.

“Don’t worry, I’m a straightforward person. If you let us live, I’ll let your inheritor live. This matter is very fair and cannot be avoided.”

Ye Feng smiled brightly and continued, “But, I heard that the Gate of Heaven will only open for another day. I’m afraid that even if we escape from this mountain, we will inevitably perish along with this Soul Death Town.”

“Hehe, so that’s how it is. You are worried about this. I did not expect you to be so young and have such good foresight. Even the young people of my Black Tortoise Continent do not have your knowledge.”

Ye Wen smiled, but did not comment.

That deep and ancient voice was silent for a moment before it quickly sounded again.

“But don’t worry. I’m a cultivator of the Profound Mysteries of Space, and the Gate of Heaven itself is a type of the Profound Mysteries of Space. If you want to leave, I can help you get past the Gate of Heaven.”

One had to know that he could even teleport between the continent and the continent, let alone pass through a small Heaven Gate.

“Pass through the Heaven Gate!”

When the two teachers heard this, they were shocked.

In the Celestial Sect of Wonders, what was revered was strength. The ability to understand the meaning of space was regarded as an unorthodox skill.

However, if a person could cultivate to the point where he could help others to cross the gates of heaven, then it would be of great practical significance.

“Feels good. Since when have we been in this dead town for so long? I didn’t think that there would be a spatial collapse. I can’t wait to go back,” Ye Zifeng smiled and asked.

“Same here. I’ve waited a thousand years for this inheritor to appear and I can’t wait any longer. Since that’s the case, I might as well start now!”

As the sound of his voice faded …

The eyes of Life and Death abruptly opened wide. The resplendent river of stars appeared, and countless strange light spots floated out.

A beam of light shot into the sky.

From the bottom of the mountain, it continued all the way to the top of the mountain, emitting a boundless radiance.

“Another spatial formation huh …” When Ye Feng saw this, his eyes narrowed into a line.

One had to know that he had climbed this mountain before.

At that time, he had relied on Ye Xue Yi’s Wind King Martial Spirit and the help of Ghastly Shadow’s White Bone Form to barely complete it.

And now, this pillar of light had actually extended all the way to the summit of the mountain. One could see how profound the mysteries of space were, causing one to be flabbergasted.

“Everyone, enter this pillar of light. I will send all of you to the top of this mountain peak.”

“Okay,” Ye Feng smiled, nodded, and walked towards the light pillar.

A flame flashed and stood in front of Ye Feng.

“Wait a minute, kid surnamed Ye, are you not afraid of being deceived? The matter of the Space Mystery isn’t something our Mysterious Gate’s master has studied for long. He might have hidden some trick.”

“Since when did Master Gu start worrying about my safety?”

When Gu Yuan Wu thought of this, he also felt that it was a bit weird. From before he entered the Heaven Gate till now, it could be said that his attitude towards Ye Feng was completely different from before.

“I …”

“How about this, Master Ancient, you go in and find out what’s going on,” Ye Feng smiled. However, the person he was talking to was not Gu Yuan Wu, but Wang Rui.

Wang Rui pondered for a moment and agreed, “That’s right, Master Gu, I’ll have to trouble you to give it a try first. If there’s no problem, your soul will be back soon.”

“But, this …”

Gu Yuan Wu’s heart skipped a beat. He originally wanted to warn Ye Feng not to be careless, but he did not expect Ye Feng to say that and push him to the front.

“Master Ancient Era…” There was a trace of impatience in Wang Rui’s voice.

After a long while, he let out a helpless sigh due to Master Wang.

“Alright, let’s go then. Are you afraid of him?”

Thus, having made up his mind, he left right away.

A ball of fire escaped into the pillar of light, and then there was a series of whooshing sounds.

A beam of light lit up on the pillar of light, and the fire seemed to have disappeared in an instant …

After a moment of silence, in Ye Feng’s mind, came Gu Yuan Wu’s message:

“No problem, all of you come up.”

Hearing that, Ye Feng’s eyes lit up, “Let’s go, Demon Fox, Spiritshadow, and Bing Qian, you guys go in first.”

At this time, Liu Bingqian had already roughly figured out what had happened after listening to the Demon Fox’s explanation.


She had a complicated expression on her face as she glanced at Ye Xueyi, but she couldn’t reveal too much of her feelings in order to avoid being caught. Shaking her head, she stepped into that pillar of light and disappeared along with the Demon Fox and the Phantom Shadow.

“We’ll stay here until the last. No problem, right?” After waiting for them to enter, Ye Feng turned around and looked at the Life and Death Eye on the ancient pattern.

The surrounding low voice laughed, “You should be careful. You have to send so many people away before you are willing to leave. It doesn’t matter. If you want to stay, I won’t stop you.”

“Feels good,” Leaves laughed.

“However, I will be helping you open the Gate of Heaven later because it might consume some of your primordial spirit. Now, split up some of the black air and come out, you won’t mind, will you?”


“Haha, alright.” A hint of approval could be seen in those eyes of life and death.

It had been a long time since he had met a young person like Ye Feng.

Therefore, after Ye Feng confirmed it, countless dark auras suddenly appeared from the ancient runes and from the dead eyes, spiralling towards Ye Feng’s location … …

It was vast and profound, sparkling with a spirit light. Between formless and intangible, it gave people a feeling of endless fear and trepidation.

To this, they saw Ye Feng holding his sister from behind, while the Ice Emperor Sword in his hand pressed even closer.

Ye Xueyi’s beautiful and smooth cheeks were tender and white with a hint of pink. Being hugged from behind by him like this, the burning red on her face seemed to be able to drip water.

It was the first time she had been hugged by her brother for such a long time.

Even the blood on her neck didn’t seem like anything worth caring about anymore.

“That’s enough, follow me.”

After Master Wang’s spiritual will left, Ye Feng nodded. Finally, he stepped forward and brought his little sister to the side of the light pillar.

“Wait a minute, don’t leave me here alone, I want to leave too. Take me with you, please.” Han Yue clenched her teeth, struggling to get up from the ground. Step by step, she moved towards the light pillar, almost grabbing Leaves’ heel.

Around her, a vast and ancient voice sounded.

“Hehe, useless thing, you’re already in this state, do you think you have any chance of surviving? No one would care about your life, if I were you, I would have committed suicide earlier. I think you’d better not embarrass yourself anymore …”

“That may not be the case. I believe that in this vast Black Tortoise Continent, there will always be someone waiting for you. Hanyue, come in.”