The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 45 – After all these years!

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“Liu Yige. Who are you? Are you an elder? Do you have the authority to decide to outcome of the battle?” Ye Zifeng coldly looked over at Liu Yige. For the past few times, Ye Zifeng had been very patient with Liu Yige. However, this time, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and yelled out at him.

“You! You’re going too far!” Liu Yige’s face turned green and angrily stared at Ye Zifeng.

“Who’s the one going too far?”

Liu clan’s clan leader, Liu Mu, walked towards Liu Yige. He looked at Liu Yige and then sighed, “Alright Yige, back off a bit. The elders of the sect and the elders from Tiandao City will take care of everything.

Elder Lin nodded at Liu Mu and then continued to questioned Ye Zifeng, “When you were fighting with Miss Bingqian, what kind of hidden weapon did you use? To be able to hide it from during our search….. If you tell us now, we will let you keep the first place you got in the first competition. If you don’t then…..”

“Then what?”

Elder Lin coldly snorted, “Then according to the rules of the gathering, you will be severely punished for breaking the rules. Your clan will also not be able to participate in the gathering for the next ten years!”

After hearing this, every single in the Ye clan that was present all gulped. It was a very severe punishment.

Ye Chongtian knitted his brows, “Elder Lin, why are you going against our Ye clan? Why don’t you ask Miss Bingqian as to why she didn’t move during the fight. Why are you so sure that my son did something?”

Elder Lin’s mouth twitched, “It’s not that I’m going against your Ye Clan. It’s just that we can’t let you run after cheating. We’ll know what happened after we examine the qi movement on the stage.”

“How about now Ye Zifeng. Do you admit to it or not?” Elder Lin glared at him coldly.

“Admit what? You can have your people go examine the stage. You better check clearly. I, Ye Zifeng, have nothing to hide so I don’t mind.” Ye Zifeng looked back with an even more imposing look.

Ye Zifeng is not dumb. Heck. No one is that dumb that they would admit that they were cheating. Ye Zifeng won’t fall for this Elder Lin’s trap and throw himself into the fire.

“Fine! Don’t blame me for being unfair after we find the evidence of you cheating!” Elder Lin gave a signal and four experts from Tiandao City went onto the stage to examine the qi movements before it starts to disappear.

After a while, one of the expert’s face changed, “Everyone come look…. This…. This is….”

“What?” The other elders walked over.

“No way…. This is….” A few martial practitioner experts were shocked and took a few steps back. Their faces paled. Elder Zhao and Shen Li both pretended to be shocked and stepped back with everyone.

Elder Lin furrowed his brows and looked confused, “Why are you acting so surprise? There’s no need to be so surprised at some hidden weapons.”

“Elder Lin, come look for yourself.” One of the elders named Guo, called over.

Elder Lin’s expression changed. He knew that this elder Guo was very famous liked to explore the outside world. He has seen many things and is very knowledgeable. If this thing can shock him, then it must not be simple at all.

Elder Lin walked up onto the stage and the other elders all moved away for him to examine the qi movements on the stage.

Suddenly, both of his pupils lit up.

“No way. This feeling……”

Lin Ke knelt down and closed his eyes, He felt around with his qi and a shocked expression appeared on his face.

He opened his eyes and looked at the other elders. He realized why they had that expression on.

“Soul Spirit…. Divine Sense? Why do I feel the power of a soul spirit?”

Elder Lin turned around and stared at Ye Zifeng.

“Don’t….. Don’t look at me. I don’t even know what you guys are talking about….” Ye Zifeng shrugged.

To not know what a soul spirit is, it was very normal for a qi refining stage disciple. Not even Martial Disciple realm disciples know about this either. This was something that only a Martial Practitioner realm expert can use.

Liu Bingqian was confused and looked at her father, “Daddy. What’s a soul spirit?”

“This…. A soul spirit is living divine sense that a martial practitioner can form. It will help that person attack, defend and do many things.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “So that’s it. Uncle Liu said that only a martial practitioner realm expert can form a soul spirit. Then let me ask Elder Lin this. Do you think that I can use this soul spirit? If you’re saying that it is mine, then it would only mean that have the ability to win. Afterall, a soul spirit is something that a martial artist forms. How could I be cheating then?!”


Hearing Ye Zifeng’s explanation, Elder Lin sighed. He thought that Ye Zifeng had used some sort of poison or hidden weapons. To think that there was only some traces of a soul spirit…. It was inconceivable. He was feeling very vexed right now after jumping to conclusion so quickly.

Also, seeing how Ye Zifeng used his own words against him, Liu Mu could only bitterly laugh.

Ye Xueyi chimed into the conversation as well, “Elder Lin, brother Zifeng won using his own ability and not because of some soul spirit or whatever.”

It wasn’t only the people of the Ye clan. The people from the other clans started to yell as well.

“What’s going on elder Lin. What’s the result?”

“Yeah come on. Just give us the verdict already.”

Elder Lin stood there thinking to himself. He had no other ways to make Ye Zifeng lose.

Ye Zifeng suddenly walked over the Elder Lin and whispered.

“Ahh Elder Lin. Let me remind you of something. Speaking of cheating, don’t you think that it was exactly what you were doing before….? If other people found out that you were cheating as the host of the gathering, wouldn’t your reputation be ruined?”

Elder Lin was shocked after hearing this. He clearly burned both papers. However, it seems like Ye Zifeng actually had evidence that he was cheating.

“Are you trying to threaten me…..?” Elder Lin had a fierce look in his eyes. On normal days, Elder Lin usually look like a kind old man. However, when he gets angry, he would look very scary.

Ye Zifeng closed his eyes, smiled and shook his head, “How could I dare to threaten the esteemed elder. I just want to remind Elder Lin about what happened. No matter how wise or careful you are, you will always leave something behind. If you really want to take me down, then you’ll be coming down with me as well…..”

Ye Zifeng slowly opened his eyes and with an imposing tone, he whispered to Elder Lin, “I, Ye Zifeng, will be glad to fall with you.”

Elder Lin was startled. He had never seen such an arrogant and despotic disciple before. The look in his eyes… was very majestic. This twenty year old in front of him looked like esteemed master.

Elder Zhao had seen enough. He pulled Shen Li over to Elder Lin.

“Elder Lin, I think that Ye Zifeng is right. He’s only at the qi refining stage. There’s no way for him to possess a soul spirit. We should not look into this any longer.”

“Yeah that’s right. The hundreds of clans in the audience are waiting for us to announce the results. We can’t drag on any longer.” Shen Li coughed. He was the strongest elder in the sect. Even if elder Lin didn’t listen to anyone else, he still had to respect Shen Li’s words.

Lin Ke looked over at Liu Mu, thinking that he would do something but…. All Liu Mu could do was helplessly shake his head.

Lin Ke sighed. He had lost. The result was something that no one had expected. Even he was a bit surprised himself.

For the strong Liu clan to lose to the Ye clan even with his help….. It was unimaginable! It was all because of this Ye Zifeng.

“Alright. I will announce the results: After further review by the other elders and I, we have determined that Ye Zifeng did not cheat. Thus, the winner of this gathering is….. The Ye Clan!”

Ye Chongtian was speechless.

Seeing how stiff and silly Ye Chongtian looked, Tang Feng nudged him, “Did you hear that? Our Ye clan is the winner!”

Ye Chongtian’s expression slowly changed. An exciting and happy expression appeared on his old face. He was excited and very emotional at the same time. There was no one else who could be happier than him right now.

“I heard it. I heard it all…. This time, it’s real!”

After all these years! They’ve finally made a comeback.

Twenty years ago, when Ye Zifeng was born, and was diagnosed to be a trash that only appears every hundred years, the Ye clan started to collapse.

And now, twenty years later, it was the first time that Ye Chongtian was this happy in a long time.

The Ye Clan has revived. The young master Ye Zifeng’s great performance allowed the Ye Clan to become the number one clan in Leizhou City.


Elder Lin took a deep breath and then his expression returned to normal, “Alright Ye Zifeng. Come over with the others to receive your reward.”