The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 446

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Chapter 446

In a situation where danger lurked everywhere and he could die at any moment,

Of course, Ye Feng could not be idle, so he chatted with the other person about home.

His every word, in fact, was a step at a time, guiding Han Yue’s emotions until they were smooth and smooth.

“How could she be willing? Haha, she couldn’t be willing,” Han Yue cried out. After losing Zhou Feng, her attitude was already extremely unstable.

Now, once again, she was provoked by Ye Feng, the emotions in her heart exploded out.

“Since you are unwilling, then why do you keep sticking to the life and death of Zhou Feng? Don’t tell me that there is nothing more meaningful to do …”

Ye Zifeng glared at her coldly, slowly approaching her as if he wanted to see her flesh.

“Things that are more meaningful, such as,”

Han Yue pondered for a moment before raising her head, looking at Ye Zifeng with a puzzled expression.

“Your life has been abandoned in such a manner. All these years, have any of your family come here to see you?”


Ye Feng continued to stare at his opponent, his tone rising as he said, “I’m not your wish, but who would have thought your way?”


“Then, is there any evidence to prove the meaning of your existence?”

“The meaning of existence ….” Han Yue’s beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light as she gently gritted her teeth. After a while, her breathing became hurried and she swallowed two or three mouthfuls of saliva, as if her throat had dried up.

“No, okay, stop talking. I don’t want to hear your questions anymore.”

Ye Feng paused for a moment, allowing the other person to hold his head with both of his hands, and tightly curled up into a ball.

All this time, as the master of a dead town, she seemed strong, but the inside was as fragile as a piece of paper that could be broken with a single poke.

Soon after, when Han Yue had finally somewhat calmed down, the strength in her hands gradually relaxed.

Ye Feng said slowly. The smile on his face was surprisingly faint.

“So don’t you want to. “Revenge …”


Han Yue’s entire body seemed to have been struck by a giant bell as she stood rooted to the spot with a deathly pale face.

To tell the truth, she wanted to go back. Even in her dreams, she wanted to go back to the Black Tortoise Continent. This was her obsession, and the love that came out of her obsession would very likely turn into endless hatred.

“Ye Feng, what you mean is, let me take revenge on the person in the Black Tortoise Continent who sent me here, regardless of my life or death.”

A look of disbelief flashed in her beautiful eyes. This thought had never dared to enter her mind before.

But now, under Ye Feng’s constant reminders, this idea of revenge grew in her heart like a bamboo shoot after a spring rain.

“That’s right. Revenge against that person. Return to the original Black Tortoise Continent. Don’t you think that this is much better than simply taking revenge on me? How many times more meaningful would it be?”

“I …” The cold moon looked like it had been struck by lightning.

The person who killed Zhou Feng was not me, but the thousand-year-old corpse ghost. It was someone from the Black Tortoise Continent, and through the teleportation array, he sent the killing weapon over. And everything I did was just resisting, and on this point, we are on the same side.

Hearing Ye Feng’s barrage of words, Hanyue felt as if all her strength had been sucked away, and she felt a bit powerless.

Everything she had escaped from was slowly being torn apart by Ye Ci and laid in front of her. It was in its most primitive form, as if it was mocking her for her previous life.

“If you really want to kill me because of Zhou Feng, then I can treat it as you making a mistake. Just do it, we will start fighting and die together, but this will really help you vent your anger.”

Although the cold moon valued Zhou Feng’s life and death, her feelings for him were just like her feelings for a pet.

It was like raising a dog and it was killed by someone. At that moment, he must have been so angry that he wanted to kill Ye Xiao.

However, when a person calms down and thinks about other things, she changes her mind.

Silence, a long silence,

With the sound of the needle, Hanyue took a deep breath, as if she was making up her mind.

“Tell me, I see that you have a way. Tell me, what should I do?”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up. He smiled, stared at the other person and said,

“It’s very simple. If you want to get revenge, then your life is the most important thing, so you have to get rid of this stalemate. Look, isn’t this Corpse Ghost always trying to kill you?” It’s very simple, if you want to get revenge, then your life is the most important, so you have to get rid of this stalemate.

“This… “It can be, but it won’t be of any use.” Han Yue had made up her mind, so she didn’t hesitate any longer and agreed. However, there seemed to be some doubt in her heart.

She had originally thought that she would not be able to survive, so she decided to take him down with her before she died.

But now, from Ye Feng’s tone, it seemed like there was still a slim chance of survival in such a desperate situation.

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up, and he smiled lightly, “Since there are dimensional formations and such in more than half of the mountain, then, there should be a special place for such things. So, I think, this is the place to imprison this thousand-year-old ghost.”

“This …”

Han Yue mused for a moment before sighing. She compromise, “Alright. Whatever. In any case, I definitely won’t be able to live on my own. I’ll just listen to what you say.”

“Alright, time is of the essence, the formation is about to collapse. Now, we have to move.”

“Let’s do it now…” Han Yue was stunned as her expression changed slightly. “Hey, wait a moment, I’m not completely prepared yet …”

A ray of light flashed across Ye Feng’s forehead.

If she were to really prepare everything, it would be a waste of time.

“Master Wang, it’s more or less enough. You can let go of this corpse ghost now.”


Wang Rui let out a long breath and withdrew his strength. Obviously, he had been tired after the long cross-border battle.

The moment the Corpse Spirit had the chance to escape, it let out a shocking roar and charged toward the direction of Han Yue.

“Bastard, I’ve already told him that I’m not ready.”

The cold moon shaped eyebrows were tightly knitted together, and her face was as red as an ant on a hot pan.

However, since the ghouls had already caught up with her, she didn’t have any other thoughts. Her beautiful figure flew in a beautiful arc through the air as she continued to chase forward.

Everyone looked at each other and followed fiercely under Ye Feng’s lead.

“Brother Zifeng, Brother Zifeng.” Ye Xueyi couldn’t suppress the doubt in her heart. She pulled her brother to her side and saw a strange glint in her big, watery eyes.

Ye Feng was slightly surprised, and turned his head with a smile. “What’s wrong, Xue Yi? If you need anything, wait until we’re out of danger.”

“No, maybe we won’t have a chance later. Brother Zifeng, you just said that I’m some fated man of the Black Tortoise Continent, could it be …”

“Of course… “It’s fake,” Ye Feng raised the corner of his mouth into a faint smile. As for the last few words, because he was afraid that Han Yue would hear them, he practically mouthed them.

“What?” Ye Xueyi was startled as she stared at her brother’s face as if she was petrified.

She had never thought that her brother would be logical from the beginning to the end. She had nearly taken him for real.

However, he didn’t expect that this was a lie, Ye Feng had made it up.

Demon Fox and Gui Ying leisurely walked forward, helplessly smiling while patting Ye Xue Yi on the shoulder.

“Xue Yi, it’s good that you can get used to this kind of thing…”

Ye Xueyi blankly stared at their departing backs. Her thin red lips slightly twitched …

… ….

ta ta ta *

Multiple footsteps, some big and some small, resounded within the cave on the mountain peak of half a 100,000 feet.

“Corpse ghost, follow me. Didn’t you want my life? Then quickly come and kill me!”

The cold moon ran at the head of the group, occasionally emitting waves of crazed laughter.

“I understand now that the person who sent me here in the Black Tortoise Continent has not considered my safety. Otherwise, if the jade flute was broken, you should have dealt with the enemy first. Why was I the first one to clear out the enemy? Everyone abandoned me and left me alone in this town to wait for someone fated.”

However, Corpse Ghost only roared and chased after Han Yue with all its might. It would not give any explanation, nor answer any questions.

“Alright, since you two never considered Han Yue’s life from the start and treat me like air, then I swear that if I am to leave this place alive and return to the Black Tortoise Continent, I will definitely find you two and exact revenge against you.”

Han Yue’s steps were light and graceful. She was originally a small and fast cultivator, so in this short period of time, this Corpse Ghost had the strength of its body. When it reached out its hand, it couldn’t reach Han Yue.

The cave became narrower and darker.

Ye Feng kept his eyes and ears focused on his surroundings.

At this moment, they were constantly heading towards the bottom of the mountain, which was also the core of the entire mountain …

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and felt a bit of anticipation in his heart.

In these thousand years of Corpse Spirits’ lair, whether there would be a way to escape back to the Celestial Sect of Wonders or a clue to return to the Black Tortoise Continent, all of this was still unknown …