The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 44 – The Final Verdict!

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Although Ye Zifeng’s method was somewhat underhanded, it didn’t go overboard. He didn’t use any hidden weapons or poison at all. He only took advantage of the fact that his opponent wasn’t paying attention during a battle.

Right now, Ye Zifeng was flying towards Liu Bingqian like a sharp sword. The electric qi congealed around his hand as he attacked Bingqian.

Even under such an unfavorable situation, Bingqian was able to barely dodge the attack.

The faces of all the spectators were filled with shock.

“Did you guys see that? As a fourth stage qi refiner, Ye Zifeng was able to force Liu Bingqian to dodge?”

Another spectator sighed, “Shit. I lost. I thought Ye Zifeng wouldn’t even survive one move from Liu Bingqian…..”

Liu Yige was the most shocked of them all. He continuously shook his head, not believing what he was seeing, “How did Ye Zifeng change so much in such a short amount of time!”

Liu Ningzi furrowed her brows and looked over at Liu Yige, “Senior brother, if you were to fight Ye Zifeng right now, who would win……”

“This… Of course….” Liu Yige was speechless. He wants to say the truth but he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his junior sister so he decided not to say anything.

“That good for nothing Ye Zifeng…. Who would’ve thought that you would change so much, so fast….” Liu Ningzi had a perplexed look. She was thinking about that day she went over to the Ye clan’s estate. Why did she do such a thing? Why did she go and cancel her engagement so quickly. Did she do the right thing? Was it wrong?


“Ye Zifeng! Don’t force me!” Liu Bingqian retreated with a pale look on her face.

Ye Zifeng laughed loudly, “So what if I force you? We’re both fighting for our family’s glory. If you respect me, then use all your strength!”

At the same time, lightning appeared on his hands again as he rushed towards Liu Bingqian.

“Fine! I’ll use my full strength. Don’t regret anything.” Bingqian replied with a serious tone. She was not going to hold back anymore.

She quickly clapped her hands together and the qi around the entire stage started to gather around her. It created some sort of spiraling whirlpool around her. When Ye Zifeng’s lightning qi struck the wall of qi, it was repelled easily. It felt as if he was hitting against an invisible wall.

“How’s that Ye Zifeng. You can’t hurt me anymore. You can’t do anything anymore!”

Ye Zifeng’s mouth curved up as he got closer Liu Bingqian. With a wave of his hand, the lightning qi on his hand shot out towards Liu Bingqian like a flying snake.

“”It’s useless!” Liu Bingqian laughed. When the lightning qi touched the whirlpool of qi, it immediately evaporated into nothing.

“How’s that. I told you it was useless!”

‘Who said it was useless? Aren’t I getting closer and closer to you?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and a cold aura suddenly exploded out of his body. However, it wasn’t that strong so the people outside the stage did not feel anything.

While most others didn’t feel anything, Elder Zhao felt what’s wrong and immediately stood up.

He started to mumble to himself, “Bastard. You dare use my soul spirit to attack? Preposterous!” The iron beads that he was holding in his hands suddenly exploded.

“Brother Zhao. Calm down. It’s not like you don’t know what he’s like already.” Shen Li was afraid that something was going to happen and dragged him back.

Elder Zhao leaned over the Shen Li, “Elder Shen, Don’t talk like you actually know what he’s like. We’ve only met him today!”

“That’s right….” Shen Li stroked his beard and shook his head. Ye Zifeng is like a little demon. He gave Shen Li a very good impression. Afterall, Ye Zifeng was part of his sect. His success will be the sect’s success.


This cold aura that he released was a trump card that Ye Zifeng was planning to save. He would have never thought that Elder Lin would mess with him and force him to use this little piece of soul spirit.

No matter how strong Liu Bingqian is, she’s only a qi refining stage disciple. Against an attack from a peak martial practitioner’s soul spirit, she won’t be able to do anything. All she can do was let the soul spirit enter her forcefully without knowing what’s going on.

In a split second, her entire body felt stiff. She stared blankly at Ye Zifeng, not knowing what happened at all.

Ye Zifeng took advantage of this and started to channel his qi. A black dot surrounded by death qi appeared on his palm. He struck out and it flew towards Liu Bingqian’s chest.

Liu Ningzi gasped and yelled out in surprise, “Not good. That’s the move that he used to attack senior brother! Sister Bingqian, quickly dodge. That palm strike is very weird!’

When Liu Yige saw the death qi palm strike again, he began to shake. He remembers how powerful this was. If he was up there right now and he was hit by it, the chances of him surviving is very low.

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian wanted to dodge. However, she was under the effects of the soul attack while having her strength decreased by Ye Zifeng’s lightning when she threw him. She was in a state of temporary paralysis. She stood there as she watched the palm strike reach her.

Due to the effects of the soul attack, she could not use any of her qi at all.

“Bang!” After being struck, Liu Bingqian was sent flying. It looked as if she could not withstand the attack at all.

Seeing how Liu Bingqian, a peak stage qi refiner, was sent flying by Ye Zifeng, everyone’s jaws dropped. The entire audience was shocked.

“Miss Bingqian. What are you doing? If you lose, then I’m gonna lose my entire fortune!”

“Yeah. No way. What were you doing before? Why did you not move at all?”

“Nice Ye Zifeng! That one gold coin that I used actually turned into two hundred gold coins! Thank You!”

Ye Chongtian excitedly stood up. If Liu Bingqian lands outside of the stage, then the Ye Clan will be declared the winners. At that time, the Ye Clan will have basically establish themselves as one of the three great clans again.

“Big Brother Rough Guy! Save me!” In a confused state, Bingqian suddenly called for Ye Zifeng sending the audience members into a frenzy.

Who is this Big Brother Rough Guy? There’s no one else there besides Ye Zifeng.

Seeing how Liu Bingqian was about to fall onto the floor, Ye Zifeng’s heart shook. If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Bingqian held back before, he would not have the chance to use this attack.

Liu Bingqian could not bear to hurt him. That was the true reason to her defeat…..

Ye Zifeng took a deep breath and decided to save her.

Ye Zifeng sighed and flew towards Liu Bingqian. He grabbed her waist with one hand and sent a palm strike out with the other. Using the recoil effect, he returned onto the stage with Bingqian.

The person who harmed her was Ye Zifeng and now the person who rescued her was also ye Zifeng.

Liu Bingqian had a happy expression on her face. When she found out Ye Zifeng’s identity, she became depressed because she thought that he would hate her. But now, she can see that he still treats her as a friend. If it was like this, then losing the competition was worth it to her.

She was happily thinking about his with being in Ye Zifeng’s embrace until she suddenly felt lighter, followed by some pain. When she came back to her senses, she realized that after Ye Zifeng rescued her, he lightly dropped her off the stage.

She then remembered that she was still competing with him. For Ye Zifeng to do this, he was being very nice already.

After watching this scene unfold, the entire audience was silent for a while. After a while, they exploded in cheers.

The Ye clan had won the gathering. They were the number one clan in name. After getting first place in the first competition, Ye Zifeng was able to defeat Liu Bingqian, the Liu clan’s strongest member. His name will definitely be recorded in Leizhou City’s history book.

Ye Xueyi immediately rushed towards the stage and hugged Ye Zifeng. Her eyes started to tear up, “Great Job brother Zifeng. Our Ye clan won! You’ve also proven yourself. Now no one in Leizhou City will look down on you anymore!’

Ye Chongtian fiercely fist bumped his son’s chest, “My son! Nice moves you got there. Were you hiding your strength all this time and wanted to shock everyone?”

At the same time….

“Hold on. Who said that your Ye clan won?’ Lin Ke suddenly walked over.

Ye Chongtian smiled, “Didn’t everyone see the results? Liu clan’s young miss fell off the stage. Our Ye clan should have won.”

Lin Ke didn’t waste his breath with Ye Chongtian and pointed at Ye Zifeng, “Tell me the truth. Before you used that palm strike, why did Miss Bingqian suddenly stop moving? Do you dare say that you didn’t mess with her? From what I can see, you cheated to win!”

The entire audience suddenly gossiping again. Everyone saw the scene. It was very weird how she stopped moving before his attack hit her. After Lin Ke reminded them, they started thinking about it.

“Yeah. Ye Zifeng. Tell us what kind of technique you used to make sister Bingqian lose. If you can’t say anything, then it doesn’t count as your Ye clan’s win!” Liu Yige took advantage of the situation and yelled at Ye Zifeng.