The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 439

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Chapter 439

dark brown spots, piece by piece,

On the body of the thousand-year corpse ghost, more and more appeared.

His hideous face constantly twisted in pain. Droplets of green poison fell from his forehead to the ground, making hissing sounds.

Han Yue’s expression suddenly changed. “That can’t be, so fast …”

However, before she could finish her sentence …

The huge rock in front of her eyes continued to grow larger.

She felt a cold shiver in her heart. She quickly retreated ten steps and stuck to a rock wall.

A giant rock was lifted up by the thousand year old zombie. It suddenly flew towards her location.

“So that’s how it is. He is really in a cocoon. You, Hanyue, have used your jade flute to bind him for so long. After he has regained his freedom, the first person he will deal with will be you,” Ye Feng laughed coldly.

“Ye Feng, what are you so proud of? If I die, you guys will be next,” Han Yue coldly replied.

“Lord Hanyue, don’t say anymore. Quickly escape, or else it will be too late …” Zhou Feng’s face paled. When he was together with Han Yue, he saw this monster turn its’ fangs’ towards him. His heart instantly became lost, and he could not help but retreat.

The reversal of the situation,

Han Yue, who had just been using the corpse ghost for a thousand years, was now suffering.

“This …” Han Yue fiercely gritted her teeth as her expression kept changing.

Ye Feng was so close to her that Han Yue wanted to tear him into a thousand pieces, but now, she had no choice but to suppress her anger.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t mentally prepared, but she didn’t expect that not long after the jade flute was broken, this corpse ghost would start to go out of control. This caused her to be somewhat surprised.

In fact, this Corpse Ghost was the first to attack Han Yue.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at the corpse ghost.

The corpse ghost’s blurry and terrifying face looked around in a circle. It was panting heavily. Streams of bloodthirsty and brutal emotions filled the air.

With a loud “Ao” sound, the ghost corpse took a step forward and suppressed all of its silk threads. It was as if they were all broken. In the air, countless strange sounds could be heard.

The heavy pressure weighed down on everyone’s hearts like a heavy meteorite.


The word echoed in everyone’s heart.

“Demon Fox, Ghastly Shadow.”

Ye Feng’s voice was low. He threw away Han Yue and the others and suddenly turned around to run. With three steps, he rushed back like lightning.

“Yes. Are you planning to take us back?” The two of them had been fighting for a long time and were tired. They felt happy in their hearts.

Of course, Spiritshadow could follow the blood veins on Ye Feng’s arms and return to his mind, while the demon fox could also return to his beast tamer token.

“Of course not.”

Ye Feng shook his head and solemnly replied, “Demon fox, you’re carrying Liu Bingqian on your back. Gui Ying, carry Ye Xueyi.”

Demon fox: “…”

Spiritshadow: “…”

“Hurry up, don’t give me any ink. Right, especially your demon fox, I’ve already seen your lazy look.”

“I …”

The demon fox was stunned and her mouth twitched. She naturally did not expect that Ye Feng would have the time to come visit her.

“Alright.” Under Ye Feng’s gaze that went straight to the bottom of her heart, the demon fox pursed her red lips. Although she had all sorts of thoughts in her mind, for a moment, she didn’t have the strength to refute anything.

Of course, they also knew that the current situation was urgent and not normal. Thus, they lightly sighed, followed Ye Feng’s instructions, and began to move according to him, carrying Ye Xueyi and Liu Bingqian on their backs.

“Wait, we’ll do the labor. Then, Ye Feng, what are you doing?” Gui Ying suddenly asked after walking for a while.

“I’ll cover him up. By the way, let’s talk with Master Ancient Grand Master. After all, he’s the key to our escape.”

“Master Ancient God …” “Great Master …”

There was no response for a long time.

In Ye Wen’s eyes, there was a flash of ruthlessness.

… ….

“Ah!” He cried out in pain. Gu Yuan Wu’s lips turned pale.

The old wounds on his spiritual will had not recovered yet, and now they were even new.

“Ye Feng, what the hell are you doing? Even if you want to contact me, you should at least do it in a different way.” Gu Yuan Wu’s spiritual will was pinched by Ye Feng, causing him to be in extreme pain.

“Long story short, my life is in danger. Come quickly and save me.”


Gu Yuan Wu was stunned when he heard this. He was overwhelmed with shock and the anger in his heart had slightly subsided. After all, the other party was in a hurry and had done so.

He pondered for a moment, “No, the place you guys are in right now is too dangerous. To tell you the truth, Ye Feng, the soul consciousness that I separated was actually refined by something in the place you are now. It caused my soul consciousness to be damaged and my cultivation base to drop … “Wait, you don’t show any surprise at all.”

After a moment of silence …

Then, Ye Feng replied, “No way ….” “I’ve already lowered my cultivation. I’m sorry, but I was too shocked earlier. I didn’t have the time to recover from my shock in such a short time.”

“This …” Gu Yuan Wu felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong.

“Then, Guru Gu, think about it carefully. Maybe you should save me now. If I die, even your current spiritual will will will be severely damaged, perhaps your cultivation will drop even further.”

Gu Yuan Wu paused for a moment, and then frowned: “Of course I know this logic, otherwise I would have waited here foolishly, but … …” “Are you in a rush? Why don’t we wait a bit? After a while, when Master Wang Rui’s spiritual will arrives, we can have him come down and take a look.”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up as he focused and asked, “How long will it take for him to come?”

“It shouldn’t be too long. Just now, he sent a message that they have arrived at the entrance to the mountain peak.”

As Gu Yuan Wu’s cultivation regressed, he did not think much and directly blurted out:

“So that’s how it is. Then, Master Ancient, I’ll have to ask you for a favor. A few women will come up later to protect them,” Ye Feng said solemnly.

“… “They’ve come up, no problem, what about the two men?”

“Of course…”

Ye Feng smiled, “Shoot him down.”

… ….

Several human figures, male and female, jumped from the bottom to the top, stepping on the rocks near the cave entrance and leaping high into the air.

“Hmph, I don’t know what Ye Feng is daydreaming about, but he still can’t come up. Do you really want to die?”

Han Yue coldly laughed as she stood on the flat ground, her beautiful figure swaying back and forth.

She glanced at the opportunity and was about to throw a palm at Ye Xueyi.

Even if she could not kill Ye Feng with her own hands, killing his family would at least be able to vent the anger in her heart.

However, just at this moment …

A surge of immense power, accompanied by the might of the flames, gathered from all directions and swept down like a strong gale.

“Could this be… “That Martial Spirit Expert’s soul attack …”

Han Yue’s face was overwhelmed with shock. She hastily tried to dodge to the side, but the flames directly skipped over her and flew toward the other two figures behind her.

Pitiful Zhou Feng and Xie Chen did not even manage to gain a foothold in the upper echelon before they cried out in pain and fell from the sky back into the cave.

“Zhou Feng.”

Han Yue came back to her senses and hastily retracted her palm. She gave up on the idea of attacking Ye Xueyi and quickly bent down, jumping into the cave.

… ….

At the same time, Ye Feng had completely erased all traces of his soul tempering.

And that’s what he left behind, what he really meant,

“Oh, you guys can’t bear to part with me. Before leaving, you even have to greet me.”

Ye Feng stood up and put away the silver light.

The smile on his face was extremely plain.

When Zhou Feng and Xie Chen met up with this unexpected turn of events, although their buttocks did not blossom from the fall, they were still suppressed by the fire to the point that a layer of skin was about to fall off their feet.

The two of them had just been attacked by the spiritual will and were exhausted. Therefore, they were unable to jump again.

“Bastard, did you do it? I didn’t kill you in time …”

Zhou Feng hated him to the core.

A sweet light shone in Xie Chen’s throat as he looked disbelievingly at the other party. “That’s impossible. You, Ye Feng, have such a strong person protecting you. Why didn’t you let him come out and help just now?”

The reason why he had kept his strength at bay up till now was so that when he escaped, no one would be able to match him.

Yet, someone was able to take down Xie Chen under such circumstances. This showed just how strong he was.

Ye Feng chuckled, but didn’t comment.

After all, the more you tell them, the easier it is for people to guess their secrets.

“Alright, I won’t waste your breath anymore. Zhou Feng, since your master is here to save you, then …”

Ye Feng smiled and pointed behind him. He moved half a body to let the enemy see the thousand-year-old ghost that was charging towards them.

“I’ll leave this corpse ghost to you …”

After he finished speaking, he smiled lightly and suddenly leaped up, landing on Zhou Feng’s shoulder, kicking him ruthlessly towards the ground, brushing past the cold moon that had just jumped down …

“You …”

Han Yue didn’t expect Ye Feng to rush up to the cave entrance at this moment. By the time she reacted and thought about it, it was already too late.

As for Xie Chen, after he adjusted his breathing, he jumped back up.

“Lord Hanyue, quickly save me!”

Zhou Quan looked at the Thousand Year Corpse Monster with fear. He wanted to jump up, but the more anxious he became, the more impossible it was for him to do so. After a while, even his legs started shaking.

“Ai, why would I save such a cowardly idiot?”

Han Yue’s delicate eyebrows furrowed slightly as she dropped to the ground. She immediately grabbed Zhou Feng’s hand, gently biting her silver teeth as she brought him high up into the air.

It almost brushed past Zhou Feng’s feet.

Endless black tornados swept out from the corpse ghost’s body, immediately forming a large and deep indent on the wall.

“Phew, that’s great. I have escaped this calamity …”

Zhou Feng let out a long breath, his back was covered in cold sweat.

Yet, he heard the sound of the wind resounding beneath his feet.

The thousand-year Corpse Ghost lifted its head, and as it flew up into the air, Zhou Feng suddenly extended his hand and tightly grabbed onto Zhou Feng’s waist … …