The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 436

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Chapter 436

“Not good.”

Ye Xueyi realized that her momentary absent-mindedness had given Hanyue a chance to break through.

At the same time as she felt regret in her heart, she quickly made adjustments in an attempt to make up for her negligence.

“Too late.”

The corner of Han Yue’s mouth curled up into a cold smile.

She had waited a long time for Ye Xueyi to relax.

To be honest, Hanyue had already been secretly impressed by the other party for holding out until now.

The jade flute sounded again.

The thousand-year Corpse Spirit took advantage of the fact that it hadn’t yet adjusted its formation to rush to the west of the four corners of the formation. It waved its massive right arm and swung its iron fist forward.

“Bang! Bang!”

Under the immense pressure, the dark red imprint on the ground seemed to have turned into a plate of scattered sand, radiating light in all directions.

The demon fox, who was guarding the four sides of the formation, immediately felt a blockage in her chest. An irrepressible blood gushed to her throat and blood began to flow out.

“Pfft …”

Under the effect of the puppet pill, her entire strength could only reach the third level of the Martial Disciple realm. She had originally relied on the Whirlwind Formation to barely contend against the thousand year old corpse ghost.

Right now, the Whirlwind Formation was slightly weaker, so how could the demon fox be his opponent?

“You scoundrel, if I used my full strength, I might not be afraid of you.” Demon Fox gnashed her teeth in anger. She could only blame Ye Feng for giving her the puppet pill.

But, as the saying goes, everything has its pros and cons,

If Ye Feng had not done so, she would have already escaped and gained her freedom.

Right at this moment …

Gui Ying shouted, “Demon fox, be careful. That corpse ghost has taken aim at other parts of the formation.”

If one of them was lost, the Whirlwind Formation would no longer be perfect. Under the control of Han Yue, it would be inevitable for Corpse Ghost to pursue and attack the other parts of the formation.

The demon fox bitterly smiled, “I have an idea. It seems that I need some time to adjust this Whirlwind Formation. Before that, I …”

Before she could finish her words, a second attack was launched towards the thousand year Corpse Ghost. The dark red light instantly split into pieces and shot out in all directions.

“Pfft …”

Another stream of blood spurted out from the demon fox’s lips. Her face was already pale and her lips were bloodless.

She steadied herself and almost spat out her mouth as she shouted,

“Ye Xueyi, hurry up!”

The demon fox had some indescribable fear towards Ye Feng, but she wasn’t so restrained towards her little sister. Thus, when she spoke, she wasn’t polite at all.

“I …”

Although Ye Xueyi was already doing her best to adjust the array, it was only for a blink of an eye. She wasn’t familiar with the array’s control, so how could she adjust it so quickly?

Not to mention that the thousand-year-old ghost had destroyed two of its feet in a row. This meant that it had done enormous damage to the tornado formation and had directly affected the progress of Ye Xue Yi’s array adjustment.

“I will do my best.” Ye Xue Yi gently gritted her teeth.

“A mere group of low-level Martial Disciples dares to challenge me? So what if you’re arrogant? So what if you try your best? Sometimes, the huge gap in strength is not something you can catch up to just by saying ‘I work hard’. Today, I will deeply engrave this point in your hearts.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the thousand-year Corpse Ghost had already reached the foot of the third formation. It crossed its palms and viciously hammered down.

With one strike, another ray of red light appeared and scattered in all directions.

The demon fox’s delicate body trembled and her entire body seemed to have been struck by lightning, and her lips were dyed blood-red.

Soon after, this corpse ghost didn’t even rest before it began to head towards where the demon fox was. This was its final leg as it charged forward like a meteor.

At the same time, a tornado formed, as if blocking the path of the zombie.

“It’s done, I’ve got it! Demon fox, I got the Whirlwind Formation under control!” Ye Xueyi’s eyes lit up and her face was filled with joy.

Han Yue chuckled and coldly snorted. “So what?”

These words were like cold water that was poured over Ye Xue Yi’s heart.

However, she wasn’t wrong. The four formations had already broken three. As for the last one, even if he had the support of the array formation, so what?

Under the continuous onslaught of these thousand year corpses, the black tornado formation had long been broken into pieces, ready to collapse at any time.

As soon as he finished speaking, the thousand-year-old ghost had already reached the last step of the formation. It stretched out its arms and roared. It rushed towards the formation and roared. The howling sound of the wind contained the suppressed voice in its heart.

From the time the cold moon had awakened him until now, it had not allowed him to drink a single drop of blood. There was no doubt about it, it caused him to be extremely impatient.

“Boom boom boom!”

As of now, all four parts of the black tornado formation had been broken.

Ye Xueyi looked at everything in a daze and couldn’t help but take in a breath of cold air.

“No way, this…”

Just now, she had made a small mistake and the opportunity had been taken by Han Yue to break through four corners of the formation.

“The black tornado spell formation has been broken at the four corners, so it only has one core left …”

Han Yue’s beautiful eyes flickered as her gaze focused on the giant finger. She also understood that the other party was guarding the heart of the formation.

“I admit that you are very strong. Last night, you almost killed me, Hanyue. But this time, your opponent was not me, but his thousand year old corpse ghost. I will go through him to find revenge.”

A cold expression suddenly flashed across Han Yue’s charming face.

“Do it, pass through this tornado formation and kill all of them!”

… ….

After an unknown period of time …

The black air was scattered and was filled with a dark, cold, murderous aura. It wrapped around Ye Feng’s entire body and appeared to be brewing something.

Liu Bingqian was standing beside her. Her face was pale and her entire body was emitting a faint glow.

Due to her taking too many pills and extracting all the spiritual energy she had obtained, she gave it to Ye Feng without holding back. As a result, she was now weak and slowly collapsed to the ground.

But even so, her soft, jade-like hands still rested on Ye Feng’s back, occasionally sending all of the spirit energy in her dantian that she occasionally recovered.

“Ye Feng, listen, I won’t let you die like this …”

She tried her best to raise her head and look at the side of Ye Feng’s thin and handsome face. Due to the lack of spiritual qi in her body, her body was extremely weak. Her vision had even started to become blurry.

“Ye Feng …”

Liu Bingqian’s pretty face revealed an extremely tired expression as her eyelids gradually sunk.

Her hand was still searching for an empty bag inside her space jade pendant, trying to find a new dan bead.

“Bing Qian …”

The leaf that was silent for a long time suddenly let out a low sound.

Liu Bing Qian’s eyes lit up, then she smiled bitterly. She thought she was too tired and saw some kind of illusion.

It was only when her lily-white hands slipped off Ye Feng’s body and landed on the ice-cold ground that she finally understood a little bit more.

Ye Feng slowly stood up from the ground, looking deeply at Liu Bingqian who was lying on the cold ground as if she was going to fall asleep at any moment.

“Bing Qian, listen …”

“What?” Liu Bing Qian’s clear eyes were filled with confusion.

“Actually, I …”

Liu Bingqian was shocked. She felt that the other party seemed to have said something important, but other than the first half, she could not make out what exactly it was.

After a while, due to her body being too tired, she eventually fell into a deep slumber.

… ….

All of a sudden, the thick black mist seemed to have formed a huge whirlpool as it spun at a high speed in the air.

The sound of whistling wind, the sound of thunder breaking through the wall, and the sound of burning flames rang out incessantly.

However, this time, the voices did not only come from Ye Feng’s body, they directly resounded from the outside of his body.

Waves of warmth rose from the bottom of his heart. The cyclones in the sky were like thick dark clouds covering the entire cave. They rose and fell, but they never got beyond seven feet from his body.

Without the help of Spiritshadow, the terrifying wounds on his body began to slowly heal under the influence of the black fog. Even the stench of blood seemed to have started at some point and was no longer produced.

“What? What’s going on?”

After a long period of silence, Xie Chen looked at the scene before him in shock. He was speechless.

Suddenly, a hole was torn open in the black fog. A part of the scene could be seen.

The veins on Ye Feng’s arms were constantly popping out. His Profound Qi was like a substance, attacking all the meridians in his body.

Although it looked like he was trying to break through, he was actually trying to repair his meridians.

He himself was like a blood-soaked warrior undergoing a Nirvana Rebirth.

His skin looked as if it had been reborn. It was the color of a newborn baby.

The golden light shone through the layers of fog, making it difficult for people to open their eyes.

“Brother Zifeng, this is great! So, you’re fine …” In her astonishment, Ye Xueyi almost blurted out these words. While she was frowning in worry, she was naturally overjoyed upon seeing such a scene.

“Hehe, little brat, so you didn’t die. However, if you had died from your body exploding, the result would have been much better for you.”

Han Yue coldly laughed and blew the jade flute.

The thousand-year-old ghost below her feet let out a fierce roar and attacked the center of the formation.

Countless rays of light exploded as the strange patterns on the ceiling of the cave dimmed …