The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430

Wisps of spirit energy, visible to the naked eye, flowed from the jade flute into the body of the thousand-year corpse ghost.

His gradually reddening body was constantly emitting “bang bang” sounds. It was the sound of his muscles tearing and bones colliding.

One had to know that Han Yue had once succeeded in making a group of ordinary ghost servants huge when the group of corpses went berserk.

But now, she had used the same method on these thousand year corpse ghosts. The effects could be seen from this.

“Ye-feng, just you wait. After breaking the formation, I’ll catch you. No matter your antidote or magic treasure, no matter what, they’re still mine.”

Ye Feng ignored Han Yue’s aggressive words. His expression was solemn as if he was calculating something in his mind. After observing for a while, he suddenly turned around to look at his sister.

“Xue Yi, is it done yet? How much longer do we need?”

“I …”

Ye Xueyi’s delicate body trembled. Actually, after hearing the flute sound, she had already glimpsed the crimson red body of the thousand-year corpse ghost. Knowing that Ye Feng was about to be in danger, she immediately became extremely anxious.

Ever since then, she had been trying to merge the spiritual energy from the sword mark on her back into the strange pattern on the ceiling.

“No, not yet.”

“How long will it take?” Ye Feng’s face was solemn. The Ice Emperor Sword in his hand continued to clench as he stared at the thousand year old corpse ghost.

The dense aura that was like flowing water from the pattern slowly turned transparent.

Over time, after Ye Xueyi formed a connection with this pattern, her mind became clear and she already had some clues.

“It might take a long time.”

“Hurry,” Ye Feng yelled. He was clearly a bit nervous.

His previous actions were not really to block Han Yue, but to delay him.

However, if Hanyue did not use this method now, it would undoubtedly mean that Ye Feng could no longer play any tricks.

Fighting is the only solution,

At the same time, his body moved as fast as lightning, flying in the direction of Spiritshadow.

He raised the Ice Emperor Sword high up, and with the heart of the formation, he fiercely slashed down.

Strands of pure cold energy then attached themselves to the heart of the formation. Countless amounts of frost energy turned into incomparably hard ice and fixed the entire heart of the formation on the ground.

“Ye Feng, even if you know how to form a formation, so what if you use this frost energy to strengthen the core of the formation?”

Han Yue coldly laughed. “In front of these thousand year corpses, all of your efforts have been in vain.”

She raised her jade flute and swung it in front of her,

The eyes of the thousand-year-old ghost on her shoulder suddenly lit up, and it began moving forward against the hurricane.


His pace was clearly faster, as he faced the black tornado without any fear.

After using Ghost Shadow and Ice Emperor Sword to reinforce the formation, the power of the black tornado had almost doubled.

However, when the tornados flew towards the thousand-year-old corpse ghost, it was actually received by him as if he was ignoring them. His scarlet body was as hard as a shield and was sometimes hit by strong winds, emitting bursts of radiance.

This time, there weren’t even any blood veins on his body.

The black whirlwind that originally cut through metal like mud, upon encountering this strengthened thousand-year Corpse Ghost, had only left behind shallow scratches.

“Xue Yi, how much longer …”

“Ugh …” Ye Xue Yi was obviously still having trouble.

Having no response from Ye Xueyi, Ye Feng’s mentality did not deteriorate.

He gritted his teeth and refused to give up. Under the encirclement of the black tornados, a path was opened up for him.

Then, he turned the Ice Emperor Sword in his hand. A cold light flashed as he ran towards the foot of the formation.


The cold air was the same as when he had frozen the formation core. The four limbs of the formation had formed a thick layer of ice which strengthened the tornado formation.

With this, the formation became more stable, and the black whirlwind became even more violent.

Although the tornado was still unable to injure the thousand-year corpse ghost, it could still effectively slow down its advance.

However, in any case …

Although the speed of these thousand year corpses was a bit slow, they still continued moving forward.

Looking at his momentum, he would have to break through this tornado formation sooner or later and go near Ye Xueyi and Liu Bingqian’s side to start a massacre.

“Snowy, go a little faster!”

“I’ll do my best.”

Liu Bing Qian couldn’t hold herself back anymore and walked up: “Ye Feng, look, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Wait a moment, Senior Sister. Don’t worry about them. Entering this black tornado formation is dangerous.” Seeing the situation, Xie Chen blurted out.

In his heart, he still held the thought of escaping in the chaos. After all, Han Yue and the rest’s main target was obviously Ye Feng.

Therefore, it was not entirely impossible for him to hide his strength and take advantage of the opponent’s sudden movement to escape at once.

“So what if it’s dangerous? It’s not like I’m letting you into the array, I’m the one helping you.” Liu Bingqian’s eyes were filled with determination.

“… “Very well then. Since you insist on following him to his death, I won’t bother you any longer. Do it yourself.” Xie Chen spread out his hands, chuckled, and retreated to the edge of the cliff.

Liu Bingqian helplessly looked at her junior brother and shook her head. Then, she looked towards Ye Feng.

“Ye-Feng, tell me, what do you need my help for …”

“Okay, Bing Qian, listen up. Hurry up and activate your Martial Spirit,” Ye Feng said after a short while.

“Activating the Martial Spirit? That can’t be. We are not refining pills.” Liu Bingqian’s pretty face revealed a hint of surprise.

Liu Bingqian’s fire martial spirit was different from Starlight’s fire martial spirit. It was not very strong against enemies. Normally, it was only used to raise the temperature and bake the pill furnace. Therefore, it was no wonder that she was so shocked.

“Even if I don’t concoct pills, I still have to use it.”

… …. After a moment of silence …

Although Liu Bing Qian was puzzled, she still did as Ye Feng said.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

She slightly lowered her mind and felt the soul remembrance surging through her body.

Waves of heat came from her fingers, followed by a burning flame.

“Ye Feng, and then …”

Ye Feng gave her a deep look, and a mass of ordinary blood-colored flames also appeared on his fingertips, emitting a peculiar light.

“Of course, I’m going to use the Fire Martial Spirit to condense our flames!”

Then, a light flashed in his eyes, and the blood-colored flames merged with the Fire Channeling Sword in Liu Bing Qian’s hand like arrows.

After a short period of peace,

A flame that soared into the sky, bringing with it a spiral-like stream of air, formed like a flood dragon, constantly changing its form. At times it would exude a demonic glow, appearing extremely dazzling.

Spirit Level Flame:

Without a doubt, this was the power of the Martial Spirit. As for Liu Bingqian, this set of fire armor could increase the temperature at which the Martial Spirit burned.

Ye ZIfeng put away the Ice Emperor Sword in his hand, otherwise, the two would be polar opposites.

Soon after, he saw the Spirit Level flame’s heat condense almost completely. He concentrated a little and a line of burning flames was cut out from his fingertip, flying towards the direction of Han Yue.

“You want to attack me?”

Han Yue let out a laugh. With a sudden sweep of the jade flute in her hand, she easily deflected the flames.

“Ye Feng, your idea is not bad, but just like what the woman beside you said, this kind of flame can only be used to heat the furnace, to heat it up, and yet you use your whims against the enemy, and even dare to use it against me, Han Yue. Could it be that you are already exhausted, and have no other methods available?”

Ye Feng did not reply her. He merely repeated his actions and pulled out a second flame from the Spiritual Grade Flame, aiming at Han Yue’s location.

Next was a third spirit fire, and a fourth spirit fire …

“I already told you this is useless to me, why don’t you believe me?”

When Han Yue saw him happily doing this “meaningless” thing, she was somewhat annoyed in her heart. The jade flute in her hand also did not have any scruples as it swung with the sound of wind.

“Ye Feng, you stubborn thing. Do you think you can ignore my words?”

At this moment, Zhou Feng was also standing behind them. He could not help but recall something as he stared at Ye Feng’s strange actions.

Then, his gaze fell onto the flames that were blown away, and his expression couldn’t help but turn stunned and speechless.

“Lord Hanyue, not good, look at this thousand year old corpse ghost’s left arm …”

Hearing this, Ye Feng knew that his trick had been exposed. His eyes flashed, frowned, and sighed, “What a pity.”

“What, could it be…”

Han Yue was slightly startled, but after thinking about it carefully, she immediately understood what was going on.

One had to know that before this thousand-year-old corpse ghost could enter the cave, it had used a black flame to burn one of Gu Yuan Wu’s left arms. This wound had not completely healed yet.

Ye Feng saw this.

After all, when Han Yue used the jade flute to shake off the flames, he would occasionally spill them onto Corpse Ghost’s severed arm, causing his injuries to worsen, slowing him down.

If Ye ZIfeng attacked the thousand-year Corpse Ghost’s left arm first, then Han Yue would have naturally figured out its intentions. That was why he pretended to attack Han Yue and used Han Yue’s own hand to directly harm the thousand-year Corpse Ghost.

After being attacked by Ye Feng, even though the ghoul’s body was extremely hard, it was still trembling in pain. It was as if it had suffered a more severe injury than the black tornado.

“Good boy, you are indeed crafty.”

Han Yue coldly snorted as her mouth twitched, “If I don’t kill you today, there will be endless troubles in the future. Ye Feng, now that you have used all of your cards, let’s see what else you can do to stop this thousand year old corpse ghost.”

At this moment, a feminine voice came from behind Ye Feng.

“Brother Zifeng, this is great! Success!”