The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 43 – The gap in strength

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It was very natural for Ye Chen to have some hidden deals with the Liu clan. After all, he wanted someone to back him up if the Ye clan falls.

However, this time, Ye Zifeng had taken first place in the heavenly stairs competition while Ye Xueyi took fifth place. It made Ye Chen very hopeful about the Ye Clan’s revival. Ye Chen was feeling very proud of his clan right now.

Maybe…. Maybe Ye Zifeng doesn’t have to see them as enemies anymore.

Ye Zifeng was just thinking about this until he saw Ye Huichi limping down from the stage. The match was very close. Even though Huichi lost, he did his best and heavily injured Liu Yige as well.

The result was what everyone had expected, Ye Huichi lost and now the score is 1:1.

“Cousin Zifeng….. You lied to me. You told me i could beat Liu Yige. Look at me now. My entire face is black and blue……”

He pointed at his swelling face and his crooked teeth.

“Huichi…. You’ve suffered. Come. Where does it hurt. Tell father about it.” Ye Chen felt sorry for his son and wanted to comfort him. However, he was blocked by Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Huichi, even though you lost, you lost with honor. I can tell that Liu Yige was heavily injured by you as well. Look around. Everyone is praising you. Now lift up your chest and show them that you’re someone strong as well….”

“Really? The spectators think that I did a good job?” Ye Chen lifted his head and looked around. Sure enough, there were some people smiling at him and praising him. There were even some girls from smaller clans who shyly looked at him.

Ye Huichi’s heart shook especially when he saw the girls glance at him. He felt as if he was feeling better already. The pain didn’t even matter to him anymore.

“Wow. Cousin Zifeng…. You really are something. I was blind in the past. I hope you can forgive me. I will follow you from now on!” He looked excitingly at Ye Zifeng. He had forgotten all about how he had been cursing Ye Zifeng during the fight.

Ye Zifeng bitterly smile and nodded. He didn’t see this coming at all. It was all thanks to Elder Lin for messing things up. It was a blessing in disguise. Even if the Ye clan loses the gathering, the Ye clan would be more united than ever. This is definitely a good thing.

“Brother Zifeng, you’ll have to fight against Liu Bingqian who’s at the peak stage of Qi Refining. How about you just forfeit right now. I don’t want you to have an accident.” Ye Xueyi had a worried expression in her eyes.

“Do you not have any confidence in me?”

“It’s not about having confidence or not….”

“Then are you afraid that I’ll be beat black and blue like Huichi? Don’t worry about it. Bingqian won’t do something like that.” Ye Zifeng smiled. He had some confidence in beating her. Even if he doesn’t win, he doesn’t think that Bingqian will beat him up that badly.

“But…..” Ye Xueyi stared at him. She was still worried.

Fourth stage of qi refining against the peak stage of qi refining. The difference wasn’t just one stage. It was almost an entire realm. Any normal person would have forfeited by now but Ye Zifeng would not do so.

From what he can see, the stages of qi refining realm are separated by the amount of qi one has and not the amount of strength that one possesses. Before reaching the martial disciple stage, the strength of each individual is not that far apart.

This isn’t some life or death battle so he might as well try.

“Ye Zifeng. Liu Bingqian. Please get on the stage!” Elder Lin’s voice was loud and clear.

This was the final fight of the gathering that happens once every five years.

On the side, there were many people who were betting like crazy.

“Liu clan’s young miss. I’ve bet my whole fortune on you. Please win. Don’t hold back at all!”

“Ye Zifeng, I bet that you’ll forfeit after getting on the stage. If you really do so, I’ll give you half my earnings. Hahahaha…..”

“Ye Zifeng. I bet one gold coin on you. If you win, I’ll get two hundred gold coins in return! Fight for me!”

Liu Bingqian had a complicated look on her face and walked towards Ye Zifeng, “Really now. I don’t even know what you’re thinking about. Good thing that we know each other, later on…..”

Ye Zifeng smiled and interrupted her, “You want to hold back because we know each other?”

The two people walked onto the stage. Ye Zifeng smiled and bowed to elder Lin. He didn’t care about how he was helping the Liu clan anymore.

Liu Bingqian’s face sank and shook her head, “No way. The glory of my clan is more important. I will fight with all my strength and win for my clan. However, I won’t hurt you too much. I hope that you can forfeit right now and walk off the stage.”

Ye Zifeng sighed, “That’s right. You have your clan. I have my clan. I have to win for my clan as well.”

After saying that, he fiercely looked over, “We both know that we have to win so let’s fight.”

“Start!” Elder Lin shouted.

Liu Bingqian took a deep breath and a serious expression appeared on her face. A frightening qi exploded out of her body and covered the entire stage.

“Holy shit. Did you see that? Her qi covered the entire arena. Damn. Ye Zifeng, forfeit before you get hurt.”

“Yeah. She’s already at this level. You can’t win at all.”

As a peak stage qi refiner, Bingqian can already use her qi to fight. Of course, as a qi refiner, she can’t control it perfectly. But in the eyes of an expert, she was not bad already.

Liu Bingqian wanted to use this frightening qi to scare Ye Zifeng off and make him forfeit. Normally, if someone feels this qi, they would be scared and lose all their confidence.

However, Ye Zifeng didn’t feel anything from this at all. Compared to the level of qi that he’s seen in his past life, this was nothing at all. This can’t even make him flinch.

Ye Zifeng coldly smiled and rushed towards Bingqian like lightning. He moved half of his qi into his feet to move very quickly. In a second, he was already in front of Bingqian and struck her neck.

“You still want to fight? Then don’t blame me for not holding back.” Bingqian furrowed her brows and and a cold expression appeared in her eyes. She grabbed Ye Zifeng and tossed him into the air, directly off the stage.

This wasn’t out of anyone’s expectation. The difference between the peak stage of qi refining and fourth stage of qi refining was too big. They can see that Bingqian was already holding back. She threw him off the stage instead of injuring her opponent.

However, Ye Zifeng turned around in mid air and sent out a palm strike towards the ground. He used the recoil to get back onto the stage.

Liu Yige suddenly yelled out, “Sister Bingqian, don’t hold back. That Ye Zifeng is a loathsome dog. If you don’t beat him up, he’ll always be sticking onto you!”

Bingqian coldly looked over at Yige, “I don’t need an outsider to teach me what to do!” Bingqian was different from Ningzi. She had never thought of Liu Yige as a family member.

“You…..” Liu Yige’s face sank, his heart filled with resentment.

Ye Zifeng smiled and got up. He wiped away the blood that was seeping out of his mouth, “As expected. The difference between us too big. To be able to send me flying so easily…..”

Liu Bingqian stared at Ye Zifeng, “If you know that you’re not my opponent, then you should forfeit. You can’t win.”

“I do admit that I am not your opponent based on strength.”

“Then why don’t you…..”

Ye Zifeng’s mouth curved up and revealed a smile, “But winning is not about having the most strength.”

He paused for a bit and then smiled again, “I told you before. Do you think that someone like me can win against you without any preparation?”

Liu Bingqian didn’t know what Ye Zifeng meant by that. She also didn’t know where he was getting his confidence from either.

“Why don’t you look at your hands. Did you think you can easily grab me and throw me around without any consequences?” Ye Zifeng gave her a hint.

Liu Bingqian knitted her brows and looked at her palm. She was shocked at the sight.

She can see traces of lightning moving around her hand. Her qi was being suppressed by this lightning….. It will be hard for her to use any of her qi for a while.

Ye Zifeng took advantage of the fact that Bingqian held back and struck her when she attacked. When she least expected it, he used his lightning to suppress her qi.

“Thunder Spirit Pill….. I understand now. This is the power of the Thunder Spirit Pill!” Bingqian yelled out in shock. She had never eaten any attribute type spirit pills in her life so she overlooked the effects of the Thunder Spirit Pill.

Suddenly, she felt some movements around her and immediately looked around.

It was Ye Zifeng. When Bingqian was dazed and was thinking about the Thunder Spirit Pill, he took his chances and started to attack.