The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 42 – To be burning with anger!

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This time around, Liu Yige didn’t look as arrogant as before. This was because after the gathering, the Ye clan will once again rise up in power. Not only did Ye Zifeng take first place in the first competition, his Liu clan had allowed the Ye clan to win the first match. From a commoner’s standpoint, the Ye clan’s strength wasn’t far away from the Liu clan’s.

Ye Zifeng looked at Yige and smiled, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to teach me a lesson?”

Liu Yige’s face sank, “So what?”

While saying that, Liu Yige became more and more nervous. This was because the Liu clan was down one point already. Liu Bingqian can finish either of them off… But Ye Zifeng had beaten him once already. If he loses to Ye Zifeng, then the blame for the loss will be on him!

“Nothing. If you want to teach me a lesson, I’ll give you a chance.” Ye Zifeng calmly smiled. He looked as if he had already won.

“You…..” Liu Yige gulped. The look in Ye Zifeng’s eyes was very deep and cold. It sent chills down his spine. Before he even stepped onto the stage with Ye Zifeng, he had lost his confidence already.

“Alright. Draw your lots and stop fighting.” Lin Ke knitted his brow and pointed to the boxes.

Liu Yige licked his lips and moved his hand into the box. After a while, he picked out a piece of paper. His palms had become very sweaty.

“Ye Huichi will fight in the next match.” Lin Ke took the slip from Yige and announced.

Ye Zifeng smiled. He remembered what Elder Zhao had said, ‘The one on the left is Bingqian and the one on the right is Yige. He trusted his memory.

However, just in case, he asked Elder Zhao again. After confirming, he slowly opened his eyes.

He reached into the box and went straight for the paper on the left without any hesitation. He needed to match Bingqian with Huichi and then he can teach Liu Yige a lesson while taking the win. That way, the Ye clan will be the new champions.

Elder Lin suddenly looked deeply at Ye Zifeng, “It looks like you got some luck. But don’t think it’ll be so easy.”

“Elder Lin, You……”

Hearing this, a nervous feeling suddenly engulfed Ye Zifeng. It seems like Elder Lin had taken both slips of paper. When Ye Zifeng noticed, he tried to take it back from him but Elder Lin quickly dodged. A crafty expression appeared on Lin Ke’s face.

“No!” Ye Zifeng’s eyes widened.

Elder Lin quickly announced, “From the Liu clan, Liu Yige will battle!” Behind his back, he burned both papers.

“Liu Yige?”

“A 6th stage qi refiner against a 5th stage qi refiner? It seems like the Ye clan will definitely lose.” The audience began to discuss amongst themselves.

Hearing the announcement, Ye Chongtian fell back on his seat. The others from the Ye clan all sighed as well. Even though Ye Zifeng was only at the fourth stage of qi refining, he has the ability to beat Liu Yige. To match Huichi with Bingqian and have Ye Zifeng fight Liu Yige was their only hope.

“So if Huichi loses, then brother Zifeng will have to fight against Liu Bingqian who’s at the peak stage of qi refining?” Ye Xueyi gasped. Even if Ye Zifeng can beat Liu Yige, Bingqian who’s at the peak stage of qi refining is too much for him.

The miracle didn’t happen. Ye Zifeng wanted to play by his own script but in the end, it didn’t work out.

Although Elder Shen and Elder Zhao were helping Ye Zifeng, amongst the other eight elders, there was a possibility that someone was helping the Liu clan.

Ye Zifeng was very cautious and had the two elders pay attention to the other elder’s movements. However, who would’ve thought that Elder Lin, the person that announces the participants, would be the problem.

He can say whatever he wants and no one would question it. His words had absolute authority. Even if the slip said Liu Bingqian, he can say that it said Liu Yige. No one would know what’s going on.

Lin Ke walked over the Ye Zifeng and whispered, “Don’t blame me kid. Although I’m great friends with Chongtian, I’m one of Liu clan’s guest of honors. I work for the Liu clan.”

He stopped for a bit and then continued to talk, “I know you have a lot of potential and I know that you have the ability to beat Liu Yige. However, for your Ye clan to get this far, it’s good enough for you guys already. Just give up. Don’t think about fighting against the Liu clan for the spot as the number one family of Leizhou City anymore.

Without saying anything, Ye Zifeng walked back. A dark look appeared in his eyes.

Everyone else thought that he was unhappy because he was unlucky and started sympathizing for him.

“Ye Zifeng, for your Ye clan to get to the second round and get one point off the defending champions, it’s good enough already.”

“That’s right Ye Zifeng. I take back all the bad things I’ve said about you. After your performance today, my view of you have completely changed.

Ye Zifeng weakly smiled and then lifted his head to look at everyone.

“The matches didn’t even start yet. Why do you guys think that the Ye clan will definitely lose?”

Everyone was startled. However the Rong clan’s second young master snorted, “What else is gonna happen if you guys don’t lose? Who do you think you are? Do you think you can actually win?”

Looking at how Ye Zifeng failed to appreciate their sympathy, their sympathetic talk turned into mocking words.

“Ye Zifeng. Listen up. Don’t think that you’re all that because you got first place. SHow us what you got before you start talking big. The heavenly stairs only tested your potential. Your actual strength is much weaker than Yige’s and Bingqian’s.

“That’s right. You guys should give up already. At least that way, you guys can keep some face or else when you get beat up later, you’ll lose all your face.

Talking with these people was useless. They didn’t understand anything so Ye Zifeng returned to where the Ye clan participants sat.

“Huichi, I have something that I have to tell you.” Ye Zifeng’s expression was very serious. His eyes looked very cold and scary.

Ye Huichi turned around and was startled, “Hold on. Cousin Zifeng, are you telling me to win against that Liu Yige? That’s no way. Last time he came over, I saw how strong he was. I definitely can’t win.”

These words were the words of a coward. Let’s not say Ye Chongtian, but even Ye Chen sighed at how cowardly his son was.

Before he even got onto the stage, Ye Huichi had already lost all of his fighting spirit. If he goes up now, he will definitely lose. Even if Ye Huichi can beat Liu Yige, he would probably hold back and lose due to the connections that Ye Chen have with the Liu clan.

“I know you’re not his opponent.” Ye Zifeng said very calmly.

“If you know that, then what do you want to talk to me about?”

Ye Zifeng was calm. He sighed and then replied, “I’m trying to tell you that you should give up immediately and not waste anyone’s time.”

“You want me to go up and admit defeat? Cousin Zifeng, you…….” Ye Huichi was shocked. The nervous feeling that he had turned into anger.

“I know Liu Yige very well. I made him angry and he will definitely take it out on you. When you go up there, he will definitely not let you leave the stage. He will pull your hair off and beat you black and blue until you are bleeding from all seven apertures.”

Ye Huichi clenched his fist, “Cousin Zifeng, are you mocking me? Do you think I’m afraid?”

If it was anyone else from the clan saying this, he wouldn’t mind much. However, this was coming from the mouth of someone that he had bullied for quite some time now. How can he not care about this.

Ye Zifeng coldly looked into Huichi’s eyes, “Then why were you being so pessimistic? When I was at the fourth stage of qi refining, I fought against Yige and won in the end. You’re a whole stage above me…. Do you think you’ll lose to him?”

“I…..” Ye Huichi was speechless.

On the heavenly stairs, he fell down and was forced to withdraw from the competition. After seeing Ye Zifeng take first place, he became very jealous of him. Now that he’s been stirred up by Ye Zifeng, his blood began to boil and his confidence started to return.

That’s right. If Ye Zifeng can beat Liu Yige when he was at the 4th stage of qi refining, how can he not do it when he’s at the fifth stage of qi refining.

Ye Zifeng waited for a bit and then looked deeply into Huichi’s eyes, “If you want people to acknowledge you, you have have to prove yourself. Show everyone what you got. Show the entire Leizhou City that you, Ye Huichi, has the qualifications to stand on that stage! Think about it. If you beat Liu Yige, you will be the one that wins it all for the Ye clan. You will be one responsible for the entire clan’s rise in power. You will be the most important figure in the clan!

With this speech, Ye Zifeng stirred Huichi’s fighting spirit up even more. Huichi had forgotten about everything else. He’s only thinking about how he can get all the glory for himself.

“Cousin Zifeng…. Okay! I get it! This fight…. I will do my best! For the Ye Clan! For my own glory! Also Cousin Zifeng….. I was wrong back then. In the future, we need to work together as one for the clan. We will use our strength and bring our clan to the top!” Ye Huichi was very pumped up.

Ye Zifeng looked at Ye Huichi and patted his shoulder, “Thar’s right. I’ve been waiting for you to say this! Alright. Now get on the stage!”

“Yes Cousin Zifeng!” Ye Huichi was filled with fighting spirit. His pessimistic view had completely disappeared.


Ye Chen saw the whole scene play out and felt deeply moved, “Huicihi…. Ever since he was little, he would bully the weak and fear the strong. With your speech, you were able to change him so much. I really have to thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” Ye Zifeng smiled, “I can see that he was feeling angry after I took first place in the first competition. Right now, I’m just helping him release this anger and turn it into something good for him. As for the results……”

“The result huh…..” The two smiled and shook their head.