The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

Outside the Gate of Heaven, the crowd was in an uproar.

“Master Wang, it can’t be. How could such a big person disappear just like that?” Elder Zhao was taken aback. His face was covered in dark clouds. He knew that Ye Feng was in trouble this time.

“That’s right, after Ye Feng disappeared, where did he go? I hope that Master Wang will take the trouble.” Yang Wuji’s face changed slightly, and there was a trace of gloominess in his eyes.

He had a good impression of Ye Feng and really wanted to take him in as his disciple.

After listening to Master Wang Rui’s description of last night’s great battle, it made him even more resolute in his belief.

However, right now, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of regret. He didn’t know if letting Ye Feng participate in the battle of true disciples was helping him or harming him.

Wang Rui helplessly shook his head, “Some of you want me to care about Zhao Shucheng’s life, some want me to help Xu Mubai, and some want me to worry too much about that Ye Wen who suddenly disappeared. Do you really think I can do more than one thing?”

“Master Wang …”

Wang Rui let out an unhappy sigh. Amongst so many people, he was probably the one with the highest status. But now, he was also the most tired.

The reason why Ye Feng disappeared is probably because of some form of teleportation. If I was in the Soul Death Town, I could trace back to my original location and find the place to teleport to. But now, I have to release my soul consciousness across the border.

“But …”

Wang Rui’s face sank. “I’m tired.”

“This… “Then I won’t trouble Master Wang anymore. Forget it, just let this brat pray for himself and do his best.”

Yang Wuji and the others sighed in unison. Their eyes showed a trace of regret. After hesitating for a moment, they decided to retreat to the side to recuperate and cultivate by themselves.

After a short period of time …

The light in Wang Rui’s eyes slightly condensed as he leisurely strolled toward Gu Yuan Wu’s position. He stood beside Gu Yuan Wu and watched the scene with him.

Suddenly, he looked at Gu Yuan Wu meaningfully and said with a smile, “Gu Yuan Wu, other people don’t know about Ye Feng’s movements, but you do, right?”

A light flashed through Gu Yuan Wu’s eyes and he replied with a blank look, “I don’t understand what Master Wang means.”

“I don’t understand anything. My spiritual will has already detected it. You did some things to that woman who entered last, didn’t you …”

Gu Yuan Wu just quietly listened and didn’t refute or admit anything.

Wang Rui laughed. “For a battle of true disciples, you have to use some tricks, but don’t go overboard and don’t harm others’ lives. I will close my eyes for once, understand?”

Gu Yuan Wu looked at Wang Rui. His lips moved, and he answered after a long while.

“Yes …” “I know what I’m doing.”

… ….

At the top of the mountain, there was a powerful gust of wind.

Within the valley, strands of strange warm current weaved into a net, supporting Ye Xueyi who was falling down and slowly rising up.

Her beautiful eyes were tightly shut, as if she had entered a state of oblivion. The misty white fog coiled around her arm, and coupled with the light and agile Gale Set, she looked like a fairy from the heavens. Even Ye Feng was mesmerized.

She activated the power of her Wind King Martial Spirit and stepped through the sky. In the blink of an eye, she had fallen into the cave and arrived at Ye Feng’s side.

“Brother Zifeng, thanks to you, my understanding of the Wind King’s Martial Spirit has deepened by quite a bit.” Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes were filled with joy as she giggled while looking at her brother.

“Oh, congratulations…”

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice in his ears. He suddenly turned around and looked behind him with an incredibly solemn gaze.

“Ye Feng, if you can’t get out, then leave your life here.”

“Hanyue …”

Just now in that narrow space, even Han Yue didn’t dare to rashly use the corpse explosion.

However, now that the passageway had been opened and she had obtained the antidote for Zhou Feng, there was no reason to let go of this opportunity.

The song of the cold moon’s flute sounded from within the cave. It was extremely passionate.

A group of ghost servants, their bodies glowing with red light, ran towards Ye Feng in large strides. Their bodies swelled up and their faces distorted. Their end could already be predicted.

“It seems that we can only avoid the limelight for now. Xue Yi, are you ready?” Leaves’ eyes were deep and deep as she smiled.

“Prepare what, could it be…”

Ye Xueyi’s bright eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment: “Wait, I’m not mentally prepared yet …”

The corner of Ye Feng’s mouth raised into a faint smile. He held his sister’s hand tightly.

“What mental preparation do you need? Keep your mouth shut and stop entering the sandstorm.”

The light in his eyes sharpened as he leapt forward with his sister in tow.

The cold and clear mountain breeze rolled up their feet, blowing on their clothes, causing them to be full of wrinkles.

In the next moment, a loud explosion came from the cave entrance.

The rocks fell down, the air swirled,

With the cave as the center, the powerful impact swept in all directions, bringing up a sky full of yellow sand. The remaining sound reverberated through the valley, lingering there for a long time.

Ye Feng took the lead and held her sister’s hand. He actually jumped down from the bottomless abyss.

High up in the sky, Ye Xueyi’s descent gradually calmed down. Her eyes sheared water, her beauty was unknown, and her hair danced lightly in the cold wind.

“Brother Zifeng, how is it? I still have some use for it, right?” Ye Xueyi giggled and said.

“Um …” “I can still barely take a look at it at this critical moment …”

The blood relationship between you and me cannot be broken no matter what. Even if I’m useless, when you grow up in the future, you can’t care about your own woman. You also have to care about me.

“Then let go, my Wind King Dagger is not for show.”

“You …”

Ye Feng smiled. He knew that this girl had a good memory. In fact, she was still thinking about what he had said before, about his attitude towards women and his sister.

Wisps of power from the Wind King Martial Spirit carried Ye Feng and her up to the sky.

“… “Did they run away?”

Han Yue quickly stepped forward and rushed to the cave entrance. She used a veil to block the light as she looked outside. Her eyes became serious as she narrowed them into a thin line.

“30,000-meter mountain peak …” “So that’s how it is. I know the terrain here.”

Her beautiful eyes moved about, and after staring at it for a moment, she revealed a playful smile.

“However, Ye Feng, how could you guys fly up such a high mountain? I think sooner or later, if you guys can’t handle it, you will fall back into the cave. Zhou Feng, squat down here and watch. Zhou Feng, do you hear me? Zhou Feng …”

She was stunned for a moment, but she was still unable to get Zhou Feng’s response. In her heart, a wave of anger instantly rose as she turned around.

He saw that Zhou Feng’s face was pale and his arms and neck had a dark green color. It was obvious that he had been poisoned and the poison was not shallow.

Under the great shock of the cold moon, her beautiful face lost all color. She hurriedly retreated back from the cave entrance and stood in front of Zhou Feng.

“This… “What’s going on? Didn’t I just let you test it on poison paper? How could you be poisoned?”

Hearing this, Zhou Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. He coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Lord Hanyue, of course I tested the poison with the poison paper, but I’m afraid the pill Ye Feng gave me wouldn’t have any poison when it’s separated. If it was combined together, then it would be poisonous!”


Her red lips moved as she took a deep breath.

“According to what you said, Zhou Feng, you might not have been poisoned at first, but after taking his’ antidote ‘, the effects of the two drugs clashed, and that’s why you were poisoned.”

“I think so. My body, I feel it myself.”

Zhou Feng sighed with a worried face, his expression extremely ugly.

“This Ye Feng …” “Even before escaping, he didn’t forget to trap us. He’s simply courting death.”

“Lord Hanyue, from the moment you saw Ye Feng, you have said ‘courting death’ more than seven times.”

“Shut up.” The corner of Han Yue’s mouth twitched. He fiercely clenched the jade flute in his hand, almost wanting to break it.

… ….

The awakening of the Wind King Martial Spirit required the support of spiritual force.

Spiritual force and Spiritual Qi were two completely different concepts.

If the spiritual Qi was insufficient, it could be replenished with Qi Nurturing Pills. However, if the spiritual power was insufficient, the Martial Disciple could only wait for it to restore itself.

“Brother Zifeng, how tall is this mountain?!” “I can’t hold on any longer.”

Ye Feng looked up in the sky and frowned, confused.

However, he still smiled and said, “Soon, Xue Yi, one more time and you’ll be here soon.”

“Cough cough …”

Ye Xueyi slightly cleared her throat, clenched her teeth and said, “Brother Zifeng, from just now on, you’ve always said this. How much distance is there between us?”

“Not much left, don’t get distracted, just one more try.”

Another short period of time passed …

Ye Xue Yi’s Martial Spirit was exhausted, her face was pale.

“Brother Zifeng, we really can’t do it this time…”

Her body’s strength had dissipated, and she was already at the end of her rope.

And so, she slowly opened her eyes,

However, before his eyes, there was a misty white land. The mountain wind was cold, and the peak of the mountain seemed to have no end.

He looked up at the sky, and saw that there was no end to it.

Looking back at the bottom of his feet, the endless abyss …

“This… “How could this be …”

Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes revealed a trace of astonishment. She had actually prepared in her heart, but she didn’t expect that when she saw reality, it would still surprise her a bit.

“Don’t worry, Xue Yi. At worst, we can just go back to the cave.”

Ye Feng smiled in relief. The expression on his face gradually turned solemn.

“Alright, Spiritshadow, it’s your turn.”

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