The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

The gate collapsed with a loud bang.

As far as the eye could see, within the courtyard, flags were flying everywhere, and black cloth covered the sky.

“You guys are here!”

Ye Feng smiled. His voice was very normal. Those who didn’t know what was going on would think that he was greeting an old friend.

Han Yue looked up and saw Ye Feng standing silently on the beam. Under the layers of black cloth, his eyes were calm like the waves, without the slightest hint of danger.

His little sister, Ye Xueyi, was also standing beside him, glaring at Han Yue and the others like a tiger.

“Good brat, I’ll come and kill you right now.” Zhou Feng smiled sinisterly and was about to attack.

“Wait, Zhou Feng,” Han Yue waved her hand to stop Zhou Feng.

“Lord Hanyue …”

Han Yue knitted her brows slightly. She couldn’t help but look around to see if there were any traps in the surroundings.

After all, the calmness on Ye Feng’s face was too abnormal.

However, in such a short time,

Ye Feng did not even have the time to set up the smallest array, what trap could he set up?

As she probed out her Spiritual Qi and wandered around, she still did not find anything out of the ordinary. Thus, she relaxed.

“So that’s how it is.”

After a long while, a hint of relief flashed across Han Yue’s beautiful eyes. She seemed to have found an explanation for Ye Feng’s actions, and a slight smile appeared on her face.

“You, Ye Feng, know that you’re dead for sure. So, have you calmed down now …”

She paused for a moment and smiled.

“Speak. Seeing that you can force me, Hanyue, to this extent, I will listen to your last words.”

“You have lost.”

“What?” These four simple words were like a thunderclap that exploded in the hearts of Han Yue and the rest.

Hearing Ye Feng’s tone, it wasn’t hope, nor did it involve process, it was just …

It was just one conclusion.

“The ghost servants that came with you now, if you run right now, you will most likely die. As for the two of you, the chances of you surviving is less than 50%.”

Ye Feng smiled, and the coldness on his face gradually deepened.

“And if you choose to fight me to the death, then I’m sorry, but all of you will die here.”

“You …”

Han Yue was startled. After a moment of silence, an uncontrollable smile surfaced in her heart.

“Ye Feng, Ye Feng, you are indeed an interesting person. You were heavily injured, and just before your death, you already started hallucinating. Then forget about it, I don’t need a madman to be my high level ghost servant.”

She picked up the jade flute, and the strongest note sounded once again. Her chest was burning, and droplets of blood were dripping down from the jade flute.

“Lord Hanyue …” Seeing this, Zhou Feng’s heart tightened, and he couldn’t help but blurt out.

“No matter what tricks Ye-zi has up his sleeve, on my side, I won’t let my guard down until I kill him.” A cold light flashed in Hanyue’s eyes as she continued playing her jade flute.

As they heard the sound of the flute, the eight ghost servants, who were the first to enter the yard, suddenly looked up with cold eyes. When they looked up, their pupils were filled with a brutal killing intent.

Just like the explosion of the five consecutive corpses, if eight ghost servants were to explode at the same time towards Ye Zong, the power would be hard to imagine.

“Zifeng, go to my back. I should be able to block it with my Gale Set …” “This time, even if I am killed here, I have no regrets to be with brother Zifeng.”

Ye Xueyi wrinkled her brows and bit her lips tightly. Seeing that she was unable to turn the situation around, she turned her head to look at Ye Feng and felt somewhat at ease.

Ye Feng chuckled, “No need, Xue Yi. The ones who lost this time aren’t us, but them …”

“What, brother Zifeng, are you alright?” Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes flashed with astonishment.

Now, not only Han Yue, but even Ye Xueyi started to suspect whether her brother was seriously injured and a little delirious.

“It’s about time, Xue Yi, use your Wind King Martial Spirit and help me blow this black cloth away …”

Ye Xue Yi looked at her brother doubtfully and muttered to herself: “This …”

“Hurry up, I’m severely injured right now. I need to save some energy to deal with any sudden situations.” Ye Feng looked at his sister meaningfully, pressed his chest, and spoke with a solemn tone.

When Ye Xueyi saw the strange glint in his eyes, she refused to admit defeat.

Her heart trembled, but she still decided to do as her brother said,

“Ok, brother Zifeng, since that’s the case, then I’ll just treat this as a living horse.”

She thought for a while and activated the power of her Wind King Martial Spirit. With the enhancement of the Gale Set, the swirls in the sky started to glow and intertwine. The powerful swirl swept away the pieces of black cloth in the air.

The black cloth was lifted up and after a moment, it disappeared.

In the sky, a glimmer of light gradually appeared.

If someone were to stand on the roof and look to the east, they would see that the place where the heaven and earth met was covered in a layer of white fog.

“This …” Ye Xueyi’s eyes lit up. Her gloomy mood was suddenly swept away.

Seeing this, Han Yue was startled, and the expression on her face changed instantly.

“So that’s how it is… “Not good.”

The sky was about to brighten.

If the light rays came down directly, all the ghost servants would die from the light, turning into a pool of blood.

Even Han Yue and Zhou Feng, who were slightly better than ordinary ghost servants and would not die immediately, did not have the slightest resistance to the sunlight.

Her beautiful eyes widened as she finally understood.

After an entire night of intense fighting, her eyes were completely bloodshot. She had even forgotten the time. These large courtyards that had their roofs torn down had no place for them to hide under the light …

“Could it be… “You’ve had so many houses turned up, not just to get rid of the ghost servants, but to make way for something like this.”

“No, of course not!”

The smile on Ye Feng’s face was surprisingly faint.

“Not to escape, but to fight back. Do you really think that I ran towards the place where the ghost servants gathered just to confuse you?”

Han Yue’s expression changed drastically as she turned her head to look at Zhou Feng. The two of them could see the astonishment in each other’s eyes.

Perhaps Ye Feng had already guessed the ability of Blood Searching from the very beginning.

He had deliberately brought Han Yue and the others into this large courtyard covered in black cloth to confuse their vision and to confuse their concept of time.

Ye Feng continued to smile. In his eyes, there was a dark and cold aura.

“The sky will brighten! Do you dare to fight me?!”

“We …”

Han Yue raised her head and looked at the sky. Her originally anxious mood had gradually calmed down.

After an entire night of rain, it was about to stop. The sky was occasionally shining like the dawn.

She understood Ye Feng’s words.

They had indeed lost this battle.

“What are you fighting for? Ye Feng, just you wait. Count yourself lucky.” Zhou Feng gave his opponent a fierce look and immediately turned around to flee.

Han Yue also put down the jade flute in her hand. She felt somewhat resentful in her heart.

“Forget it.”

At the same time, the red light that had just appeared on the ghost servants’ bodies dimmed.

She did want to kill Ye Zichen, but she wasn’t willing to pay the price with her life.

After a moment, she took one last look at the sky and, without caring about anything else, she immediately started running.

… ….

Ye Xue Yi was speechless. After a moment, she came back to her senses, walked up and stood beside Ye Feng.

“Brother Zifeng, I didn’t think that the method you used to get Zhao Shucheng and the others to help us demolish the houses could actually force back these ghost servants. It’s just a pity, if we had run a little further before, when the sky brightened up a bit, perhaps none of them would have been able to escape.”

“Who said they can run away now?”

A cold light flashed in Ye Feng’s eyes.

“Brother Zifeng, could it be that you …”

Ye Xue Yi gazed at her brother’s eyes. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“When I ordered Zhao Shucheng and the rest to demolish the houses, it was arranged according to the layout of the maze. Just now, I naturally included the speed at which they escaped in order to lift the black cloth.”

Ye Feng smiled and walked out of the gate. His gaze stopped somewhere in the distance.

“Come, let’s go to the exit of the maze and block them.”

The light in his eyes froze as his body shot out like lightning.

Once Han Yue was killed, it would be equivalent to eliminating the greatest danger of death. At that time, wouldn’t the dead town’s magic treasure close its eyes and search for it?

While running, he suddenly asked with a smile,

“Gui Ying, how are you resting?”

After a moment of silence …

In his mind, a burst of laughter suddenly rang out.

“On standby.”

… ….

“I understand. Ye Feng didn’t tear down the roof aimlessly. He purposely followed a certain pattern and created a maze. He made us hit walls everywhere and we won’t be able to escape for a short period of time.”

Han Yue jumped onto the roof and looked around. She took in a deep breath as she realized why Ye Feng was so unique.

If you looked at the trap that Leaves had set on the ground, you wouldn’t be able to see any clues.

There was no trace of spiritual energy, not even the slightest trace of a formation.

Only when one looked down from a high vantage point could one see the difference.

However, at the same time, it was also the most deadly trap.

“Who said that once a person reaches the Martial Disciple Realm, he must use the corresponding method of the Martial Disciple Realm?”

A truly lethal method, no distinction between superior and inferior, only valid or ineffective,

“Lord Hanyue, following the blood imprint and finding the exit isn’t too far away. What’s wrong, Master Hanyue? You don’t look very happy,” Zhou Feng said excitedly.

Anger surfaced on Han Yue’s pretty face as she cursed.

“Idiot, how could I get up happily? Since Ye Feng set up the maze, how could I not know where the exit is? If I’m not wrong, he is already at the exit …”

“This… “Then what should we do?” Zhou Feng panicked, his face turning deathly pale.

Han Yue gritted her teeth. “What can we do now? We can only fight him.”

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