The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 405

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Chapter 405

Bright silver light, an inch of light,

The thin sword was pulled out from Li Yunsheng’s chest. Blood immediately gushed out like a fountain and spilled all over the ground.

His eyes were wide open. He didn’t even have the time to say his last words.

In the blink of an eye, he had been shot dead on the spot.

The next moment, a faint light appeared around the bluestone slab.

An extremely violent energy fluctuation came from behind the board.

He saw a crack appear in the middle of the stone and spread to the entire stone board.

Then, there was a loud bang.

Such a huge piece of stone actually exploded into pieces, scattering all over the place.

As the dust settled, a familiar figure appeared before them.


The crowd stared at him, standing on the spot like they were rooted to the spot.

The smile on his devilishly handsome face was surprisingly faint.

Blood was constantly dripping from the tip of his thin sword. Without a doubt, this was the blood coming from Li Yunsheng’s chest.

“You … “What are you doing?”

Xu Mubai saw a man who was still alive and well being killed by another disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. The shock in his heart could be imagined.

“What are you doing?”

Ziluo laughed coldly, “Do you still need to ask? Of course it’s to open the door and let more ghost servants in.”

“This… What exactly is going on in your mind? Just what kind of deep hatred does Li Yunsheng and us have for you? Moreover, if you killed someone, wouldn’t the rewards of the Celestial Sect of Wonders and the competition over the true inheritances all be gone …? ” Xu Mubai’s face was pale and his heart was filled with confusion. He quickly asked,

“No …”

“I have never cared about any rewards, and as for the Successor Disciple, I have no regrets as long as I kill Ye Feng, my master will always be the only one.” Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “Even if my wish was fulfilled, I would not regret even if I were to be punished in the future.”

“You … “You are simply …”

Before anyone could say anything, …

Ye Xiao pushed off the ground with his toes and jumped up to the high wall with a smile.

“Let me in.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a group of ghost servants crowded into the main door behind him. The crowd seemed to have broken through the doorstep, and in a short while, they had surrounded Han Yue.

Glimmers danced in Han Yue’s beautiful eyes as she relaxed a bit. She looked at the cabin with a deep gaze.

“Why did you help me?”

Zhamu’s face revealed a cold smile. He shook his head gently, “No, I’m not helping you. We’re just … coincidentally the same enemy …”

“Ye Feng?” Hanyue frowned and asked tentatively.


Han Yue was stunned when she heard this. A bright smile appeared on her charming face.

“Good, very good. The two of us do indeed have the same enemy. In addition, in times of danger, if you help me put in the role of ghost servant, I can spare you and let you return to the Heaven Gate.”

He just smiled and said after a while, “Let’s not talk about that for now.”

He turned around and glanced at Ye Feng. His eyes were like lightning.

“My first goal is to kill Ye Feng.”

Han Yue chuckled as her beautiful eyes gradually turned cold.

“Of course…”

She raised her head and her figure danced in the air. Once again, she placed the jade flute between her lips. The fiendish music of her imagination increased eight degrees higher as it was played again. Her speed increased by more than one fold.

The sound of a flute resounded throughout the entire arena as if it carried with it a strange and mysterious demonic energy.

Countless ghost servants’ blue veins popped out as they surrounded Han Yue. They were densely packed, and from a distance, they looked like iron buckets, indestructible.


A low shout rang out.

Ye Feng was expressionless.

Beside him, there was a giant finger of bone carrying a huge amount of power. The wind howled and once again rose into the air, hovering in mid-air, ready to strike at any time.

“Hehe, you’re still using that skeleton to deal with me. This time, I won’t be afraid of you.” Han Yue laughed for a while and could not help but cough a few times as she wiped off the sweat on her forehead.

It turned out that the current her, who had just finished playing the Magic Music of Fantasy, was a little exhausted.

And under the stimulation of the demonic illusions, the ghost servant’s potential was developed to the extreme. One by one, the ghost servants’ entire body exploded forth with lumps of lightning that occasionally flashed, causing people’s hearts to tremble.


Following Ye ZIfeng’s order,

The huge white bone finger was like an arrow that had left the bow as it broke through the void.

However, its target was not the cold moon, but rather the zigzag.


He frowned and stepped back more than a dozen steps. There was still some disbelief on his face.

Ye Feng laughed coldly, “Ziteng, you are a talent, but don’t think that anything can be done according to your script. You don’t need the slot for the Successor Disciple Competition, but I, Ye Feng, can also reject it. “I will kill you without hesitation.”

Ye Xiao’s heart shook. He clearly didn’t expect that the man would risk his life to clear himself of the internal strife.

“Ghastly Shadow, attack viciously.”

“You …”

He also knew that now was not the time to be surprised or to retort. He raised his foot, and with a tap of his foot, spiritual qi flowed through his body and rapidly moved along the wall.

The giant finger followed him like a shadow and followed him along the route, breaking through the wall and catching up.

“Rumble …”

As if mountains were collapsing and the earth cracking, bricks and tiles flew in all directions, and dust flew in the air.

The White Bone Giant Finger’s true strength was actually already slightly higher than a mid-level Martial Disciple. With the omen of a high-level Martial Disciple, even a genius like Shi Cang would not dare to face it head on.

The huge shaking nearly made him fall down to the ground.

“Hurry up and help me!”

He barely managed to stabilize his body as he started sweating profusely. Then, he turned his head to look at Han Yue.

The calmness on his face could no longer be maintained. His expression revealed a trace of nervousness.

As a genius, it was an insult to him to show such an expression of begging for forgiveness.

However, at this moment, in order to survive, he had no other choice.

“This… “You guys go help him.”

Han Yue pondered for a moment before clenching her teeth. Her eyes lit up.

Her jade flute was in the air and it also produced a strong sound.

The four or five giant ghost servants quickly ran up and leaped towards the distant giant finger made of bones.

“Go back and kill him,” Ye Feng’s eyes were full of killing intent. He made a prompt decision and shouted.

His heart moved with his thoughts,

The giant white finger immediately attacked back and pointed at the first giant ghost servant. The moment it touched the first giant ghost servant, his entire body was pierced through.

The power of this attack was so strong that it caused everyone to be stupefied.

The second giant ghost servant quickly followed, holding on to the front with all his might, but he could not change the fact that his abdomen had been cut open.

However, after the third giant ghost servant rushed forward, the situation finally changed.

His hands tightly clenched the speed of the huge white finger’s sudden movement, which greatly reduced the speed of the huge finger’s piercing.

Following which, the fourth and fifth giant ghost servant rushed up and firmly held onto that huge white bone finger without letting go.

“Alright, alright.”

Han Yue looked into the distance and was slightly stunned. With a smile plastered on her face, she chuckled.

“Ye Feng, you still have the nerve to say that? Look, your biggest trump card has already been subdued by me. Let me see what tricks you can still play now. Oh right, did you hear what I said? How could you reply …”

When she turned around, she could no longer see Ye Feng.


With the Ice Emperor Sword in his hand, the silver light that filled the sky suddenly enveloped the body of the fourth and fifth ghost servant.

A chilling aura appeared on the ghost servant’s face.

Compared to before, although their bodies were much stronger, their resistance to frost qi was still a little weaker.

Icy air rose continuously from their feet all the way to their chests and necks.

The moment they slightly released their grip on the giant fingers of white bones …

The speed of the giant finger’s penetration increased once again. A dense wave of energy spread out in all directions.

“Bang! Bang!”

The two ghost servants each had a huge bloody hole on their chests.

Blood spurted out of the wound like a rain of blood and fell down from the sky. The clothes, which had dyed the top half of Leaves’ body red, fell to the ground.

Thus, the five giant ghost servants all died on the spot in the span of a single second.

Ye Feng didn’t stop moving either. The Ice Emperor’s sword brought along a sky full of ice and suddenly hacked towards Ye Zifeng.

“You …”

There was astonishment in Han Yue’s beautiful eyes, but at the same time, it also greatly angered her.

“Ye Feng, you … “Fine, since you dare to ignore me, do you really think that I can’t deal with you?”

She held one end of the flute in her hand, and her eyes were full of murderous intent. She was quiet for a moment, and then she began to play the highest note.

Seeing this, Zhou Feng was startled. With a palm, he pushed the demon fox away and quickly shouted, “Lord Hanyue, don’t!”

“None of your business.”

Han Yue’s face revealed a determined expression. Even though blood was already flowing out of the corner of her mouth, she continued to blow on it.

Three melodious flute sounds rang out.

Around Leaves’ body, the five giant ghost servants, whose stomachs had been cut open, immediately stood up as if they had been resurrected.

It was as if they only had one goal in their hearts. Without even turning their heads back, they fiercely pounced towards where Ye Feng was. The red light on their bodies became brighter and brighter.

The faces of the five ghost servants were distorted. Although they were already in the form of giants and incomparably tall, their bodies still expanded under the flute music, almost doubling in size.

“Brother Zifeng, be careful!”

Ye Xue Yi was concerned about her brother’s safety. Seeing that the situation wasn’t right, she frowned and raised her head. She hurriedly said in a loud voice,

Ye ZIfeng looked back.

With a crisp crackling sound, an eye-catching white light flew out from the middle of the five ghost servants’ bodies.

The intense explosion resounded in his ears …

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