The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 402

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Chapter 402

The cold moon congealed for a moment before almost exclaiming out loud.

“This… “This isn’t the Demon Subduing Formation.”

Ye ZIchen smiled and nonchalantly fed a pill to Spiritshadow.

His expression was solemn. “I never said it was the Demon Subduing Formation.”

He only saw clusters of corpse aura, which were like clouds in the sky.

The sound echoed out for seven meters around him.

A group of ghost servants walked among Ye Feng and the others. No matter how close they got, it was as if they didn’t see anything. They didn’t attack Ye Feng and the others at all.

Silence, absolute silence …

People and corpses, such a peaceful scene was really rare …

Looking around, all he saw was the huge black cloth hanging on the gate, and the flags in the yard. They were fluttering in the wind, and the wind was blowing in the air.

The whole scene was so bizarre that it left everyone tongue-tied.

However, other than Ye Feng, the rest of the people looked more or less anxious. Their bodies were trembling slightly, but they were still panicking.

After all, even if Ye Feng was used to it, for most people, this was not only their first time interacting so closely with a group of corpses, it was also their first time meeting the owner of the ghost servant.

“Ye Feng …” Xu Mubai and the rest all stared at Han Yue as they gripped their swords hilt and held their breaths, ready to strike at any moment.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Ye Feng walked and stood in front of the crowd, facing Han Yue, blocking her soul-stirring cold gaze.

Han Yue slightly pursed her cherry lips, her delicate eyebrows slightly knitted. After a moment, she reacted.

“So that’s how it is. I understand, if I’m not wrong, this is the Bedevilment Formation. It can taint all of you with corpse energy and attack the ghost servants, treating you as your own kind, don’t you …”

If she failed to subdue the devil, then she would be possessed. Even Hanyue couldn’t help but admire the other party’s awareness.

Ye Feng smiled, “You know quite a few formations.”

“Of course. After all these years, among the people I’ve killed, it’s not like there haven’t been any disciples who haven’t cultivated formations.”

Han Yue pondered for a moment and felt that something was amiss. “But, this is a bit strange. The materials needed to set up the Bedevilment Array …”

She had always been sensitive. She raised her head and looked at the demon fox beside Ye Feng.

From her point of view, the most important source of corpse gas in the Bedevilment Array seemed to come from this demon fox.

However, it was clear that there was no more corpse qi left on him.

She frowned in disbelief, “Impossible, the main ingredient of the Bedevilment Array is the corpse gas. The other materials involved are almost negligible, but where did you get the corpse gas from? Could it be that you are a specialized corpse cultivator?”

“How is this possible …”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head.

Last time, when he had dispelled the demon fox’s corpse aura, he had secretly taken a bottle of the high-grade corpse aura from a lot of demon foxes, just like when he had collected the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao during the awakening of the storm.

He had originally planned to keep this high-grade corpse energy for later refining pills, but he didn’t expect that it would be used in refining arrays this time.

When everyone saw Hanyue chattering away over the materials and recall the painful memories in their hearts, they could not help but burst out with their words.

“What are you thinking about? Of course, Ye Feng doesn’t have that many materials. These materials were all poured out by us.”

“That’s right. This time, in order to confront you, I really put in a lot of effort.”

“Ye Feng, ask them to give you the materials.”

Han Yue was startled by these words. She was dazed for a moment before she smiled and came to a realization.

Placing a Bedevilment Array was more important than the source corpse gas, there was no need for much other materials. This was just the reason why Ye Feng was able to obtain some benefits.

“So that’s how it is. You are truly interesting. You are obviously the enemy, yet you are still adept at it. However, I do not know if this calm and indifferent attitude should be called arrogant or not.”

“You’ve lost. That’s arrogance. You’ve won. I hope you understand it as confidence,” Ye Feng smiled calmly.

“Good, very good!”

Han Yue laughed loudly. The light in her beautiful eyes suddenly turned cold, almost freezing the surrounding atmosphere.

“Ye Feng, although I don’t use the Limitless Demon Sound, it doesn’t mean that I can’t control the ghost servants. However, without the Silver Heart Powder, there is nothing left for me to be afraid of.”

She put the jade flute back to her lips and let out a light breath, her eyes lighting up.

The sound of the flute was elegant and refined, sometimes high and sometimes low, sometimes light and suddenly loud. Waves of violent fluctuations were released, causing the movements of the ghost servants to almost simultaneously become sluggish.

Li Yunsheng’s eyes lit up. He knew at once that the situation was not good. “Make a move. Don’t let her play the flute.”

At the same time his voice faded, he rushed forward. A violent and domineering wind from his palm struck towards Han Yue like a wave.


Seeing this, Xu Mubai and the rest also rushed forward and swatted their palms towards the distance.

Han Yue coldly snorted and retreated a few steps. Her steps were graceful and graceful. Li Yunsheng, Xu Mubai, and the others followed her ten strikes in succession and all missed.

“How preposterous!” Li Yunsheng frowned and shouted. He wanted to continue charging forward.

He used his anger to dissolve his fear. He was completely dominated by the valor of blood, and had lost his mind.

However, just as he took a step forward, he was stopped by Ye Feng, “Stop!”

“Ye-Feng, why did you stop me …”

He had just shouted out and turned around to see that three feet in front of him, there were several silver needles stabbed into the ground. A fierce corpse aura circled around the needles, creating a strange bloody light.

After a momentary silence,


Suddenly, a resplendent light exploded on the tip of the needle.

Dust and smoke,

Li Yunsheng stared blankly at the three feet in front of him. A small hole that was half a man’s height had already been blown out.

If he had rushed forward, the result would have been obvious.

“Thank, thank you for saving me …”

He bit his lip and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Han Yue was holding a jade flute in one hand and several silver needles in the other. She glared at Ye Feng with an exceptionally cold gaze.

Just now, she had almost succeeded in one strike and suppressed the opponent’s morale. Who would have thought that Ye Feng would have seen through her intention to attack and saved Li Yunsheng in time?

Ye Feng looked around, “Don’t be impulsive. Since she dared to use the jade flute at such a close distance, she is prepared to be attacked by us. Rather, it would be better to say that she is waiting for our surprise attack.”

“But if I let her play the flute like that, the ghost servant would be manipulated by her flute music. That would be terrible …” Zhao Shucheng frowned, but did not relax.

Although he was enemies with Ye Feng, he had no choice but to do everything he could in the face of such a life and death situation.

“So what …”

“What?” Zhao Shucheng was stunned for a moment as he stared at Ye Feng.

As long as your attacks can hit the ghost servant, she can control them however she wants to. With the strength of those ghost servants, even if they were beaten, they wouldn’t be able to surpass you Martial Disciples.

“This …”

Ye Feng yelled, “Stop dawdling. Listen to me. Hurry up and kill those ghost servants around you who have not started to change.”

Everyone understood the logic of capturing the thief first and capturing the king first.

But when the king was prepared, would he be able to capture the king?

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Li Yunsheng laughed loudly. He had just been saved by Ye Feng, so he was naturally very grateful to Ye Feng. He waved his hand and a strong wind swept towards the ghost servant closest to him.

Seeing that someone had taken the lead, everyone was stunned for a moment. They looked at each other and nodded their heads. Then, they swung their swords at the surrounding ghost servants.

And on the other side …

Ye Feng’s expression was solemn as he quickly wiped away the crystal ring. The electrical flying sword fell from the sky into his palm, directly facing Han Yue’s position.


Han Yue coldly smiled. “You’re not letting them rush over, but you actually want to attack me.”

“Is that no good?” Ye Feng chuckled. With a flip of his right hand, a silver glow rose from the electric flying sword as if it were a swimming dragon.

In an instant, a violent hurricane was formed and struck Han Yue’s shoulder. It was as if it was a raging river that continuously flowed in all directions.

“Hmph, of course you can. You stubborn thing, the attacks of so many people just now were unable to hit me. If it was you, Ye Feng, then what can you do?”

A look of contempt appeared on Han Yue’s elegant and refined face as she poured her Profound Qi into her feet. She slightly nodded in the air and her figure flashed, avoiding the sharp sword Qi like a ghost.

“I already told you, you can’t hit me, but you just don’t believe me.”

She let out a sneer and her tone was filled with disdain.

Ye Feng smiled, “Who said that my target is you?”


As his voice fell, a deep sound came from behind Han Yue.

She was shocked. She had a bad premonition. She turned around and focused her eyes.

He saw several pieces of black cloth being taken away from the entrance.

A huge bluestone slab fell heavily to the ground, pressed tightly and not even a crack was left.

The group of ghost servants outside wanted to enter, but they were all blocked by the blue stone gate.

Their fingernails dug deep into the stone door, and under their strength, their nails turned outwards, scratching frantically. However, they only left a small scratch on the stone floor.

“This …” When the cold moon caught sight of this change, its expression froze.

It turned out that the sword qi Ye Feng released earlier was not aimed at the cold moon from the start. Instead, it was the blue stone gate that was tied with chains under the black cloth.

Ye Feng smiled. His eyes lit up.

“Without the supplement from the ghost servants outside, your jade flute, how much use can it have? We can only kill one ghost slave each time we see one, then …” “One less.”

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