The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 398

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Chapter 398

A sharp sound of something tearing through the air rang out.

The oil-paper umbrella was caught by the Demon Fox’s claw. The umbrella skeleton couldn’t withstand the immense pressure and was immediately blown into bits and pieces, gently falling down from the sky.

Having succeeded in one strike, the demon fox was naturally overjoyed.

She raised her head and was about to take a look at that woman when …

“Demon fox, be careful!”

Ye Feng’s deep voice sounded in the Demon Fox’s ears.


As the dust dispersed, a jade flute broke through the shattered pieces of dust and came straight at the demon fox’s head, thrusting towards it.

It was incredibly fast, like a sharp arrow, it whistled through the air.

As it turned out, the woman didn’t have a sword on her body. Instead, she had hidden her jade flute in the handle of her oil-paper umbrella, waiting for the moment the demon fox relaxed.

When a person was about to win, the smile of relief on her face would often be her weakest moment.

She had set her sights on the moment that the demon fox was about to relax.

‘Whiz! ‘

Ye Feng’s lightning sword arrived just in time to land on the young girl’s jade flute. The sound of the golden spear finally managed to deflect it by half a body’s length. The golden lines on the Wind King’s Dagger also wrapped around the other party’s jade flute, preventing it from advancing further.

“Don’t relax, Demon Fox. Are you alright?”

The girl was stunned. She didn’t expect Ye Feng to be so fast. Now that she thought about it, Ye Feng must have been getting closer to her in order to deal with the sudden change in situation.

And at this time, the demon fox had also quickly adjusted her position. She let out a long breath and stared at the other party like a tiger eyeing its prey. The silver heart powder between her claws was sparkling.

“It’s nothing. I just haven’t gotten used to it yet. I’m just not used to it yet.”

The woman looked at the silver light on the tip of the fox’s finger, and stopped moving.

“Haha, as a Mysterious rank demon beast, who would have thought that you were only at the third level of the Martial Disciple realm and you still needed to rely on your master to save you? How shameful! If it weren’t for the fear of this Silver Heart Powder, I would have immediately killed you.”

After the fight, the crowd looked over and saw the woman in white’s face covered with a thin veil. She was like a cicada’s wing. She looked hazy and had a strange beauty to her.

However, her skin was too pale, even to the point of being terrifying. In the dark night, it was especially eye-catching.

Also, with that level of sneak attack just now, you really want to take my demon fox’s life. If you have the ability, then don’t be afraid of this Silver Heart Powder, and come again to fight with me.

The demon fox slightly sneered. Although her mouth was calm, her heart was still a bit preoccupied with her words.

One must know, her strength was completely dragged down by the puppet pill. If Ye Feng was at the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple realm, she could only display a level one level higher than Ye Feng.

Otherwise, if the demon fox used her full strength, how could she allow the other party to act so arrogantly?

The girl laughed, “Hehe, don’t be so anxious. Do you think I don’t know about the matters of the Gate of Heaven? Can’t I deal with you guys in seven days’ time? For now, the first night is almost over. You guys have picked up a life. No, to be exact, one more day!”

Hearing the girl say the two words “seven days”, the faces of everyone sank. It was really hard to imagine staying in this damned place for seven days …

“Let’s stop here for tonight.”

Ye Feng’s expression was solemn as he stared at her, “Are you trying to escape?”

“Do you dare to give chase?” The lady in white paused her steps and looked back with a smile.

Then, she fixed her sight on the Demon Subduing Formation.

“If we go too far, I think you should be clear about the consequences.”

Ye Feng turned around and looked at the Demon Subduing Formation.

That’s right, just as the other party had said, if they pursued it too far, the Demon Subduing Formation would collapse and allow a large number of ghost servants to enter.

Even if he had a way to survive, a person like Liu Ning, or even Ye Xue Yi, would still be in danger.

After all, aside from the Demon Subduing Formation and the Silver Heart Powder, Ye Feng had yet to find any effective methods to deal with ghost servants.

The lady in white smiled sweetly as she kept the jade flute and turned around …

“Let’s go!”

The group of ghost servants looked around before finally finding their master’s location. They then followed behind her in a long line. It could even be said that they were accompanied by hundreds of ghosts. It was an extremely spectacular scene.

Zhao Shucheng came back to his senses. After all, what happened just now was simply too unbelievable.

“This …”

He pursed his lips, thinking of the danger he might encounter in the next few days, and almost blurted out,

“Ye Feng, don’t let her get away. The Silver Heart Powder only has two hours. After today, how will we deal with her next time?”

Ye Feng frowned, he turned around and glared at him, “Shut up!”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. You only have two hours worth of Silver Heart Powder.”

When the girl heard this, she stopped and her eyes lit up. The corners of her mouth curled into a faint smile as she disappeared into the endless darkness with a flash of her body, disappearing into the distance …

After an unknown period of time, an incomparably ethereal voice resounded in the ears of the crowd.

“Very good. Ye Feng, just you wait. I’ll definitely refine you into a ghost servant.”

… ….

In the morning, the first rays of sunlight shone down.


Corpses all over the ground continuously shriveled and turned into streams of blood, dispersing in the corners of the streets. In the end, even this blood was evaporated.

The whole corpse completely evaporated and became a part of the thick blood fog. It then scattered in the dead town.

The morning was the safest time for this small town.

Ye Feng stood in the middle of the blood mist and stood against the wind. He lowered his head and thought deeply. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Suddenly, Spiritshadow’s voice sounded in his heart:

“Ye Feng, Ye Feng …”

Ye Feng chuckled, “I’m awake.”

“I can see that you haven’t woken up at all. Tell me, why didn’t you let me take the pill after you fed me last night? It’s not like I’m that stinky fox. If it’s me, I should be able to subdue her in one fell swoop.”

If the person who acted yesterday was Spiritshadow and not Demon Fox, then Ye Feng should be the one in charge.

After all, the instantaneous explosive power of the Giant White Bone Finger was something that even the Fox Shadow that was formed when the Demon Fox was at its peak was only able to tie with her.

“You think I don’t want to rely on you to crush my opponent …?” “However, from the beginning to the end, you have been waiting in the dark for an opportunity to make your move. I kept your trump card to deal with him.”

“What? Tell me,” Spiritshadow muttered to himself.

It was like a different person between the Celestial Sect of Wonders and the Celestial Sect of Wonders. For many years, only the heavens knew how much strength he had hidden.

“Yes, this is a little bit of what I am afraid of. Moreover, what’s interesting is that the owner of that ghost servant must have realized that someone was hiding in the dark and was afraid of it. That’s why he did not use the jade flute to forcefully break the Demon Subduing Formation and chose to leave.”

Spiritshadow was stunned and tried to collect his thoughts, “… “In that case, all three of you have held back against each other. This first day is equivalent to testing each other out.”

“That’s right, you can understand it this way …. “Alright, I won’t tell you anymore. Snowy is here.”

“Wait, let me out for a breath of fresh air. It’s been an entire night. Hey, Ye Feng, did you hear what I said…”

Ye Feng smiled and cut off the connection between him and Spiritshadow. Then, he raised his head and looked in the direction of his sister.

“Xue Yi, you’re awake!”

Ye Xueyi leisurely walked over with misty eyes. She was wearing a silver silk dress and her beautiful legs were straight. Although her face was still somewhat childish, her figure already faintly resembled that of an adult.

If she were to really grow up, only god knows how big her body would be …

“Yeah, brother Zifeng, did you sleep well last night after the war?”

Ye Feng chuckled and did not answer.

Sleep …

How could he sleep so soundly?

At this moment, Liu Ning heard their conversation. She stood up and walked over.

“Ye Feng, what do you have to do today, you can’t be … …” “You should still plan on going to find big sister Bing Qian,” Liu Ning’s face still had some lingering fear as she probed.

She grew up with a gold spoon in her mouth. This was the first time she encountered such great danger and was surrounded by so many ghost servants. She was worried about her safety for the first time.

“Of course, I still have to find Bing Qian. If she is in danger, even if I win this competition, I will lose.”

“What?” Liu Ning’s eyes suddenly widened.

Now that things had come to this, the owner of the ghost servant might even start killing them tonight.

In Ye Feng’s heart, he was still worried about Bing Qian.

She couldn’t help but have a strange feeling in her heart. As she stared at Ye Feng’s thin and handsome appearance, she couldn’t help but think of another possibility.

If he didn’t go and break Ye Feng’s engagement, then the person beside him now would be him, and the person he was so worried about would be him.

While she was still in a daze, Zhao Shucheng and the other two people walked over from the back of the house.

“Ye Feng, you …”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up. He turned his head around with interest and glanced at them meaningfully.

“May I ask the three of you, what advice do you have for Zi Feng?”

The three of them looked at each other, and their eyes started to waver as they began to push each other.

“Fourth brother Liang, tell me …”

“Don’t, Ol ‘Five, you have a thick skin, go say it …”

“Forget it, let me do it.”

Zhao Shucheng clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, looking like his eyes were about to split open.

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