The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 396

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Chapter 396

“What?! This is the Ice Emperor Sword that our Zhao Family’s ancestor passed down? You actually dare to call it a broken sword?!”

Zhao Shucheng really wanted to pull up his sleeves and ruthlessly push Ye Feng onto the ground to give him a beating, regardless of the current situation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to hold his breath.

“Brother Zhao, now is not the time to talk about this. Those corpse ghosts are rushing towards us.”

“I …” The corner of Zhao Shucheng’s mouth twitched. His expression was unsettled, but he still sighed in the end and put the Ice Emperor’s sword that was about to be pulled out back into its scabbard.

“Ok, Ye Feng, consider it vicious. As long as you can survive, this Ice Emperor Sword is still an external object. I’ll give it to you …”

“Awesome,” Ye Feng smiled. He raised his head to look at the movement of the ghost servant, walked leisurely to a certain spot in the array, squatted down, and touched it a little.

As a result, the Demon Subduing Formation tore a hole in the middle. However, this hole wasn’t big enough for one person to barely squeeze in while bending his head to support his waist.

“Alright, since the Demon Subduing Formation has been activated, why haven’t you entered yet?”

By using the word “drill”, Ye Feng obviously meant to humiliate Zhao Shucheng and the others. However, the other side had no choice but to do so in a moment of desperation.

“Ye Feng, you … “Forget it, let’s ignore you. Let’s go in first and talk later.”

Zhao Shucheng was so angry that his internal organs started to smoke. However, even though he said so, his feet seemed to be covered with oil, and his pace was surprisingly fast. He was the first to enter.

As far as he was concerned, no one could see this place, so there was no need to care about face.

The other two looked each other in the eye and were extremely nervous. They charged into the Demon Subduing Formation almost at the same time those ghost servants caught their heels.

At the same time, the crack in the Demon Subduing Formation closed.


Ye Wen’s eyes lit up. He pressed his hand on the ground and activated the Demon Subduing Formation.

A bright light flashed as golden light burst out from the sky.

The ghost servants from all directions were struck by the golden light. Their deep eyes looked as if they had been blinded by it and turned into a pool of blood. Their skin continuously aged as they let out wails of pain.

The nearest row of ghost servants were sent flying far away and heavily crashed on the ground.

“This… “This Demon Subduing Formation is so powerful …”

Although Zhao Shucheng and the other two were prepared in their hearts, when they saw how powerful the Demon Subduing Formation was with their own eyes, they regained their composure at the same time and couldn’t help but feel extremely surprised.

It was already rare for a student to set up a Demon Subduing Formation, let alone one that could achieve such an extraordinary result.

Ye Feng, how did he do it?

“Alright, you guys stop staring blankly. We just talked about buying the money.”

Ye Zifeng turned his head around with a smile, and reached out his hand towards Zhao Shucheng’s position, shaking him up and down.

Zhao Shucheng was stunned. He came back to his senses and glared at Ye Feng fiercely. “What kind of person am I? Would I lie to you if I said what I said and what I threw at you?”

“Since you’re such a big character, then why are you still wasting your breath. Bring it over now, I’ll count to three. If you don’t hand the item over to me, then I’ll use the demon fox to chase all of you out of this Demon Subduing Formation.”

In this kind of emergency, he was not able to make a blood contract or anything like that. Thus, it was better to take all the benefits as early as possible.

Since they were both enemies, he didn’t mind being evil.

“Three, two, one …”

“… “Forget it.” Zhao Shucheng secretly cursed. Because of his face, he could only sigh.

“I’ll give it to you.”

A large bag of Qi Nurturing Pills and rings fell into Ye Feng’s hands.

“Don’t forget, there’s still that broken sword,” Ye Feng looked at his Ice Emperor Sword.

“I already said that it was passed down in my family, the Ice Emperor Sword.”

The anger in Zhao Shucheng’s heart flared up, but he slowly calmed down. He clenched his teeth and finally handed the Ice Emperor Sword to Ye Feng in pain.

Without this Ice Emperor Sword, he would be like Ye Feng who lost his electrical flying sword, and his power would be greatly reduced. In the next few days, even if he wanted to surprise attack Ye Feng, he would be like a tiger whose tooth had been pulled out.

Therefore, what Ye Feng did was to seize the treasure, and to weaken the opponent’s power.

“Very good. Your business here is finally coming to an end. Now, it’s your turn…”

Ye Feng smiled faintly and put away the Ice Emperor Sword. He didn’t even look at it as he threw it into the magic crystal ring. He then shifted his gaze to the group of ghost servants in front of him.

“… “You …”

It was different from the small scale battles.

The dense mass of ghost servants in front of him surrounded him in three layers. They bared their teeth and bared their fangs. Their eyes were empty as they surrounded the Demon Subduing Formation, ready to strike.

Not only that, there was a long line on the street, continuously heading towards Ye Feng’s direction.

If it were an ordinary disciple from the Celestial Sect of Wonders, they would have long been unable to flee with trembling feet and trembling feet, let alone fight face to face with the enemy.

Even Ye Xue Yi was a bit flustered when she saw this. She looked at Ye Feng with a bit of nervousness.

“With so many ghost servants, I think the pressure on Bing Qian’s side can be reduced by a lot.” Ye Feng stood at the center of the Demon Subduing Array and scanned the surroundings.

“… “Ye Feng, what time is it now? Life and death are all in the blink of an eye, and you still have the time to care about her.” Liu Ning gasped and almost blurted out.

“Liu Ning, don’t forget your roots. The reason you’re still alive is because of your elder sister Bing Qian.”

“You …” When Liu Ning saw the coldness on his face, she shivered and immediately shut her mouth.

Ye Feng sneered and did not explain any further.

He immediately untied the bag of Vitality Replenishing Pills that Zhao Shucheng had given him and swallowed one. Then, he placed the spiritual energy within it into the core of the formation.

On the Demon Subduing Formation, the dimmed golden lights seemed to have received a supplement of energy as they once again shone with a dazzling brilliance.

The ghost servants were waiting outside of the Demon Subduing Array. They had originally been waiting for the light to disappear, but now that they saw the golden light return, their hearts sank and their moods became restless.

However, after the lesson just now, they didn’t rush up immediately.

“Why aren’t you attacking? Let me increase my strength.”

Ye Wen chuckled. He used the Wind King’s Dagger to leave a deep bloody wound on his arm. He then cut a small hole and threw it outside the Demon Subduing Formation.

Fresh blood splattered down from the sky as a strong smell reverberated around the street corner, stirring the heartstrings of these ghost servants.


Every ghost servant’s eyes simultaneously began to shine with a brilliant light. They began to eat, and the blood within their bodies seemed to resonate with them as it stirred restlessly.

Seeing this, Zhao Shucheng couldn’t help but yell out, “Ye Feng, you’re crazy. If you’re like this, they’ll go crazy …”

He had originally wanted to enter the Demon Subduing Formation for a night of peace. Who would have thought that this lunatic, Ye Feng, would not stay calm and instead continuously stir up the battle intent of the corpse ghost?

“What we need is for them to go crazy, otherwise it will become a war of attrition. Even if we can endure through today, we might not be able to survive the next few days. We need to keep our eyes open for a longer period of time.”

“This …”

“Master of the Ghost Servant, if you can hear it, then listen. It’s good that you can use your soul remembrance to control them, but don’t forget that they still have instincts. Let me see your other methods, otherwise you will know what it means to be a moth to the flame.”

The moment his voice fell, his expression turned grim. He opened the Demon Subduing Formation and once again spilled the blood on his arm onto the outer edges of the Demon Subduing Formation.

This was not all, he even directly took a step out of the Demon Subduing Formation, sneering as he swept his eyes over the ghost servants.


Under such a method, the buzzing sound echoed in every ghost servant’s mind. They had reached the limit of collapse.

A ghost servant who was the closest to her was splashed by the flower of blood onto her body. After taking a few deep sniffs, she could no longer hold back her appetite and pounced towards the Demon Subduing Formation like a wolf or tiger. Her fingers extended and pierced straight towards Ye Feng’s chest, as if she wanted to cut open his abdomen.

“Brother Zifeng, come back quickly!” Ye Xueyi’s pretty face was filled with shock and she was about to take action.

“No need.”

He saw the ghost servant’s finger pierce Ye Feng’s chest and immediately stopped. He could not take another step forward. He was shocked and quickly retracted his hand and tried again. No matter how hard he tried, he still failed.

“You’re just a little kid, can you even pierce me with your bare hands?”

Ye Feng let out a cold laugh. Before the ghost servant could open its bloody mouth, he attacked like lightning. The dazzling brilliance lit up in front of everyone.

A mass of red fog immediately erupted.

A pinhole sized bloody hole appeared on the ghost servant’s throat. Ye Chen’s finger tapped on his neck, and another wisp of soul consciousness appeared.

Without soul remembrance, even though the ghost servant was completely dead, right now, how could the surrounding ghost servants still be able to endure the boiling appetite in their hearts?

A dozen or so ghost servants, who were closer to Ye Feng, emitted a fierce and brutal aura from their bodies. They followed their instincts and attacked Ye Feng crazily.

With one move, countless ghost servants flocked to the front lines like a cloud behind them.

“Howl, howl, howl!”

The roar was earth-shaking, and even the earth was shaking.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night.

… ….

At the same time, a strand of soul consciousness came over. It stayed in the air to observe for a while before leaving…

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