The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 394

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Chapter 394

“Both of you, stop arguing.”

A middle-aged man with divine light closed his eyes and looked at the Gate of Heaven. He said with a deep voice like a bell, “My soul and divine sense have already explored the border. I already have a general idea of the situation in this dead town.”

“What …”

Yang Wuji and Gu Yuan Wu looked at each other, with astonishment in their eyes.

Gu Yuan Wu immediately smiled and said, “So that’s how it is. Master Wang is indeed worthy of being one of the best teachers. His spiritual will is excellent and is completely different from those who are proud of themselves. I, Old Gu, am extremely impressed.”

Yang Wuji sneered, “That’s right, I also admire Master Wang, because, some people did something to the gates of heaven, isolating themselves from the detection of their soul. Only Master Wang can break through this shackle and expose this villain’s evil face.”

Although the two of them were smiling, intentionally or unintentionally, their gazes swept towards each other. Their expressions were quite unfriendly, and after a long while, each of them let out an angry snort.

Wang Rui frowned, his face was calm,

“Enough, now is not the time to start a fight.”

He glanced at the two of them and saw that they had quieted down, he continued, “Soul Death Town is the most dangerous place at night. I’m afraid most of the students will not be able to return from this competition. For example, Ye Feng …”

He raised his head and looked deeply at Yang Wuji.

“This… “What could have happened to him?” Yang Wuji was stunned, and his expression turned ugly.

After experiencing the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm and even the incident at the Pet Hunt, he truly had the intention to take Ye Feng as his disciple. If anything happened to the other party, he would be depressed for a few days.

Just as Gu Yuan Wu was about to laugh, he heard Wang Rui sigh and shake his head at him.

“And you, Gu Yuanwu, the Zhao family’s Zhao Shucheng that you were always supporting …”

“Even he has a problem.”

Gu Yuan Wu’s smile froze on the spot and his heart trembled. It had to be known that he had sent a whole five people to protect him and even secretly gave him a special life saving treasure.

The safety of the Zhao Family must not be lost.

“It’s not that he’s in trouble, it’s that he and Ye Feng are both in big trouble.”

“It can’t be …”

Wang Rui sighed. “Speaking of which, the two of them are quite unlucky. Their current location is the gathering place of the ghost servants, which is also the center position. I’m afraid that something bad will happen to them tonight. If you want me to help them across the border, that’s fine.”

“About this…”

Yang Wuji and Gu Yuan Wu frowned and paced back and forth. This time, they had reached an agreement.

“Then, let’s wait and see …”

… ….

“Central, you said this place is in the center where Corpses and Ghosts gather.”

Liu Ning’s beautiful face was completely pale. Her entire body was trembling like a frozen rock.

“Ye Feng, you know it’s not safe here, but you set up a formation here. And the reason is because you want to attract some ghosts for Sister Bing Qian to keep her safe.”

“So what?”

Liu Ning was at a loss for words, “So what if you ask me? Are you crazy?”

Ye Feng was drawing an array on the ground. He raised his head and glanced at Liu Ning.

“If you’re afraid, you can leave on your own. However, don’t blame me for not reminding you that your appearance has already been recorded by that female corpse ghost. If you go out by yourself, please pray for good fortune.”

“You …” Liu Ning was at a loss for words.

“If you understand your own situation, then do what I did just now and redraw on this foundation to reinforce the formation. I’m going out now to look for Bing Qian …” “If something happens to Bing Qian this time, I definitely won’t let that Qin Jue go.”

After saying this sentence, a vicious and gloomy expression appeared on Ye Feng’s face. This was something that his past self would never reveal.

These words fell into the ears of the other two women, but they were filled with extreme surprise.

Not letting go of Qin Juxin, not letting go of a single student.

Soon after, Ye Feng’s face slightly recovered, and he handed over the formation materials to the still in a daze Liu Ning Zhizhi and Ye Xue Yi.

“In the evening, I will come back.”

… ….

The moonlight was like ice-cold water, seeping into everyone’s hearts.

In the dead of night, the small town looked especially eerie and scary.

“Brother Zifeng, how is it? Has Sister Bingqian found it?” Seeing her brother come back, Ye Xueyi walked up and asked hurriedly.

Ye Feng deeply furrowed his brows and shook his head. There was a trace of worry on his thin and handsome face.

Ye Xueyi came over and comforted, “Well… “It’s okay, Sister Bing Qian, she has a heavenly appearance. In addition, you got her a peak Spirit Level set from the Martial Extreme Medicine last time. Even if she can’t fight, she should be able to escape, right?”

“… “Let’s just hope so. Since she has made her own choice, she should have the corresponding strength and awareness. At the very least, she should be able to protect herself.”

Ye Feng nodded and walked into the yard.

“Okay, Liu Ning. Is the formation set up according to what I told you?”

“It’s set up, but will there really be Corpse Ghosts tonight? It might not be so.”

Liu Ning stared blankly at Ye Feng, her face still showing traces of being lucky.

“No, they will definitely come.”

“Why are you so sure?” Liu Ning’s heart trembled.

Ye Feng raised his head with a solemn expression, “Because under the probing of my soul talent, there are already numerous zombies heading our way. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to come back.”

“What? He’s here?”

When Liu Ning heard these words, the expression on her pretty face greatly changed.

“Where, where?” She looked around in panic, feeling several pairs of eyes staring at her.

The sound of the wind brought up a pile of rotten leaves.

“Don’t be in a daze, watch the wind.”

Ye Feng stared at the magic array. After confirming that there was no mistake, he pulled out the Wind Splitting Dagger and expressionlessly slashed it on his arm.

Dark red blood flowed out like this. Drops after droplets merged into the array formation, making sizzling sounds as it emitted a white glow.

At the same time, there was a gust of wind and four ghost girls appeared from the shadows.

“Ye Feng, they’re here.”

“I know.”

Wisps of Yin Qi flowed out from the four ghost corpses. Each of their eyes were filled with killing intent. They stomped on the ground and jumped towards Ye Feng and the others from all four directions.

Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes were shining and her small face revealed a serious expression. She had already accumulated the spiritual qi in her body a long time ago and instantly released her Wind King Martial Spirit.

In the next moment, the spirit energy condensed into vortexes of blades, layer after layer, which whistled like the wind and flew towards the four ghost girls.

The wind started to blow and the sword formation started to shine with a cold light. Those female ghost corpses seemed to have become transparent. Their spirit energy penetrated their bodies and did not stir up any waves.

“This… “Brother Zifeng’s words are true. It’s really impossible to use spiritual energy to attack these corpse ghosts.” Ye Xueyi’s heart trembled as she turned to look at her brother’s location.

“Brother Zifeng, let’s see how powerful your formation is!”

“Of course.”

Ye Feng’s face was solemn. Then, the light in his eyes bloomed as he pressed his hand on the center of the array.

The four ghost girls walked in front of Ye Feng. Their hands made their way through, and they even grabbed onto Ye Feng’s collar.

Suddenly, in the center of the formation, a bright light shot up to the sky.

A faint light appeared in the corner of the array. In the center, the picture of a fierce looking youth with a green face became clear. Suddenly, a golden light shone out.

“Demon Subduing Formation … Could it be that the material is made from Wu Ji Medicine?”

Seeing this, Ye Xueyi was stunned on the spot and almost blurted out:

“That’s right, the quality of the ingredients for the Martial Extreme Pill is quite good,” Ye Feng praised.

Other than his electrical suit, there was no reason for him to let go of such an opportunity. This included the reward for the pet hunt, as well as the medicinal pills and ingredients.

The four ghost girls were so shocked that they didn’t seem to realize what had happened. They were bounced off and heavily fell on the ground.

However, this was not the end …

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up as he released the golden line. The Wind King’s Dagger flew into the distance and swung at one of the female Corpse Ghosts.

The female ghost was dragged along by Ye Feng. When she regained her senses, she used all her strength to place her finger into the ground. Her veins popped out and her face was ashen. Finally, she stopped at the edge of the formation.

She looked up and shouted angrily,

“Howl, howl, howl!”

“What are you randomly shouting for? Ghastly Shadow, drag her in here for me.” A fierce expression appeared on Ye Feng’s face.

“Alright, in any case, you can leave this sort of side issue to me.”

Gui Ying let out a helpless laugh and flew out from Ye Feng’s arms. He turned into a human-sized Spiritual Qi monster and opened its bloody mouth to bite the female corpse’s shoulder. It then moved backwards and dragged her into the formation.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!”

Under the cover of the golden light, the flesh and blood all over her body exploded like firecrackers. Her face, which was twisted in pain, was now exploded beyond recognition.

The golden thread in Ye Feng’s hand was clenched tightly without any sign of relaxation.

After a few more shouts, she gradually lost all strength.

Under the illumination of the golden light within the array, the skin all over her body began to rapidly age like a withered tree, and her life force began to dissipate …

Suddenly, the female corpse felt the golden threads around her body loosen. She thought it was Ye Feng using his strength, so she immediately became happy.

She was just about to run away when she saw a flying sword grow larger in her eyes.


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