The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 393

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Chapter 393

The chilly wind was blowing, and it was extremely cold.

At first, Ye Xueyi didn’t think much of it, but after Liu Ning’s words, she once again felt the desolate cold air and couldn’t help but shiver.

However, she still pursed her lips and shook her head.

“This… “No, since Brother Zifeng told us to wait at the gate and not let us in, there must be a reason for it. If you feel cold, then you can go into the room by yourself. I’ll stay here and wait.”

“Just listen to your brother like that.”

“That’s right, everything Brother Zifeng said and done, I’ve always done according to your wishes.” Ye Xueyi nodded her head seriously without a hint of falsehood on her face.

A strange light flashed through Liu Ning’s beautiful eyes. She originally wanted to say something, but in the end she gave up.

“I don’t care about you. I’m tired and cold right now, so I’ll go inside and rest first. When your brother comes back, you tell me and I’ll come out again.”


… ….

After a while, Ye Xueyi sat on the stone steps in front of the door with her arms around her chest, shivering.

She kept rubbing her hands. The wind was so cold that her delicate body moved closer to the door. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she stood up immediately.

“Brother Zifeng, you’re back!”

Not far away, he saw a handsome young man in white clothes walking over in the rain.

“Brother Zifeng, how is it? Have you found anything?”

“It’s a long story.”

Leaves nodded her head solemnly. “We didn’t find Bing Qian, but we coincidentally found traces of Zhao Shucheng’s group. We wanted to see if they had any movements, but … …” Halfway through his words, his expression suddenly changed.

“Result what?”

Ye Xueyi looked at her brother with suspicion, full of curiosity.

“Wait a moment, Xue Yi, didn’t I tell you and Liu Ning to wait at the door? I told you not to go inside. Where is she, could it be …” Ye Feng’s expression changed.

Ye Xueyi chuckled and said, “Yes, she felt the cold outside and entered the house not long ago …”

“Not good.”

Ye Feng’s expression suddenly shook, he didn’t care about his sister’s shocked expression.

“Brother Zifeng, you …”

He quickly crossed the threshold and ran into the house.

Following which, his finger swiped across the ring, and a whirlpool appeared around the flying sword. A silver light flashed like a shuttle, aimed at the top of the house, and cut down fiercely.

There was no change at all in this large room.

The floating sword Qi was like a leaf filling the air, motionless in the air.

However, the next moment …

“Bang, bang, bang.”

The entire roof seemed to have been swept up by the blast of air. White light filled the sky as the sword qi completely lifted it up.

The light beams shot down from the sky and instantly illuminated the entire room. The dense Yin Qi also evaporated.

A scrawny, adult woman cried out in surprise. Her face contorted in pain as the light shone on her.

Beside her was Liu Ning, who was half-lying on the ground. She couldn’t even speak. Her pretty face was completely pale, clearly quite frightened.

“Liu Ning, I already told you not to enter the house.”

“I …” Liu Ning was at a loss for words.

Ye Wen’s eyes were filled with coldness. He no longer paid any attention to her and moved like lightning. The electrical sword in his hand surged like a torrent. He brandished his sword and slashed seven times at the adult woman in the blink of an eye.

The adult woman clearly did not expect Ye Ci’s attack to be so fast and ferocious. She immediately took a few steps back. She was caught unprepared and was unable to avoid being pierced by the flying sword flowers.

One after another, wounds were cut open, but not a single drop of blood flowed out from her wounds.

When Ye Feng saw that she was injured, he was momentarily stunned. Then, the corner of his mouth slightly curled up.

“So that’s how it is. After being illuminated by the light, you’re no longer invincible.” He had seen Zhao Shucheng’s situation before, so he came to this conclusion after comparing the two.

It was unknown whether the adult woman understood him or not, but she bared her teeth at the leaf tip, making a “wu wu” sound. Following that, she jumped up and pounced towards him.

“You female ghost, how dare you injure my brother Zi Feng?”

Anger flashed through Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes. She immediately used her spirit energy to trigger the Wind King Martial Spirit.

On the flat land, three to four small cyclones formed and stood in front of Ye Feng. The formation was like a blade, protecting the major acupoints on his body.

How could that adult girl know how powerful it was? She dove head first into the wind array, and after a short moment, her hands and feet were covered with wounds from the strong wind as she cried out in pain.

This way, how could she dare to become enemies with him?

Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, she gave one last look at Liu Ning who was lying on the ground. Her face revealed a look of pity.

Then, with a sudden leap, she broke through the window and landed in the passage, disappearing into the endless darkness.

Ye Xue Yi looked at the broken window and immediately took a step forward.

“Brother Zifeng, I will chase after her.”

“There’s no need.”

Ye Feng raised his hand with a solemn face, blocking his sister.

“I’m afraid there are quite a few existences similar to that woman in this silent town. From the looks of it, she is only the weaker one. I wonder how many companions she will have. Therefore, do not act rashly for the time being …”

“But brother Zifeng…”

Ye Feng’s expression was extremely serious, “Be obedient, I just found out that these corpse ghosts are invulnerable in the dark, and spiritual qi can’t attack them. If you catch up to her now, perhaps in the end, you’ll be the one to suffer.”

“Alright then, I’ll listen to you.”

Hearing her brother’s words that were so frightening, Ye Xueyi was stunned for a moment, but she still nodded.

Under the silence, the two of them cast their gazes towards Liu Ning.

Liu Ning’s lips pursed as she stood up from the ground. Her delicate body was trembling slightly, but she was still in a state of shock.

She forced a laugh. “Thank you, thank you … “Ye Feng, you saved me just now.”

“Just like that …”

Ye Feng looked at her coldly. There was no good tone in his words.

What do you mean just like that?

Liu Ning was slightly taken aback. Looking at his grave and stern expression, he didn’t look like that useless young master from Lei Zhou city.

She was stunned for a moment. Her heart shook as she quickly added, “Her attitude is especially sincere.”

“I’m sorry. It was because I didn’t listen to your words that such a thing happened. It was my fault. Please forgive me.”

Ye ZIfeng stared at her without blinking, his gaze was as cold as a knife.

“Liu Ning, listen carefully. Your survival isn’t enough, but just now, if you brought Snow Monitor into danger and put her in danger, you should understand the consequences of your actions.”

The powerful words exploded in Liu Ning’s heart like a thunderclap.

“I… “I understand.”

She stared blankly at Ye Feng. She was so agitated by his cold aura that she couldn’t help but answer his question.

Ye Feng turned around and walked to the door of the room. He looked at the sky and frowned.

“Okay, Liu Ning, I don’t have time to teach you anything. Just follow my instructions and do it step by step until you help lay down a formation. Only then can you rest, understand?”

“Ugh …”

After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Also, I know that the injuries on your leg have yet to be healed, but don’t blame me for being strict. This small town may not be peaceful any longer.”

“What do you mean it’s not peaceful?”

Ye Xueyi, who was listening at the side, pondered for a moment. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and lightly covered her lips as she exclaimed.

“Wait a minute, Brother Zifeng, you just said that this Corpse Spirit is in the dark and cannot be attacked with blades and spirit energy. Doesn’t that mean …”

Ye Feng let out a long sigh, and the divine light in his eyes slowly faded away.

“That’s right, we can still hide outside during the day. But once night falls, a tough battle will be inevitable …”

… ….

Outside of the Gate of Heaven, most of the candidates had already entered for half a day.

The High Scholars were all busy people and had their own matters to attend to. As per usual, they would arrive seven days later, when the gates of heaven would open again.

However, on this day, all seven of them had actually stayed behind.

“What happened? Who can tell me what exactly happened here?”

Master Yang paced back and forth as he glanced at the other teachers. There was a trace of anxiety in his eyes.

Gu Yuan Wu said solemnly, “Master Yang, you have said it for the sixth time today.”

“No matter how many times you say it, I still have to say it. It is obvious that the Gate of Heaven has been tampered with. Otherwise, why would they send all these low-level Martial Disciples to the place where the Soul Death Town is located?”

Gu Yuan Wu smiled for a moment, “Master Yang, I have already answered you many times, when choosing the location of the Gate of Heaven, not only is it random, but it will also go to the corresponding place according to the average strength and potential of the students that enter the Gate of Heaven.”

“Gu Yuan Wu, don’t pretend to be so calm. Basically, I know the strength of those who entered the true disciples’ competition. On average, how could they have the strength of a middle stage Martial Disciple. I even suspect that the person who did something to the Heaven Gate was you.”

Master Yang, in his anger, didn’t give any face to Gu Yuan Wu anymore. He called him by his first name.

Gu Yuan Wu couldn’t bear it no matter how good his temper was, not to mention that he was already in a bad temper after all.

“Yang Wuji, don’t be so polite, I still don’t know what you’re thinking, you’re just thinking highly of that Ye Feng, so you want to reduce the difficulty of the competition, you want to accept him as your disciple, hehe, now that I think about it, a disciple like him is only fit for someone like you.”


Just as the duo’s rage was about to break out, a deep voice rang out from behind them …

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