The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 390

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Chapter 390

The Gate of Heaven was filled with mist, which made it seem as if it was floating like a wisp of smoke.

As a passageway that connected to the outside world of the Heavenly Law City, the destination was completely dependent on fate. That was why the name “Gate of Heaven” was given to it.

Unless a master carefully probed with their spiritual will, they would not be able to find any clues. Otherwise, a mere student would not be able to prepare for such an event.

… ….

After an unknown period of time …

In the endless darkness, a spot of light gradually appeared in front of Ye Feng and the other two. It suddenly enlarged.

Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes lit up. The suppressed excitement in her heart seemed as if it was going to break out of her body.

“Brother Zifeng, this is great! We’ve finally passed through the dark tunnel. I wonder what’s behind this Heaven Gate.”

“No matter what it is, don’t let your guard down.” Ye Feng’s eyes were still closed as he continuously used his soul talent to check where the light was coming from.

Although Liu Bing Qian’s matter was worrying him, it did not mean that he would be depressed, and ignore the safety of his sister and himself.

“Wait a minute, Xue Yi, slow down. Something’s wrong…”

As the light grew brighter and brighter,

Suddenly, his expression changed,

“What’s wrong, Brother Zifeng?”

“Flee, quick!”

“What?!” Ye Xueyi was shocked upon hearing this, but before she could regain her senses, Ye Feng grabbed her slender hand and threw it to the side.

At the same time, the white light screen shattered into small pieces of light and exploded, striking where they were standing a moment ago and letting out a crisp bang.

“Who is it?”

Ye Xueyi was startled and angry at the same time. She suddenly raised her head and looked around at the surrounding situation. It seemed like this place was a deathly still desolate town. There was not even the slightest bit of human life in this desolate town.

However, she knew very well that this wasn’t the time to be concerned about them. It was the person who entered her sight at this moment. It was a young man with a grim and cold expression. Zhao Shucheng.

“Who do you think it is, other than me?”

Zhao Shucheng sneered and didn’t look at Ye Xueyi. Instead, he looked at her brother.

“I remember that I said that I would wait for you guys behind the Heaven Gate. I even pulled down my face, placed a Spiritual Aura mark on your body, and set your location. Oh yeah, Ye Feng, where’s your woman? Why isn’t she here?”

Hearing Zhao Shucheng’s question, Ye Feng’s face gradually turned better. Since Liu Bingqian did not meet Zhao Shucheng, it meant that the place where she came out of the Heaven Gate was not here. There should not be any danger for the time being.

Ye Feng smiled and said, “So what if she isn’t here? We’ll fight two against five. Do you believe that? We can still beat all of you up.”

“Your tone is quite hard.” Zhao Shucheng chuckled coldly with incomparable ruthlessness on his face. “I don’t know if your tone is even half as strong as yours. Continue to attack. Don’t stop.”

“Understood, Brother Zhao.”

When they had gathered enough spiritual energy, they had already gathered their strength for a long time. After hearing Ye Feng’s words, they clapped several times to cover the big acupuncture points on Ye Feng’s body.

Ye Feng stood there calmly and looked deeply at the sleeves of everyone’s robes. He smiled slightly and took out the beast refining token.

“Demon fox.”

However, there wasn’t the slightest reaction from the beast refining token, as if it didn’t hear Ye Feng’s words.

Seeing this, Zhao Shucheng’s eyes lit up. He laughed out loud and said, “I knew you wanted to release the demon fox, attack!”

Everyone seemed to have already come up with a countermeasure. Threads of silk flew out from their sleeves and wrapped around the Beast Refining Token with the wind from their palms. Using all their strength, they threw it into the distance.

“Everyone listen, throw the token as far away as you can. If this is the case, by the time the demon fox arrives, Ye Feng will already be on the verge of death. Oh yeah, just hit him until he’s disabled, don’t kill him, I’m still waiting for him to kowtow to me.”

Zhao Shucheng, who had suffered a loss from the demon fox, naturally learned his lesson and had some countermeasures.

The small beast refining token flew straight into the sky with a single wave of everyone’s hands. Its speed was incredibly fast.

However, in the sky, a girl’s angry humph suddenly sounded out.

“Bastard, it’s fine if you want to beat up Ye Feng. Why did you throw this badge so far away when you have nothing to do?”

Originally, she didn’t want to take any action, so she decided to just sit back and do nothing. However, Zhao Shucheng and his group of unimportant people threw the beast refining token so far away.

If they were to travel more than ten miles, who knew if they would die due to poison due to the puppet pill.

There were some things that he could try, some things that he shouldn’t try for the rest of his life, because once he tried, it would affect him for the rest of his life.

The nine flames of fox were surrounding the demon fox. Under her rage, she slashed at Zhao Shucheng and the others. The sky seemed to be completely covered in fire as it swept toward Zhao Shucheng.

“This …”

Zhao Shucheng looked at the demon fox that suddenly popped out from the sky and then at Ye Feng in front of him. He couldn’t help but be surprised.

However, this was not the time for him to express his surprise.

Seeing the fox fire flying over from all over the sky, they hastily circulated their spiritual energy to block it.

‘Bang! ‘a muffled sound echoed. A big red mark was ignited on each of their backs. They felt sweet in their throats. At the same time, they spat out a mouthful of blood. They staggered and almost fell to the ground.


Although Zhao Shucheng was hit on the back, the burning sensation was extremely bad.

However, he still couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart. “Why do I feel that the power of this attack isn’t as frightening as I thought?”

Ye Feng smiled coldly. His expression was extremely cold.

“The rule of the true disciple competition is that no one is allowed to kill people. I, Ye Feng, will let you off today. Don’t tell me that you think that your skin is itchy?”

He approached Zhao Shucheng step by step. The biting cold aura from his body pressed on Zhao Shucheng’s heart as if it was real. “Or should I give up all the rewards and kill you? That would make me happy.”

Zhao Shucheng was stunned for a moment and looked at Ye Feng in a daze. The reason he made his move this time was only to ambush Ye Feng. He had caught Ye Feng off guard and caught him off guard.

Since his attack had failed, he could only find another opportunity.


Ye Feng spat out a single word, but Zhao Shucheng had no way to refute it.

“You …”

“Brother Zhao, what should we do? If he releases this demon fox, our sneak attack will be considered a failure.”

“That’s right, Brother Zhao. Fight him to the death and let him live for two more days. We’ll listen to you, brothers.”

Zhao Shucheng pondered for a moment before frowning deeply. He then clenched his fists.

He was still calculating the distance between Ye Feng and himself. If the five of them were to rush up and beat Ye Feng up like crazy before the demon fox made her move, they might have a solution.

However, the distance between Ye Feng and the five of them was just right. It was as if Ye Feng was wandering around the critical point, and Ye Feng’s heart was beating faster and faster.

Thus, after clenching his fist for a moment, he finally loosened it.

“Very good, Ye Feng. You’re lucky this time. You’ve kept your guard up, but in the next week, you have to be very careful. Let’s go.”

Zhao Shucheng waved his hand and stood up. Then, he led the other four and ran off into the distance.

… ….

“What’s wrong, Ye Feng? You scolded him a bit and let them go just like that. This isn’t like you, is it?”

The demon fox’s face revealed a charming smile. She slowly floated down to the ground, like a fairy that had fallen into the mortal world.

“Then tell me, what is my style?”

“Even if we don’t scrape the ground, we should at least drain their bodies of oil and water.”

The demon fox replied with a smile. She looked at the other party with a profound look in her eyes.

“This means that you do not understand me well enough.” Ye Feng smiled, “Furthermore, if, your current strength is not at the third level of the Martial Disciple realm, if I had already fed Spiritshadow the Immortal Pill, condensed the White Bone Gigantic Finger, and possessed overwhelming strength, then if …”

He smiled and turned around to look at a corner.

“If no one is watching us from the shadows and intends to take advantage of us, how can I let Zhao Shucheng escape?”

As he said those last words, his pupils contracted and his expression turned cold.

His finger swiped across the ring, and a strong cyclone appeared around the flying sword. It flew all the way through the ring, tearing the air apart.

The silver light was like a rain of flowers as it splattered on the small land. While Zhao Shucheng and the rest were still around, the fierce spiritual energy had already gathered out. One could imagine how powerful it was when it burst out.

“Ziluo, get out here right now!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Three explosions resounded from afar.

After a moment of silence, a familiar deep and ethereal voice rang out from the corner of the room.

It was the sound of Ziggy’s voice.

In the corner, a long shadow appeared like a ghost, but it was still hidden in the shadows.

Hahaha, Ye Feng, you’re really something, I knew that this idiot Zhao Shucheng would not be your match. I just didn’t expect that you would find out that I was hiding behind you using my hidden special technique. If it wasn’t for the enmity you had with my master, I would really want to be friends with someone like you.

“Same here. And compared to this, I’m more interested in your current location. You’ve been blown into this state by me. Why are you still standing there and talking?”

Ye Feng wouldn’t honestly answer Ziluo’s question, just like Ziluo didn’t answer either. Smart people wouldn’t reveal their methods for the sake of shocking others.

He smiled slightly, at the same time secretly releasing Spiritshadow. He gave the demon fox a meaningful glance, and slowly walked towards the direction of his loft.

The spiritual qi in the air slowly moved towards that corner, as if it was forming a circle of encirclement.

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