The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 383

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Chapter 383

“Success or failure. Look at me. However … It’s all up to you. ”

Ye Feng said solemnly. Her sharp gaze swept over the jade-like face of the demon fox.

The demon fox was shocked upon hearing these words. The expression on her pretty face. He gradually became serious. His expression suddenly turned serious.

“Ye Feng. You’re looking down on me. “I feel that I am unable to differentiate between the spiritual energy of the Pure True Pill and Poison Pill.”

“So what if I am …”

Ye Feng smiled. There was a certain indifference in his expression.

“You … Very good. In that case … “I’ll let you see just how powerful I am.”

As the sound of his voice faded … Demon Fox gritted his teeth. His breathing was extremely heavy. There was no longer any trace of modesty in his expression.

“Come on. “I’ll wait.”

Ye Feng looked at her deeply. The corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

A deep and delicate voice shouted.

Beside the demon fox was the demon fox. A shadow of a fox three times her size was formed. It was just like a thunderbolt that had struck flat ground. The wind howled. Thus, he appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing that Fox Shadow brought out such a huge vortex of spiritual energy … Almost all disciples took a few steps back in succession.

Even the real people. The weaker ones … He couldn’t help but take half a step back. She stared straight at the demon fox and the fox shadow beside her. He looked like he was about to attack at any moment.

“Demon fox. “What are you doing …” Liu Zhenren was surprised. He almost blurted out.

“What am I doing?” Can’t you see with your own eyes? ”

The demon fox had just been humiliated by Ye Feng. At this moment, he was obviously the type to give people a hard time. she whispered coldly. The fox shadow beside him also moved his heart. He shouted towards the sky.

The next moment. The air was filled with corpse aura. Following this roar … Then, it started to look at the body of the demon fox. They all moved to Fox Shadow.

Seeing this, all the disciples present were shocked. They could not help but discuss with each other.

“It can’t be …” “How could this demon fox have this kind of method of transferring corpse aura?”

“But … If there was such a method … Aren’t we able to get rid of the corpse poison very early on? ”

Ye Feng smiled. He stood beside some disciples and said.

“Of course, this is not a way to get rid of the corpse poison.” Instead, he transformed the corpse aura into a huge ball. It was a method that allowed him to more easily distinguish between the spiritual energy of the Pure True Pill and the Poison Pill. He had no choice but to admit it. “The demon fox has reacted fast enough.”

“Ye Feng. “Why are you here …”

He saw Ye Zichen suddenly appear beside them. Everyone couldn’t help but be taken aback. Ye Zichen looked at him vigilantly.

“What are you afraid of?” You don’t have much on you. I can’t do anything to you. He merely wanted to step back a little. “We should just avoid being corroded by the corpse Qi.”

Ye Feng smiled. He directly said … At the same time. He then turned to one of them and said, “Come. This brother … Move over to that side. “Give me a spot.”

“You …” Hearing this, everyone was stunned. Although there was a trace of displeasure in his heart … However, what he said was the truth. There was nothing to argue about. He gradually put down his guard.

“Forget it.” I won’t chase you down, Ye Feng, for speaking so arrogantly. However … What you just said. “What exactly does that mean …”

Regarding Ye Feng’s words … These disciples carefully pondered. Ye Zichen rubbed his head. He was still a little confused.

After all. They didn’t know when the game was going to be held. What happened in the cave of the Alchemy Stone? Not knowing the cause and effect. That was why he was so at a loss.

“Didn’t the demon fox just say it? “You can just use your eyes to watch …”

For those who did not know the reason … Ye Feng wasn’t interested in explaining everything from the beginning.

“You … “You’re messing with us.”

Ye Feng ignored their opinions. He cast his gaze towards the demon fox. He was still a bit uncertain.

After all. It was impossible for him to predict things like this. There are some things that you have to do. He had created it. As for whether he could succeed or not … It all depended on the manpower. Three points still depended on the fate of the heavens.

A moment later. He suddenly shouted, “Demon Fox! Listen. Since you have already given me the Pure Heart Pill and the Poison Pill. Then, the next step … I want to take that antidote pill you just consumed. And put it together with the poison pill. “Can you do it?”

“You don’t need to say that.”

The Demon Fox’s expression changed. He jerked his head up. It was a dark green design. Just like a totem. Almost completely covered the demon fox’s face.

However. Her heart, however, showed no fear.

Because … After Ye Zifeng brought her to the realization of getting rid of the corpse aura … Her determination to win! It could be said that his strength had increased by a lot. In the past ten years, he had tried to dispel the haze of failure. It was also at this moment that … down to a minimum.

The demon fox clenched her silver teeth. The Spiritual Qi that had been condensed for a long time was now … It was projected onto Fox Shadow’s body. Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead. She didn’t even bother to wipe her face.

“I have to first separate the poison aura from the pill.”

She meticulously controlled the flow of spiritual energy into and out of her body. Eyes closed. At the same time, he was carefully sensing the strands of spirit energy that were being transmitted by the fox. He then slowly extracted the poison from it. The spiritual energy of the Antidote Pill was then added. slowly neutralize the contents.

This process … An unknown amount of time passed …

The crowd dispersed. The remaining people who hadn’t left yet. All of them were fast asleep.

After all. It was night. It was still midnight.

… …. A disciple was dozing off. His head was just hanging down. It hung in front of his chest.

Suddenly. He was shocked by the light in front of his eyes. He raised his head again.

“What?” “What happened?”

The dark green color on the face of the demon fox slowly faded away. A divine light blossomed in her eyes.

“Go back to normal.”

Her mind stirred. As this voice was uttered … A dazzling rainbow of colors. From the bond between her and Fox Shadow … It began to condense towards the center.

Now it was all in one. The cold, murderous, and violent auras. put together above one point.

It was concentrated to the extreme.

Ye ZIfeng continued to look at the demon fox. At this moment, his eyes slightly narrowed. Staring straight at that spot of light.

Others may not know. However, he was very clear in his heart.

This was not only the last bit of poison. It was a poisonous gas that contained a thick corpse aura.

Subsequently. The light slowly rose into the air. He hovered and didn’t fall. It just hung there in the air.

The corners of the Demon Fox’s mouth curled up into a smile. Panting, he said, “Alright… Great… [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Did you see that? It’s all here. After absorbing the ‘Z Heart Pure Qi Pills’, Han Li felt an indescribable sense of joy. More corpse qi and poison gas. and they all merged into this. “I’m about to succeed…”

She was too excited. Even her delicate body began to tremble.

Just when everyone’s eyes were focused on that light …

Ye Feng’s expression changed, “Demon fox.” “Quick, flee.”

Bang! A loud sound was heard. An extremely violent energy. With this light at the center … It spread out in all directions. It was an extremely hard rock. Once one was hit by the light … Instantly, it transformed into gray dust. It floated in the night sky.

The few of them felt that something wasn’t quite right. He immediately took action. They formed a crystal barrier. He stood in front of the group of disciples. This was enough to destroy the might of the explosion. He didn’t hurt anyone.

Rocks flew everywhere. Disperse dust.

However. The most terrifying thing was … It wasn’t an explosion. Instead, it was the thick corpse aura that was wrapped with poison. It flew into the air. The flowers, plants, trees, and trees that passed by … There was not a single thing that did not wither. At a speed visible to the naked eye. The wind blew. They flew in all directions. The result could be imagined.

“No. My sword. I’ve worked hard to raise a sword for ten years. ”

Sage Liu lost his voice and screamed. He looked at the corpse aura that filled the sky. is slowly eroding the sword raising environment. His heart was dripping with blood. He felt so regretful that his intestines turned green.

“Ye Feng. “Look at what you’ve done …” He turned around. He glared viciously at the other party.

Ye Feng shook his head helplessly, “I said that I would go outside to get rid of the corpse aura. You asked me to stay. ”

“You …”

Master Liu couldn’t help but think. If it wasn’t for the sake of face … If he did not want to harm Ye Feng … If …

However. There aren’t that many ifs.

There were some things that he had decided to do. He had to bear the consequences of failure.

He looked up in a daze. He looked around for Demon Fox.

“Right. How’s the demon fox? ”

If the demon fox was killed by this explosion just like that, then … He was more or less … and there’s some kind of spiritual solace in that.

However. The dust gradually dispersed. A beautiful woman with a graceful figure was standing on the stage. Her red lips moved slightly. Lying flat on the back of a huge fox. Her chest heaved. A trace of paleness appeared on his face. It was obvious that he had expended too much Spiritual Aura.

“Cough …” “Cough, cough.”

The sound of her cough. This was undoubtedly proof that she was still alive. However, the fox shadow kept flickering. It didn’t seem to last long.

“This …”

When Liu Zhenren saw this scene, his heart trembled. His entire body seemed to have been petrified. Ye Zichen stood there dumbly.

The other disciples saw that their Master was also in such a state. He dared not say anything. He stood there silently. They didn’t even discuss it anymore.

Under such circumstances …

Ye Feng smiled. Step by step. It moved closer to the demon fox.

“Wait a minute. “Ye Feng.” Fairy Feng shouted out.

“What’s wrong?” Fairy Feng. ”

Ye Wen smiled. Looking back …

Fairy Feng’s beautiful eyes were filled with worry. The corpse aura around her was too heavy. You will go now. This was way too dangerous. “Just wait a little longer.”

“That’s right.” “Stinking brat.”

Elder Zhao frowned. and also said, “It’s rare for Fairy Feng to be willing to advise you. Just listen to her. At least … “Let’s wait for another hour.”

“Rest assured …” “I know my limits…”

“Wait …” Hello. “Ye Feng.” Fairy Feng didn’t care about being reserved. Her beautiful eyes were filled with worry.

Ye Feng chuckled. As he walked … Ye Zichen continued.

“In addition … If he waited another hour … He also didn’t know about this demon fox. Would they be able to survive? After all, the current her was … Just now, he had used all of his strength. “Weaker than anyone.”

As the sound of his voice faded … He had already quickly arrived in front of Demon Fox.

Ye Zichen looked at Ye Zichen. On the beautiful face of the demon fox. His face was pale. He was completely flabbergasted.

“Ye Feng. You. “What are you doing here?”

She added, “You’re not afraid of this corpse aura. “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

She was anxious to get up. However, she, who could not even maintain the image of a fox, was unable to do so. All over his body. He couldn’t move at all. It was as if his body had been frozen in place. He could only stare at Ye Feng.

“Hello. Answer me. This sovereign asked you … “What are you doing here?”

“Save him!”

Ye Feng smiled. Without hesitation, he raised his hand to grab her soft waist. In front of everyone … Hugging her …

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