The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

“Peak of 2nd level of the Martial Disciple Stage.”

Sage Liu sucked in a deep breath of cold air. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng in disbelief.

Behind him. Those disciples who wanted to watch a good show with Ye Feng. stuck there like a piece of wood. He didn’t know what to say.

What they were looking forward to was … It was an angry scream. Ye Feng, who exploded and died. It was definitely not a complete breakthrough. The valiant and valiant him.

“Ye Feng. Could it be that the spiritual energy within the third pill … “I have been completely absorbed by you.”

The other party had taken three Spirit-Nurturing Pills consecutively. Let Master Liu handle this. He didn’t even have the chance to see a needle in a needle.

He wanted to stop her. At the same time, he was also looking forward to the moment Ye Feng’s cultivation went berserk. Therefore … Just as he was hesitating … He had not expected the other party to break through so quickly.

“That’s right. “The absorption is complete.”

Ye Feng smiled. There was a deeper meaning in his eyes: “Speaking of which …” After so many days … Zi Feng’s safety. “Looks like I’ve made Adept Liu worry too much.”

Liu Zhenren was surprised. In other words … He would come over from time to time to observe the movements of the tip of the leaf. It seemed like … Perhaps, even they had been discovered by the opposite party.

“Good boy.” To be able to reach his current state … “You really do have some skill …”

Master Liu chuckled. His gaze finally moved away from Ye Feng. He glanced around him. The smile on his face froze. It became extremely green.

A scene of devastation.

Wherever his gaze passed … All of them were rotten flowers and plants. A withered tree.

In such a large area. There was no more life.

As for the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth … It was so thin that it could only be described as miserable.

No wonder the place they were previously training in … The amount of spiritual energy in the air gradually decreased. The difference was significant. Just by looking at the situation over here, he could tell that … The spirit energy here was almost completely absorbed by Ye Feng. They were all swept away.

“You …”

Liu witnessed the tip of his sword. It was actually ruined by Ye Zichen to such a degree. The anger in his heart. It was comparable to Fairy Feng, who excitedly came to find Ye Feng to interrogate him.

His anger … It could be said that he had appeared out of nowhere. He could not wait to charge forward. He stabbed Ye Zichen’s sword to death.

“Ye Feng. “I’ll see how well you do it …”

Ye Feng smiled. And he said, “The damage to my destroyed plants and flowers. “Zifeng is willing to pay compensation.”

“Who asked you to compensate these useless things.” Let me ask you something. “What is the amount of Spiritual Aura that you have absorbed?” Liu Zhenren said snappily.

This sword was not like the Thousand Herbs Peak. If you add up the flowers, plants and trees together … It was worth several gold coins.

The key is valuable. Or was it because of the spiritual energy of the world? This was what every sword disciple cultivated every day. Where was the source of the spiritual energy.

Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile. Ye Zichen shook his head.

“The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth …” It was an invisible thing … It was impossible to measure. Not to mention … Master Liu. You said this air… “Can it be considered as something that is used to raise swords?”

What he meant was … It was very clear.

Asking him to make a small mistake. Yes.

After all, he was under the roof of a house. Even if you don’t look at the Buddhist Sangha, you still have to look at the Buddhist Sangha. He had indeed used up all of their resources in raising their swords.

However. If they wanted him to admit his wrongdoings … Then let’s not talk about it.

“Alright, alright, alright…”

Spiritual Master Liu was excited. Ye Zichen nodded. He said “good” three times in a row.

“Ye Feng. You are indeed arrogant.] No wonder he had been unwilling to acknowledge even a single master. However … There was also a price to pay for being arrogant. Like this time. You spend all your time on training. Let’s see if you still have the time to refine pills. What time do you have to dispel the corpse aura for this demon fox? ”

He paused a moment. He continued to say with a smile, “So … Since you yourself have given up the right to participate in the competition for the Successor Disciple position … Then I think… You can start packing up. “Get ready to leave as soon as possible.”

The demon fox stood to the side. He also looked at Ye Feng with a complicated expression. He sighed heavily.

“Ye Feng. You really don’t intend to refine this pill. Or should he say … “You don’t even know how to refine …”

Ye Feng was able to break through to the next level. His strength had increased … This was definitely a good thing for her … However. Her biggest purpose in following Ye Feng was … It was to get rid of the corpse qi in his body.

After all. Ten years of corpse poison. It was like a nightmare. It was constantly torturing Demon Fox.

Who could she compare with? They all yearned for the day of release.

Ye Feng looked at Liu Zhenren with a smile. And then, from his interspatial ring … He took out a small jade box. In front of everyone … He quickly opened it and closed it.

In this extremely short moment … Those with sharp eyes had already noticed it. Inside was a medicinal pill.

“This is …”

Everyone looked at each other. The glimmer in his eyes froze. They were somewhat afraid … After all. The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth that the three Spirit Nurturing Pills had absorbed. It was enough for them to go crazy. If there was any more … Then, would they be able to cultivate it?

“What are you afraid of?”

He laughed and said, “Pills of the same level …” A person can only take three pills at most. This iron law would not change because of anyone’s special ability. He showed it off. “You guys are afraid …”

However, in the next moment … Ye Feng laughed lightly, “Who said that?” “This is a medicinal pill with the same breakthrough stage as the Spirit Nurturing Pill.”

“What?” Ziluo’s heart went cold. His expression changed slightly.

Daoist Master Liu looked at Ye Feng’s smiling expression. He had already begun to understand the situation. He said in a hoarse voice.

“Could it be … “This is …”

The smile in Ye Feng’s eyes … Keep getting colder.

“That’s right. This was … a miraculous medicine that can dispel the corpse energy of demon foxes. ”

Silence. Absolute silence.

All of the disciples’ mouths were wide open. It could almost swallow down a fist.

Even Demon Fox. He also looked at Ye Feng in shock. Her delicate and beautiful lips moved in and out of her mouth. has a certain charm to it.

She stretched out her hand in a daze. He wanted to reach into the jade box. Ye Zichen saw that he had already thrown it back into his interspatial ring with unparalleled speed.

“Therefore … Waiting until the day Master Yang sent someone to deliver the invitation for the Successor Disciple Battle. When I get rid of the corpse qi for the demon fox … Please do. “Be patient.”

Ye Feng spoke loudly. It reverberated in everyone’s mind for a long time.

… ….

“Bastard thing. “He actually told us to be patient.”

Liu quickly returned to his room. With hurried steps … With an exasperated look on his face.

“What is going on?” Didn’t I tell you to watch him properly? “How could he have the time to refine pills?”

Zikura followed Liu the whole way. Ye Zichen smiled wryly. Closing the door for him. He turned around and gave Jing Ning a look. Let her make a pot of good tea.

“Master. We really tried to look at him. Almost every hour, he would go over to check on the situation. Some of the brothers spent several nights in a row. They didn’t even close their eyes. Furthermore … Ye Feng had been extracting the spirit energy from the pill. Enduring immense pain. “Where would I find the leisure to refine pills?”

Master Liu’s expression was fierce. His face was cold as he said, “What does that mean? Could it be that this pill … Long before he came to raise our swords. “Is it already done?”

As soon as he said this. He raised his eyebrows. His mind seemed to have grasped onto something. And then he repeated it again.

“Wait …” “I have long since refined the pill.”

Master Liu and Zikang looked at each other. In his eyes … With a look of shock.

At this moment. They were extremely crafty towards Ye Feng in their hearts. He finally had a deeper understanding.

Long before the bet. Ye Feng was confident that he would win. Then what was the point of betting?

A long time later. “Let’s talk first.”

“However, Master… This was just one of the possibilities. “It might not be true.”

Ye Zichen woke up. He pondered for a moment. He continued, “Imagine that the demon fox is a Xuan rank demon beast. Even after ten years, he still hadn’t been able to cure the corpse poison. What virtue and ability did Ye Feng have? It was possible to refine a medicinal pill in a very short period of time. It was impossible to say. He was at the Meet. Inside the demon fox’s nest. He should be able to concoct pills. So Master … I mean… Perhaps Ye Feng said that on purpose. “He’s lying to us.”

“This… In the demon fox’s lair, refining pills … “Isn’t that too much of a waste of time.”

Master Liu smiled helplessly. Ye Zichen shook his head. He rejected this possibility.

“All right. No need to be afraid. Just in case … Regardless of whether it was real or fake … Since Ye Feng had already said so … This was a possibility. I can’t let my guard down. It was necessary to give it a try. “We must destroy his pill.”

“But … What should he do? Master. Didn’t you want us before? “Don’t you dare act rashly.” Ziluo stared into his master’s eyes. He said solemnly.

A vicious look appeared in Liu Zhenren’s eyes, “That was before.” Now was the time. I’m telling you not to act rashly. I’m afraid that you might cause some trouble. but didn’t say that I can’t do it myself. ”

“So that’s how it is … Good. He would listen to everything his Master told him. “I am in a position to do so, but I will do as I am told.” Zu Yan solemnly nodded his head. For Dr. Liu. He was absolutely loyal.

The two of them had no objection to this matter. He would not sit idly by and wait for time to pass. The battle to get Ye Zifeng to become a true disciple.

Key Points. It was all about means.

“No. Ye Zichen nodded. This time … “I don’t need you.”

Ziluo was stunned upon hearing this. He asked with some doubt, “Why does Master say that?”

Sage Liu laughed coldly. “You can’t do it.” It was in the middle of the mountain. You forget. “There’s still the Ash Wolf huh …”

“Ash Wolf.”

In between his eyebrows. A look of doubt suddenly flashed across his face. “But Master? Ever since the previous fight with the Ash Wolf … He had been in a daze the entire time. in a very bad state. I’m afraid. Based on his current situation … “You can’t do this, right?”

Master Liu looked at him deeply. The corner of his mouth raised into a smile, “I just want him to be in a daze.” If something were to happen in the future … What have I done wrong? That was also his own reason. It has nothing to do with me raising my sword. ”

… ….

“Therefore … If I’m not wrong, This time, Spiritual Master Liu was sent to cause trouble. The person who wants to snatch my pill … “It’s going to be the Ash Wolf.”

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over Demon Fox and Spiritshadow. The fierceness in her eyes … It gradually appeared.

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