The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 377

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Chapter 377

“X. “Second…”

Spiritual Master Liu withdrew his spiritual will. His entire face was relaxed and slightly twitching.

“Master, what’s wrong? What do you want to say?” Zang Cang looked at his master in confusion.

“Sigh… “That golden light didn’t come from concocting pills at all, it came from Leaves’ second pill, ah. This brat, he’s addicted to absorbing the spiritual energy from my sword, it’s really infuriating.” Master Liu was so angry that even his voice was trembling.

“What, the second pill …”

Zikura was stunned. He stood there like a log with his eyes staring straight ahead.

After absorbing the pill for the first time, Ye Feng did not have enough energy, so he took the second one directly.

Then, should he concoct more pills or should he expel the corpse aura from the demon fox’s body?

… ….

The three of them sat on the green stone steps after the Sword Purification Pool.

The surrounding spiritual energy seemed to be as solid as matter as it spread out in all directions.

Ye Feng didn’t stop to rest. He had almost just finished absorbing the first pill, and he had already swallowed the second one.

Because of this, he had never stopped absorbing the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. The effect could be described as perfect.

After a long time, the fox finished absorbing the spiritual energy. When it opened its eyes and looked at its surroundings …

“Oh my god …”

Her beautiful eyes froze on the spot.

The abundant Sky and Earth aura had been absorbed by Ye Feng, and the surrounding plants were withering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“So much of the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was absorbed by Ye Feng without him even realizing it. What is going on? He is obviously only at the first level of the Martial Disciple Stage.”

However, no matter what, upon seeing this scene, the demon fox’s face revealed a satisfied smile.

Because the more she ruined Liu Zhenren’s location, the more satisfied she would be with her revenge.

It was not until she saw Ye Feng swallow the second pill …

“Ye Feng …” “Are you crazy? Aren’t you afraid that your body will explode and die after eating pills like you?” Demon Fox was stunned. She was clearly a bit scared.

Even if she wanted to take revenge on Daoist Master Liu, she couldn’t let Ye Feng risk his life like this.

Gui Ying laughed, “What are you afraid of? Eating two pills in a row is not something unimaginable. I think that Ye Feng must have a sense of propriety.”

“Demon fox, Spiritshadow, don’t mess around. After absorbing the second pill, immediately prepare the third one …” Ye Feng’s face was calm as he said word by word.

The demon fox turned her head, “… You said that he had a sense of propriety. ”

Spiritshadow: “…”

… ….

On the morning of the third day of class,

Liu paced back and forth, his face ashen.

Yesterday, only a few people with keen Spiritual Qi Sense had noticed it.

However, today, almost all of the disciples felt something strange at the side of the Swordwashing Pool.

“Master, this … “We can’t let him go any further. Ye Feng’s actions are really too much.” Ziluo couldn’t sit still any longer, standing up and clasping his fists.

“Ugh …” “I understand.”

Master Liu sucked in a breath of cold air through his teeth. He was obviously angry as well.

The rest of the people followed him and said while cupping their hands.

“Master, please allow us to teach that Ye Feng a lesson …”

“That’s right. Let’s teach that Ye Feng a lesson and relieve the hatred in our hearts.”

“Master, if the spiritual energy is too thin, how are we going to cultivate?”

Once the spiritual qi thinned down, it would definitely affect everyone’s cultivation progress. Therefore, Ye Feng’s actions would definitely cause a lot of public outrage.

Hearing this, Liu Zhenren shook his head, “No, don’t be impulsive, don’t hurt others. Ever since Ye Zifeng stayed with us, there have been rumors spreading outside. We don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring us in the face, we can’t wait to see a good show.”

“But …” All of the disciples frowned, but they did not relax.

Spiritual Master Liu paused for a moment before continuing, “Moreover, the last time Master Yang personally brought three Spiritual Masters to our place, he obviously wanted to shield Ye Feng. You guys want me to slap Master Yang’s face?”

One of the disciples mumbled, pursed his lips, then said, “No matter what, he should be reasonable. The spiritual energy in the sword wasn’t something that Ye Feng owned alone. How about we go and talk to him?”


“How do you want to tell him? He’s eating a Mysterious rank pill and has broken through to a critical stage, so how would he have the mood to listen to you? It’s laughable.”

If Ye Feng only ate one pill, then when he was free, he could still talk to him.

But now, if Ye Feng were to swallow the second pill and do anything to him, once his cultivation went berserk, he would blame it on the sword.

This was the reason why he had taken the Spirit-Nurturing Pill in succession.

After a few days, there will be new ones, so there is no need to panic. As for these two days, just treat it as a break, and if Ye Feng does not get the qualification to fight with the Successor Disciple, he will immediately roll back to Lei Zhou City. “Ling Chen:” … … ”

Daoist Master Liu paused for a moment. His eyes revealed a hint of coldness as he continued.

“In other words, Ye Feng can only live for two days. We don’t have one meeting with him, so there is no need to put a clown on your mind.”

After a moment of silence, most of them could only accept reality.

“Master… “Alright, since you’ve said so, I’ll listen to you.”

Liu nodded with a smile and added,

“Everyone, don’t be too dejected. You have to know, people like Ye Feng who desperately absorbs spiritual energy from pills can easily have their bodies go berserk, or even explode and die. If we die here because of this, it won’t have anything to do with us raising the sword.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard this. They smiled and exchanged glances with the others. There was some amusement in their eyes.

“Yeah, if Ye Feng can’t consume the pill, then don’t eat it. If he’s too full, then just wait for him to die.”

“That’s right. When we have time, we can go over and see what’s going on with him. Maybe he’s already dead.”

… ….

Ye Feng’s whole school shirt was soaked in sweat.

His face was as red as a burning charcoal. As soon as the sweat formed, it evaporated into a white mist that dispersed in the air.

However, not long before this, his expression was as cold as ice, giving off a wave of cold air that caused people to shudder.

“What’s going on? His face is constantly changing between hot and cold. I can’t be sure. Did Ye Feng go berserk?” Demon fox’s eyebrows knitted together as she stared at him.

“This is a possibility. It’s already been four days … “Until now, he had not eaten any rice or drank any water, so he should not be able to take it anymore.”

The demon fox bitterly smiled, “Not all of them have yet to enter. At the very least, he swallowed the third pill.”

Two days ago, Demon Fox and Spiritshadow had been fighting with each other. But after two days, not only were they tired, their hearts were also tired. Their tone of conversation also became much gentler.

“Alright, stop being hasty, let’s continue.”

… ….

A handful of sweat overdrawn Ye Feng’s body.

Within four days, three Spirit-Nurturing Pills …

Since Ye Feng could only consume three of the same rank of pellets at most, he tried his best to extract the potential of the pellets and chose the most suitable place for the breakthrough.

After an unknown period of time …

Suddenly, Ye Zichen saw a stream of fire qi shoot out from Ye Feng’s chest that was frozen like ice crystals. Then a second, then a third, and it shot out like a bamboo shoot after a rain …

As for these flames, it was as if oil had been poured on them. Once a piece of ice was broken through, the flames would soar up high.

At the same time, Ye Wen’s face, which was alternating between cold and hot, started to show an expression of irritation.


He suddenly raised his head and let out an angry roar that could almost be heard throughout the entire sword training.

… ….

“What’s going on, this is …”

Liu Zhenren had just finished his morning lesson on the fourth day and was about to go back to his room to rest when he suddenly heard the roar of Ye Chen.

“Master…” All the disciples raised their heads at the same time.

Sage Liu stared into the distance and clenched his teeth. He could not hold it in any longer.

“Come, let’s go over and take a look.”

… ….

The spiritual energy in the air was like a gate that had been opened, crazily surging towards Ye Feng’s location.

Waves of warmth rose from the bottom of his heart, breaking through the layers of obstructions in his body. They rose all at once to his mind, as if they were about to break through the peak.

The surrounding vegetation had all withered. In such a huge space, apart from Ye Feng, everything else seemed to have been dyed gray.

“Judging from his appearance, could it be that…” The demon fox scanned the surroundings, her beautiful eyes immediately opened wide, staring blankly at Ye Feng.

The veins on both of his arms were popping up, and the strong Profound Qi was rushing into his brain, while the red light faintly flashed on his body.


Ye Feng suddenly opened his eyes. His starry eyes suddenly glowed with a divine light, and he jumped up from the ground. His entire body seemed to emit a faint light. With every move of his, there was a slight change.

“Peak of Martial Disciple Level 1.” Demon Fox was stunned for a moment and almost blurted out.

Generally speaking, only at the peak state would a person’s body emit red light.

“No …”

Ye Feng smiled and raised his head. He looked at Liu Zhenren and his disciples, who were rushing over, and shouted loudly.

“He is at the peak of the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple Stage.”

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