The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 372

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Chapter 372

“You …”

Manager Du’s expression suddenly changed. He stared at Ye Wen without letting go.

Since the other party had already said this, he had no choice but to believe it.

“How do you know? Is it because of your martial soul or the dao you comprehended?”

Ye Feng smiled, but didn’t comment.

He naturally didn’t need to tell him about his own soul talent in order to surprise the other party.

After all, to make everyone aware of his ability was to bring disaster upon himself.

“Don’t worry about the details. Manager Du, why don’t we get to the point?”

Ye Feng smiled and continued, “We can make a blood contract and treat Shen Xiao Le’s matter as if it never happened. In addition, I will also send him back safely. Our purpose is very simple, not much less.

Manager Du’s eyes lit up. He almost jumped up and said.

“Ridiculous! You want so many sets of equipment, why don’t you just snatch them?”

He was actually a bit upset. He originally wanted to use a thunderous method to deal with Ye Feng, but first, he failed. Secondly, he knew that Liu Bing Qian and Ye Xue Yi had a backer.

With all these factors added together, he was now in a very passive situation. He was in a dilemma and couldn’t stop complaining.

Ye Feng smiled lightly and walked to the second level window. He lowered his head and looked down.

“Manager Du, come and take a look at this window. There are quite a few students who have come today.”

“So what if I am? It has nothing to do with you …”

Manager Du stopped mid-sentence when he suddenly saw the smile on Ye Feng’s face. Then, after thinking for a bit, he froze on the spot.

“Wait a minute, could it be that you want to …”

Since Ye Feng could repeat what he said to the five people in front of him, he could also repeat it to the other students.

So, the people who came were many or few. Although it didn’t have much to do with Ye Feng, it was directly related to Manager Du. The more people knew about this, the more disadvantageous it was for him.

Ye Feng smiled and nodded, “That’s right. Take a guess. If so many people knew that you and Steward Du colluded with a real person, even if you wanted to clarify things afterwards, your future prospects would be ruined.”

When Manager Du heard this, his face became extremely ugly.

“You …”

Although the five-piece set was precious, it was not his own. Only this future was closely related to him.

Thus, Ye Feng’s words, without a doubt, stabbed right into his sore spot.

“To add another sentence, if I tell them about the set, I’m afraid even if you don’t die, you’ll still lose a layer of skin. How can you be like this, only thinking about the five piece set.”

“You dare,” Housekeeper Dean angrily looked at the other side.

“Why would I not dare?” Ye Feng replied coldly.

Manager Du bit his lips. His expression was particularly ugly. He kept thinking about the gains and losses in his heart.

He stared straight at Leaves, and said after a while, “I owe you two sets.”

“Four things are my bottom line.”

Ye Feng stared at his opponent and said resolutely,

At the same time, Starlight’s heart sank as well, because this way, he would basically have no part in it.

“What do you think these sets are? You should know that every set is a treasure that will make the students go crazy.”

“But, isn’t this also a divided level? Here, after all, it is only the second level of the Martial Extreme Medicine Set. Manager Du, you are someone who has seen the world. If you are different from a student like me, then feel better …”

Manager Du pondered for a while and squeezed out the words for a long time.

“Then let’s do three of them. However, there is one condition attached to them which is that we must bring them back to Shen Xiao Le immediately.”

Ye Feng smiled. After thinking for a while, he said, “Three sets is fine, but I also have a condition. As for which three sets I took away, I must keep it a secret.”

Qing Xuan’s heart sank when she heard this.

Manager Du frowned. “Don’t tell me you want to hide it from Dao Master Liu.”

“This is not a question you need to consider.”

Manager Du was surprised for a moment, he shook his head and sighed: “Well, this request is not excessive, I can agree to it and write it into the blood contract, then… “Three sets are sold.”

Ye Feng nodded and laughed, “Deal.”

… ….

Raising swords, pavilions, rockery,

On that day, Daoist Master Liu was sitting at the edge of the Swordwash Pool with concentration.

The four disciples were also meditating and comprehending the mysteries of their respective sword intents.

Suddenly, Master Liu seemed to have sensed something and slowly opened his eyes.

He only saw a figure appear not far away, appearing in front of him. He made a hand gesture towards Liu Zhenren from afar, and his expression was one of extreme anxiousness.

Sage Liu frowned slightly. He rose from the lotus seat beside the pool and immediately headed in the direction of that person.

After a few steps, he had already landed in front of the man. He looked like everyone else in the crowd.

“Zizqi, what is so urgent? Can’t you see that I am in the midst of training?”

A trace of an awkward smile appeared on Zichenchman’s face. “Master, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. It’s the Ash Wolf. Something happened to him.”


Master Liu was surprised by Ye Feng’s words, but he did not expect them. He looked at him deeply and said, “What’s going on? The Ash Wolf should be very careful. It would not act against Ye Feng easily.”

Zhamu smiled bitterly and nodded, “Yes, I know what Ash Wolf is like. It’s just that, after so long, he still hasn’t sent a message back, and …”

“And what …”

Daoist Master Liu frowned deeply as he had a bad premonition in his heart.

“Furthermore, according to the spy we buried with the Martial Arts Medicine, Shen Xiao Le, who contacted him, stole Ye Feng’s beast token …”

“What do I take it for?” Sage Liu’s face lit up, and he laughed out loud, “That’s a good thing, the two might be planning to ask me for some benefits. Even if Shen Xiao Le wants the opportunity to become an inner disciple, I’ll reward him.” “Ye Feng, Ye Feng, you finally fell in my hands.”

There was an extremely awkward look on his face, “But the thing is, that Shen Xiao Le seems to be … “Ye Feng’s hand.”


The elated smile still hung on Liu Zhenren’s face, and in an instant, he quickly turned around and left.

“Bastard, what do you have to say for yourself? Can’t you finish it in one go?”

He bitterly smiled and said, “I wasn’t afraid that you would be angry, so I spoke slowly. I wanted to prepare you.”

“But I’m even angrier now.”

Master Liu’s face was filled with anger. He released a heavy aura that pressed down on Zqi Cang as if it were real, causing him to feel a little breathless.

“You idiots, if I don’t give you pointers to act independently and make this happen, then what’s the use of keeping all of you here? Just like Ye Feng, just pack up and go home.”

“Master, please calm your anger …” He didn’t dare to refute Liu’s words, so he tried to persuade him otherwise.

When Spiritual Master Liu’s anger subsided, he also came to his senses. After all, the fault lay with Shen Xiao Le and the Ash Wolf, and it had nothing to do with Ziluo.

“Alright, I understand. I have been too careless in my consideration of the Martial Extreme Medicine this time. I let you guys do it without doing it yourself.”

He paused for a moment and then said, “Fortunately, there are still a few days left before the true inheritance competition begins. Listen carefully, Ye Feng, I want you to keep an eye on him and tell him that we can make a move at any time if I give him any orders.”

“Yes, Master,” Zikura replied, bowing his head respectfully.

“Hehe, he, Ye Feng, still wants to refine a pill to dispel the corpse’s aura for the demon fox. This time, after I understand the situation, I’ll personally give the disciple instructions. Let’s see if he has any other methods to contend against me.”

“But, Master …”

When Sage Liu saw him interrupt him, his face showed some displeasure. “Is there anything else?”

After thinking for a while, he finally said, “I know what to do next, but right now, the Ash Wolf is probably in Ye Feng’s hands like Shen Xiao Le. If news of us wanting to kill Ye Feng gets out from the Ash Wolf’s mouth …”

“About this…” Spiritual Master Liu frowned deeply. Although the Ash Wolf’s abilities were not that high, he had done many dirty things for Spiritual Master Liu over the years. If Ye Feng was willing to reveal it, then there would be a huge problem.

“Ugh …” “I have my own plans for this. I don’t need you to worry about what I should do. I will pressure Ye Feng from above and force him to hand over the Ash Wolf.”

Right at this moment …

Suddenly, a boy with a cyan sword rushed over. His footsteps were hurried. As he approached, he immediately kneeled in front of Zhao Cang and Sage Liu.

“Reporting to Senior Brother Ziluo, Master, Senior Brother Cang Lang, he came back with a young man at the sword gate.”

“What, so fast …” “I’m back.”

Zhao Cang and Master Liu looked at each other, their expressions full of shock.

He had thought that Ye Feng would just hide the Ash Wolf and treat him as his own bargaining chip or trump card.

Who would have thought that before Liu Zhenren went to find Ye Feng, Ye Feng would have already let him go.

“Master, could it be that Ye Feng doesn’t want to oppose us and has taken the initiative to express his goodwill?” Ziluo pursed his lips and said.

Master Liu frowned deeply. He ignored Zhao Cang’s words and raised his head to look at the report on the little boy.

“Wait, you mentioned the Ash Wolf. Who did he come back with?”

“That young man said his name is Ye Feng.”

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