The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 371

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Chapter 371


A mouthful of blood. Manager Du almost spat it out.

He held out two fingers. He was trembling with rage. His chest felt extremely stuffy. Almost all of them pointed at Han Chuang and Tong Anhu’s foreheads.

“A bunch of rice buckets.” How did you do it… Even if he had to steal Ye Feng’s Beast Refining Token … You should also let me know about this. Something had gone wrong. “I knew you would come find me.”

Originally. Han Chuang and Tong Anhu pondered for a while before finally deciding. It was better to go through the facts of the matter. He had talked to Manager Du.

I don’t know what to make of it. Naturally, it was nothing. However, once it became a Zigzag set … That would be worth a lot. It’s not something they can decide at will.

“We were wrong. Manager Du. “I can say whatever you want.” Han Chuang pursed his lips. He was in the wrong. He then obediently went to the side of the censer. He didn’t even dare to raise his head.

“Nonsense.” I will not only say this to you, but to you as well. And the gold coins you got from working here for a year. ”

“This… “Alright.” Han Chuang’s expression darkened. There was nothing he could say. He could only reluctantly nod his head.

A moment later. Manager Du’s anger died down a bit. He gradually calmed down.

“However … Speaking of which … This Ye Feng was truly a bit special … Even if he really had some tricks up his sleeve … However, Shen Xiao Le was such a perceptive person. “In advance, I actually did not notice anything out of the ordinary.”

Steward Du has been living with Shen Xiao Le for many years. What was the other party’s temperament and tricks? Naturally, he knew all about it.

Han Chuang saw that his complexion had slightly improved. Then he said, “Yes, Manager Du. This Ye Feng is truly not ordinary. However … Now it had come to this. So you see. What should he do? Should I give him the Zigzag set? “In exchange for Xiao Le ge’s safety…”

“Ugh …”

Manager Du frowned. He paced back and forth a few steps. Things had already come to this point. What else could they do … Shen Xiao Le didn’t care what happened. However, this matter concerns the reputation of our medicine. If there were any bad rumors, That we and the real people are taking advantage of each other. He had designed to steal a student’s beast tamer token. “That is not good …”

He paused for a moment. He finally gritted his teeth. and made a decision.

“Forget it.” He wanted a suit. Let’s just give him an electric suit. In any case, this was a treasure of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Not our own. He was here to retrieve five magic treasures to begin with. Just make it up to him. “That makes sense.”

“Alright. “Thank you, Manager Du.”

Han Chuang’s face lit up. However. After being silent for a while … Only then did he manage to react.

What was the point of being happy? He was clearly helping someone else earn money.

… ….

Since the three of them had already agreed on this. He then stopped stalling for time. Then he went downstairs.

At this moment, Wu Ji Pill Level 1… It was already crowded. A number of people were blocking the entrance. He shouted that he was going to enter the house. A wave of curses and curses.

Manager Du laughed, “So that’s how it is. It was almost time. Han Chuang and Tong Anhu. Since these people wanted to come in … You two. “Let’s go and bring them into the medicinal field.”

“No problem.” However … Manager Du. I’m afraid that if you go and face Ye Feng alone … “I’m afraid…” The corner of Han Chuang’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say something but hesitated. He wanted to say something … He didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Bastard.” With my experience as a steward, “Can you even beat a kid like him?” Manager Du looked up. She glared at him.

He paused for a moment. Sneering coldly, he continued, “Oh, I understand. Do you think my previous punishment is not enough? “You want to pay me a few more years of gold …”

More gold coins. As far as Ye Zichen was concerned … It might not be a big deal. However, for those like Han Chuang who were living off the role of a guard … However, it was a fatal matter …

“How would I dare?” Manager Du. With your help … “Of course, it’s very certain.” Han Chuang and Tong Anhu were so scared that their faces turned ashen. Ye Zichen nodded and smiled.

“Then why are we still staying here?” “Hurry up and receive them.”

Manager Du raised his foot in annoyance. Just as he was about to kick him … The eyes of the two people opposite them turned cold. He didn’t dare to stay for even a moment longer. He hurriedly ran away.

“These two brainless things… And I think I’m no match for this young man. “How laughable.”

Manager Du cursed. He walked to the second floor.

At this time, in the second floor … The five people from the champion team had all arrived.

Ye Xue Yi sized up the thin sword in her hand that was as thin as a cicada’s wing. A light touch. and the sound of the air vibrating

“Brother Zifeng.” I think this Gale Set is better. The wind boosts the fire. “It just so happens to be compatible with Sister Bingqian’s set.”

Starlight’s eyes were filled with happiness. He chuckled and said, “Speaking of wind that helps the fire. The Burning Sky Set over here isn’t bad either … ”

Before he could finish his words … Qing Xuan then unhappily pushed him behind her.

“Go go go.” Who said that you had to have a share? If the person on the other side of the medicine didn’t agree to it … “First of all, I will remove this piece of yours.”

Starlight was startled. He said with slight annoyance: “Qing Xuan. To think you’re my junior sister. Why do you keep tearing me down? If I lose this one, Do you think … Your Spirit Recovery Set can still be kept. ”

Liu Bingqian looked at the argument between the crowd. Ye Zichen smiled helplessly. The instant he turned around … He happened to see Manager Du. He quickly gave everyone a meaningful glance.

“Everyone, calm down a bit. Your voices are all too loud … ”

Manager Du gaped at the scene in front of him. Ye Zichen quickly walked down the stairs. It was bustling. It felt like his butt was on fire.

“What nonsense are you all talking about?” What kind of suit doesn’t have a suit? What kind of place do you think this Wu Ji Pill is? What about Ye Feng? Where was Ye Zifeng? Let him pass… ”

He shouted. He turned his head and looked around. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of something in the corner. A handsome young man with slanted eyebrows and starry eyes was sitting upright on an armchair. He was in a very good mood.

At this moment, he saw Manager Du arrive. He gave her a friendly look. Then, he slowly stood up.

Manager Du froze for a moment. Ye Zichen looked at him meaningfully and said.

“Oh… Good boy. You should be. That Ye Feng must be … ”

“That’s me.”

Ye Wen laughed. Ye Zichen nodded.

“Great. Such a thing as not knowing the limits of the heavens and the earth. Could it be … He won the champion of a hunting convention. do you really think you are something? ”

“Give me some memory first.” Manager Du gave a cold snort from the tip of his nose. Clenching his fist into a claw. The wind howled. Just as he was about to pick up the leaf tip … He would give him a chance to show off his might.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

On his shoulder. Almost at the same time. With a plural hand. Clasp his shoulder firmly. Don’t let him move forward even a little bit.

Originally. Those who had been laughing and joking earlier … The moment he saw that Manager Du seemed to want to do something to Ye Feng. His face turned dark in an instant. They gathered around Ye Feng. He then attacked Manager Du at the same time. His eyes were cold and sharp. It was extremely frightening.

Confronted by a common enemy. Unanimously speaking to the outside world.

“Let go.”

The crowd looked straight at Manager Du. His tone and voice were both cold.

The expression in Manager Du’s eyes froze. He had clearly never expected to encounter such a situation. At the same time, he was shocked. His face was also filled with anger. And then he coldly snorted.

“Just a few low-level Martial Disciples.” Do you want to fight against me, a fourth level Martial Disciple? Do you think that … Ye Feng could really pass the struggle for the Successor Disciple position. Becoming a true disciple? You want to hold his leg. “I’m afraid it is too early.”

Martial Disciple Level 1 to 3. is generally considered to be of a lower order. Four to six are considered intermediate. As for seven to nine. Naturally, it was undoubtedly a high level one.

Therefore … Manager Du was a full rank higher than Ye Feng and the rest. He had a natural advantage in his heart. Naturally, he would not be scared by the enemy’s numbers. This was the reason why he dared to boast in front of Han Chuang.

“Hug my thigh. “No.”

Ye Feng smiled. He continued: “Manager Du. I have to remind you. The one on your left is Ye Xueyi. She had already obtained the qualifications to participate in the battle for the Successor Disciple position. On your right hand is Liu Bingqian. They had basically decided on this. Except me. Both of them. He was destined to be the beloved son of the High Master. Sooner or later, someone who would be able to achieve great things. You overseer… If it was now … If he angered them, he would do so. “I’m afraid that in the future …”


Manager Du frowned. He was thinking about such an important piece of information … Han Chuang didn’t say anything earlier.

However, at this moment … Han Chuang was not by his side. Then, this muffled sound … He could only swallow it down forcefully.

“So that’s how it is…”

Manager Du smiled and let go of the hand that was holding onto Ye Feng’s shirt: “Everyone. A misunderstanding. “I was a little rude.”

As he let go … The originally tense atmosphere. Then, it gradually dissipated …

Just as he was about to say something … Suddenly … His gaze froze. Ye Zichen looked at him blankly.

His whole face looked like it was made of paper. It seemed to be twitching.

“Wait …” “What did you call me just now?”

“Manager Du.” Ye Feng smiled calmly.

“Right, right, right. “It’s just that these words are weird …”

Manager Du looked at him with doubt: “I clearly went from the beginning to the end. He never said his name. “Just how did you, Ye Feng, know about this …?”

Ye Feng laughed softly, “Actually. It was not just the name of the steward. For example … You’re punishing Han Chuang with a year’s worth of gold coins. Kick them to the first level of medicine to receive others. Or maybe … You promised me a Zigzag suit. These things… I’m listening to everything… ”

“What?” “You …” Manager Du’s face was pale. A thousand changes happened in a blink of an eye.

“Oh, no.”

Ye Feng smiled. He shook his head and said, “I was wrong about something just now. Not me. Rather … “We …”

He turned his head. He turned to look at the other four.

“Because… No matter what … I didn’t say a word. I repeated it to them. Sealing fee. Just give me one person. I’m afraid it’s not enough… ”

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