The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 37 – Reversal

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Seeing the sorry state that Ye Huichi was in, the entire Ye clan felt sorry for him. The entire clan except Ye Zifeng. He didn’t care at all. He could’ve helped Huichi and concocted a soul binding pill for him but why would he do something like that for someone that’s going against him?

In the spectator seats, the Wang and the Xiao clan were both watching anxiously. They told Elder Zhao and Elder Shen to take care of Ye Zifeng but why did they knock Ye Huichi down? They couldn’t help but look over at the formation and wonder what was going on.

Seeing how Ye Huichi fell down, Lin Ke felt that something was out of place, “The way that Ye Huichi fell down…. It was a bit weird. He’s only on the 19th level. Why would he suddenly fall down like that?”

Elder Zhao smiled, “Maybe he was drained after climbing and felt dizzy so he fell.

Lin Ke raised one brow in suspicion, “But if the 4th qi refining stage Ye Zifeng can reach the 59th level without getting falling, Ye Huichi who’s at the 5th stage of qi refining should not feel drained at all. Ye Zifeng looks perfectly fine and is going to break through to the 60th level soon.

“The 60th level? If he was smart, he would stop right here. One has to know that the 60th level is completely different from the first 40 levels. It is on a whole new level. He can maintain his position as the top 3 at the 59th level, why would he take the risk of going even further?” Shen Li shook his head and laughed. From what he can see, a qi refining stage cultivator’s limit was reaching the 59th level. Only someone talented like Wang Tianzhi might be able to breakthrough this limit.

After Shen Li stopped talking, Elder Zhao tugged his robe.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Shen Li glared at Elder Zhao. He was feeling gloomy because he couldn’t mess with Ye Zifeng.

“Elder Shen, look…..”

Shen Li looked over at where Elder Zhao was point. All he could see was a large red spiral in the formation.

“No way. After Wang Tianzhi, there was someone else who went onto the 60th level?!” Shen Li’s face twitched.

Of course, that person was Ye Zifeng!

“Is he retarded? He’s only at the 4th stage of qi refining….. How is he not satisfied with being the top 3?” Shen Li gasped and was at a loss.

Elder Zhao shivered, “Maybe…. Maybe he wants to be the first place….”

“Getting first place when he’s merely at the fourth stage of qi refining? Are you joking? Or are you telling me that something like this has happened in the past?”


All the judges looked at each other. This had never happened before. The difference between the fourth stage of qi refining and the peak of qi refining is too big. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Zifeng maintained his mental capabilities and willpower from his past life, he wouldn’t have been able to reach this step.

“It doesn’t matter. Our chance has finally come.” Shen Li whispered to Elder Zhao.

Elder Zhao agreed and smiled, “Ye Zifeng can only blame himself. It seems like we should add more power into the formation.”


When Ye Zifeng reached the 60th level, he felt a bone chilling cold qi energy. The entire place was filled with snow. He couldn’t stop shivering at all.

“This….” Ye Zifeng was startled. He had never seen an illusion like this in his entire life.

However, this wasn’t anything too surprising. Ye Zifeng came from a different world and each world might have different kinds of illusions.

“It seems like this illusion realm isn’t too bad. However it this is a bit too much. There’s too much snow. It seems like the creator of the formation put extra effort into making the snow here…… “

Suddenly he felt a stronger pressure on top of himself…..

Ye Zifeng sighed, “These two are being too excessive. I guess it’s time for me to talk to them.

Ye Zifeng smiled and closed his eyes. He allowed himself to submerge into his own consciousness. His skin started to freeze over and he was trembling. If he keeps this up, he’ll fall from the 60th level as an ice block sooner or later.


“Haha….. This kind of snowstorm, even Wang Tianzhi can’t handle this. Come on Ye Zifeng, let’s see how you’ll handle this. I can’t wait until you become a block of ice. How are you going to climb then?” Elder Shen started to smile. He’s finally regained his confidence. If he succeeds this time, he’ll be able to report back to the Wang clan.

“That’s right. For Ye Zifeng to climb onto the 60th stage without a plan, it seems like he’s out of options now…” Elder Zhao was feeling better as well. He can finally report back to the Xiao clan.

“Who said I climbed onto the 60th stage without a plan?”

After hearing this voice, both Elder Shen and Elder Zhao’s expression changed. The smiles on their faces disappeared.

“That voice from before…. Was it you?” Both of the elders asked each other.

“No way. How can my voice sound so young?” The two replied to each other at the same time.

The two looked at each other and then looked around them. Their faces paled and they felt a chill run down their spine.

“You don’t have to look around. I, Ye Zifeng, greet both elders.”

“What. You’re Ye Zifeng?” Shen Li was extremely shocked. Elder Zhao heard this too and was frozen still as well.

What the hell was going on? This was outrageous. Ye Zifeng was becoming a block of ice on the 60th floor. How was he talking with both of them at the same time?

“For both elders to mess with me… let me guess…. Were you asked by the Wang clan and the Xiao clan?” Ye Zifeng’s voice was clear and calm inside both of the elder’s mind.

“Nonsense. Don’t slander us like this!”

Shen Li and Elder Zhao both looked at each other. Their attacks before….it was actually discovered by Ye Zifeng.

“Really?” Ye Zifeng chuckled lightly, making the two elders flustered. For two martial practitioners to become flustered because of a qi refining stage brat… it was a great embarrassment.

“Heh. So be it….” Ye Zifeng’s voice was dim.

Right after, Elder Zhao suddenly yelled out. It felt as if his head had been slice with a sword. He felt an immense amount of pain.

Shen Li looked confused and wanted to ask what happened but suddenly, his face turned pale as well. His mouth twitched as he tried to suppress the pain. He felt the pain but didn’t yell out.

Lin Ke looked at the weird expressions of the two elders and asked, “Are you guys alright? You guys don’t look so good.”

“It’s….. It’s nothing…” Elder Shen and Elder Zhao both forced a smile

However, that smsile didn’t last long.

“Ouch! Shit…. Shit shit shit……” Elder Zhao didn’t have as much tolerance as Elder Shen and started to scream in agony.

Lin Ke and the others were startled and immediately went over to help Elder Zhao, “Elder Zhao, so you really aren’t feeling well. You didn’t have a chance to rest after traveling from Tiandao City and continuously maintained the formation. You should get some rest.”

Shen Li’s face ashen and bitterly laughed, “Elder Lin, I’m not feeling so well either. May I rest for a bit with Elder Zhao….”

Lin Ke blankly stared at the two in front of him. Since Elder Zhao came all the way from Tiandao City, feeling tired was normal. However, what was up with Shen Li?

Just like this, under the other elders’ watchful eyes, Elder Zhao and Elder Shen supported each other and limped away.

“Ye Zifeng, what kind of demonic technique did you use against us?” Elder Zhao suddenly asked in his mind.

“You guys are martial practitioners. I’m only a mere qi refining stage disciple. How do you guys not know what kind of method I used?”

“You!” Elder Zhao was extremely angry.

Shen Li thought about it and offered an explanation, “If I’m not wrong, the strands of soul spirit that we used before were captured by this guy……”

“What? How did he bind and capture our soul spirits??” Elder Zhao yelled out.

As long as one knows the methods, the soul binding pill can be used to successfully bind the soul spirits of an attacker. Even Ye Zifeng who was a qi refining realm cultivator was able to do such thing with ease.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Don’t worry about how I binded your spirits. So you guys are finally admitting that you’ve used your soul spirits to attack me?”

Elder Zhao wanted to continue lying but…

“That’s right. We attacked out!” Shen Li gritted his teeth and yelled.

From what he can see, there’s no use to continue lying. Afterall, Ye Zifeng had strands of their soul spirits with him. That was concrete proof already.

A soul spirit wasn’t like qi energy. A martial practitioner cultivator need a long amount of time in order to successfully refine one. The strands of soul spirits that the elders sent out? It took them around 3 months to refine a strand like that. The soul spirit was connected to their soul so if Ye Zifeng messes with it, they would feel pain.

“Since you guys admitted to it, then you should know what the punishment is not light if you help other clans during the gathering.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

“So what? Do you think that we’re scared of you?” Elder Zhao was becoming very angry. He was being toyed around by a fourth stage qi refining disciple. He was ashamed of himself.

Shen li looked over at him, “Calm down. Let’s listen to what he has to say first.”

“However, I can overlook this and won’t ask for your identity. I’ll also give back your soul spirits….If we oppose each other, nothing good will come from it.”

“You’re willing to give us our soul strands back?” A joyous expression appeared on Elder Zhao’s face.