The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357

A bit of lightning faintly appeared in the outer layer of the glass shield.

A majestic vortex was moving close to the ground. Everything seemed to be quietly brewing.

Zhao Shucheng was stunned for a while. His face changed as he looked at the gradually enlarging lightning bolt. He immediately knew that something was wrong.

“Brother Zhao, why did you suddenly stop moving? Did you discover something?”

At the same time, a black-clothed youth laughed and quickly walked forward.


A fierce expression suddenly flashed across Zhao Shucheng’s face. He quickly pulled the teenager in black over.

“Brother Zhao, you …” The black-clothed youth was startled and caught off guard. How could he possibly counterattack?

“Block it for me!”

Zhao Shucheng’s expression was extremely cold. Suddenly, he exerted his strength and pushed Li Yao in front of him, causing him to fall towards the glass barrier.

The next moment …

“Boom!” The sound of the explosion was deafening. It exploded in everyone’s mind.

The youth in black was astonished and had no time to react as he welcomed the gradually enlarging Dark Thunder.

Without a doubt, the violent aura of the Dark Heavenly Lightning poured onto his body. Strands of flames engulfed him, and his figure could not be seen.

As the thunder flames dispersed, the smell of burnt flesh filled the air, making it impossible for anyone to resist covering their mouths and noses.

His body suddenly relaxed like a stone statue, falling down with incomparable rigidity, causing the dust on the ground to fly up and the life in his eyes to slowly fade away …

“This …”

Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes widened. When they came back to their senses, they sucked in a breath of cold air. They were both surprised by the sudden explosion and fearful of Zhao Shucheng’s vicious and merciless attitude.

They couldn’t help but think, if the person that was approaching Zhao Shucheng was him, then what would the result be?

After a while …

Zhao Shucheng’s eyes were filled with rage. “Bastard, someone knows who set this trap.” At this moment, he could no longer maintain his calm demeanor and was practically shouting out loud.

As a candidate to become a true disciple of the Grand Master, although his intelligence and martial prowess could not be considered top, he could still be considered outstanding. For him to participate in this Nine Abyss Meet, he already felt that it was a bit of a waste.

Everything was quiet and still.

At this moment, a deep voice sounded.

“I think the person who set the trap might be… “Leaves,” after pondering for a moment, Third Bro suddenly said.

Hearing this name, everyone present was stunned for a moment.

“It can’t be. Third Bro, could the Ye Feng that you’re talking about be the one that didn’t even have a master, the one that came from Lei Zhou City?”

“This… “I heard that person hasn’t even awakened his martial soul yet. How could he be fighting with some high-level berserk beast? He must be joking right?”

Liu Wen Dong’s heart skipped a beat and his face changed slightly. “No, Third Bro isn’t joking. The person he was talking about really could have done that.”


Everyone looked at Liu Wen Dong in shock. Although his reputation was not good, he was still quite famous. If these words came out of his mouth, it would give him a lot of credibility.

Liu Wendong’s thoughts also seemed to return back to two days ago, when Leaves had asked for directions to the Mysterious rank demon beast.

At that time, he thought that Ye Feng was just casually asking. Even if he did go to the Mysterious rank demon beast cave, he would have retreated knowing the difficulties and probably died in the stomach of the demon beast.

He was the only one who did not know that Ye Zifeng had turned the cave that the demonic beast was staying into ruins. Even when he was running away, Ye Zifeng was still in the mood to scam the crowd.

Third Bro let out a heavy sigh and continued.

“To be honest, Ye Feng once asked me where the Mysterious rank Demon Pet is. Later on, my junior sister, Yi Lian, also went with him. She said that she had to lead the way.”

As he spoke of the Junior Sister of the Third Clear, some of the familiar faces suddenly felt a chill in their hearts.

“Ugh …” That’s right, San Fu had a Junior Sister who had always been closely following him. Now, she had disappeared … “Don’t tell me that all of this was really done by Ye Feng?”

After everyone thought for a while, someone suddenly said,

“Wait, Third Bro, where is the spatial ring that you’ve been wearing?”

“Liu Wendong, where’s the Tiger Blood Belt on your waist?”

Hearing this, Third Bro and Liu Wendong paled. They still vividly remembered the miserable scene of Ye Feng dragging them into the small forest and robbing them of their weapons.

If the two of them were to reveal what had happened to them, they would no longer be able to establish themselves in the Gate of Wonders.

Therefore, both of their faces were red from holding their breath. They endured everyone’s criticism and suspicions without uttering a single word.

Zhao Shucheng looked at the two of them from the corner of his eyes and then turned around. The light in his eyes had disappeared.

“I’ve remembered it. It’s called Ye Feng …”

He turned his head slightly and looked at his companion.

“All of you, come over here!”

Those people’s hearts turned cold as they didn’t dare to look at him. It was obvious that they were still worried about what had happened just now.

After all, Zhao Shucheng had betrayed his teammates who were fighting side by side with him, and he had died miserably in front of all of them.

Some people, even until now, had not come back to their senses.

“Hurry up!”

Zhao Shucheng’s face turned cold and suddenly shouted,

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Everyone’s expression stiffened. Being stared at by Zhao Shucheng in such a manner, they had no choice but to bite the bullet and take a few steps forward, standing in front of him.

They were very clear that if they were to accidentally anger this future Successor Disciple, who knew what would happen to them in the future? Even if they didn’t die, they would definitely become crippled.

“Listen up, follow me to the exit of the Nine Abyss, intercept Ye Feng and take his high level fierce beast. Kill him on the spot.”

“This …”

Everyone was stunned as they looked at Zhao Shucheng with their mouths wide open.

In the Nine Abyss, although there wasn’t an explicit prohibition on students from killing each other, it was rare for someone like Zhao Shucheng to openly talk about killing others and snatching their pets.

Third Bro pursed his lips, and could not help but open his mouth. “Not so good, there might be a master and a real person watching us near the exit. You guys killed Ye Zifeng there, I’m afraid …”

If Zhao Shucheng hadn’t said it, he would have suggested that they search around nearby.

Zhao Shucheng coldly glared at him and snorted. “I, Zhao Shucheng, do what I do. I don’t need you, a mere disciple of a Daoist Master, to judge me.”

“I …” At that moment, San Fu was stunned speechless.

Zhao Shucheng’s eyes were as sharp as knives, cold and frightening.

“Let’s go!”

The spiritual cloud under his feet had formed. He waved his hand and the figures of people quickly followed.

A moment later, the others looked at the ruins and looked at each other. Then they scattered and continued to hunt the beasts…

… ….

the extension of the middle area of the Nine Abyss,

Ye Xue Yi chuckled. Her pretty face was full of joy.

“Haha, it’s a good thing brother Zifeng has a magic treasure to hide. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to deal with it this time.”

Liu Bing Qian looked curiously at Ye Feng: “But, I remember that Big Bro Bro didn’t go and buy any hide type magic treasures … …”

Ye Feng chuckled, but didn’t comment.

Actually, how could this magic treasure belong to him? Of course, he stole it from Liu Wendong’s side.

Liu Wen Dong didn’t use much magic treasure to attack, but he did use quite a few magic treasures to escape.

Of course, if he knew that Ye Feng had used up all the magic treasures he had collected, he would definitely be so angry that he would vomit blood.

“Oh right, Chen Wenyuan, can you continue to show me the movements of their groups on the chessboard?” Leaves’ face was solemn.


“En.” Chen Wenyuan answered. Then, he focused his mind to feel the spirit energy of the world. He sent it into the small chessboard. After the chessboard flickered a few times, stars began to appear and gradually became clear.

“Got it.” Chen Wenyuan’s face suddenly lit up. He quickly fixed the position of the chessboard and raised his head to look at Ye Feng.

Leaves held her breath as she walked towards the small chessboard. She squatted down and carefully observed the movements of the stars on the chessboard …

After a while, he withdrew his light from the board and raised his head, frowning deeply.

“This… “This is rather strange.”

Everyone’s heart trembled as they looked at him in doubt.

“What do you mean?”

Ye Feng muttered to himself, “The other teams don’t have any problems. Since it’s the last day of the pet hunt, we’ll head to our respective areas and hunt for demon beasts, but ….”

As he spoke, he pointed to a star on the board.

“But… “Look, this group of people are heading towards the exit at an extremely fast speed.”

Ye Xueyi thought for a moment, frowned, and probingly said: “This is also very normal … … “Maybe they can’t stand the atmosphere of the nine abyss and want to get out earlier.”

Ye Feng paced back and forth a few steps, and shook his head: “No, a team that can move forward at such a fast speed is definitely one of the best participating in this Meet. There is no reason for me to give up on such a good training opportunity, after all, the Nine Abyss is only open once every five years.”

Liu Bingqian was still confused, “Then that’s how it is … “Big brother, what do you mean by that?” “Big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother … big brother!

“What I mean is, maybe they want to stop us at the exit and take action against us.” Ye Feng said with a glint in his eyes.