The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 356

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Chapter 356


In reality, there was only one answer to the choice given by Ye Feng.

The demon fox frowned and thought for a while with a complicated expression on her face.

A moment later, she withdrew her finger from Ye Feng’s chest.

“Well, I promise. “I can follow you.”

When these words came out, the tense atmosphere immediately eased a bit. Everyone let out a long sigh of relief and put away their weapons and artifacts.

If the demon fox rejected Ye Feng’s suggestion, then there was no doubt that what awaited her was not a good thing.

Thus, one of them withdrew his hand and the other withdrew his sword. The tense atmosphere that was about to break out of them had disappeared.

“Great, Brother Zifeng!”

“That’s right, Brute Big Brother, congratulations.” Liu Bing Qian giggled, her beautiful eyes were shining, and she was sincerely happy for Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled lightly, and a hint of joy also flashed across his face.

Before the results were revealed, he didn’t have a certain level of confidence. What he had done was to do his best and leave it to the will of the heavens.

The demon fox hesitated for a moment before her charming voice sounded again.


Her clever words instantly made everyone tense up again.

Qing Xuan couldn’t help but say, “Demon fox, are you going to go back on your word?”

“Hmph. I don’t seem like a hypocrite like you humans. I have always kept my word. However, there is one thing that I must remind you of.”

Ye Feng laughed blandly, “What you are trying to say is that ten years ago, I had a feud with a Successor Disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Do you think that Successor Disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders would not let you off if he knew that you came out of the Abyss?”

The demon fox was shocked as she stared at the tip of the leaf.

“What? You’ve already thought about it.”

Her hatred for human men was undoubtedly one of the reasons why she wasn’t willing to be a human beast pet. However, there was also another reason. She was afraid that after she was brought out of the Nine Abyss, she would be viciously targeted by the people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

These nine abysses served as a prison for her, allowing her to lead a monotonous and simple life day after day. However, it was also a place to protect her. As long as she was still in the abyssal depths, no one would touch her.

Ye Feng smiled, “If you don’t even know how dangerous you will be, then you won’t have the right to have a Mysterious rank demon beast like you follow. Come, this is for you.”

As Ye Feng spoke, he handed over the blood contract he had just written to the demon fox. The blood contract only provided for the most basic things. It seemed that the demon fox was indeed given a lot of freedom.

The demon fox took the blood contract. She raised her head and looked deeply at Ye Feng, her gaze slightly moving. The temperament revealed by Ye Feng’s words was not as young as he looked.

“Are you really not afraid?” asked the fox after signing the blood contract.

Ye Feng laughed coldly, “Opportunity and danger exist at the same time. So what if I’m afraid? I can’t reduce the danger by even a little. Besides, this isn’t a problem you should be considering.”

“You’re right, this is not something I should consider. With so many teams rushing in from all directions, time is running out, it’s not a good time to chat.” The demon fox nodded with a smile. Her long eyelashes trembled, then she let out a sigh.

At this moment, she had unknowingly completely accepted Ye Feng’s suggestion.

After all, she did not want to die, nor did she want to fall into the hands of other unknown disciples and be treated as a lowly demon pet.

“Sigh… “Ye Feng, it’s a pity that you were impulsive and destroyed the beast refining command medallion. If the teams were to chase after us now, I would not be able to escape into the medallion. It’s not that I can’t escape on foot, it’s just that it would cost me my life.”

“It’s alright, this isn’t a big problem.”

Ye Feng slightly narrowed his eyes, turned around and looked at everyone, then laughed.

Immediately, he took out the second beast refining token from his spatial ring.

“What, you actually … there’s another one …” The Demon fox was startled and was so surprised that she couldn’t say anything.

Ye Feng laughed, “I won’t hide it from you. In this hunting competition, everyone is required to hunt for at most two pets. Therefore, the real people of the Celestial Sect of Wonders also gave us two beast-refining tokens.”

The demon fox was stunned speechless. She thought to herself, “I’m just telling you the truth.” She was obviously already “hiding it from me.” The aura that Ye Feng emitted when he shattered the beast token was just a cover.

At this moment, she had already spoken. The blood contract had just been signed and it was difficult for her to recover.

Thus, she stared at the tokens on the ground that were scattered into three or four pieces. After a long time, she suddenly felt a sense of helplessness.

“Sigh, cunning humans …”

… ….

Coniferous Forest, Peripheral Area,

“Everyone, hurry up. The source of that loud noise is right ahead. If I’m not wrong, someone is using a firearm to kill a large scale demon beast. Moreover, this demon beast is at least of the yellow rank.”

“That’s right. Just as Brother Zhao said, what are we waiting for? Don’t let others arrive too early. Yellow Rank demon beasts, don’t let them escape. It’s the last day of the Gathering of the Heroes, so let’s work harder.”


Numerous human figures shuttled back and forth between the leaves after their words sounded. Their movements could be said to be incomparably swift.

This team leader’s name was Zhao Shucheng. He was ruthless. In order to maximize his own benefits, he had already killed three students to snatch the demon beasts they hunted.

Not long after, they emerged from the forest and raised their heads to look at the scene before them. Everyone’s eyes were brimming with vitality.


They saw that there were already three teams in front of them.

“Why, another team has arrived, this is already the fourth team, right?” Third Bro knit his brows slightly, and the corner of his mouth involuntarily lifted into a bitter smile.

His team had been disbanded by Ye Feng, and his weapons had been taken away. As a result, he had no choice but to join the ranks of the others, in order to have a certain amount of development.

On the other side, Zhao Shucheng saw that there were so many teams present, so he gave up on the idea of killing them for their pets.

The cold light in his hand faded as he scanned the surroundings. He asked with some doubt, “What’s going on? I heard the sound of an explosion and immediately rushed over. Why is it that no one has participated in the battle yet? I didn’t even see a Demon Pet.”

Third Bro sighed. “We came here earlier than you did. We didn’t find anything.”

“This… “The battle won’t end that soon, right? Even if we have the chance to get back our Demon Pet, the ceremony that we signed will take a long time. There’s no way we’ll end it that soon.”

Zhao Shucheng’s brows slightly furrowed as he started to move around the surroundings in search of any clues.

His eyes were bright and his clothes looked especially smart. He had shiny black hair and a strong body. He was truly powerful and handsome.

And when he was about to open his mouth, saying, “Do not do any more useless things,”

Suddenly, Liu Wen Dong dragged Third Bro to the side with a serious face.

They didn’t get to know each other until the fight started. Originally, the two of them were on the verge of becoming mortal enemies due to Elaine’s incident. However, now that they had suffered a huge loss at the hands of Ye Feng, they could be considered to have a common enemy.

“Liu Wendong, why are you pulling me?” Third Bro glared at him unhappily and patted his sleeves, feeling as if he had been dirtied.

Liu Wendong shook his head, “Sigh, Third Encyclopedia, if it wasn’t for me scolding you, even Zhao Shucheng wouldn’t have known that you were trying to disturb others. Be careful, you might anger others, but you won’t even know how you died in the future.”

“What do you mean? Could this Zhao Shucheng be number one?”

When Third Bro heard this, his heart shivered. He looked at Shi Yan in confusion.

“He is a candidate to be a true disciple of Mysterious Gate’s master. Do you understand now?”

Liu Wen Dong said word by word with a helpless look on his face.

In shock, Third Bro almost blurted out: “What, becoming a true disciple, doesn’t that mean he’s half a true disciple?”

“So, now you understand what I mean,” Liu Wendong sighed.

He had initially thought that he would come here to fish for some benefits, but now that Zhao Shucheng was here, he no longer dared to take any action to steal his “prey.”

“This… “I still don’t know. Thank you for reminding me, Brother Liu.”

Third Bro’s heart thumped a few times. When he raised his head to look at Zhao Shucheng, his expression had already changed.

Suddenly, Zhao Shucheng’s gaze shifted to a spot above the ruins and stopped moving for a long time.

He took a few steps and arrived at the top in a flash.

“The aura of a demonic pet disappeared from here …”

“What? Brother Zhao, this isn’t possible right? Could it be that it had already been received into the Beast Refining Token so quickly?”

There were only two ways to receive a demonic beast. One was to make a contract with the demonic beast so that its owner could accept it into the token. The other was to take the initiative to enter the token by the demonic beast.

However, the latter situation was almost impossible to happen in the Nine Abyss,

After all, if a demonic beast had not reached the peak of the yellow rank or the Xuan rank, it could not speak nor communicate with humans. Naturally, it could not enter the Beast Refining Token of its own accord.

Zhao Shucheng nodded with a sullen face. His complexion slightly changed.

“I also know that this matter is a little strange, but since it has happened, I will assume that this matter is true. Perhaps this really is a peak Huang grade or even a Xuan grade demon beast …”

He paused for a moment before a smile formed on his lips. “It’s just that, although those hunting pets were powerful, they were heavily injured and left in a hurry, so it’s hard to avoid leaving behind some things of their own. For example, this …”

Therefore, while laughing, he approached a glass cover covered by a black cloth …