The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 351

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Chapter 351

Word for word. Its aura was extremely sharp.

Every word that the demon fox said … They were all from the bottom of his heart. It was like a huge rock. It struck right in everyone’s heart.

She raised her head. Her temperament was like an orchid. In his eyes … Cold air surged.

“Especially you. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] How dare you poison me? Don’t talk about becoming a demonic pet. I won’t tear you into a thousand pieces. “You can’t even dispel the hatred in my heart.”

The words were loud and clear.

After waiting for a while. However, she didn’t hear any response from the other side.

Her face was slightly embarrassed. Ye Zichen frowned. Then he lowered his head.

“Hello. What the hell… “Did you listen to what I just said?”

Originally. When she spoke her majestic words in all seriousness, However, Ye Feng acted as if he didn’t hear anything. The four of them had to move in separate directions. There were a few other things arranged.

After a long time. Ye Feng regained his senses. Ye Zichen looked towards the demon fox.

“Just now …” “Did you say anything?”

“You asked me what I said.” The demon fox’s beautiful eyes widened. His pupils contracted.

What he feared the most was not his opponent’s hostility. He ignored them all.

When the demon fox said those words that sounded like an oath, … However, Ye Feng ignored him. He simply treated her words as child’s play.

Ye Feng smiled. Staring at the other party, he said, “It’s just some words about refusing to be my Demon Pet, right? But you know… Some things… It’s not a unilateral negation of yours. is that we can avoid this kind of thing. Just like this time … Your Broken Tailed Demon Fox is unable to escape this calamity. ” At the end of the sentence … There was also a trace of coldness in his eyes.

The Demon Fox’s manic emotions. Once again, he was set on fire. In her eyes … It was as if he was only venting his anger. to quell the extreme pain that had spread throughout her body.

“Alright, alright, alright.”

The demon fox said three good words in a row. Her beautiful face alternated between red and white. It was obvious that he was infuriated.

“Just as you said just now …” That I am doomed. I’d like to see it. What confidence do you have to say such words? A mere poison pill … “Do you really think that you can do anything to this original body?”

Within her clear and cold eyes … A vicious expression flashed across his face.

And then … She raised her hand slightly. Circle after circle of force exploded. Blood Qi circulated like electricity. The light on his skin gradually brightened.

“So what if I only have 20% of my strength left?” [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] “Die for me.”

This time … She was no longer just controlling Fox Shadow. Even she herself. They also followed along. It was obvious that he was serious.

The claws and fingers of the fox were now more than half a foot long. Almost at the same time, she handed it to Ye Feng’s throat. The wind howled. The sound rang out in everyone’s ears.

As for Ye Zichen … It was obvious that the demon fox wanted to kill him.

“Good timing.”

… ….

“Sigh …” Chen Wenyuan let out a long sigh. He looked at the scene before him with rapt attention. He could not help but shake his head.

“Brother Chen.” “What are you sighing for?”

Chen Wenyuan’s face was solemn. “I was thinking …” Fortunately, we weren’t just following Wang Tianzhi. He fought with Ye ZIfeng. This opponent was extremely terrifying. “It’s far beyond my imagination …”

One of the gray-robed men was dissatisfied. Slightly disdainful, he said: “Heh heh…” I see this guy called Ye Feng. It was just a little bit too much. Brother Chen. Did you hear what he just said? Based on his strength … It was also worthy of humiliating a Mysterious rank demon pet. He actually dared to ignore the other party’s words. This was simply arrogant and conceited. “A fool talking about dreams.”

Chen Wenyuan looked at him snappily, “The one talking nonsense is you, right? The demon fox was in the middle of the situation. It was fine if he couldn’t see it clearly … Can’t you see that as a bystander? How could Ye Feng not value his opponent? It was precisely because of their importance that Ning felt this way. So every word he said … They were both infuriating the other party. I want the demon fox to be truly poisoned. ”

He paused for a moment. He raised his head. He continued, “So … If this Broken Tail Demon Fox was unable to defeat Ye Feng in a series of crazy attacks, then … He was only afraid of Ye Feng. “This is half of our victory.”

… ….

Ye Feng retreated thirty steps. The demon fox also chased after him for around thirty steps.

“Ye Feng. “If you have the guts, then don’t run.”

“You have guts. “Don’t chase after him.”

“You …” Since when did the demon fox encounter such a shameless person? However, her killing intent had already risen. A monstrous rage. If he didn’t vent on Ye Feng … Instead, he decided to forcefully hold back his words. He was going to suffer internal injuries.

Even though she was angry to the point that her internal organs were about to burn. However … Ye Feng slid like a loach. Every time she caught up, she was on the verge of catching up. The other side had used all kinds of methods to deal with them. He quickly dodged to the side.

Just as the demon fox felt an indescribable feeling of exhaustion arise in her heart … When he was in a slightly exhausted state …

“It’s about time.”

The expression in Ye Feng’s eyes suddenly turned stern. The corner of his mouth curved into a strange smile.

He sternly said, “Everyone!” As I said before, The Cloud Lord had four corners. Heaven Defending Sword … ”

After the demon fox heard this, she turned and left. Ye Zichen was stunned. Then, he started to laugh heartily.

“Ye Feng. Unexpectedly … It’s fine if you know the Pill Dao, but … He actually knew how to use arrays. He was truly a genius of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Speak. Which disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders are you? And when you put the skull down, I’ll give you a good seat. ”

“Zi Feng does not have a master. Even if it were a disciple, it would still not be enough. I can only be counted as… He came from Lei Zhou City’s Martial House. “He’s just an exchange student.”

The demon fox was stunned upon hearing this. He was extremely surprised, “What?” No master. Besides … “What the heck is an exchange student?”

Furthermore … In a rural area like Lei Zhou City … She was simply unheard-of.

“Compared to this … During the battle … Consider other issues. “Is it really good for you?” Ye Feng’s voice was completely emotionless. His eyes were as cold as the wind.

The other four people did as Ye Feng said. Stand on four corners. His expression was extremely solemn.

Unknowingly … It was already possible for him to defend the void.

“Heh heh. It was just an empty shelf. You just secretly learned a few of the Celestial Sect of Wonders’ spell formations. You dare to take it out and show it off? Not good enough. “I’m afraid you won’t even know how you died.” The demon fox scoffed. His eyes became stern. Control Fox Shadow. They followed closely behind Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled faintly. No comment.

Subsequently. He mumbled something under his breath. He seemed to be calculating something. He stared coldly at the Spirit Demon fox that was charging towards him: “The wind is like a snake, it is coiling around us. Attaching the sky to form. Snow machine. Your Martial Spirit, Wind King. “Hurry up and use it where my dagger is.”

The next moment. From Ye Feng’s hands … A sliver of golden light flew out. The Wind King’s dagger whizzed through the air and landed on the ground. Stabbing half an inch straight into it.

“Okay. “No problem.”

Ye Xue Yi had already made her preparations. And now, with her brother’s permission, The overwhelming cyclone was released. He recklessly danced in the air for half a meter.

A fierce wind raged. It brought up the loess that filled up the cave. layer by layer. It was extremely powerful.

With the Wind King Dagger as the center of the formation … It created a huge whirlpool.

The demon fox, who was almost in front of Ye Feng now, couldn’t help but be shocked. It was as if he was being pulled by a huge force. Ye Zichen took a few steps back.

“This… It can’t be … Logically speaking … With the formation bonus, it wouldn’t be that powerful … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

The demon fox sighed in her heart. He immediately controlled Fox Shadow. It had blocked Feng Yuan’s path.

This way … The pressure on the Demon Fox’s side lessened slightly. However, the sullen expression on his face appeared again.

“Ye Feng. Your people still have a few tricks up their sleeves. But I want you to regret it right away. “I couldn’t get rid of the corpse qi for you.”

As the sound of his voice faded … Demon Fox’s entire body. A strange white mist rose into the air. One after another, the corpse Qi started to take shape. It spread throughout the cave.

A cold, murderous, evil corpse aura. Once she used all her strength, she would be done with it. It was as if there was corrosion. In the air. It made a hissing sound.

Some of the rock walls had been corroded by the corpse gas. On the surface … It even started to slowly fall off.

“This… This feeling … “It’s too unbearable.”

“Cough …” “Save me!”

On Chen Wenyuan’s side. He could feel the changes in the surrounding air. It was so heavy that it was almost suffocating. One couldn’t help but deeply frown. A feeling of suffocation arose within him.

There was only Chen Wenyuan. Ye Zichen stared at Ye Zichen.

that can change the status quo. He was the only one left.

“Cloud for Feng Yang. They came down one after another. Qing Xuan. It’s your turn. I want to use the power of your Clear Wind Martial Spirit. Import into … “This way.”

Ye Feng smiled. The Wind King’s Dagger from a moment ago was pulled out. It was heading towards the top of the cave.

“Of course. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

Qing Xuan smiled sweetly. She raised her plain hands slightly. Spiritual light filled the entire sky and sprinkled onto the top of the cave. Soon after, under the operation of the Array Dao … It was like the arrival of a spring rain. It landed in every corner of the cave.

The aura of the corpse was originally filled with it. Under the effects of the Clear Wind Martial Spirit, which had a Cleansing Path attached to it, Instantly, it became thinner. After a long time. Most of the corpse aura. And just like that, it had gradually disappeared.

the rest of it. In other words, he was completely unharmed. We can’t do much harm.

“This …”

The demon fox was stunned. He was unable to utter a complete sentence for a long time.

One must know that … Her corpse aura … He had always been victorious. He didn’t expect that with the support of the formation, the Clear Wind Martial Spirit would appear. More than half of it had been purified.

“Bastard. “How preposterous …”

Actually. If it wasn’t for the fact that the demon fox had been poisoned by the super poison pill … His strength was less than 20% of his peak condition. The current her … How could he be so aggrieved?

“Snowy.” Your Wind King Martial Spirit will increase your strength even more. You must not let the demon fox move too much. Qing Xuan. Removal of residual corpse qi. “I still need to rely on you.”

“Naive … Ye Feng, you think you can trap me? Wait for the poison to strike me. “You think you can win against me this way?”

The demon fox coldly snorted. Ye Zichen stared straight at Ye Feng.

“Of course not. “If you wait for the poison to break out …” There are too many variables… ”

Ye Feng said. Ye Zichen glanced at Starlight and Liu Bingqian with a smile.

Suddenly. His expression suddenly turned cold.

“So… Wind energy drum. “Attach the fire and form it.”