The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 348

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Chapter 348

“That’s right. “It’s to block your path.”

Chen Wenyuan sneered. Hold out your own palm. He swung it in the air.

“Follow me!”

Seeing his actions … Suddenly. A few more people wiped off the blood at the corner of their mouths. He crawled up from the ground. He stood beside Chen Wenyuan. Together with him, they blocked Ye Feng’s path.

“Ye Feng. Don’t blame us for bullying you. Since no one could escape … Don’t even think about running away. “Leave it for me.”

With great appreciation … There will be brave men.

Chen Wenyuan and the others did not dare to fight the demon fox. However. If he were to match the tip of the leaf … They relied on their advantage of numbers. They were a lot bolder. He felt that he had a certain advantage.

Furthermore … What did six thousand gold coins mean?

This meant that … It was enough to cover up the reddest girl in the entire Heavenly Dao City. For a whole year.

Thus … Wang Tianzhi’s offer. It was enough to make their hearts pound.

Wang Tian Zhi looked up. He saw the scene of Chen Wenyuan and his men surrounding Ye Feng. In his heart, he immediately felt proud of himself.

“Ye Feng. I’m going to let you screw me, Wang Tianzhi. Now. Do you know what regret is? Even if Demon Fox is willing to let you go … “I will definitely not let you off.”

Ye Feng raised his head. Ye Zichen smiled. Ye Zichen looked around.

“So that’s how it is… I’m not going to deal with you. You guys … “He is actually going to face me …”

Chen Wenyuan’s eyes were incomparably gloomy, “You still dare to talk back?” [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] I’ve heard about you. As for pill refining … You have a set. However, in terms of strength … If you have the ability … “Let’s try breaking through the defenses of so many of us.”

Ye Feng smiled. It was surprisingly dull, “Do I need to break it?”

“You … What do you mean by that? [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] “You are courting death.”

Ye Feng smiled calmly. They didn’t say anything else. Ye Zichen looked at the Demon Fox’s position. He rubbed the storage ring with his spiritual energy. He held the glass shields covered by the black cloth in his hands.

Chen Wenyuan froze for a moment. They looked at each other. Loud laughter rang out.

“Look at this weirdo.” I asked him. It was fine if he didn’t answer. “Yet you are still doing these ridiculous things …”

“Yes, Brother Chen.” Unless it was a treasure he made himself. I have never seen any magical equipment like this. ”

“It’s a magic treasure I made myself.” Who do you think Ye Feng is? To think that you would be able to say such boundless words … “I don’t find it laughable.”

… … … … … … … …. One after another.

In contrast … It didn’t matter if the demon fox saw him. He looked carefully. The whole face changed.

So many bolts of lightning exploded together. Wouldn’t he be able to knock her cave up into the sky?

“Bastard. Who let you people hold him back? “Hurry up and let him go.” The demon fox’s expression suddenly changed. After resting for a short while. It was practically a stern shout.

If these small fries angered Ye Feng, then … Who would have thought that the latter would go on a rampage? what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done, what will be done.

And to tell the truth … Ye Feng had already finished refining the pill. Actually, it was a great help to Demon Fox. Then he had to go out. The demon fox then turned a blind eye to it.

“What?” “Let him go.”

Chen Wenyuan and the others were not clear about the power of the “Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao”. He was naturally puzzled by the Demon Fox’s explanation.

Logically speaking … He treated the demon fox like how Ye Feng treated him. It was time for him to take revenge. But now … Unexpectedly … Not only did the demon fox not attack Ye Feng personally, she also did not attack him. Yet now, she was actually speaking up for him. Help him escape.

This was simply … Unimaginable.

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying? I told you to let him go. Who would still dare to stand in front of him? Those who obstruct his path. In the future, when I kill you … “Then I will put you to death in a very short time.” “I will never go back on my words.”

The demon fox was completely focused. He didn’t even have time to think about how to chase after Wang Tianzhi. Her gaze was extremely sharp. Ye Zichen stared at Chen Wenyuan. It seemed that he had to wait until the results were out before he would stop.

After all. There was no Heart Cleansing Pill. At most, the demon fox would be able to endure the corpse gas’s corrosion. However … If the entire cave was blown up, It would be equivalent to losing his hometown.

As for Chen Wenyuan … And it was at this time that … Only then did he understand the meaning of Ye Feng’s “do we need to break the array?” From the start, he had wanted to rely on the demon fox to suppress them. To force them to self-destruct.

After a moment of silence.

Ye Feng smiled. He looked at the person who was standing in the middle of the road a moment ago. An aggressive young man in a white suit.

“What’s your name?” Just now … When you said you wanted to block the road, “It’s very positive.”

“Misunderstanding … Misunderstanding … I just slipped. He accidentally walked to the middle of the road. “I will make way for them now.” The man was sweating profusely. The feeling of being stared at by a demon fox. It was like walking through the gates of hell.

Seeing him admit defeat … Ye Feng didn’t pursue the matter any further.

“So that’s how it is … That person just now accidentally slipped. I accept that. Then … And you. “And you …”

Ye Feng gave them a step down. The other side began to mutter, one after another. Who would dare to go against a Mysterious rank demon pet’s intentions? Because … The lesson of the blood they ate just now … It was deep enough.

Everyone waited. After making way for the outside world … Empty. Only Chen Wenyuan was left. Ye Zichen looked over everything. He was speechless.

Ye Feng looked at him with a calm smile, “What?” Your brothers have all gone away. You don’t want to get out of my way. Could it be that within your heart … He was still thinking about those six thousand gold coins. Speaking of which … Don’t think about it. Even if these six thousand gold coins were a small sum … But you also have to be alive to take it. As for Wang Tianzhi … “Even more so, he must have a life to give it to us.”

“I …” Chen Wenyuan was stunned for a moment. After being reminded by Ye Feng … Obviously. He was also somewhat aware of this point.

He was always open to money. The temptation of six thousand gold coins … It was not small at all.

However … If he were to exchange his life for gold coins … He wasn’t serious enough.

In the final moment of his hesitation, the demon fox revealed an expression of determination. Suddenly, a loud shout was heard. He snappily replied, “What are you standing there for? Hurry up and f * ck off. “Do you really want me to take action myself?”

Chen Wenyuan saw the Demon Fox’s furious expression. Ye Zichen was shocked. The current him … Who would dare to stand in the middle of the road?

He pursed his lips. Ye Zichen forced a smile that was even uglier than death when he looked at Ye Feng. He then stood aside obediently. He didn’t move at all.

In this regard … On this path … It became extremely quiet. There was no one else present.

Wang Tianzhi watched from the side. He was stunned. His body was also motionless. He hadn’t expected … His reward of six thousand gold coins. In the end, not a single ripple appeared.

He didn’t want to let go of Ye Feng. However … However, he had no choice but to let it go.

“Big Brother Boorish …” You still have a way. He didn’t even make a move. “These people will make way for us.”

Liu Bingqian gave a faint smile. He covered his lips and said.

“Those who are qualified to stand in my way.” It was not their turn yet. And compared to this … The current us. He hadn’t completely gotten rid of the danger yet. “Let’s hurry up and leave.”

Ye Feng said. On the other hand, he gave Liu Bing Qian a meaningful look. Then, he smiled and made a gesture.

Liu Bingqian understood. He also chuckled softly. Ye Zichen nodded.


The two of them turned around to look at where the demon fox was. And then, one after the other … He quickly flew through the cave. His movement technique had been pushed to its limits. He rushed out of the cave …

… ….

Within the cave. The outer regions.

Ye Xueyi paced back and forth. His expression was one of utter impatience. Her beautiful eyes flickered with a peculiar light.

“Why hasn’t he come out yet?” Look at what’s written on this spirit paper. Didn’t Zifeng say he would? Another hour passed … He would come out with Bing Qianmei. How did it come to this? “There is still no movement from the head of the cave.”

She looked like she was about to cry. Her almond-shaped eyes were slightly red. “If anything really happens to Brother Zifeng …” “I don’t even know what to do anymore.”

Qing Xuan saw that Ye Xueyi was extremely anxious. If he knew that she was concerned, he would be confused.

“All right, Snowy. Don’t be too anxious. Half an hour hadn’t passed yet. You must believe in Ye Feng. Such a powerful figure like him … “How could it be possible for it to just fall to a Mysterious rank Demon Pet?”

As she spoke … Ye Zichen turned his head. He looked at Starlight with a smile.

“Tell me. Isn’t it so? Senior Brother Starlight … ”

Starlight pondered for a moment. His face was somewhat gloomy as he replied, “Actually. I think… ”

“Yes.” Qing Xuan ruthlessly pinched Starlight’s arm. On the other hand, his face revealed an incomparably brilliant smile: “Senior Brother Starlight. “What do you think?”

Starlight was stunned. His originally ugly face immediately turned much better. However, there was a faint feeling of pain.

“Haha. Junior Sister Qing Xuan’s words were extremely true. With Ye Feng’s ability, he was able to defeat Ye Zong easily. He was every second. He would be able to escape from the cave of the Fiery Gilt Steel Ores. “You need not be too worried.”

Even Elaine, who had been standing by the side for a long time. He comforted her, “Yes.” You don’t have to worry too much. Maybe you can calm your mind… Close your eyes and wait. When he opened his eyes … “Your brother has already appeared.”

Ye Xue Yi also knew that they were comforting her. Ye Zichen sighed.

“Sigh… If it is as you say, Brother Zi Feng could charge out of this cave in seconds. “How great would that be …”

As the sound of his voice faded …

Suddenly. Then, a whistling sound of wind came from the cave. A row of flames flickered continuously at the entrance of the cave.

All four of them were startled at the same time. They all looked at each other. A strange light shone in his eyes. He stared intently at the entrance of the cave.

Ye Xue Yi pursed her lips. He held his breath. It was as if he was about to faint. Her heart … violently shaking

“Could it be … “This is …”

After a short period of time. It was a narrow opening. Two figures, one in front and one behind. His body moved like a rainbow. He dashed out of the cave like a bolt of lightning.

“Brother Zifeng.”

“Sister Bing Qian.”