The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 347

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Chapter 347

“I also… “Useful.”

Wang Tian Zhi listened to Ye Feng’s explanation. He felt his scalp go numb.

He had never thought about it. There will be a day when …

When he was abandoned by almost everyone … It was Ye Feng who reached out to help him.

“I want to live … “Then what exactly should I do?” His throat moved. Ye Zichen opened his mouth in a daze. There was a slight tremor in his voice.

For the current Wang Tianzhi … She didn’t listen to Ye Zichen’s words. No doubt about it …

Listen to him … There might be a chance of survival.

So no matter what … Ye Feng’s words … It’s worth a try.

“First, I’ll put this pill in my bosom.” “Keep it safe.”

“Is it like this?” “And then?”

Wang Tian Zhi was stunned for a while. After doing so … Ye Zichen revealed a surprised expression on his face. He was puzzled.

“Then … “Actually, I don’t even need to say it.”

Ye Zifeng gazed into the distance. And then he laughed.

“Because it’s very simple … Just a single word. “Flee.”


Before Wang Tianzhi could react, … His sister had already begun to shout.

“Big Brother Tianzhi …” “Hurry up and dodge.”

In mid-air. Fox Shadow’s claws flew through the air. It was like a meteor that came crashing down.

Fortunately, Wang Tianzhi received a reminder from Ye Feng and his sister. After recovering from his shock, Han Li took a deep breath. He quickly dodged to the side. Only then did he manage to dodge the attack.

Shards flew into the sky. The dust dispersed.

Five long claw marks were left on the ground. 1 inch deeper.

If a person was caught by a fox claw … The consequences could be imagined.

“Ye Feng. I told you to stay in the stone room to refine pills. “Who allowed you to come out?”

The demon fox’s eyes were incomparably cold. He stared straight at where Ye Feng and the others were. Her beautiful face was extremely cold.

Ye Feng looked at her with a calm smile. He was silent and didn’t answer.

And then … As if she had understood something, she said, “Oh… I understand. Sure enough, you’re just lying to me. “You can’t concoct any Pure Heart Pill at all.”

“You said that I am unable to refine a Qi Cleansing Pill.”

Ye Feng laughed lightly, “Then tell me. “What pill is that hidden in his bosom?”

As he spoke … He stretched out his hand. He pointed at Wang Tianzhi.

The demon fox heard this voice. The expression on her pretty face changed slightly.

“In his arms …”

Just now … She had indeed seen the scene of Ye Feng giving the pill to Wang Tianzhi. However, he didn’t hear the conversation between the two.

Ye Feng smiled and explained, “The Broken Tail Demon Fox. Pay attention to your corpse aura. Is there a part of it? It was slowly flowing out of his body. “It is flowing to this medicinal pill.”

“This …”

The expression on the demon fox’s face changed. His eyes narrowed into a line. He could feel the corpse aura flowing through his body.

“That’s true…”

As expected. It was just as Ye Feng said.

Her body was emitting a corpse aura. A slight change began to occur. Streams of spiritual energy. in a manner unrecognizable to the naked eye. The blood flowed out of his body.

“Don’t tell me … This was really a Pure Qi Cleansing Pill. In such a short time … “You’ve already finished your refinement.” The demon fox’s face was filled with disbelief. Her beautiful eyes almost popped out of their sockets.


Ye Feng smiled. He said firmly.

“Then… [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] A finished pill … You can’t just give it to me. “What should I do for him?”

“Because I am not naive enough. to believe in the promise of a wild beast. And it’s a Mysterious rank demon fox with a bone deep hatred for humans. ” The corner of Ye Feng’s mouth twitched. With a slight smile.

The demon fox had promised him.

However … A demonic beast that hated human men to the bones. After getting rid of the corpse gas erosion. Who knew if he would make a move on himself.

Let fate have its way. is not a positive attitude. To put it bluntly, he was waiting for death.

His own fate … It should not be decided by luck. It was up to him to fight for it.

“You …”

The demon fox was stunned for a moment. He turned to look at where Wang Tianzhi was.

“Alright then … You can talk your way out of it. The result was the same. So what if you gave the pill to someone else? “It will soon fall into my hands.”

In her eyes … He began to reveal a solemn expression. He looked at Wang Tianzhi. It was obvious that he was planning to get serious.

Wang Tian Zhi saw that the demon fox had turned her spearhead towards him. His heart skipped a beat. He could not help but curse loudly.

“Ye Feng. “You tricked me…”

If he were to quietly wait for death … Then maybe he could leave a whole body. However, if it was a blow from the demon fox’s rage … The estimate was … It was just a scene of a thousand pieces of flesh being torn apart.

However. He had not finished speaking. He was still holding back the anger in his heart. He had no choice but to move his body.

“Sou sou sou!”

He saw the fox-shadow once again dash towards Wang Tianzhi. The ice-cold fox claws. As for Wang Tianzhi’s body … He slashed down viciously. The sound of the wind howled through the entire cave.

At this moment… Ye Feng’s voice sounded beside their ears. It was as clear as a bell.

“Is this really okay?” Demon fox. You hit so hard. With the intention of killing him. “Perhaps he will also shatter that pill.”

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] The fox’s movements slowed down as it controlled the fox’s movements. Even this strike didn’t have any strength left. It was slightly off course.

Erosion from ten-year corpse poison. This caused the demon fox to have an endless desire for the Pure Qi Pill. She didn’t want the pill to be destroyed by her own hands.

And so … Wang Tianzhi took the opportunity to deflect the claw. Stick close to the rock wall. With a flash. He had dodged the attack that Fox Shadow was prepared to deal with. He had barely managed to survive.

He panted heavily. Wang Tian Zhi didn’t even feel like cursing Ye Feng anymore.

The demon fox couldn’t help but frown. She was used to killing people. At this moment, he wanted her to show mercy. In an instant. On the contrary, he was somewhat unfamiliar with it. He failed to catch Wang Tianzhi several times. He was feeling a little anxious in his heart.

And so … “She turned her head back in anger.” I won’t kill him. “Then I’ll kill you first.”

However. When she really turned around … He looked carefully.

There was not even a shadow of Ye Feng left.

She looked around. Only now did he realize … Ye Feng and Liu Bingqian were speechless. They were currently running in the same direction as Wang Tianzhi. To run in reverse. He ran in the direction of the exit.

“Ye Feng. “You …” She was about to leave.

Ye Feng’s voice drifted over, “You came to chase after me. Just to vent his anger; to go after him. Yet, it could cure your ten-year corpse poison with pills. how to select… Was there anything more to consider? Not to mention … I still have ten Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao on my side. “You better not force me to use it…”

Hearing the two words “Dark Thunder”. The demon fox’s body visibly slowed down.

“You humans … “As expected, none of them are good stuff.”

She frowned. Gently, she gritted her teeth. In the end, she gave up on the idea of dealing with him.

After all. The previous four Heaven’s Path Dark Thunder containers had all been used. The explosion had opened the skylight of the cave. This caused the demon fox to be extremely fearful. At this moment, if Ye Feng were to use ten Dark Heavenly Thunder at once … That was definitely not a joke.

The most critical problem was … Liu Bingqian who was a hostage. He was already beside Ye Feng. Furthermore, he had been bound with all sorts of flowers. The situation with the cloth strips was different. The current her … Now, he had a certain ability to protect himself.

“Forget it.” At present … He had obtained this Purity Purity Pills. “This is the most important thing.”

The demon fox pondered for a moment. His mind was set. Thus, he did not waste any more time on idle chatter. He began to take action himself. One claw after another. To Wang Tianzhi.

Wang Tianzhi was being chased by Demon Fox. To complain incessantly. He ran like his life was on the line. The clothes on his back were torn. One claw mark after another caused his back to bleed profusely. It was too horrible to look at.

The demon fox wouldn’t attack his vitals. However, every time, he would suffer some minor injuries. They wanted to make him unable to endure. He was the first to fall down.

Wang Tianzhi’s perseverance was also extremely tough. He endured the pain. He gritted his teeth tightly. He blurted out, “Ye Feng! I really got my head caught in the door. I knew it. You are not so kind… Give me this pill. “He’s using me as a bait.”

“Then, if you have the ability …” “Throw the medicinal pill away.” Ye Wen’s melodious voice was heard.

“I …” He knew in his heart that … Once he handed over the pill … The demon fox would turn around and chase after Ye Feng.

However … Just like Ye Feng had said before. This pill … It was Wang Tian Zhi’s life. if you drop it on the ground. The demon fox would also no longer show mercy to him. Maybe the Demon fox was in a fit of rage. He would directly smack him to death with one palm.

Unless he intended to throw away his life. He still wanted to trick Ye Zichen.

Otherwise … The trap Ye Feng had set for him. He couldn’t break it. From the moment Wang Tianzhi received the pill … It was already destined that this would be the current situation.

It was just that during this moment of pondering … Two more claw marks appeared on Wang Tianzhi’s calves.

“Chen Wenyuan.” Don’t lie on the ground and play dead. He stood up and blocked Ye Zichen’s path. How many gold coins do you want? Four or five thousand. “I’ll give you everything.” Wang Tianzhi was furious. Blood kept pouring out of his mouth. Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and said.

Originally. The demon fox did not kill Chen Wenyuan and the others earlier. He had only injured them.

After all. Right now, the game hunt was not over yet. Even if they wanted to kill someone … According to her habits … He would have to wait until after the Meet ended.

“Is that true?” “Then I want six thousand.”

“You …” When Wang Tianzhi heard Chen Wenyuan’s bid, he immediately raised the price by 5000 gold coins. He suddenly felt depressed. However, he kept a mouthful of blood in his heart. Don’t throw up…

“Alright. As long as I can survive … “Six thousand is six thousand.” Wang Tian Zhi gritted his teeth. The pain was excruciating.

“It’s a deal.”

When Chen Wenyuan heard this, he was stunned. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. Xiao Yan’s heart moved slightly. He forced himself out of the crowd of injured people. He forced himself to sit up.

Although he had sustained quite a bit of injuries … However, he was still the little boss among these people. Things were slightly better. He was trying his best to heal his injuries. As long as he used his full strength … to get in the way of the average person. It was actually possible to do that.

Unfortunately … The person he wanted to stop … He wasn’t an ordinary person.

Instead … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

“You want to … “Stop me.”