The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 346

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Chapter 346

After a short period of calm …

Some people could no longer suppress the deathly silence. He escaped out of the city as if his life depended on it. He sprinted all the way.

“Oh my god …” Flee. “Quick, flee.”

“That’s right.” “How could I have met such a lonely star?”

The first man took the lead and fled. and the second person does it.

Out of conformity. The rest of the people looked at each other. He then quickly caught up.

The fear and terror on their faces … Overflowing with words.

Originally. They waited for more than two days before they went to find Ye Feng. He wanted to take advantage of the moment when Ye Xiao was weak. It took his life.

Who would have thought that … Now, don’t even talk about Ye Feng’s life. At this moment … They didn’t even see Ye Zichen’s face. The Xuan rank demonic beast hiding in the cave was instantly killed. He had been targeted with his life on the other side.

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] He was extremely unlucky.

“Want to run?” “Can you even escape?”

The demon fox let out a sneer. A stern look flashed across her beautiful eyes.

The fox shadow beside her carried an incomparable might. It shot towards the exit of the cave like a lightning bolt. Subsequently. It fell to the ground like a door god. A large cloud of dust was sent flying.

The exit of the cave was sealed off. Everyone stopped in their tracks. Shock and fear filled his face.

Some people’s thoughts … It also started to become lively.

“Demon fox. Do you know who we are under the tutelage of? If you kill us… Master will definitely not let you go. ”

“Isn’t it so?” I am the most beloved disciple of Adept Jeru. If you have the ability, you can kill me. “Be careful, he might tear down your entire cave.”

The voices of these people rose and fell one after another. The demon fox did not say a word. He only replied with a sneer.

Chen Wenyuan frowned. He barely managed to raise his head. He looked at the Demon Fox’s position.

“Demon fox. We have no enmity with you. You’re really going to kill us all. What reason do you have to do that? ”

The demon fox laughed. Coldness radiated from his eyes, “What you just said is laughable. Then let me ask you. You hunt for berserk beasts. When killing berserk beasts … “Do you need a reason?”

“We …” Chen Wenyuan was momentarily at a loss for words.

The slaughter between different races … Sometimes. There was often no reason for it.

Mercy and kindness. It was just that they were of the same race.

“Since you can hunt fierce beasts …” Why can’t we kill humans? Are we made? I am going to be hunted by you. “Be a demon pet for you humans.”

The Demon Fox revealed a strange smile. He continued, “That’s enough. All of you are the ones who are about to die … I don’t have to waste my breath. Let me see. Who would dare to make a move first? “Let’s start with who it is.”

As she spoke … As he spoke, he coldly swept his eyes over everyone.

The person that was being stared at by her gaze … All his hair stood on end. Terrified. He wanted to retreat. He didn’t dare to retreat too much. After all, behind them … There was also the existence of Fox Shadow.

Liu Bingqian who was at the side. She pursed her red lips. Her beautiful eyes sparkled. It seemed to be on the spirit paper in his sleeve. What was written on the brush …

… ….

On the other side. Following the departure of Fox Shadow … The fox claw holding Wang Tianzhi loosened.

Wang Tianzhi fell heavily onto the ground. Wang Mengxi was speechless. He cried out in alarm. He hurriedly stepped forward. Pick up her brother.

“Meng Xi. Help me to a place a little farther away. I really don’t want to see the faces of those so-called “brothers”. ” Wang Tianzhi’s chest was in unbearable pain. He also persisted and stood up. He let out a muffled grunt.

Wang Mengxi faintly sighed. Thus, he decided to follow his intentions. According to what he said … He supported her all the way to a secluded corner.

“Brother Tianzhi. Your injury. “Are you alright?” In her bright eyes … It was obvious that his face was filled with worry.

“Cough cough …” Meng Xi. It seemed like at the critical moment … His family would be the most reliable. “I was wrong before.” Wang Tian Zhi shook his head. He smiled bitterly. He felt a bit regretful.

Wang Mengxi smiled. Ye Zichen said seriously.

“Brother Tianzhi. If you truly knew that you were in the wrong … He would cultivate properly in the future. Raise your base level … “Don’t think about taking revenge on Ye Feng all day long.”

“I …” Wang Tianzhi had just returned from the gates of hell. His state of mind was naturally extremely complicated.

When he heard this, he was stunned. Thousands of thoughts flashed across his face. He carefully observed his sister’s incomparably serious expression.

After a long while, he said. Only then did he let out a long sigh.

“Meng Xi, you’re right.” Indeed. Everything was fake. Only by increasing his own strength would he be able to achieve such a feat. Sigh… It was a pity that this was the case. I understood it too late. Today, we will both fall at the hands of this demon fox. ”

“Maybe… “It might not end up like that.”

Wang Tian Zhi shook his head: “What do you mean by ‘not necessarily’. Didn’t you see what that demon fox did to me? She didn’t even move. He had only used the strength of Fox Shadow. “Just beat me up until I’m like this.”

He talked to himself for a while. He seemed to have realized something. Suddenly, his eyes focused. He was unable to continue.

“Hold on…”

The voice he had heard earlier … It wasn’t from Wang Mengxi. It was obviously one. The familiar voice of a man sounded.

“This …”

He looked up blankly. They looked at each other. He then turned around. His eyes were wide open. It looked like it was about to explode.

In the shadows of the corner. A handsome and elegant youth. He was nodding and smiling at them.

“Ye Feng.”

Wang Tianzhi was stunned as he looked at the man in front of him. He painstakingly chased after Ye Feng, who was trying to kill him. At this moment, when he was at his most heavily injured … It appeared in front of him.

And then … Ye Feng smiled. He placed his index finger on his lips. He made a “hiss” gesture.

This point. It was beyond Wang Tian Zhi’s expectation.

Soon, however … He came back to his senses. With a deep voice. Angry, “Ye Feng. You brat. “You still dare to stand in front of me?”

Wang Mengxi saw her brother become excited once more. He could not help but try to persuade him.

“Big brother …” You can stop for a moment. You forgot what you promised me. “Stop causing trouble for Ye Zichen.”

“I …”

Wang Tianzhi was stunned for a moment. His excited mood calmed down a little. His brows were deeply furrowed.

“But … Even if I let him go … He won’t let me go either. Perhaps … “He’s here to kill me.”

Ye Feng smiled. He immediately continued, “If I want to kill you … Why did he have to do it himself? The demon fox had intended to kill all of you. “You are no exception.”

As he spoke … Liu Bingqian smiled as she looked at her. As for the latter, he took a few spirit papers that were hidden in his sleeves and put them away.

Originally. Liu Bing Qian seemed to be silent. Actually, he had always been looking for an opportunity … He silently sent Ye Feng a message. They discussed and came up with a countermeasure.

All sorts of plans … It was already in the dark. The discussion was complete.

Even the location and timing of Ye Feng’s appearance. It was also something Liu Bingqian had told him after observing him for a while.Because before that … He did not guess that Liu Bing Qian would be taken away by the demon fox.

However. The plan is bound to change at random. to what extent can aftercare be achieved? This was also the key point.

“Then why did you come over?” “You can’t even humiliate me like this.” Wang Tian Zhi glared at Ye Zichen fiercely. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was severely injured, he would have died already. No matter what, he would not have a good conversation with Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, “I don’t need it. “I came here specifically to humiliate you.”

“From your tone …” “He even said that he wasn’t humiliating me.” Wang Tianzhi cursed out loud. At this moment, his mind was extremely sensitive. He could hear the contempt in the other party’s voice. Naturally, he was extremely furious and resentful in his heart.

Wang Mengxi shook her head. He pulled her brother. She looked at him deeply. He signaled him not to get agitated so easily.

And then … She looked up at Ye Feng, “Young Master Ye. I know that Tianzhi has been against you three times. It makes your heart feel bad … However, after this incident … I’ll talk him out of it. “I will not let him attack you again.”

Ye Feng smiled calmly, “It’s secondary if you don’t move now.”


Hearing Ye Zichen’s casual explanation, On the Wang siblings’ faces. Then, a trace of astonishment appeared on his face. The other side wasn’t afraid of going against him.

“Then what do you want to do?” Wang Tian Zhi suppressed his anger. In his eyes … However, most of them still appeared puzzled.

“If you still want to live …” Then … “Catch.”

Ye Feng chuckled. A glint flashed across his eyes. Then, a curve suddenly appeared. A dan bead was thrown to where Wang Tianzhi was.

Wang Tian Zhi was slightly stunned. Ye Zichen received the pill from Ye Feng. He placed it in his hand. He carefully examined them.

z. Its entire body glowed with a blood-red light. It was like a pearl in the night.

However. Because he himself knew nothing about the Dao of alchemy … No matter how long he looked at it … He did not know the name of this pill.

“Ye Feng. “What you gave me was …”

Ye Feng smiled lightly, “Ziteng Jing Qi Pills. In other words … “I will give this demon fox the pill that she refined.”

Liu Bingqian also looked over. Yan Ran smiled as she looked at the finished pill. There was a deep meaning in his eyes. After all. When she was communicating with Ye Zichen on the spirit paper … Although he had mentioned it before … However, after all … Seeing was believing.

“What?” “This is the medicinal pill that you refined for this Mysterious rank Demon Pet.”

Wang Tianzhi heard this voice. Ye Xiao was frightened and his expression changed. He felt that the pill in his hand was extremely hot. He was about to let go.

He finally understood. Why did this demon fox disturb Ye Feng’s cultivation when she heard she was going to concoct pills? He was going to be so angry. Originally. Ye Feng was concocting pills for her.

“Be careful.” Don’t fall down. This is your life. ” Ye Feng’s eyes were extremely cold. It was as if he was narrating the most objective of facts.

“I …”

On Wang Tianzhi’s face. She revealed an awkward expression, “Ye Feng. What you said… I just don’t get it. What does this pill have to do with my life? Furthermore… I did this to you. “Why did you save me?”

“The relationship between this pill and your life.” You’ll know in a minute. As for why I still have to save you. ”

Ye Feng thought for a while. He smiled and replied, “That’s because … “You still have some use …”