The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 344

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Chapter 344

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Wang Tianzhi laughed out loud. He looked extremely excited.

“I see this cave.” It doesn’t seem like there are many exits. After they entered the palace. Everyone was more nimble. Hurry up and get rid of Ye Feng. The first man to knock him down. I’ll give him more. “Two thousand gold coins.”

There will always be brave men in the midst of great rewards. At the same time, everyone’s interest was piqued.

“Two thousand gold coins.” “Is that true?”

“Brother Tianzhi. Aren’t you a little too generous? After all, he was a relative of Master Rui. “I hope that you can cover me more in the future.”

About Master Wang Rui. An awkward expression appeared on Wang Tian Zhi’s face. In a blink of an eye.

Wang Mengxi frowned. Seeing that he was too agitated … He couldn’t help but pull at the corner of his brother’s shirt.

“Big Brother Tianzhi …”

Wang Tian Zhi glared at him impatiently. “Don’t pull me. It was rare for him to come to the Nine Abyss. Let me do whatever I want for once. After this … “I do not know how long we will have to wait until the next time.”

“You …”

Wang Mengxi helplessly shook her head. If it weren’t for the continuous chopping of their blood, there would have been no way for her to survive this ordeal. She was actually … He really didn’t want to continue helping her big brother anymore.

Because … He didn’t know when it started … Her brother’s mentality had been completely ruined. Sometimes, even his own cultivation would be delayed. He also wanted to take revenge on Ye Feng.

“However… “This cave is a little strange …”

Chen Wenyuan was somewhat puzzled as he paced around the entrance of the cave. He frowned deeply.

Wang Tian Zhi was stunned. His face darkened. He immediately scolded: “Chen Wenyuan. What do you mean? I just got interested. “Are you trying to pour cold water on me?”

He was extremely depressed in his heart. Even Brother Chen did not bother to call out. but called him by his first name.

“No. “That’s not what I meant.”

Chen Wenyuan shook his head. He took a few more steps towards the cave. “If Ye Feng is inside …” It should be said that he was fighting with a demonic beast. However … Do you hear any sounds of fighting? ”

“This …” Wang Tian Zhi was startled. “Then maybe… Ye Feng had fought the fierce beasts. “The victor has been decided …”

“This is unlikely. Did you forget? Did he awaken his innate divine ability in the Heavenly Mystery Palace? Everything within a kilometer radius. He had his own ways of finding out. Since he can sense our approach … “How could he stay still in the cave …”

However. Chen Wenyuan said. It had not completely fallen.

At the entrance of the cave … The unique aura of a pill furnace continuously emanated from it. Like smoke. It spread out in all directions …

The aura of a medicinal pill …

Chen Wenyuan could not believe it. However, after he took a careful sniff … His expression couldn’t help but turn aghast.

“What?” should not. Ye Feng was in the cave. “Pill refining …” Wang Tianzhi was stunned. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. motionless. He stood there like a block of wood.

Chen Wenyuan had an ashen face. He said with slight embarrassment.

“This should be… “It’s very possible.”

Everyone looked at each other. At the same time … Discussions broke out everywhere.

“Oh god …” What did he think of the Hunting Competition? In such a dangerous place. “I can still calm my heart and refine pills …”

“Heh heh. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] I think… And for us, this is going to be a very difficult thing to do. “It might be a great chance to defeat Ye Feng …”

“That’s right.” I see now. He must be wholeheartedly concocting pills. Thus, he neglected to use his innate divine ability to scout the surroundings. This is great. We can catch him off guard. ”


Wang Tian Zhi regained his senses. The corner of his mouth revealed a proud smile.

“Brother Chen.” This time … “You should have nothing else to say.”

“I …” Chen Wenyuan smiled helplessly. He wanted to say something. However … He saw the excitement in the crowd. There was nothing he could say. It was all in vain.

And so … He smiled in agreement. He nodded, “I have nothing else to say.”

Wang Tian Zhi laughed heartily. He turned around and looked at everyone.

“Did you hear that?” That little brat, Ye Feng, was kept in the dark. He was concocting pills in there without knowing anything. Then why are we all waiting here? He rushed in. “I took him by surprise.”

A sneer appeared on Wang Tian Zhi’s face. With large strides, he dashed into the cave. Killing intent surged in his eyes…

“We’ve finally won.” He silently said in his heart.

… ….

Within the stone room.

The roasting herbs have been completed. The fire of the pill furnace was extremely strong.

Ye Feng’s expression was calm. Gazing at a certain spot on the pill furnace: “Bing Qian.” I want to use the Spirit Level Flame to light up the thirty-two stars of the Mysterious rank pill furnace. “Prepare yourself immediately.”

“Alright. “No problem.”

At this moment. Even if he was just a layman … One could also see that … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] He was about to reach the crux of the matter.

The demon fox stood to the side. She charmingly looked at the two of them concocting pills. Her beautiful eyes occasionally revealed a contemplative look. Occasionally, he would reveal a little bit of anticipation.

Now. The alchemy abilities of Ye Feng and Su Li were quite high. She no longer had any doubts. The only one who felt that there was something lacking in beauty was Lu Li. This was the pill refining speed of the other party.

However. The so-called slow work out of fine work.

Compared to the corpse poison that she had been infected with for a whole ten years, this was much worse. Even if she really did wait a little longer … So what? The pursuit of high quality medicinal pills. This was the attitude of an apothecary.

So for this, This did not make her suspect anything.

While the demon fox was still busy doing nothing … Suddenly. A wave of faint fluctuations. It flew into the demon fox’s mind from a distance.

Her delicate body trembled slightly. A moment later. An angry expression appeared on her beautiful face.

“Hmph. Where did this monkey come from? How could he be so ignorant? Not early, not late, not yet. It just so happened to be at the critical moment in the process of concocting pills ….

Ye Feng’s expression changed slightly. In his eyes … A bright light flashed.

“Oh. “What do you mean by that?”

Liu Bing Qian was the closest to Ye Feng. He also noticed his current expression. Thinking about how he wanted to stall for time. She began to understand.

The “monkey” that the demon fox spoke of. Perhaps … It was that Ye Feng had used some sort of method. deliberately attracted.

“Outside the cave.” Suddenly, over ten disciples of Celestial Sect of Wonders arrived. All of them were brimming with killing intent. It was as though he was trying to destroy this cave. “How preposterous …”

The demon fox raised her head. He glanced at the two of them, “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. This has nothing to do with the two of you. You can continue to concoct pills. I’ll go out and control the situation. ”

However. She had only taken two steps. However, he felt that something was wrong. Ye Zichen turned his head to look at Liu Bingqian.

This was because … She suddenly thought of something. If he left just like that … If Liu Bing Qian took the opportunity to escape with Ye Feng … What should he do then …

“Right. “You two …”

Before she could say anything else … Ye Feng already spoke first, “Rest assured.”

He gave a faint smile. He took out the blood contract from his spatial ring. “We can’t finish refining the Heart Cleansing Pill in one day. You don’t run off in a day. In the blood contract … Add this clause. “What do you think?”

As he spoke … While he was speaking, he had actually pierced his finger. It drew a bloody line. It really was written on the Blood Pact.

“You …”

The demon fox paused for a moment. He chuckled and said, “You seem to be quite good at it.” This sovereign really likes you. However… Even so … “I will still not agree to your request.”

“What?” “Then what do you want to do …” Ye Feng slightly frowned. The reaction of the demon fox. It was quite different from what he had expected.

A demon fox has a suspicious nature. It’s better to place your hopes on someone else. He still wished that he could lead it himself.

“I will bring Liu Bing Qian with me. Let’s go meet those guys who don’t know anything. As for the matter of concocting pills here … “I believe that you can handle it alone.”

“But … “I can’t do it alone…” Ye Feng was shocked. A helpless smile appeared on his face.

Once Liu Bing Qian was brought along by the demon fox … How could he wait for an opportunity to escape?

The demon fox stared at Ye Feng’s eyes, “No. You can do that. I don’t understand anything else. However … I can see it. Since you have the ability to concoct this’ Heart Cleansing Qi Pill ‘… “This bit of strength is still there after all.”

“I …”

As they spoke … Multiple footsteps could be heard from the cave.

The corners of the Demon Fox’s mouth twitched. A cold smile appeared on his face. “That’s enough. I won’t say much more. “I’ll head over first …”

… ….

Once Wang Tianzhi and the others charged into the cave … Ye Zichen searched for traces of Ye Zichen. On the other side, he killed all the small demonic beasts along the way.

“The aura of the medicinal pill …” It was already very close. Everyone increased their efforts … “We’ll be able to go and kill Ye Feng soon.”

Wang Tianzhi laughed out loud. He was overjoyed. And don’t forget to encourage everyone.

“What is this medicinal pill?” What’s the use of it? “Do you know …”

Wang Tian Zhi replied snappily, “Who cares what kind of pill it is. What’s the use of it? In short … As long as it was a pill made by Ye Wen … “Then throw them all into the furnace and turn them into slag.”

As he spoke … Suddenly, he felt the corner of his clothes on his back. It was as if someone was pulling at him.

“Meng Xi. Don’t pull me. I have made up my mind. “No matter how much you try to persuade me, it will all be in vain.”

Wang Mengxi stared ahead in a daze. Her bright eyes were filled with a strange light.

“That’s not it.” [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Those words just now … “Who do you think said that?”

Wang Tian Zhi was slightly stunned. He turned around and looked at everyone. He saw that they were all dumbstruck as they looked at the spot in front of them. Even Chen Wenyuan was the same. Immobile. It was as if he had been petrified.

Those words just now … Apparently, it didn’t come from their mouths.

“What are all of you ….” Wang Tianzhi was stunned.

And so … He pursed his lips. He forced himself to calm down.

He followed everyone’s gaze and looked over.

“Liu Bing Qian … “Also…”

Surprisingly, it was a huge fox shadow that blocked the entrance to the street.

Beside Fox Shadow. And there stood a beautiful and beautiful woman. Right now, he was staring at them with a cold expression. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

And those words just now … It was something that came from the heavens. From her mouth …