The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 343

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Chapter 343

Within the cave. The mist evaporated.

The energy of the pill furnaces. Just like a light curtain. Floating in the air.


Ye ZIfeng yelled out, “Scram!”

Suddenly. It emitted a devilish light. It was attracted by the blood-red flame on Ye ZIfeng’s fingertip. At that moment, he was able to see through the bottom of the furnace. straight into it.

“Spirit rank flame.”

The demon fox was startled. A glimmer flickered in her charming eyes. He stared at Liu Bingqian and Ye Feng blankly.

Just now … She could see very clearly.

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] It was undoubtedly an ordinary flame.

However … Once it was merged with Liu Bingqian’s mortal fire … The two fused together. It had directly risen into a spirit rank flame.

“So that’s how it is …”

The demon fox nodded in realization. “No wonder you asked this noble one to untie this girl called Bing Qian. Unexpectedly… She was not only an alchemist. “Furthermore, it has such a special effect.”

Ye Feng smiled. He gave her a deep look.

“Since you’ve seen her in action …” Why not untie her completely? Once he had her help … Without a doubt. “The success rate of refining the ‘Z Heart Pure Qi Pill’ will be much higher.”

Originally. Ye Feng was afraid that the other party would not believe him. Thus, at the beginning … He only proposed to release the rope tied around Liu Bingqian’s hand.

After all. This demon fox was very suspicious. He didn’t want her to see the evidence with her own eyes. She wouldn’t easily believe Ye Feng’s words.

“This …”

The Spirit Demon fox pondered for a moment, “It’s as you said. She could indeed be of some use. Alright. For the sake of this’ Purity Purity Pills with one’s heart ‘… I will only listen to your words … I understand that you all are under this sovereign’s watch. “I can’t play any tricks either.”

If Ye Feng could really concoct the Zhizhi Purity Pill … If he could permanently remove the corpse qi from his body … Then she would be rid of her nightmares.

For her. This was the most important thing that he truly cared about.

“… “Go and untie her.”

“Alright.” Ye Feng smiled. He walked to Liu Bingqian’s side. “Take out the Wind King’s Dagger.” “Whoosh! Whoosh!” He then cut off all the ropes.

“Bing Qian. “How do you feel?”

“Brute brother …” Liu Bing Qian immediately took out a piece of cloth from her mouth.

She had just been given a chance to speak. Her beautiful face immediately turned red. He even coughed a few times.

Clearly … She had been stuffing her mouth with a piece of cloth for too long. Disorder of breath. For a moment, he didn’t adjust to it.

“Big Brother Boorish …” You. He could clearly walk. “Why did you stay and be a hostage?”

She still remembered the scene when Ye Feng took the initiative to be the hostage. This caused her heart to feel warm. However, it also made her feel extremely worried for Ye Ci.

“I’m leaving. You will die for sure. I won’t go. You will have a chance of survival. And now … Bing Qian, listen. As long as he could concoct the ‘Heart Cleansing Qi Pill’ later … “The two of us can live on.”

Ye Feng used the fastest time possible. The most direct words … and explained the current situation.

“What?” We still have a chance at survival. ”

A strange look flashed across Liu Bingqian’s beautiful eyes. It was obvious that he was greatly shocked by this news. After all. To her … He still did not know what had happened to the demon fox.

She pursed her lips. Just as he was about to say something …

Ye Zichen laughed softly. He turned around to look at Demon Fox, “Can you give us a moment of time? The only thing he could do was comfort her. Only then would he be able to refine medicinal pills. And you don’t want… This pill was none other than the Heart Cleansing Qi Pill. “There must be a flaw.”

The demon fox was already frowning as she spoke, “The human race has many things to do. How could he not comfort her with a pill? Alright. I count to ten. Time passed. You know, you know, you know, you know, you know, “Hurry up and start forging.”

“Alright. “No problem.”

The demon fox looked at him coldly. There was no need to be polite, “I will start counting now. “Ten, nine …”

Ye Feng smiled. He turned to Liu Bingqian. She gazed at her soft, jade-like hands.

“Bing Qian. Are you mentally prepared? ”

“This… Preparations for pill refining. It had been done long ago. “We can start at any time.”

Liu Bingqian was embarrassed by his stare. Jade flour on the cheeks. He couldn’t help but lower his head.

And just at this moment. Ye Feng smiled. He suddenly took a step forward. He was like a thunderbolt. Grasping her small hand tightly.

Liu Bing Qian felt a chill in her heart. Her beautiful eyes widened. It was almost a soft exclamation.

“Big Brother Boorish …” “This is…”

She had not expected this. The mental preparation Ye Feng spoke of … It had nothing to do with pill refining at all.

Furthermore … In her memory … This seemed to be the first time Ye Feng did this in front of others. He took the initiative to hold her hand.

“A little bit. “Have you calmed down a little?” The smile on Ye Feng’s face was extremely warm.

Hearing this, Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat. A faint blush appeared on Liu Bingqian’s pretty face. He really wanted to find a place to hide …

What calmness. He was clearly panicking even more …

As for this scene … In the eyes of the demon fox … It was just a flirtatious scene. There wasn’t much to think about.

“Six, five…” The cold voice of the demon fox resounded in Ye Feng’s ears. Remind them. The time left was limited.

However, after a while. Leaves had her back facing the demon fox. The warm smile on his face gradually faded.

Replacing. It was a word for word made by Ye Feng.

Liu Bingqian raised her head. Ye Zichen looked at him blankly. She understood what he meant. Her charming mind instantly cooled down.

Two words: Spirit Paper.

Her heart skipped a beat. His face was still expressionless. It was as if he was going to bury his head in Ye Feng’s chest. It had completely disappeared from the Demon Fox’s line of sight. This way … She would soon discover that something was amiss.

At the same time. Her slender jade-like hand curved slightly. He could sense the hidden item in the man’s big hand.

As expected, it was the touch of the spirit paper.

Originally. Previously, when she had taken out the spirit paper, she had felt that something was off. Being attacked by the demon fox … So much so that all the spiritual paper was left outside.

Ye ZIfeng thought of this situation. And so … He took advantage of the time that was easily mistaken for flirting. He gave her this spiritual paper as a supplement. Conveniently for subsequent communication.

The demon fox only gave him a moment of time. However. This didn’t mean that … One cannot do anything else. He was going to use this period of time to the limit.

Because of luck. It was often given to him by the heavens. But the degree to which each person can take advantage of luck. The difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Four, three…”

And then … Liu Bingqian pursed her red lips. He was about to hide the spiritual paper in his sleeve.

On the last piece of spirit paper … It was actually not blank. There were four words written on it.

“Delay for time.”

What do you want to procrastinate for? Could there be reinforcements coming?

Liu Bingqian was surprised. Ye Zichen looked up at Ye Zichen. They looked at each other …

It was at this moment.

“Two, one.”

The demon fox frowned deeply. A strange look flashed across her beautiful eyes. He took a step forward. Just as he was about to open his mouth and say something …

However, at the same time … Ye Wen smiled. He turned around.

“Time is up. And Bing Qian had more or less adjusted herself. “I can start concocting pills now …”

“… “Alright.”

The demon fox came back to her senses. His face lit up: “At least you’re sensible. If you drag it out any longer … I’m really going to be suspicious. “Don’t you even know how to refine this’ Zenith Pure Qi Pill ‘?”

Ye Feng chuckled, “Let’s wait and see.” “The two of us will start concocting pills now.”

As he spoke … She gave Liu Bing Qian a look.

“Bing Qian. Listen to me carefully. Always ensure quality. “Refine this Qi Cleansing Pill properly.”

A glint flashed across his eyes. The corner of his mouth raised into a slight smile, “If you understand, then.” Then let’s begin. “Let’s bake the herbs with a small fire first…”

… ….

Within the cave. Coniferous Forest.

Wang Tianzhi, Chen Wenyuan and the rest of the group walked briskly. His figure was like a lightning bolt as he shuttled back and forth in the forest.

The dust of their gallop. Flying in the air. It frightened all kinds of birds and beasts into retreating.

“Brother Chen.” “Is Ye Feng really nearby this place?”

Wang Tianzhi slowed down his pace. Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He glanced back and forth a few times.

However … Don’t talk about Ye Feng. He didn’t even notice a shadow.

“Of course, it’s nearby. I, Chen Wenyuan, have been under the tutelage of Taoist Jeru for a long time. Struggling against an enemy … “It’s so rare for you to be able to knock me down.”

Chen Wenyuan coldly snorted. He ran. He stared at the small chessboard in his hands. He saw that at the top of the star, Streams of weak spiritual energy flowed out from it. that led him to keep running.

“Soon. “It should be a short distance ahead.”

However. As soon as his voice fell …

The spirit energy on the chessboard seemed to have suddenly been cut off. Suddenly, he shot up into the sky. As for that star … However, the light gradually dimmed.

Ye Zifeng’s Spiritual Qi Trail. It ended just like that.

They looked at each other. The astonishment in his eyes was obvious.

“What?” This … “That’s unlikely.”

Chen Wenyuan was stunned. Ye Zichen stopped. Staring at his own chessboard, he fell into a daze.

He stopped at the same time. There was also Wang Tianzhi.

At this moment. He gave Chen Wenyuan a deep look. The excitement in his heart cooled down. He was naturally a little depressed in his heart.

“Brother Chen.” Didn’t you say that making enemies wouldn’t be difficult for you? Furthermore, Ye Feng was a living person. As long as he didn’t die … How could the traces of spiritual energy be possible? “It was cut off for no reason at all.”

“Meng Xi. That’s right, Meng Xi. Try it with your magic treasure. Can you track down Ye Feng? ” Wang Tian Zhi hastily turned his head to look at Wang Meng Xi. Her face was filled with anticipation.

“This won’t do. Eldest Brother … I tried it just now. The aura of the leaf tip … “It has indeed ended here.” Wang Mengxi helplessly sighed.

“What?” “This…”

Wang Tianzhi heard this. It was like being hit by a giant bell. His face darkened even more than before.

“This… “Don’t be discouraged.”

Chen Wenyuan frowned deeply. Xiao Yan mused for a moment. He raised his head. He scanned the surroundings.

Suddenly. His gaze fell upon a stone cave not far away …

Instantly. His eyes narrowed slightly. He couldn’t help but walk in that direction.

“If I’m not wrong … The spirit energy on Ye Feng’s body was extremely dense. “It should have broken in this stone cave.”