The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 342

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Chapter 342

Before Ye Feng could reply … The fox then continued.

“But … “If you fail…”

She stared coldly at Ye Feng, “That would be deceiving me.” At that time … I will make you want to die, to beg for death. ”

“Sure.” Ye Wen smiled. Ye Zichen nodded.

The demon fox’s eyes lit up. He felt that it was not enough yet. He then added another sentence.

“Not only that … This was the result of Bing Qian. “It’s the same.”

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] It was all a lie.

If Ye Feng really did believe the demon fox’s words … He believed that she would return Liu Bing Qian’s words after the Huntress Competition. Then, what he had been waiting for … He would only be the pile of bones of a beauty.

“I can’t refine a medicinal pill …” “Naturally, everything is up to you.”

Ye Feng smiled and said, “Apart from these, what else do you have in mind?” “Do you have anything else to say?”

The demon fox pondered for a moment. Ye Zichen shook his head.

“If not … So, as I said, Go and prepare the medicinal ingredients for me. “Drunken Dragon Grass, Red Spirit Returning Fruit, Snake Desire Fruit, Smoke Fruit, Anorexic Flower …”

Ye Ci’s words were like a barrage of cannonballs. Hearing this, the demon fox was stunned.

“Wait a minute. These medicinal ingredients that you mentioned … I don’t know most of them. How do you want me to prepare it? ” The demon fox’s face darkened. He frowned slightly and said.

“About this… I actually already bought and prepared most of the herbs. However … Furthermore, we still lack such special medicinal ingredients as the Scarlet Recovering Spirit Fruit … ”

The demon fox’s expression darkened. His expression changed slightly.

“Then what should we do …” Even if there was a lack of medicinal herbs … Thus, he was unable to refine this pill. ”

Ye Fang smiled and said, “It’s not that there’s no other way.” It just so happened to be outside the cave. I remember seeing it. With the existence of this Scarlet Recovery Fruit. Otherwise … “Let’s just let Bing Qian go out and harvest it.”

The demon fox’s face lit up, “Are you serious? Then what are we waiting for? Get her out of here. “We have harvested the Scarlet Spirit Fruit this time around.”

She suddenly stopped mid-sentence. His eyes lit up. He finally understood what was going on.

“Oh. I understand. I almost fell for your trap. You want her to slip out of this cave? “Waiting for an opportunity to escape, right?”

“I didn’t say that.”

In Ye Feng’s eyes … A faint light flashed. His expression was unreadable.

“You didn’t say that. “But don’t think you can fool me.”

She glanced at Ye Feng meaningfully. She looked at him and said, “Why did you let Bing Qian go out to gather herbs?” “Just follow me outside.”

… ….

Outside the cave. Coniferous Forest.

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox scanned the surroundings for a while. He saw something close to the cave. It was a complete mess. Just like a ruin …

The image of the fox she created was curled up at the side. It was unknown how many times smaller it was.

“Ye Feng. I really don’t know what method you used … It was actually able to release that strange bone creature. It was on par with the foxes I had created. One had to know that in these past ten years … I haven’t met anyone yet. “Someone who can block this fox’s attack.”

If Fox Shadow could defeat Ye Feng from the very beginning … Then … Ye Feng couldn’t even enter the cave. There was no such thing as a Dark Thunder Constellation. It was a chance to threaten the demon fox. He was just like Liu Bing Qian and the rest. They were all tied up. Can’t move.

Ye Feng gazed into the distance. He didn’t know where he was looking at.

A moment later. The tiny wisps of spiritual qi merged back into his body. A bright light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes. The corner of his mouth curved into a smile.

“Ghastly Shadow. “How are you?”

However. At this moment, Spiritshadow was rather weak. He was so tired that he could barely speak.

She panted several times. He had just calmed down a little.

“Brat …” Don’t mention it. You want me to block it for an hour? But how much time did you actually go in there? “Do you really have the nerve to say that out loud?”

Ye Feng smiled calmly, “I told you to stop it for an hour. You’ll try to get used to the other side’s fighting style. Once he got used to it … In that case, he would be able to block the opponent. “Then, it would not be too difficult to achieve it.”

“You …” Spiritshadow was stunned for a moment.

He talked for too long. It would crush Ghastly Shadow’s confidence. However. Too short a time. It was also easy for people to have the mentality of counting down. His heart only wanted to complete the mission.

Thus … Make a reasonable time target. is that you can often get amazing results.

“All right. Rest well first. When I need you … I will call you again. ”

Ye Feng said. He opened his starry eyes.

“Ye Feng. Ye Feng … ”

In front of his eyes. The demon fox was very close to him. Her charming eyes were filled with an indescribable charm. Her little nose was slightly raised. Her face was as white as jade. Yan Ruo Chao. Long, dark hair spread out. She was truly beautiful beyond compare.

It was no wonder that a Successor Disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders had taken a fancy to this demon fox. Even Ye Feng was shocked. He could not help but become a little foolish.

The Spirit Demon fox couldn’t help but remind him, “You’ve been in a daze for a long time … I thought you were going to sleep. ”

Ye Feng came back to his senses. Ye Zichen smiled.

“Maybe he didn’t sleep for a few days. “It’s too tiring …”

A demon fox has a suspicious nature. Naturally, he was skeptical. “Really. “It’s that simple …”

“All right. Never mind the little details. The reason we came out… “It is time to find the Scarlet Spirit Fruit.”

Demon Fox looked at him unhappily, “It’s not us. It’s you alone. It’s not like I know anything about the Scarlet Returning Spirit Fruit. Look for me and come back. “You’re not allowed to stare blankly again.”

“Alright. “Wait a moment.”

Ye Feng smiled and nodded. He then walked forward by himself.

He walked occasionally. Now and then he stopped to take a look. His eyes were unfocused. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Inadvertently … Streams of spiritual energy came from beneath his feet. It slowly flowed in all directions …

… ….

It was unknown how much time had passed. When the demon fox reached her endurance limit … Finally, she could not stand it any longer and stood up.

Ye Feng was not far away. He slowly stepped back.

“This sovereign has given you enough time, right?” Is it good or not … “You are not allowed to lie to me.” The demon fox glared furiously at Han Li. Her pretty face was filled with coldness.

Ye Feng smiled calmly, “Of course. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] “It’s all collected by me.”

“That’s good …”

The demon fox was first overjoyed. Then, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t right.

She raised her head in a daze. “Wait. What did you say? [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Could it be a medicinal pill? Corresponding to one Scarlet Recovery Fruit huh. ”

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen shook his head.

“Of course it’s not that simple. This was a pill that could purify one’s heart. At the very least, he would have to use ten Red Recovery Fruits to refine it. The rest of the supplementary ingredients … “I will need quite a few.”

The demon fox gaped at him. He said somewhat angrily, “This… “You never told me that before.”

The medicinal ingredients of this coniferous forest … In her territory. She had always regarded him as her own family.

“Then you didn’t ask me.”

The demon fox frowned. He wanted to step forward. Look at the situation over there.

However. She was about to leave. However, he was stopped by Ye Feng.

“All right. Compared to this Scarlet Recovery Fruit … For you… He wasn’t refining the Zenith Pure Qi Pills. Is getting rid of the corpse poison more important? ”

The demon fox pondered, “This …”

Actually. Ye Feng was right. If he could really concoct the ‘Heart Cleansing Qi Pill’ … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Even if he gave all the herbs in the forest to Ye Feng … So what?

However, the crux of the problem was that … Ye Feng had not concocted the pill yet. No matter how you look at it, It was as if they had only given him an illusory promise.

“Let’s go. Go back now. “I will let you refine the ‘Zenith Pure Qi Pills’.” Ye Feng smiled. He headed towards the direction of the cave.

He suddenly turned around. He stared into the eyes of the demon fox. He would pretend that it was for the sake of his good mood. I advise you. “It is best that you do not go and take a look.”

“Then… “Alright.”

The demon fox let out a small sigh. He left just like that. There was no point in staying alone.

And so … She took one last look back at the location of the forest. Following which, he walked in the direction of the Fiery Gilt Steel Ore Cave …

Behind them. It was the place where Ye Feng had just picked the “Red Spirit Returning Fruit”.

Suddenly. A small unremarkable fruit. On top of a tall spirit plant. It fell down.

And this … It was this area. The last fruit.

As for the other medicinal ingredients …

It was long ago. He placed it into Ye Feng’s storage ring.

… ….

In the middle of the square. The outer regions.

“I’ve finally found it …”

Chen Wenyuan’s eyes were closed for a long time. It suddenly opened. The divine light in his eyes landed on the chess board three feet in front of him.

A faint stream of spiritual energy came from afar. Being drawn in by his formation. The energy flowed into the chess board.

“What?” Brother Chen. Could it be … The aura of this brat, Ye Feng, was completely different. “Has it appeared again …”

In everyone’s eyes … As Chen Wenyuan spoke … All of them turned fierce.

“That’s right.”

“That’s great …” Hearing this, Wang Tian Zhi was overjoyed.

As far as he was concerned … Two days passed. Up until now, the battle between Leaves’ Peak and the demonic beasts had continued unabated. It must have consumed a lot of his energy. He had been saving his energy all this time.

No matter what angle you looked at it from. It was obvious that he had the advantage.

“Brother Chen.” The position of the specific point. “Can you find it?”

The chessboard was completely white in color. It was a magic weapon that Daoist Yeshi had sent to the elites.

On the board. Countless amounts of spiritual energy mixed and intertwined together. Four corners of the room had been swept from the center. He moved from four corners to a fixed position.

“It’s here.” The corner of Chen Wenyuan’s mouth twitched. He raised a sneer. Then, he took a step forward. Pointing to a point in the upper-right corner of the chessboard.

“Great. That brat, Ye Feng, did not appear for two days. Today, they finally showed up. Then what are we waiting for? Quickly chase after him. He decided not to make a move. This Meet for Hunting Pets. “Then it will really end …”

Wang Tian Zhi couldn’t help but rub his hands together. In the past two days … He had been quietly waiting for news. However, it had completely suffocated him.