The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 338

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Chapter 338

A bit of sword gleam on the Heaven-Revolving Sword. In Elaine’s eyes, it kept getting bigger and bigger.

She was caught off guard. His heart was filled with despair.

“Ye Feng. “You …”

It was almost a subconscious reaction. She suddenly stretched out her hand. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Subsequently. “Ah!” A blood-curdling scream rang out.

In midair. A shower of blood rained down. Just like a blooming flower … He flew back down to the ground.

Dark red blood. Spray to your heart’s content. Instantly, it dyed the front of Elaine’s clothes.

However. Elaine was frightened for a long time. The scent of blood assaulted his nostrils. Her entire body … However, he didn’t feel any pain at all.

“This… “How come I’m fine?” She opened her eyes. He stared at his hands that were slowly being lowered. Her hands were as smooth as jade. There were no wounds.

She looked up. However, he saw Ye Zichen’s cold and serious expression. It was still hanging on his face. It did not fade even a little bit.

However … The focus of his gaze. Not in Elaine.

Instead, it was because … Behind her.

“Could it be…”

Within Elaine’s beautiful eyes … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] He turned his head back in a daze. His movements seemed to be somewhat stiff.

It was just as she had guessed. That Heaven’s Net Sword. It was so close to her right cheek. It passed through her hair. It pierced towards the one behind her … Broken Tailed Demon Fox.

On the shoulder of the demon fox. He had been pierced through by the sword.

“Oh god …” Elaine saw it. Ye Zichen was completely shocked. Her beautiful eyes were filled with panic. He retreated more than ten steps. His legs felt weak.

Originally. The blood that spilled onto Yi Lian’s body just now … It came from the shoulder of the demon fox.

And now … The Demon Fox that was originally severely injured by Dark Thunder had suffered such an attack. He was momentarily unable to move.

“Bastard.” Hurry up and let go of this sword. How dare you injure me? “Is it because you do not want to live anymore …” All over the body of the demon fox. He was so angry that he was shaking. However … The more angry it got, the more … The sword on his shoulder stabbed him a step further. It was so painful that it couldn’t help but inhale a few breaths of cold air.

It saw that Ye Zichen did not react at all. It was as if he didn’t hear anything. He continued, “Did you hear that? I told you to let go. ”

Ye Feng smiled, “Let go of this sword. “Am I going to live?”

“Nonsense.” That would still be death, of course. ” The demon fox glared fiercely at him. He scolded.

As a Mysterious rank Demon Beast, the Broken Tailed Demon Fox had an incredible stature. Natural pride. For those who had humiliated it in such a manner … He still wanted to stay in this world. It was simply a pipe dream.

“Since we’re all going to die …” Then why should I let go of this sword? ” Ye Wen smiled. Amidst his warm smile … There was a kind of playful colour to it.

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox was stunned for a moment, “You … At the very least. He would also die. You can die happy. You don’t have to be tortured by me anymore. Even … I can also get those friends of yours… They all died without a sound. He would not feel a shred of pain. To me. It’s the most merciful way; for you… “It is also the best choice.”

It looked at the tip of the leaf deeply.

“How is it?” Do you want to consider my proposal? ” As it spoke … The other side was filled with spiritual energy. He intended to recover from his injuries … Immediately.

After all. The power of the four Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao just now … Together. Too overbearing … Even for a Mysterious rank Demon Pet like it. It was also a serious injury. It was difficult for him to recover in a short period of time.

If not … How could it have the heart to waste time talking to Ye Ci? He would immediately take action and strip him off.

“Thank you for your kind intentions. “However …”

Ye Feng smiled. His eyes suddenly became stern.

“However what?”

Ye Feng continued to laugh softly, “However… Do you think you can survive the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao? so that we can stall for time, Have you recovered from your injuries peacefully? “Let’s try this lightning energy first.”

The sword in his hand swung out. A burst of thunder energy began to fluctuate. He followed the sword in his hand. It continued to extend upwards. He directly drilled into the other party’s body.

“You …” The demon fox sucked in a breath of cold air. Ye Zichen was shocked. The expression on his face was extremely pained. It seemed like … Even his expression was a little twisted.

It was just as Elaine had said. What it hated the most was the power of thunder and lightning. This is almost. This was where its mingmen was located.

“It can’t be… Even you. “It also has a lightning attribute.” The demon fox looked at Ye Feng in shock. An indescribable complex expression appeared in his heart.

From its point of view … This young man in front of him … It was truly mysterious.

“That’s right.”

Ye Feng nodded with a faint smile. When he was still in the Martial House … He had taken three Lightning Spirit Pills in a row. His body naturally possessed the lightning attribute.

Now. The power of thunder and lightning … It was used to directly wound the enemy. It might not be enough. However … If you use it for any other purpose, For example, if you sprinkle a handful of salt on an enemy’s wound. It was indeed quite effective.

As for the usage of ability … He might not be too inflexible. Only under the current circumstances … Use the most suitable ability. It was the best.

A moment later. The Broken Tailed Demon Fox let out a muffled groan. Clearly … The power of thunder and lightning on the Heaven-Revolving Sword … Soon, it became quite troublesome.

“Ye Feng. You better remember this. When I have recovered my strength, I must kill you. ”

“Sure. “I’ll wait.”

He had thought of someone to kill Ye ZIfeng. No matter what you say, you can always form a long line. Therefore … He also had more debts than he was worried about. One more isn’t too much.

Ye Feng laughed lightly, “But …” “Before that…”

The light in his eyes gradually vanished. He looked deeply at the demon fox. He cried out sternly.

“Answer me. Bing Qian and the rest. “Where is he now?”

The Broken Tailed Demon Fox was stunned for a moment. Laughing, he said, “Heh, heh… Who do you think you are? “Why should I tell you?”

Ye Feng’s gaze turned cold. He didn’t say anything unnecessary. A thick aura of lightning and thunder. He followed the trajectory of his sword. It entered the wound on the Broken Tailed Demon Fox’s shoulder.

“Pfft …”

The Severed Tail Demon Fox was in extreme pain. He almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

After half a day … It shivered in pain. When he came back to his senses … He could not help but grind his teeth and scold, “Bastard… Originally. When you first absorbed the thunder energy … “He did not use his full strength.”

It originally thought that the lightning energy released by Ye Feng would be … It was something he could bear. That was why he stubbornly tried to be brave. Unexpectedly … Once Ye ZIfeng increased his strength … In the end, it was completely out of its expectations.

“Do you really think that … The current me … “He used his full strength.” Ye Feng’s voice … Just like the devil … It resounded in the ears of the Broken Tailed Demon Fox.

“What?” The Broken Tail Demon Fox’s expression froze. He stared at the young man in front of him. This was the first time he faced a young man this young. It gave birth to true fear.

Not only did the opponent know how to torture him physically … psychologically. He was also constantly pressing himself.

Ye Feng slowly approached the demon fox. At the same time. The sword in his hand continued to pierce deep into its shoulder. The expression on the Demon Fox’s face. It was even more unsightly now.

“Bastard.” Don’t come any closer. How about this. I won’t kill you. I’ll let you go. If you want to go out … I will not stop you. I am willing to swear on my Demon Heart. ” On the shoulder of the Broken Tailed Demon Fox. He was so electrocuted that he didn’t have the slightest temper. Finally. In the end, it was still unable to bear the pain. He had come to a compromise.

that it was able to make this kind of decision. He was even more willing to swear an oath on his demonic heart. This was definitely a rather rare behavior. If this matter… If the other members of the Celestial Sect of Wonders were to find out … He definitely wanted to give Ye Feng a good reward for this.

After all. After so many years … Not to mention someone capturing a Mysterious rank demon pet. Most people … He didn’t even find the Broken Tailed Demon Fox’s Blazing Stone Cave; there was only a small portion of people. Even if he found it … They hadn’t even touched a single hair of the demon fox. All of them became its meal of “delicious food”.

Who would have thought that … Not to mention that Ye Feng had actually heavily injured it. Even half of his hometown had collapsed. He opened a skylight.

Elaine listened to him. He was overjoyed, “This is great! [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] He really didn’t expect this. You really have a way to get out of here. “He is truly powerful.”

“No. “I’m not going out.”

Yi Lian’s pretty face sank. The smile that had just appeared on his face. It immediately froze.

“What did you say?” With such a good opportunity in front of him … “Don’t go out.”

If Ye Zichen was unable to get out … Then what reason would he have to go out? The demon fox definitely wouldn’t allow it.

However. However, Ye Feng did not pay much attention to Yi Lian’s feelings.

Escape. If it was simply to escape … Then why did he have to go through so much trouble?

He took a step forward. His gaze never left the Broken Tailed Demon Fox.

“Who said I’m leaving?!” Demon fox. If you don’t tell me where Liu Bing Qian and the rest are … Do you believe me? I’ll just put you in this cave. “Blast it to smithereens.”

As he spoke … Ye Zichen rubbed his spiritual qi ring with his finger. He took out the spherical glass covers one by one. It was placed on the ground.

After Ye Feng placed down the last Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao. He raised his head. He glanced at Demon Fox with a profound look.

“The Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao that was so powerful just now.” There were a total of ten. And I advise you. “Do not underestimate my awareness.”

“Ten.” The Broken Tailed Demon Fox’s complexion changed drastically. Ye Zichen nearly choked on what he said.

One must know that … Four bolts of heavenly lightning gathered together. To be able to wield such power … If that was the case … What should he do?

However. Seeing is believing. It had already seen the contents of the ten Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao.

Fact… It was indisputable.

The lives of a few cultivators. If his old home that had caused him to live in this demon fox for so many years were to be destroyed … That would be more than worth it.

Thus … Demon Fox didn’t even dare to imagine the scene of ten Dark Heavenly Lightning exploding at the same time. It looked up. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng’s serious expression and his stubborn gaze. He also understood the other party’s thoughts.

The demon fox sucked in a breath of cold air. Then, he stared into Ye Feng’s eyes. “Who exactly is that Bing Qian? “You have to protect her this way.”