The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 334

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Ye Feng squinted his eyes slightly. The corner of his mouth raised into a faint smile.

"I want you …"

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] The gazes of the three of them … It was as though he had been stunned. His entire body … Immobile.

In the blink of an eye. Anger filled Yi Lian\'s eyes. The light sword in his hand was pulled out with a clang. It was placed horizontally in front of him. The blade was pointed towards Ye Zichen\'s direction.

"Ye Feng. "You have gone too far."

San Fu gritted his teeth. Steam was coming out of his nose. His eyes looked as though he was about to kill someone …

"Ye Feng. You insulted my junior sister in such a manner. "Even if I die..."

Ye Feng sneered. He glanced at him and said, "Then don\'t be so polite. "Let\'s fight to the death..."

"I …" Third Bro was provoked by his words. She was stunned for a moment.

The enormous white bone finger hovering in the sky suddenly shook. It exuded a majestic aura all the time. An extremely ferocious might. There was no doubt that this caused the three of them to feel fear.

If it wasn\'t for this giant finger … Then, he would really make a move. He had beheaded Ye Feng.

However. The anger in his heart was true. However … The fear in his heart overcame his anger. Thus, he didn\'t dare to truly make a move.

Ye Feng smiled. He turned to Elaine. "Don\'t be so agitated." I said I want you. and the way you understand it. "There\'s a huge difference."

"You …"

Elaine was startled. Her beautiful eyes blinked. A hint of doubt appeared in her large eyes. He did not seem to understand it quickly, "Then, what do you mean by that?"

Ye Feng smiled calmly. A bright glint flashed across his eyes.

"My meaning is …" "I want you to join my team."

There was a long silence.


Elaine exhaled a short, spasmodic breath. His eyes were wide open. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng in shock, "You want me to join?"

After knowing the other party\'s true intentions … His heart was weighed down by a heavy boulder. It finally landed.

Ye Feng smiled as he explained, "The reason is very easy to understand." You\'re not part of the team. Not putting yourself at risk He casually made up the whereabouts of a Mysterious rank demon pet. When the time comes, I\'ll find someone to verify the truth. Therefore … You just have to join them yourself. I can only believe what you said. "

"This …" Elaine thought for a moment.

The words that Ye Feng said … It wasn\'t that she didn\'t understand. With the other party\'s temperament. It was obvious that he was not naive. He would believe Elaine\'s words.

Hesitatingly, she turned to look at the Bronze Triad. The latter tilted her head to the side. He acted as if he didn\'t hear anything.

Ye Fang shook his head with a smile, "If you agree to join the party. and after joining the team, listen to everything I say. I can make the decision. "Let your senior brother go."

After hearing the last sentence … The last line of defense in Elaine\'s heart collapsed as well.

After all. Ye Feng\'s request was not excessive. It was just to get her to join the party. It wasn\'t something unacceptable either …

"Alright. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] I promise you. As long as you let Bro Tong go … After joining the party. I\'ll tell you about the Mysterious rank demon pet. "At the same time, I\'ll listen to your commands."

Third Bro sighed. "Junior Sister …" "You …"

He could only sigh. There was no way to persuade her otherwise. After all. His team had been disbanded. Elaine followed Ye Feng\'s team. He might even be able to gain some benefits.

Ye Feng smiled and said, "Great."

His fingers quickly moved across the interspatial ring. Ye Zichen took out a blood pact from inside. He began to write furiously.

"Words have no basis. "Just write it down."

Elaine looked at him with mild surprise. He was surprised. After all. A person who had written down the blood contract so skillfully. It was quite rare.

"Here. "I\'ll give it to you..." Ye Wen smiled. He handed one of the blood contracts to Elaine.

Yi Lian was moved. He looked at the large, flowing text. He wrote like a veteran. A lot of clichés. It was obvious that it was an expert\'s work.

"You … Could it be … You often write blood contracts. "

Ye Feng smiled. No comment.

"Fill in the blood contract first." On my side. "I still have matters to deal with with with the two of you..."

And then … He turned to look at the Bronze Triad and Liu Wentong.

His cold gaze swept over the two of them. He was panicking in his heart.

"Ye Feng. "What exactly do you want to do?"

Yi Lian was moved. Her beautiful eyes widened, "Ye Feng. You said. "He\'ll spare my senior brother."

"Of course I keep my word. Even … I have written the matter of not killing the Bronze Triad into the blood contract. If you don\'t believe me … "You can take a closer look."

Elaine searched for a while on the blood contract. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes lit up. "Seems so." "This is indeed the case …" Once you have the definite information. Then … In her heart. It would also make things a lot calmer.

"But … A death sentence can be avoided. "It\'s hard to escape from death."

Ye Feng glanced at Third Bro and Liu Wendong.

And then … He raised his hand with a sneer. He pointed to a small forest and said, "You two. "It\'s been invited inside."

Hearing this, the two men immediately reacted. His face was like a pig\'s belly. It was extremely ugly. He knew that a good beating was inevitable. The soles of his feet felt soft. He couldn\'t even walk properly anymore.

"Yes." Ye Feng saw that they didn\'t do anything. His expression was cold. Repeat.

"Alright …"

The two men let out a deep sigh. He was completely suppressed by the power of the giant white finger above his head. There was really no other way. He didn\'t dare to act rashly. He could only bite the bullet. Ye Zichen followed behind Ye Zichen …

After an unknown period of time.

Elaine stood uneasily. He paced back and forth for thousands of steps. Her beautiful eyes were filled with worry.

In the small forest. Only now did three people walk out.

"Big brother Tong."

He saw Bro Tong and Liu Wendong standing side by side. He lowered his head. Crouching. A bone-piercing cold wind blew past. However, they were wearing only a thin layer of simple clothing. In his eyes … It was still a little messy …

Ye Feng looked at the nearly full storage ring on his finger. He kept shaking his head.

"Sigh. They thought they were all rich families. Unexpectedly … He was actually so poor. "There aren\'t many treasures that can be used …"

He looked at Elaine\'s dumbstruck expression. Ye Feng turned around and chuckled. He raised his head.

"All right. All is over. Elaine. "Let\'s go."

… ….

Somewhere in the middle.

"That\'s great …" Everyone, come and look. Over at the boorish brother\'s side. "We\'ve finally received news."

A smile appeared on Liu Bing Qian\'s pretty face. Starting from early in the morning. Her hand was always pressed on the spirit paper. He wanted to know about Ye Feng as soon as possible.

Until now. She had just received the news.

"Three pieces of spirit paper in a row. "Do you have so much to say?" Liu Bingqian said with a smile.

"Sister Bing Qian." Then I must congratulate you on your happiness. That\'s right. The Flaming Jade Rabbit that you just took back. "Let me hug you again."

"Here. Here you are. Don\'t wake it up. It\'s sleeping. "

He carefully took the Jade Rabbit. Ye Xue Yi giggled. After stroking it for a while … He sighed again.

"Sigh... Sister Bing Qian. Amongst so many fiendish demon beasts. To think that you were able to hunt such a demonic beast. "How envious of me."

As the name implied, a fire refining jade rabbit … It was a demonic pet that could control the power of fire while concocting pills. It was a rare Demon Pet with special uses.

"Don\'t envy me either. Who knows, maybe during the upcoming convention … You can hunt a better one. "It\'s more suitable for you …"

"Sister Bing Qian." It all depended on fate and opportunity. "How could it be that easy?" Ye Xue Yi smiled bitterly. Ye Zichen shook his head.

This was a Demon Pet specialized for refining fire. To be caught by Liu Bingqian. Luck was one reason. However. The main reason was … It was Ye Feng who supported the other two teams. so that they can hunt with peace of mind. Not affected by anything.

However. As time passed … More and more teams. After familiarizing himself with the environment of the Nine Abyss, It would gather in the middle.

The competition that followed … It will only become more intense …

Liu Bing Qian smiled sweetly: "Okay. There was no need to talk about pets. Let\'s take a look. "What kind of news did the boorish brother bring?"

Ye Xue Yi chuckled. He also nodded his head … He moved closer.

"I will also take a look for Senior Xing Hui. What exactly did Ye Feng say? Right? Senior apprentice brother Starlight. You\'ve been asking me in private. "

Qing Xuan smiled. He stepped on Starlight\'s foot.

Starlight was in pain. He could only nod his head, "Yes." What exactly did Ye Feng say? "I am also very curious."

Liu Bingqian opened her spirit paper with a faint smile. Line after line of words instantly jumped into her phoenix eyes.

She read it aloud. Her charming face revealed a trace of a smile.

"He says he\'s done with his business. "We\'ll be returning soon..."

"I knew it. There definitely wouldn\'t be any problems with Zifeng. From small to big. We grew up together. His ability... "I\'m not sure yet." Ye Xue Yi giggled and said.

As a result … The crowd was originally a little worried. They all landed steadily on the ground.

Although Ye Feng had reported that he was safe … However … That was a long time ago.

In the Nine Abyss, where fierce beasts were everywhere and where even plants were everywhere, Who knew … what\'s going to happen in the next second.

However. As Liu Bingqian flipped to the second page of the spiritual paper … Her expression began to change.

"He also said … This time, they had returned. He will bring a new teammate. The purpose is to. "Hunting Mysterious rank Demon Pet."

Everyone was startled. They all sucked in a breath of cold air and said, "It\'s a Mysterious rank Demon Pet."

This "joke" from Ye Feng … In everyone\'s eyes … The opening was a bit too big.

Mysterious rank Demon Pet. What kind of concept was that?

One must know that … The Nine Abyss would open once every five years. How much time had passed? To be able to hunt Yellow Rank Demon Pet was already not bad.

If there really was someone who could hunt a Mysterious rank demon pet … Then this student … He was sure that the Celestial Sect of Wonders would nurture him.

Liu Bing Qian and the rest looked at each other. He was astonished. It was still Ye Xueyi who reminded him: "Sister Bingqian. On the third spirit paper. "Just what exactly is written there?"

Liu Bing Qian responded with a soft "En". Ye Zichen nodded. Then, he opened the third spiritual paper …