The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 333

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The sound of ghosts howling rang out.

A gloomy and deathly aura. It was like a thick fog that covered the surroundings.

Cold air danced in the air. Brilliant light swept across everyone\'s faces. They couldn\'t help but shiver.

A white finger. It slowly took shape in the void. A thick smell of blood permeated the air. It emanated from the tip of his finger. However. Above the skeleton. However, there wasn\'t a single strand of flesh or blood. It looked abnormally terrifying.

This finger … Compared to Spiritshadow\'s first condensed bone palm, it was much more powerful. Although it was several times smaller than normal. Their might was also far inferior to before.

Even so … It was the first time in their lives that they had seen such a scene. The shock in his heart could be imagined.

"This... "What is this thing …"

"Oh my god …" "What did I see?"

The strange scene in front of him caused his heart to tremble. He was stunned. He couldn\'t help but take a few steps back.

Liu Wendong was an old man. The experience was also relatively abundant among these people. At a glance, he could tell that something was wrong. He hurriedly shouted.

"Don\'t bother with this damn thing." Everyone attacked together. He had to get rid of Ye Feng first. "This thing should disappear."

Everyone was startled upon hearing this. He quickly reacted.

"Good idea." "What a pity..."

Ye Feng smiled faintly. The divine light suddenly converged.

"Too late."

Behind him. It was the finger formed from spirit energy. It whistled through the air like a sharp sword. He heavily pointed at the crowd.

"Not good. "Quick, dodge."

A huge sense of crisis arose in everyone\'s heart. The person that was just thinking about how to teach Ye Feng a lesson. They were all panicking.

He pointed his finger … In the sky … Dust flew everywhere. The sound of an explosion suddenly sounded.

The two groups of people ran out as if their lives were on the line. His expression changed. It seemed to be in a difficult situation.

The overflowing sand. He was dragged into everyone\'s mouths and noses. It made them cry.

"Ye Feng. What kind of magic did you use? Could it be … Do you want to kill us? " Liu Wendong looked up. He wiped the dust off his face. He shouted loudly.

There were several scratches on his arm. If it wasn\'t for the fact that he dodged it quickly … He was probably heavily injured.

"So what if I killed you?" Didn\'t you say … In these nine depths … Twenty to thirty percent of the people died in the mouths of demonic beasts. And about seventy to eighty percent of them. "Did he die from the killing of his fellow sect members?"

"Ye Feng. "You …" Liu Wentong\'s expression was blank. He could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

He was the one who said it. Now, from Ye Feng\'s mouth … He felt a lump in his chest.

As he spoke … The bone finger broke through the air again. If he dodged slightly slower … Perhaps this finger. that would have ripped him apart.

"Just what do you want …"

Liu Wendong looked at him deeply, "Did you know?" If you really kill so many of us … "Just how many enemies will he make because of this?"

Ye Feng smiled calmly. His expression was stern.

"So what …"

Liu Wen Dong looked at him in shock: "What do you mean \'so what?\'" It\'s fine if you\'re not afraid of the revenge of our family and friends. If he killed that many at once … Perhaps … "Even the Spirit Martial Sect would come and cause trouble for you."

The smile on Ye Feng\'s face. It was incredibly faint.

"You should remind me instead. "It\'s about the Spirit Martial Sect."

This period of time … It was not the first time that Ye Feng had heard of the Spiritual Martial Force. Even Elder Zhao had warned him that … The Spirit Martial Sect was one of the three major factions in the Heavenly Law City that one could not afford to offend.

The common people only knew that it was a mysterious organization that captured sinners. As for the rest … He was completely unaware of everything.

"Alright then …" I accept your opinion. To reduce the number of people. I will only kill you and Copper Triple Slash. "How?"

As soon as he said this. Liu Wendong and the bronze triad stood silently on the side. Their expressions all changed.

"You … Isn\'t that still trying to kill me? " Liu Wendong smiled bitterly.

Ye Zifeng\'s current attitude was rather strange. It\'s like buying vegetables in the market. As if they could bargain.

Liu Wen Dong looked at Ye Feng\'s attitude of treating human life like grass. He could not help but feel a great chill in his heart.

A young man around the age of twenty. What sort of confidence did he have? To dare to speak to him in such a casual manner … In terms of momentum, he even held the upper hand.

Ye Feng glanced at them coldly, "The others." What are you all standing there for? Could it be … "Do you want to join them as well?"

"We …"

Before the other party could reply.

The White Bone Finger flew straight towards the group. Three feet in front of them. Break through the dust … It directly stabbed into the ground.

This was … Prestige.

A monstrous aura swept out … White mist began to billow out. It was enough to freeze one\'s heart.

"I\'ll count to ten. Who wouldn\'t leave? You can stay here forever. He must have killed one more person. It was better to kill two more people. "The Spirit Martial Sect will not look for me because of this." The coldness in Ye Feng\'s eyes increased.

"Begin counting." X. "Nine …"

Once a time limit is added. In everyone\'s hearts … He could not help but become anxious.

After ten or so days. Who knew … What would Ye Feng do later?

"Fast. Let\'s go. "We still want to live."

"That\'s right." Eldest Brother Tong … If I leave … Don\'t blame me. "My family is still hoping for me to become a great warrior and bring honor to my ancestors."

Third Bro was stunned for a moment. And then she glared at him coldly. "Scram. I usually eat and drink with you. He would run away at the most crucial moment. "Don\'t call me brother anymore."

The old man was scolded until his face turned red. However, this was the truth. He couldn\'t explain any further. At this moment. He could only run away gloomily.

"Let\'s go."

The first person to escape appeared. The second. And the third one became a natural thing to do.

"You people... I\'ll let you go. "They really have left." Third Bro was so angry that his internal organs seemed like they were on the verge of burning. Anger was apparent on his face.

Regardless of whether it was from the beginning … When they formed a team, What kind of friendly atmosphere was this? In his normal life … And how they called each other brothers. However, in the face of life and death … Most people still choose to protect themselves.

On the other side, Liu Wendong. He was even more straightforward … The three of them were bound by benefits in the first place. The connection between them could have been lost.

Thus … The two dark faced men didn\'t even talk to Liu Wendong. He ran far away.

Liu Wendong\'s face turned ashen. Her lips moved a few times. He really didn\'t say a word.

And so … Two good teams. Under the help of Ye Feng, Ye Zichen was able to hold his breath. It was actually disbanding. and they all disbanded.

This way … Without the team gathering the power of the centripetal. Most of them were weak. Self-defense is a problem. Not to mention fighting with Ye Feng and the others over high level demon pets.

Therefore … The current them. Although it was still in the middle of the pet hunt … Actually. He had already been soundlessly \'eliminated\'.

… ….


Ye Feng watched everyone leave. Looking back …

Elaine was still standing there. Her beautiful eyes stared straight at Ye Feng.

"Why haven\'t you left yet? Do you really think that … I saved you before. Therefore, I won\'t kill you. "

Ye Feng was slightly startled. He looked at Elaine with interest.

At the corner of his mouth … A cold smile appeared on his face.

"Mysterious rank Demon Pet."

Elaine was still staring at the tip of the leaf. He slowly spat out four words.


Ye Feng\'s expression suddenly changed. Ye Zichen looked at her with a meaningful gaze. Listen to her go on.

Elaine nodded with a faint smile, "I guess. With your strength … He must be very interested in a Mysterious rank demon pet. Therefore … I just wanted to use the news of a Mysterious rank demon pet. "In exchange for my big brother\'s life."

"Sister Lian." Are you crazy? Master had said … This matter will be kept absolutely confidential … "

Elaine shook her head. He said seriously, "You\'re the crazy one. Eldest Brother Tong … The secret was important. Could it be … "Is there anything more important than your own life?"

"This …" Third Bro was stunned for a moment.

Of course, he understood this logic. However … Their Master\'s rage … It wasn\'t something that could be easily endured either. The resistance of his subconscious mind. He had almost forgotten about this matter.

Elaine\'s beautiful eyes sparkled. He continued to look at Ye Zifeng\'s position, "How is it?" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] You killed my big brother Copper. It\'s no good for you either. However. Once he received the news of this Mysterious rank demon pet … but I can give you a great opportunity. "

"What you said … This is indeed a good proposal. "

Ye Feng laughed lightly, "Mysterious rank demon pet. I\'m really interested. "

A hint of joy appeared on Elaine\'s charming face. "So that means …"

"But... To be honest with you... The chips you\'re offering right now. "It\'s not enough to take your big brother Copper\'s life." Ye Feng\'s expression turned serious. He spoke with confidence.

Elaine\'s face darkened, "Ye Feng. You. "You can\'t be too greedy."

"At least … "I am already qualified to be greedy." Ye Feng\'s eyes were ice-cold. He looked at the other party without shifting his gaze.

"You …"

Elaine gaped at him. He was momentarily at a loss for words.

"In addition … Even you yourself. He still owes me his life. "Isn\'t that the case?" Ye Feng chuckled. A reminder of "goodwill" is given.

He paused for a moment. He continued, "So … A mere Mysterious rank Demon Pet. All I want is your life. Your big brother Copper only has one life. And the lives of the other people I let go of. Let all of you be safe and sound. In the end, you were too naive. Or do you think... "I\'m too naive."

"This …" Elaine was stunned for a moment. She listened to Ye Feng\'s words. There was a moment of silence. It seemed to make sense.

Ye Feng smiled. He slowly approached where Elaine was.

The finger formed by Ghastly Shadow hung a meter high above his head. It was as if he could press down on her at any moment. An imposing manner that could force others to submit … He made the three men in front of him look at him. He couldn\'t even put up a shred of resistance.

"Ye Feng. Then you. What more do you want? Only then would you agree. "Let us go."

Elaine watched as Ye Feng walked towards her step by step. He could not help but feel a sense of fear in his heart.