The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 332

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As the horde of beasts poured in …

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Subsequently. There was a loud explosion. An aura that could shake the world. It spread out in all directions.

The demonic tiger that was charging at the front … His body was still in the air. He was electrocuted and fell to the ground. Instantly, several burning wounds appeared on his skin.

It groaned in pain. He couldn\'t even produce a tiger\'s roar. He could only prostrate himself on the ground. He rolled around everywhere.

As for the other demonic beasts behind it … He was caught off guard. A large amount of them had also been injured by the lightning.

Some of the weaker demonic beasts … He was directly sent flying by the vortex. He landed heavily on the ground.

The Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao.

This was the effect of Ye Feng\'s martial soul awakening storm. While he was purifying the Dark Thunder. The stored Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao.

At this moment … It finally came in handy.

"Oh my god …" Spiritshadow looked on dumbfoundedly. He was stunned, "The power of this Dark Thunder. "This is too incredible..."

"No matter how powerful …" That was also a consumable. "One use less, one use less."

Ye Feng\'s face was extremely solemn. Ye Zichen looked around at the beasts around him. They were still glaring at him like a tiger staring at its prey. He knew that this wasn\'t the time to be secretly happy.

"Let\'s go. "The demonic beasts are about to surround us again."

After all, this was the lair of a demonic beast. A large number of them had been injured. The next batch would soon emerge. If he was half a beat slower … In the human bones that could be seen everywhere … Then, there would be one more from Ye Feng.

"Wait a minute. "Brat."

"Why?" Ye Feng frowned and asked, "Is there anything else?" "Speak quickly."

"Ugh …" You said … Should he face these vicious beasts? Use it to see. "I just absorbed the spiritual energy from the pill …"

Gui Ying had just finished absorbing the spiritual energy from the Spirit Nurturing Pill. has not really been used. He could not help but feel somewhat curious in his heart. He could not help but want to test this might.

Ye Feng looked at her silently. He shook his head. I\'ll give you a chance to try again later. Now. Come back quickly. "Get ready to run."

"I …"

"Hurry up... Have you forgotten the ultimate blood contract that I had with you? You must obey my every word. " Ye Feng\'s tone gradually turned cold. Obviously. The situation in front of him … He was no longer able to relax.

Hearing the words "listen to your words". Spiritshadow heaved a long sigh. He understood that in this lifetime, he would definitely be able to … He was most likely going to die from those words.

"All right. I\'ll listen to you. "I\'ll be right back."

As the sound of his voice faded … Spiritshadow\'s body gradually lost its substance. It then turned back into a stream of spiritual energy. He flew back into Ye Feng\'s mind.

After a short while. A light flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes. The Wind King\'s Dagger was thrown towards a towering tree not far away. The golden threads fiercely retracted.

His figure turned into a blur. It was like an arrow leaving the bow. They flew upwards.

At the same time. Several Raging Flame Panthers pounced towards the spot where Ye Feng was standing. His head was raised. They were almost touching the soles of Leaves\' shoes.

Just a bit more. and they can bite the tip of the leaf down out of the air. However … Just a little bit off. The tip of the leaf was able to escape from their mouths.

… ….

A gathering of human beings. Divide matter into groups.

This lair. Mainly with the ground level pets. There were almost no aerial demon pets.

Thus … Ye Feng also grasped this characteristic. Using the Wind King\'s Dagger. He was constantly shuttling above a few towering trees.

Most of the beasts could only watch as Ye ZIchen flew around in the sky. Some couldn\'t do anything about it.

There were a few creatures that were similar to spirit monkeys. Occasionally, it would cause some trouble for Ye Feng\'s route. However, it was just … He had caused a certain amount of trouble.

After all. A creature like a spirit monkey. The advantage of this skill was its agility and agility. In terms of the strength of his attacks … Actually. It was still relatively weak.

As Ye Zifeng gradually left the lair … The demonic beasts that had been chasing him also stopped in their tracks.

In the end. There were only a few demonic beasts left whose appetite had made them lose all sense.

Ye Feng stared at the beasts for a while. He steeled his heart … Once again, he ignited a container containing the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao towards them.

In an instant. Lightning flashed in the sky. Amidst the huge explosion. flying out of various pieces of debris. The demonic beasts that were chasing him bumped into him. A large portion of his body was instantly injured.

Spiritshadow was a little confused, "Little demon. At this point … Why use the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao again? Wasn\'t it better to save some time? You said it yourself. "The Celestial Lightning is used one time less than the previous time …"

"You\'re right."

Ye Feng raised the corner of his mouth into a smile, "But it\'s not absolute." After all. This depended on the value of the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao. Could it be worth more than some demonic pets? Besides … It was rare to come to a demon beast lair. I don\'t want to leave any memento behind. "It is such a pity …"

"You want to …" Spiritshadow felt a chill in his heart.

Ye Feng smiled. As he turned around … As he did so, he took out the Clear Sky Sword from his spatial ring. Step by step. He slowly walked towards the injured demon beasts.

A moment later. Four Demon Crystals of different sizes. They all fell into his hands. Everything around them … It also calmed down.

Until now. Ye Feng let out a long sigh of relief. Ye Zichen said to Gui Ying.

"Ghastly Shadow. Didn\'t you just say … "I want to test the power of your \'Nurturing Spirit Pill\' after you absorb it."

… ….

At the exit of the demon beast lair …

"Big Brother Liu …" How much time had passed? "Why do you think this Ye Zifeng isn\'t coming out yet?"

"That\'s right, Big Brother Liu." Otherwise … I\'m going to check out the situation. Perhaps … This Ye Feng had died in the stomach of a demon beast. If that was the case … Then … We\'ve waited for him for nothing. "

Liu Wendong laughed, "You young people." It was just that he couldn\'t hold it in. Sometimes. "I don\'t even know what to say to you …"

"Then big brother means …" A black-faced man could not help but ask in confusion.

Liu Wen Dong\'s lips curved up in a smile: "Don\'t always think of leaving from your side." He should at least observe the other party\'s third stage. He had sent someone to investigate a long time ago. At this time … The person in charge of the investigation. "It is about time to return."

As the sound of his voice faded … A grey robed man was running in the distance. He arrived in front of the third copper coin. His face. It could be said that his face was filled with panic.

The two of them whispered to each other. The expression on Third Bro\'s face suddenly changed. His whole face looked like it had swallowed a fly. It was extremely ugly.

"This …"

Liu Wen Dong was stunned. He then took a few more steps toward the man. Excuse me for being so presumptuous. The people you sent out … "What exactly have you discovered?"

Between the two of them … Although their relationship was quite bad … However, in general … Ye Feng was their common enemy. That was why, before he defeated Ye Feng … They can still have a little bit of a discussion about it.

After a moment of silence, Third Bro decided to leave. It was somewhat dejected. He didn\'t reply immediately.

Liu Wendong frowned, "If you don\'t want to say it, then say it." "Then forget it …"

"No. You misunderstand … I was actually … "It is just that I have yet to recover from the news." Third Bro let out a deep sigh. His eyes were still a little dazed.

Thirteen paused for a moment. He continued, "I won\'t hide it from you. Just now, my friend was at the Demon Pet\'s Lair. The corpses of four demonic pets were found. As for Ye Feng himself … "He disappeared without a trace."


Liu Wen Dong\'s face froze. Not moving at all: "It can\'t be. Could it be Ye Feng? That\'s impossible... He couldn\'t even get out of the lair. Not to mention the extension to the lair. "Hunting four demonic pets."

"Why do you think... He can\'t get out of the lair. "

A calm, indifferent voice. A sound came from behind him.

Liu Wendong laughed, "Isn\'t that obvious?" He was at the first level of the Martial Disciple realm, a person who had yet to awaken his Martial Spirit. It was just one person. What ability did he have? "We can obtain it from the nest of the demonic beasts …"

He had only said half of what he wanted to say. He raised his head. He glanced at the third copper coin. He realized that he wasn\'t talking at all.

In an instant. His whole body shook. Even the smile on his face … At the same time, it also froze and cooled down.

"This …"

He turned around slowly. His movements were incredibly slow. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. In an instant … His eyes opened wide.

"Ye Feng. "Why is it you?"

As soon as he said this. Everyone\'s gaze was focused on Ye Feng. Or perhaps it was out of shock. Complicated. Or sympathy. All kinds of gazes … All of them.

"Why can\'t it be me?"

Ye Feng laughed lightly, "I think it\'s better to say. You\'re hoping... So I shall be buried in the stomach of the demonic beast. "

"I …"

Liu Wen Dong was stunned for a moment. He adjusted his mood. Then he shouted to the crowd.

"... "Let\'s do it." Hurry up and do it. It\'s rare for you, Ye Feng, to take the initiative to come here and throw your life away. Of course I\'ll help you. The third cycle of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. This time … You better let me handle Ye Feng. I will definitely pull out his tendons and skin. "

"Well," said the Third Minister with a smile. As you wish. However … This final cut … "Leave it to me."

"Haha. "That\'s easy to say."

The two of them … A process of emphasis. An emphasis on results.

Ye Feng smiled. In her starry eyes. He also revealed a trace of killing intent.

He clearly didn\'t have much conflict with this Liu Wendong. The other side had always wanted to put him to death. As for the man named Tong Sanfu … It was even worse than that. Ye Feng had clearly saved the other person\'s junior sister. He actually showed no mercy at all.

"Ghastly Shadow. Originally, I wanted to have you show mercy. From the looks of it … "There is no need for that …"

Ye Feng shook his head. At the corner of his mouth. It made a strange arc in the air.

"Aren\'t you very curious and would like to try it out?" Then … I specifically allow. Only this time … "You can do whatever you want."

As the sound of his voice faded … Pieces of white bones. It was slowly forming in the sky …