The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 331

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One person taking a pill. Generally speaking. They had to find a quiet place to slowly extract their spiritual energy. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] At least it was a safe place.

From Spiritshadow\'s point of view … Ye Feng was in the lair of so many demonic beasts. He wanted to take the Spirit Nurturing Pill.

This was simply … It was an act of suicide.

"No …" Absolutely not. If you want to die, go ahead. However, at the very least … He would have to wait until the Fighter realm. "Let me out of this and then we can talk about it later."

Gui Ying said resolutely. He was afraid that Ye Zichen would do something stupid. He stretched out his hand. She wanted to snatch the pill from his hands.

Ye Feng smiled calmly. He turned around. He was caught by Spiritshadow.

"I told you. "Is this Spiritfount Pill for me to eat?"

"Brat …" Except you. "Could there be more …"

Gui Ying only spoke half of his sentence. His expression suddenly changed. Shock appeared on her pretty face.

A divine light blossomed in Ye Feng\'s eyes. He stared intently at Spiritshadow.

"... "Me."

She raised her empty hand in a daze. He pointed to the pill. He pointed at his own chest.

"It shouldn\'t be. You mean... This pill … "It\'s for me to eat it."

"Exactly." Ye Feng\'s expression turned serious.

Spiritshadow felt as if his whole body had been struck by lightning. Ye Zichen looked at him blankly. He was a little stunned and speechless. "You\'re not joking right?"

"Look. "Do I look like I\'m joking?"

Ye Feng laughed plainly, "You have to know. After the martial soul had awakened … You\'re in human form. He could consume elixirs directly. If you increase your strength … Even if it was the tip of a small finger that had formed the hand. Compared to me, who has broken through to the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple realm … In terms of effects … "He\'s also not low or high."

Gui Ying pondered for a moment. In her heart. He was still hesitant.

"But … After all, this was the first time. No experience. If he didn\'t succeed … "This is too much of a waste of medicinal pills …"

"This is the first time I\'ve taken this for you. And it\'s the first time I\'ve ever tried it. However … If you consume pills … I can protect you. However, if I consume a medicinal pill … Yet, you are unable to protect me. "Isn\'t that the case?"

"If that\'s the case … "That makes sense." Gui Ying slightly nodded. In his heart, he was somewhat convinced.

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "As for the question of waste. After delivering the ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills, he went back to his room. I still have more than 20 on my side. I\'m short of everything. "It\'s just that I don\'t lack medicinal pills."

"Ugh …"

After listening to Ye Zichen\'s words … Spiritshadow clenched his silver teeth. He made a decision.

"Alright then …" Hurry up and give me a Spirit Nurturing Pill. "I will give it a try."

"Feels good."

A hint of a smile flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes … He then threw the pill at Spiritshadow.

Gui Ying\'s heart was slightly moved. He caught the pill in his hand. He carefully examined it. His heart was still feeling uneasy.

Before … The number of times she had watched Ye Feng consume it … There were already quite a few. But for herself … This was the first time he did this.

"If there is any fatal danger to the surroundings …" Remember to restore the form of the monster immediately. Because the demon beasts will not harm you in your Spiritual Qi form. If you understand what I\'m saying … "

Ye Feng\'s eyes emitted a divine light. He rubbed the interspatial ring with his spiritual energy at an incredible speed.

In an instant. A scarlet red sword that resembled a mountain grew larger and larger. The hilt of the sword fell into Ye Feng\'s palm. A brilliant light lit up.

He took a step forward. He blocked in front of Spiritshadow. Facing a group of demon beasts that were ready to make a move... His expression was extremely solemn.

"Then... "Begin."

Gui Ying softly replied. He didn\'t hesitate at all.

And then … She put the pill into her mouth. He directly bit down on it.

Her beautiful eyes suddenly widened. A surge of extremely abundant spiritual energy. It was like an electric current … It flowed through Ghastly Shadow\'s entire body. She couldn\'t help but let out a low moan.

A powerful vortex. Spread out with her as the center. On her originally crystal clear skin … It even began to shine brightly.

That was it. She began to absorb the spiritual energy within the Spirit Nurturing Pill.

"I did not expect …" To a humanoid martial spirit like yours, this pill … "It really is useful …" Ye Feng chanted. Ye Zichen brandished his sword. He had used the force of thunder to force the green snakes to retreat. Then, he looked back at Ghastly Shadow\'s location.

His eyes gradually narrowed into a thin line. A relieved smile appeared on his face.

Before the speculation was verified by practice. In the end, it was just a guess …

Now. If Spiritshadow was able to absorb the Spirit Nurturing Pill on his own … Then … When Ye Feng made his breakthrough … Then, he would be able to distribute less spiritual energy to Ghastly Shadow.

This was a different story altogether. The amount of spirit energy that Ye Feng was absorbing increased. Then in the future … that he would be able to achieve a breakthrough more easily.

At least this was true. One of the great benefits of the awakening of Ghastly Shadow …

… ….

After an unknown period of time.


Suddenly, Spiritshadow screamed out in pain.

An exceptionally mournful sound rang out. Ye Zichen pulled Ye Feng\'s thoughts back to reality.

The entire sky was filled with Spiritual Aura. It was as if raindrops were falling from the sky. It slowly merged into Spiritshadow\'s body. Every single strand of spiritual energy was assaulting his body. It was as if Ghastly Shadow had been hit by a giant bell.

Ye Feng was stunned for a moment. He noticed that something was wrong with the situation. He immediately shouted, "Even if you feel bad. "Also, don\'t you dare cough up blood …"

However. When he reminded her, it was already too late. Spook\'s throat was sweet. A mouthful of blood was unable to stop it. The blood splattered onto the ground.


Ye Feng frowned. His facial expression suddenly changed.

As expected. The already restless demonic beasts could smell the scent of blood. His appetite was aroused. They began moving towards Ghastly Shadow and Leaves\' location. He slowly moved over …

The smell of blood hung in the air. It caused them to have no intention of probing for more information. Instead, he chose to attack directly.

Even if it was an intelligent berserk beast … He might not be unmoved by the delicacies here. This logic … He was like a very smart human being. He would also become a prisoner of delicious food.

Humans were like this … The same is true of beasts.

"This …" Spook caught a glimpse of it. In his panic, Yun Yang\'s heart skipped a beat. Even the process of absorbing spiritual energy became sluggish.

"Do not be affected. You can continue to safely absorb the spiritual energy from the Spirit Nurturing Pill. I\'ll block it for you for a while. " Ye Feng said seriously.

This was the best place to train. It was connected to the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. A great sense of qi.

However. It was also the most dangerous place.

Because … This was the nest of a demonic beast. The gathering place of human bones.

The probing of the demonic beast earlier … Just out of curiosity and caution. However. When their hearts were filled with the thirst for blood … The battle would start at any moment.

And so … After the Wind King\'s Dagger swept through his surroundings once, he finally understood what was going on. In Ye Feng\'s palm. He started to ruthlessly condense a defensive layer of spiritual energy.

However. The layers of spirit energy shields couldn\'t withstand the attacks of the demon beasts.

"They\'ve only had one or two collisions." "Bang!" He then formed three layers of protection around Ye ZIchen. They were all broken apart.

However. Even so … They were still unable to break through.

Because … When they started to collide with each other, Ye Feng also continuously took out the Energy Rejuvenation Pills from his spatial ring. one by one. The Spiritual Qi in his body was replenishing. It almost never stopped.

If a layer of protective barrier was broken … He would immediately add another layer; if the third layer of protection broke, then … Then he would make up another three levels.

Although the enemy was strong … However, Ye Feng did not plan to fight them head on from the start. but in a way that\'s almost like a drug addict. He continued to condense more and more barriers of spiritual energy.

And so … As time passed … Inside the nest of the demonic beast … It actually created a stalemate.

During this process, Ye Feng\'s thoughts were very clear. With just one person … There was no way for him to defend himself. Therefore … He chose to take drugs and fight to the death. Not a single strand of spiritual energy was used to attack. but it\'s about putting all the spiritual energy in it. all used to make a shield.

This way … In a short period of time. Ye Feng was still able to hold on.

"Ghastly Shadow. "How much longer do you need?"

Spiritshadow was calm and collected. He carefully controlled the flow of his blood and Qi. His face alternated between red and white. It looked extremely uncomfortable.

She closed her eyes. "Soon. "Give me another half an incense stick of time."

"Time halved. The absorption must continue to accelerate. My Qi Nurturing Pills. "It\'s almost not enough."

Ye Feng frowned. Strength is used by strength. His face was pale.

"I can only say that I\'ll try my best …"

In the demon beast lair of the Nine Abyss, Absorbing such high quality Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth … The corresponding level of danger. Nature can be seen.

Spook pursed his lips. Knowing that the situation is particularly critical right now. Just the sound of these vicious beasts assaulting the spirit energy barrier was terrifying.

If he was a moment too slow … Waiting for the demonic pets to surround him so that not even a drop of water could leak out. That Ye Feng might be … The demonic beast would lose its life in the stomach. And once Ye Zifeng died … That Spiritshadow would not be able to survive either.

For this reason. She had also calmed down. He tried his best to absorb the spiritual energy from the pill … Sweat dripped off his forehead. It kept falling. He couldn\'t care less about wiping them away.

Every second counted. Time was their life.

"Ghastly Shadow. How much longer was left? I only have one last Qi Nurturing Pill on my side. Whether it succeeds or not … "We have to prepare to evacuate."

Ye Feng frowned. He shouted loudly.

"It\'s about time …" Spiritshadow\'s voice was rather weak.

Clearly … The process of her absorbing the Spirit Nurturing Pill. He was at the final juncture.

"It\'s time for the countdown. Ten, nine, eight … "

As the outer edge of the shield continued to crack. The sharp claws of a demonic beast. He had even reached the inside of the barrier.

"Four, three, two …"

"That\'s great …" The spiritual energy of the Spirit Nurturing Pill "I\'ve finally completely absorbed it." Spiritshadow let out a long sigh of relief. Her beautiful eyes opened. He raised his head. His heart was filled with joy.

As the sound of his voice faded … Finally, the last barrier broke. The Hidden Head Tiger bellowed. A fierce and brutal aura suddenly appeared. It swept in all directions.

It jumped toward the tip of the leaf. He opened his bloody mouth. He suddenly rushed forward.

Behind it. The horde of beasts followed him. They all rushed in at the same time.