The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 325

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The Nine Abyss. The demonic energy dispersed.

The towering trees covered the sky and the earth. Even the sun could not penetrate it.

The bones in all directions. Broken limb or arm. Scenes of demonic beasts nibbling on each other\'s flesh. Almost everywhere.

Somewhere in the abyss. The two rows of black clothed cultivators fell to one knee on the ground. He cupped his hands toward the white robed old man in front of him.

"Welcome, Master Yang."

Master Yang looked at them and said, "Stand up."

"Thank you, Master." Under the order of the black-robed cultivator, … They all stood up.

Master Yang squinted his eyes. Ye Zichen looked at the nine canyons with a meaningful look.

Behind him. It was another grey-robed elder. It was none other than Old Man Suo.

Old Man Suo withdrew his gaze from the Nine Abyss. Ye Zichen chuckled. Walking forward, he said, "Master Yang. Every five years, they would come to this Nine Abyss. "Is it always a little sad?"

Master Yang sighed with a tinge of emotion, "That\'s right." These students usually did not experience any life-threatening situations. Not enough sense of danger. I don\'t know what these students are like this year. Those who were able to survive … "Could it be more than half of it?"

The Nine Abyss. Demonic pets were everywhere. Enriched resources. Should have been open to the public every day. This allowed every disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders to obtain a Demon Pet.

However. It was only opened once every five years. The reason for this was none other than … It wasn\'t that there weren\'t enough demonic pets to hunt; rather, the death rate of hunting pets here was too high. The Celestial Sect of Wonders didn\'t want to spend so much effort to nurture their disciples. He was buried in the belly of a beast.

He paused for a moment. He continued, "And how many times has it been? Not many people could hunt for Mysterious rank Demon Pet. I don\'t know this year. "Will anyone be able to do that?"

Old Suo stroked his long beard. "Something like that …" "After all, it is something that can only be encountered by luck and not sought after."

Yang Shang nodded with a smile. After a long silence, He suddenly opened his mouth.

"Right. Sage Suo. Did you know that Ye ZIfeng is participating this time … "

Old Man Su suddenly heard the two words, "Leaftip." He couldn\'t help but feel a chill in his heart.

"Why did the High Scholar suddenly mention this person?"

Logically speaking … At the level of a High Master. Usually, they would not pay much attention to the Martial Disciples. Not to mention remembering other people\'s names.

Master Yang\'s expression froze. He chuckled. "It\'s nothing." I must be overthinking things.] He didn\'t awaken any martial spirits. There was no recommendation from his master. "It seems like he will not be able to participate in the competition."

Ye Feng had awakened a martial spirit that Master Yang had never seen before. If it wasn\'t for the fact that he was dragged along by the other party to hide this matter, it would have been difficult for him to do so. He wanted to find a few more people. Together, they studied the mysteries of Ye Feng\'s human-shaped martial spirit.

"No. Master. Ye Feng was really participating. It was recommended by Elder Zhao. and gave him his own disciple spot. " Old Suo was extremely unwilling. But he said helplessly.

Liang Dong was Old Suo\'s distant relative. The matter of Ye Feng stealing his slot... This caused Old Suo to feel somewhat unhappy in his heart. However … Since Elder Zhao did not say anything … He could only agree to Ye Feng\'s participation.

"What?" and gave him his disciple spot. "

The expression on Master Yang\'s face changed slightly. The expression on his face gradually turned interesting. He laughed leisurely, "That brat called Ye Feng. "There\'s really a trick..."

… ….

The entrance to the abyss. A hundred people gathered. Their auras were boiling.

Many people were rubbing their hands together. Swear to your teacher loudly. The scene was abnormally lively.

"This hunt for pets will be held soon. I, Ren Tianxing, will definitely hunt for a third level Spirit Stage Demonic Pet. "

"I, Wei Hong, will definitely hunt for a fourth level Spirit Stage Demonic Pet. "I have returned safely."

Ye Xue Yi looked at her surroundings. Ye Zichen chuckled. He mumbled, "Brother Zifeng. Look at them, they don\'t look like any kind of powerful figures. "They sound pretty good."

Ye Feng smiled, "Many of them know that. This hunting pet was extremely dangerous. He was able to suppress the fear in his heart with just his aura alone. "Actually, it is not necessarily a solution …"

"Then, Brother Zifeng …" Why aren\'t you afraid? Furthermore … I\'ve rarely seen you scared … " Ye Xue Yi looked at him strangely.

"I …" Ye Feng smiled calmly. No comment.

Actually. He was not afraid of anything. However … In his previous life, he was a Martial Ancestor. What kind of life and death arena had he not seen before? In terms of psychological quality. Naturally, he was far superior to everyone else.

Then … Suddenly, Liu Ming\'s eyes lit up. He raised his head. The corner of his mouth quirked up into a smile.

"All right, Snowy. Don\'t think about other people\'s business. He gathered his energy. "Someone is coming."

Sure enough … Shortly after he finished speaking … Old Man Suo\'s figure appeared in everyone\'s sight.

"Disciple. "Greetings, Daoist Master Suo."

Old Man Suo\'s expression was incomparably solemn. Surrounded by a few other Adepts. He slowly walked over.

"The five-year Great Hunt is about to begin. Before you enter the Abyss … There are some things... I still have to tell you all about it. Are you all ready? "

Everyone quieted down. They looked at each other. They all cast their gazes towards Old Man Su.


"Alright." Old Suo\'s expression was incomparably serious. "What I want to say concerns the safety of everyone here. I hope you will listen carefully. There were only three things in total … First. The Nine Abyss Space was special. Unable to escape using the escape token. Therefore, if something were to happen … No one can save you. "Prepare yourselves mentally."

As soon as he said this. The students were instantly in an uproar.

"What?" No escape token allowed. "This..."

"That\'s right." I\'ve never heard of such a thing. If there was no way to escape … "What should I do if I am targeted by a Demonic Beast …"

Old Man Suo was too lazy to pay attention to the person who asked such a question. He had always been thinking about the people who would run away from him. Even if he succeeded in the future … And achievements are also limited.

Although the Celestial Sect of Wonders focused on people … However, he had never raised a cripple.

As he spoke … He glanced at everyone. He continued, "Second. The number of demonic beasts allowed to be hunted in the nine abyss regions. There can only be one in principle. No more than two. He advised everyone not to be greedy. This is for your own good. There were many ways to get the demonic beast to recognize him as its master. I believe in your master. "I\'ve already taught you."

"Wait …" "Zifeng, he …" A thought suddenly flashed through Ye Xue Yi\'s mind. He looked at his older brother. Recalling that he did not have a master, Perhaps he didn\'t know how to make the demonic beast recognize him as its master.

Elder Suo heard what Ye Xueyi said. Ye Zichen chuckled. Ye Zichen looked over.

"What\'s wrong, Ye Feng?" Could it be … You don\'t know the way demon beasts recognize their master. You want me to stay here. Teach you alone. and then waste everyone\'s time. "

Hearing this, Ye Xue Yi was startled. He didn\'t expect that he would unintentionally say this. It was the result of Old Man Suo\'s mockery of his brother. Her expression turned anxious. Guilt filled his heart. He wanted to apologize to her brother.

Ye Zichen saw that he smiled faintly at her in reply. He indicated that there was nothing important on his side.

"No need. "I know how to recognize a Demonic Beast as its master."

He shook his head. Go on to the third point. "

Old Man Suo gave a cold snort. He mumbled to himself, "He clearly didn\'t know that he was still being stubborn."

He paused for a moment. He continued, "Alright, the third point. Actually, it has something to do with you. Those who hadn\'t awakened their Martial Spirits yet. "All of you, come out."

Ye Feng was stunned. His eyes narrowed into a line. The expressions of the others beside him changed slightly. This kind of differentiation in treatment of people. It was truly disgraceful.

After a moment … Other than Ye Feng. There were only a few scattered people. He walked out from the group.

"Is there anyone else who hasn\'t come out yet?" Hurry up. Now is not the time to care about your reputation. "Rather, it is to take care of your lives in this moment …"

Hearing the words "care for your life". The rest of the wobblers... Ye Zichen clenched his teeth. He finally walked out of the crowd.

Old Man Su sized them up with a deep gaze. His expression was solemn.

"You people …" These were the students that had been recommended by everyone. In other words. It was a relative. Keep it in the ordinary day. I will give you face. "But not today."

His eyes were as cold as knives. There was a brief pause. He continued, "Because after the Gathering of the Hunters, You people who have yet to awaken your Martial Spirits. Low strength. He might not even be able to survive half of it. Therefore … In order to prevent too tragic an outcome … "

He gave a look to the servants behind him. Ye Zichen waved his hand.

The attendants understood. Walking forward … He placed the golden jade pendants one by one. He presented it to Old Man Su and the rest.

"Therefore … Every person who didn\'t awaken a Martial Spirit. Come here and collect a jade pendant. My spirit is attached to it. It was connected to the jade pendant. If there was any danger to his life … Crush this jade pendant to pieces. To be able to emit a strong light on the spot … I can use the connection of this spiritual energy. "I know where you are."

"This way … "So, you can come and save us, can\'t you?" Dong TianRui\'s eyes lit up. He almost blurted out.

A cold smile appeared on Old Suo\'s face. Ye Zichen shook his head. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

"If you came early …" I\'m here to save you. If he came late … is here to collect your corpses. "

Dong TianRui\'s expression froze. His mood had just turned slightly better. It sank again.

"Understood. After receiving the jade pendant … Just go into the abyss. Five days later. I am still waiting for your return. I hope that while you are trying your best to hunt down your demonic pets … "Take good care of your own life."

However, this time … Some people who had awakened Martial Spirits. He could no longer hold himself back.

"Wait …" Sage Suo. This isn\'t fair. "We also want this jade pendant."

The effects of this jade pendant. Although it couldn\'t compare to the escape token … It was better than nothing. If a person was in dire straits, This jade pendant could also be considered a hope.

Old Suo coldly snorted. "What fair and square. You have awakened a martial soul. Their strength surpassed them by a level. If he didn\'t even have that much courage … "I don\'t think you can participate either."

The person who was just shouting about wanting the jade pendant. After being scolded like this by Old Man Suo … And then, it became quiet. He didn\'t say anything else.

"If there\'s no problem …" "Then the hunt for pets in the Nine Abyss …"

Silence. Just as he was about to announce the start of the battle …

"That\'s right, Old Suo." This jade pendant … "I can choose not to." Ye Feng pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and asked with a faint smile.