The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 321

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"What?" "What happened to them?"

Qing Xuan was astonished. Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

"Wait …" Even if something happened to them … How do you know that? Are they near us? I\'ve been discovered by you using your soul talent. "

In Ye Feng\'s eyes … A bright light flashed.

The secret of spiritual will … For the time being, he didn\'t want others to know about this matter.

"Let\'s not talk about this for now. Qing Xuan. I\'m going out for a minute. to see what was going on over there. Therefore … The situation on the other side... "I\'ll have to trouble you to take care of it."

Qing Xuan was startled, "Hold on … If you leave … "Then what about them …"

"If the five of them are dishonest … "When I get back, I\'ll …"

Ye Feng said. He glanced at Liang Dong with a smile. He took a step forward.

"No, no, no." Liang Dong also took a step back. Ye Zichen\'s heart shook. He hurriedly replied, "Definitely not. Brother Ye, don\'t worry. We promise to be honest with ourselves. "

As he spoke … He gave Fourth Bro a hard shove. "Fourth Bro. "Don\'t you agree?"

After the physical and mental devastation from Ye Feng, Qu Lao Si\'s cultivation had reached a new level. His initial stubborn attitude was slowly softened. Later on. He could not resist at all.

"Right, right, right. That\'s right. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] We just waited. "We definitely won\'t cause trouble for Senior Xing Hui and the others."

Ye Feng smiled in satisfaction. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over them.

"If that\'s the case … "It\'s best for you."

If he didn\'t say so, that would be for the best. but rather, "It\'s best for you." Its meaning was … It was already clear to see.

As he spoke … He then walked to the side of the Mysterious rank pill furnace. He kept it back into his spatial ring.

Without the pill furnace. Even if Liang Dong and the rest truly wanted to cause trouble, they wouldn\'t be able to.

"Just you wait." I\'ll come back as soon as possible. "

… ….

Just as Ye Feng left the pill room … He walked around a corner. His face was originally calm and indifferent. He became anxious in an instant.

"Snowy." Bing Qian. "What exactly happened to all of you …"

The airflow under his feet started to circulate rapidly. Three steps together. He ran out like a madman.

It didn\'t take long. He ran to the entrance of the Gate of Wonders.

Four black and four white. Eight Sword Attendants.

"Stop." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "All of you, show me your sect\'s travel pass."


Ye Feng didn\'t even think about it. The spirit energy swiped across the spatial ring. Then, he took out a Celestial Gate entry pass. He threw it over. Then he turned around and looked straight ahead. He continued to sprint.

Everyone was stunned.

"Don\'t go. I just want you to show me. "I didn\'t ask you to give it to me."

"I need to hurry … This pass. "I\'ll leave it with you first." Ye Feng shouted in reply. There was no rest under his feet for even a moment.

One of the female sword attendants looked at the entrance token in her hands with a slightly stupefied expression. He turned around and exchanged glances with the others.

"This …"

They have been Sword Attendants for so long. There was no one here yet. To think that he would underestimate the value of the entrance token.

… ….

At the north gate of the Heavenly Dao City. Sand and rocks flew everywhere. Yellow sand rolled on the ground.

Beams of light interweaved and bloomed. A powerful vortex of force. The wind blew wildly in the sky.

An earth-shattering gale swept through the entire North Gate. Even some of the shop\'s signboard could be seen. They were all blown into the sky.

The surrounding crowd of spectators all moved. He was looking at this wonderful sight from afar. He kept pointing and pointing.

Ye Feng followed his soul and rushed over. Ye Zichen looked up. He then discovered Liu Bingqian who was in the middle of condensing a shield of spirit energy.

"Bing Qian."

"Big Brother Boorish …" "Why are you here?" Liu Bingqian\'s tightly knitted eyebrows relaxed. A look of pleasant surprise appeared on her pretty face.

"Let\'s not talk about this first. That\'s right. Xue Yi... "What happened to her?" Before this, Ye Feng had used all of his strength. They ran all the way here without stopping. Thus … He was still out of breath.

Liu Bingqian raised her head. He sighed, "Hai. He didn\'t know what was going on … Her Martial Spirit suddenly went berserk. I can\'t control the situation by myself. "I\'m almost at my limit."

"Martial Spirit going berserk."

Hearing this, Ye Feng nodded. The sight in front of him suddenly stopped. And then … He looked up sharply. He looked up into the sky.

He saw Ye Xue Yi standing in the middle of the raging wind. Her long hair fluttered in the wind.

Occasionally, one or two wind blades would fly out. It was only after being blocked by Liu Bingqian\'s spirit energy barrier that they were able to leave. Although the power had been reduced by a bit … However, it was still extremely destructive.

At this moment, the surroundings. It was a complete mess.

"It shouldn\'t be too long. Martial Spirit had just awakened. "How can he go berserk so quickly?"

When his Martial Spirit went berserk … Ye Feng clearly recognized himself. Generally speaking. It was when a person broke through from Martial Disciple to Martial Disciple. more frequently.

However … The situation with Ye Xueyi was obviously not like this.

Ye Feng pondered for a moment. His heart was filled with doubt … He raised his head and saw the small sword mark on her back. It was emitting a faint light outwards.

His eyes suddenly lit up. "Could it be … "Is it the sword seal inheritance again?"

He frowned slightly. She turned her head to look at Liu Bingqian.

"Bing Qian. Answer me honestly. Before Xue Yi\'s Martial Spirit went berserk … "What are you all doing?"

Liu Bingqian was slightly surprised. Ye Zichen thought back for a moment. An awkward expression appeared on her pretty face. He hesitated. He didn\'t know if he should say it or not.

"Speak quickly. If they missed the opportunity … "Then Xue Yi will be in danger."

"... Alright. "I said."

Liu Bing Qian was prompted by him. Only then did he make up his mind … Ye Zichen nodded. He lowered his voice and said.

"When we heard about the location of the Bounty Convention, He wanted to use Xue Yi\'s Martial Spirit. A Spiritual Grade Magic Treasure for Observation was sent up into the sky. Who would have thought that … This magic treasure hadn\'t even been delivered to the sky yet. "Xue Yi\'s Martial Spirit, on the other hand, went berserk."

They understood … With their status in Lei Zhou City … Once you leave the city in private, you won\'t be able to come back. Therefore … And that was why he had come up with such an alternative.

"This …" Ye Feng thought about it. As if he had understood something, he nodded his head.

"So that\'s how it is … The reason for the Martial Spirit\'s rebellion. It should be time for the Spiritual Tier magical equipment to emit spiritual energy. Snowflake was careless. "The speed has reached the small sword\'s imprint."

Liu Bingqian did not understand what he meant, "What did you say?"

Ye Feng did not explain any further, "I\'m saying. This problem is caused by a Spirit Level magical equipment. "

He paused for a moment. He continued, "However … You. "Why don\'t you tell me about this?"

Liu Bingqian\'s face turned slightly red. He somewhat falteringly said, "That\'s because … We saw how disappointed you were after your martial soul failed to awaken. In order to help you gain an advantage in the hunting convention. "This is to discuss and wish to give you a pleasant surprise." At the end. It was already as loud as a mosquito.

"You all..."

Ye Feng was slightly shocked. A warm feeling surged in his heart.

Regardless of the effectiveness of the other party\'s actions … At least this thought … He could feel it.

"That boorish brother …" Now you have a way. "Can I use the Snow Savior now?" In Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes: A look of anticipation flashed across his face.

"I can give it a try." Ye Feng muttered to himself and asked, "As long as you tell me." "Where is the Spiritual Grade Magic Treasure now?"

Liu Bingqian looked up, "It\'s here …"

"There\'s no need." Before Liu Bingqian could finish her sentence. Ye Feng\'s eyes brightened. He was one step ahead of her. In the middle of the dusty sky … He saw the little pearl like Spiritual Grade Magic Treasure.

Liu Bing Qian looked up in shock. He was puzzled.

"Because... "I\'ve found it."

As the sound of his voice faded … The Wind King Dagger in Ye Feng\'s hand flew out. It whizzed towards the bead.

His approach was simple and clear. Since the source of the problem was that small bead …

Then it would be ruined.

Although a Spirit level magic treasure was extremely precious. but it\'s not even close to the safety of people.

Liu Bingqian saw the situation unfold. Soon, he understood the other party\'s intention.

She thought for a moment. He couldn\'t help but shout out in shock, "Big brother barbarian!" Are you crazy? There was such a strong wind right now. If the dagger was blown by the wind, "If I accidentally hit Snow Queen..."

Ye Feng also answered. He spoke coldly.

"Ghastly Shadow. "Spiritual Energy monster form."

His energy was flowing through his arm. Blood veins were shining. He who had awakened his Martial Spirit. This allowed him to quickly release Ghastly Shadow.

"Ghastly Shadow. Quickly go and absorb the Martial Spirit around the dagger. Just like when my Martial Spirit Awakened Storm was … "

"Alright. "Leave it to me."

Gui Ying replied. He had already appeared. It immediately attached itself to the Wind King\'s Dagger.

The aura released by the leaf tip was extremely strange. Quite a number of people had seen it before. Therefore, there was no need to hide it anymore.

Wind King\'s Dagger with Ghastly Shadow attached. As such, he was not affected by the violent winds. He flew straight towards the bead.

A long time later. \'Bang! \'a crisp sound was heard.

The small bead was hit by the Wind King\'s dagger. Suddenly, the space in the middle exploded.

Boundless Spiritual Energy spread out in all directions. It spilled all over the space.

The light on Ye Xueyi\'s back finally dimmed down. The small sword\'s imprint no longer appeared.

The source is gone.

I can feel it. The violent wind had been raging. It was gradually calming down.

Ye Xue Yi\'s originally pale face became pale. Gradually, he started to recover.

"That\'s great …" Big brother barbarian … "It seems to be really effective."

Ye Feng also let out a long sigh of relief. After all. His guess was proven to be true before it was proven to be true. In the end, it was just a guess …

"Bing Qian. Don\'t relax. Continue to speed up the completion of your Spiritual Energy Barrier. If it gets too big... Perhaps … The two of you will be disqualified from participating in the hunt for pets. "

"Understood." Liu Bing Qian was reminded by Ye Feng. Her heart trembled slightly. With all his might, he began to repair the barrier.

… ….

After an unknown period of time. The storm gradually subsided.

Ye Xueyi slowly descended from the sky. Her long hair fluttered in the wind. He then slowly lowered his body.

"Brother Zifeng." I was going to give you a surprise. Unexpectedly … Instead, I\'ve caused you trouble. I was saved by you once again. "I am truly sorry." Her face. With a guilty conscience.

Ye Wen laughed, "Of course. Between relatives. "Why must you feel sorry for it?"

"That\'s right, Brother Zifeng."

Ye Xueyi stared at the tiny pearl that her brother had shattered. Suddenly, he remembered something important. His eyes gradually turned solemn. In fact … With a hint of fear.

"Just now …" I saw the situation in the Nine Abyss. We\'re still. "Let\'s not participate anymore."