The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 319

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"I did not expect …" "There really is someone causing trouble here."

Starlight frowned slightly. He shook his head, "Ye Feng. You can continue to refine pills. "Qing Xuan and I will go and block them."

"No need." Ye Feng retracted the light in his eyes. He gave a faint smile.

He stared at the pill furnace in front of him. He then looked around. Now and then he would bend down. Draw a few strokes on it. After which, he drew a few lines on the pill furnace. This action … In the eyes of the other two … He was puzzled.

Qing Xuan was too lazy to care about his strange actions. If no one stopped them … Let them in. At that time, if he wasn\'t careful … "Maybe they really will destroy your pill furnace."

As soon as his voice fell … The footsteps were getting closer.

Liang Dong laughed wildly, "Ye Feng. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Today, I will let you understand … "Just whose territory is this?"

And then … He kicked open the door.

Qing Xuan turned around. He coldly looked at him and said, "Then tell me. "Just whose territory is this?"

A hint of surprise flashed through Liang Dong\'s eyes. His mind was filled with shock.

"Qing Xuan."

"And me …" A solemn voice sounded in his ear. It was like an ancient bell.

"Senior brother Starlight." "This..."

While Liang Dong was speaking … He could not help but take a step back. He raised his head and looked at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Feng\'s expression remained calm. He kept looking at Ye Xiao.

"Brother Liang." What do you think we should do... "Still not moving?" The people following behind could not help but hesitate.

"... "Let\'s do it." "Of course we do."

Brother Liang fiercely bit his lips. A trickle of blood oozed out. He made up his mind.

"That brat, Ye Feng, is truly not simple …" He was actually able to recruit these two helpers … However … Now that we\'ve decided to do it, "In that case, don\'t turn around."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "Brothers. "All of you, come over here."

And so … He turned away. He waved his hand. He saw five people standing behind Liang Dong.

Xing Hui looked at him with an angry expression: "Liang Dong. "If you really dare to attack, give it a try …"

Ye Feng smiled. His expression didn\'t change in the slightest. He stared straight at Liang Dong.

"You are quite bold."

Actually. His soul was extremely talented. He had sensed the movement outside for a long time.

"Quite the nerve. It\'s not up to you to say that. A disciple of my Celestial Sect of Wonders is about to do something. How could those disorderly people in Lei Zhou city be comparable to you? Today, I will let you understand … You\'re a country bumpkin. "Don\'t even think about sitting on the same level as us."

Deep in Liang Dong\'s heart. He was still full of disdain towards Ye Zichen\'s background. To him … A man from the countryside. What qualifications did he have to snatch the opportunity to awaken his Martial Spirit? What qualifications do you have to snatch his entry into the Meet?

"What are you still standing there for?" Before Ye Zichen finished concocting the pill … "Everyone, go."

Following Liang Dong\'s words, … He would rather put his body on the ground than say anything. Two figures had already flashed out from his two sides.

Starlight snorted, "How preposterous!"

Even though he had been forcefully pulled over by Qing Xuan to help. However … The people before him treated him as nothing. He actually dared to make a move in front of him.

This was simply … It was just that he did not place this senior brother of his in his eyes.

"Starlight. Can I leave Liang Dong to you? " Ye Feng said with a smile.

"You don\'t need to say that. "I will do the same."

A clear and cold expression appeared in Starlight\'s eyes. As they spoke … He had already exchanged a blow with Liang Dong. A surging great force that was mixed with the might of the fire. It caused the opponent to take a few steps back.

"Is this senior brother Starlight after all?" The force of this palm strike was extremely powerful. Even if he did his best … I\'m not your match either. " Liang Dong touched the blood on the corner of his mouth. He barely managed to stabilize his body.

The difference in their cultivation realms wasn\'t too great. Both were at the 2nd level of the Martial Disciple realm. However … Starlight had just awakened his Martial Spirit. In terms of power … Of course, he was one level higher.

"I know you can\'t beat me." "Then hurry up and stop."

In Starlight\'s eyes … He was filled with rage.

"So what if I can\'t beat you?" Today. Let\'s go. it\'s not like I came here to compete in kung fu with you. "

On Liang Dong\'s face. He revealed a cold smile. He continued, "Brothers. We\'re going to follow our original plan. "Hurry up and attack."

He thought that Ye Feng and the others didn\'t know of their plans. His eyes were filled with pride.

Under the order of the remaining four people … Bypass the stars. He then dashed in the direction of the pill furnace.

"Ye Feng. "This will shatter your dreams."

Their illusory figures … layer by layer. He raised the spiritual energy within his palm. It suddenly slammed its palm towards the Mysterious rank pill furnace.

Qing Xuan was stunned. He pursed his lips. His body had just moved.

Meanwhile, her lily-white hands had already been held by Ye Feng.

"Let me do it." Ye Feng\'s expression was extremely cold.

"You …" Hearing this, Qing Xuan froze. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

A person who had just become a Martial Disciple. It was already difficult for him to deal with four people of the same level. Not to mention … The opponent\'s target. It was a pill furnace, not a human.

Under these circumstances … He wanted to protect the pill furnace. His strength was at least twice that of his opponent\'s.

"Step back."

Ye Feng did not answer her. Between his fingers. Suddenly, a blood-red flame burst out. And then he moved towards the place that he had marked earlier. He suddenly punched downwards.

In an instant. It was as if the flames were connected by a thread. It directly engulfed the entire audience.

Raging flames. A raging inferno.

On top of the originally filling Xuan grade pill furnace. A sudden burst of heat was produced. It spread out in all directions. It was as if a dam had burst. He frantically spouted flames at the four people who were charging towards him.

"Oh my god …" What was going on? "Why are you suddenly …"

The four of them had originally wanted to attack together. The pill furnace shattered into pieces. Who would have thought that … This pill furnace actually suddenly released such a terrifying amount of heat. The might from the soaring flame. He was about to burn them to a crisp.

"Flee." Flee quickly. "This should be a counterattack formation placed on top of the pill furnace." Someone exclaimed in surprise.

They wanted to escape. However, it was already too late.

Black smoke that covered the sky. It completely enveloped the four of them. Swallow them completely ….

When Liang Dong saw the scene of the raging inferno, his heart trembled. Surprised. Even his legs had gone limp.

"Counterattack!" This name was pretty good. "You are quite imaginative." Ye Feng smiled.

Qing Xuan suddenly came back to her senses. After being stunned for a long while. He could not help but open his mouth.

"Ye Feng. Could it be … What you drew on the furnace and the floor in the beginning. "It\'s just an array pattern …"

Let\'s not talk about Liang Dong and the others. Even Qing Xuan and the others didn\'t know of this.

"No. Qing Xuan. "This is not a complete formation."

Ye Feng\'s expression gradually turned solemn. He continued, "You have to know …" The heat of the furnace. The moment the pill formed … Reach the highest point possible. So what I did, what I did, It was nothing more than guiding the heat out of the furnace. And martial spirit awakening storm. "It was the same when the Heavenly Lightning was attracted …"

"This... In other words … What do you mean by "Ye Feng"? The same trap. I, Liang Dong, was hit twice. "

Liang Dong swallowed his saliva. He supported his forehead. He felt like he couldn\'t stand properly.

"You …" "You can understand it this way." Ye Feng smiled faintly.

… ….

"Cough cough …"

A moment later. A man was walking. He barely managed to stick his head out of the thick black smoke. He panted heavily. It was as if he was only half alive.

"Fourth Brother Qu. "You …" On Liang Dong\'s dejected face. His expression changed slightly. Ye Xiao looked at the man in front of him with a shocked expression.

Qu Lao Si choked on a few mouthfuls of blood. He raised his head and said, "What\'s wrong?" Brother Liang. I know my face is as black as charcoal. "You don\'t need to mock me."

"It\'s not a matter of blacking out. It\'s your eyebrows. "Why did it all burn away..."

"What?" Say eyebrows. " Not a single piece of music other than the fourth. The rest of them also walked out from the black smoke. His expression changed slightly. Ye Zichen raised his hand in shock. He shakily touched his eyebrows.

It was supposed to be the spot where the eyebrows should have been. It was empty.

"It\'s really gone."

Their hands hovered in the air. Ye Zichen\'s heart shook. Extremely shocked.

Qu Laoban was the first to recover from his shock. "Ye Feng." A devilish look appeared in Ye Ci\'s eyes, "Ye Feng."

"Oh. Do you all still want to fight? "

The smile on Leaves\' face froze. After a long time. He scanned the crowd.

"You have to find out. This time, his eyebrows were burning. Just a warning. Next time … "It\'s not that simple..."

Liang Dong\'s expression darkened. In his heart, he actually knew the truth. This time, the operation was a total mess.

"Ye Feng. You\'re lucky this time. I\'ll let you go. "Let\'s go." "Let\'s go."

"Want to leave?" "It is better to stay."

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen looked towards Xing Hui and Qing Xuan. The two of them understood what was going on. It blocked the entrance. It was as if they were two sect gods.

On Liang Dong\'s side. Except for himself. Within a short period of time … He no longer had the ability to fight. Obviously. If he was alone … It was definitely impossible to break through the defense line set by Starlight and the other two.

"Ye Feng. "What else do you want …" Liang Dong had no choice but to turn his head. He just kept staring at him.

"What do I want to do …"

Ye Feng smiled calmly, "I can block you out. It was not close to the pill room. "Why didn\'t I do that?"

He paused for a moment. He continued to say with a smile, "To be able to report to Elder Zhao … "I\'ll punish you severely." "Why didn\'t I do that?"

Liang Dong stared at him blankly. He was stunned speechless. "You …"

After a series of questions. He was completely stupefied by the question.

He calmed down. After thinking about it carefully … He felt a little strange in his heart. If Ye Feng had known their plan from the very beginning … He really had a reason for doing so.

Ye Zichen laughed. The corner of his mouth curved into a smile.

"That\'s because … Bing Qian wasn\'t here. There was a shortage of manpower. He directly asked Elder Zhao for a helper. He would never give it to me. It just so happened that … Here comes the five of you coolies. The following week. I\'ll need your help... "

While he was speaking …

Suddenly. The pill furnace behind him started to shake. The spiritual energy valve suddenly popped open.

A crystal clear pill flew out from the valve …

"This is …" "The first one."